Mango Weekly – 28 May 2006 (Vietnam)

Hi folks. This week will feature a trip report from my recent visit to Vietnam. Been a busy week so sorry for the late post. Will have plenty of new and juicy tales in the next Weekly post this Sunday.

Vietnam (VN): HoChiMinh City (HCMC)
This blog contains information gathered during a visit to HCMC May
21-25, 2006. Overall, VN was a great experience. I hope you will find
this information useful if you decide to take a trip yourself. More
information on HCMC can be found at and .

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Pattaya alive and kicking…

Yes there are a bunch of troops in Pattaya right now but I hardly noticed them so clearly slow season is upon us since if it were busy and troops were in town you would have really noticed the extra bodies. If you are a bar owner, slow season is not good but if you are out to party then it generally means more girls, better service and your pick of venues. I only had one free night but I figured I would pop on down and make sure things were happening.

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Western Union – your invisible wingman…

Ever seen Top Gun, Magnolia – ever read The Game – know what a PUA is? In the normal world these are very handy reference guides to getting chicks, but remember we are in Thailand and this is the Twilight Zone so you may never need to know all the tricks from The Game but it is a fun ready anyway.

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Day 8 by ~h

Back in Pattaya,

It’s dirty, it’s smelly, it’s chaotic and there is no rhyme or reason as to why I love this place so much. All I know is that the two days I spent away from here all I thought about was how much I wanted to return. Pattaya is the old Wild West in South East Asia. A democracy with no controls, gone wild. A beach town that seems to have appeared with very little planning. A place that sprung up because people needed a place to unleash their wildest fantasies. You can tell it is not a community who are fearful of being sued. Everywhere you look you would cringe if you’re a city planner from the U.S. Little to no building regulations, virtually no traffic rules, prostitution, no child protection as far as I could see, sidewalks that are so crooked and un-evan people are tripping at every moment. An American attorney’s wet dream.

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Jake Needham’s New Book

To get the basic information on the book, where to buy and so on – go here.

I am not a good writer of book reviews because I generally do not like to give a lot of details away about the book since I like to have the story unfold as I read the book not having prior knowledge of the book. So for business books and works of non-fiction I typically use a review to help me decide whether to purchase the book but for works of fiction I generally only read the back cover and pick books based more on gut feeling than anything else.

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Pattaya Night 1

Checked in at the Rising Sun Hotel on Soi 13/1 off of beach road. Not as cheap as some other rooms on the same street but my usual place was full so I stayed at the Rising Sun out of convenience. I like this Soi since it is cheap, walkable to Walking Street, has a Starbucks(wifi) and usually when you cruise home late at night there are a few late night places to hang out if u so desire.

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Pattaya – a two edged sword…

I think I had been to Thailand over 20 times before I made my first trip to Pattaya. I had always assumed that since the beaches suck, they still do, and that since Bangkok had enough naughty night life – there was really no reason to go to Pattaya. Well – I keep struggling with my love/hate relationship with Pattaya – but still I go…

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Day 7 by ~h

Ko Samui

Great beaches, period. I can’t find any other redeeming quality for this island. Perhaps that is good enough. Last night I went to a Go Go, but once you’ve been to Pattaya where do go from there. The place sucked, ugly yings and muscle shirted Germans. I went to bed and got some rest. Woke up and pretty much wondered the Chaweng (Chawing!) Beach all day, taking pictures, eating fruit from vendors, swimming, normal stuff, which was kind of nice. I got a real Thai massage on the beach. But I like soapies better. I think I’m fully recovered so I’m cutting my trip short and heading back to P town.

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