Statistics – get out your calculator! by mbkknowsp4p

Our good friend Stickman recently wrote a column discussing how many working girls are there in Thailand? He came up with a number – 29,265. I thought it was low myself given that he had left out Suttisan – a row of Karaoke and gogo bars that are mostly frequented and owned by Thais. That street alone would add at least a 500 to the Stick count. Well one of our esteemed readers who happens to be an analyst decided to take another shot at it. Here we go…

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Day 12 by ~h

Day one in Chiang Mai. We hire a taxi and head out to The Temple of The White Elephant. It is stunning in it’s majesty, architecture and spiritual aura surrounding it. Being that #111 is a Buddhist she guides me in the appropriate behavior. We get blessed by an old monk, pray to Buddha and take some pictures. We head back down the mountain to our taxi driver who awaits us. We grab a classic Thai lunch. Did I mention I love how #111 eats? Very slowly and sensual as if in a trance, only talks after she has finished.

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‘Ode to the Metro – I mean the burger…

The old addage in marketing is any press is good press – providing they spell your name right. What if they don’t spell your name right? Well – in the age of the internet you send them email and hope for the best. Following is the tale of The Metro Magazine(Bangkok) and their quest for highlightinging the best burger of Bangkok – which of course involves The Big Mango Bar since we are the purveyors of the best burger in Bangkok. I may have got the spelling wrong on the magazine but hey – u get the drift. It is a rather long post but hopefully u will all enjoy it!

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Day 11 by ~h

#111 showed up at exactly 8:15 as I was eating breakfast at my hotel. I grabbed my bags and we waited on the street for a few minutes for the cab driver I booked the night before to show up. But in classic Thai fashion he didn’t show. It was 8:45 AM and we had a plane to catch to in Bangkok to Cheing Mai at 12:30. What to do? #111 led us over to a Baht Bus and she told the driver to get us to the bus station ASAP. We caught the 9:10 to the closest station to Bangkok Airport. We got on a big air-conditioned Greyhound type bus. And we started our stress free journey to Northern Thailand. As thanks to her I gave her my ipod headphones and I played DJ for the next hour straight. I played her some of my favorite music. I just gazed out the window watching the Thai countryside pass by on our way from Pattaya to Bangkok. It was a delightful ride except for the red ant that was munching on an old mosquito bite on my ankle.

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The rope, the buzzer and my stupidity…

I will never claim I honestly think that any of my ideas are worth implementing but sometimes they are worth writing about even if it is just for my own confessional tendencies. Meaning – it’s not easy buying a bar, deciding what to do with it and then bringing it all together in such a way that it might actually work but at the very least writing about some of the things we thought about doing might be funny – for some people.

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UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) by mbkknowsp4p

Abu Dhabi is by far the largest and richest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. However, Dubai is a much more international city, and is less strict about clothing standards, drinking and clubs. There is a scene in Abu Dhabi, but it is smaller and much more discrete than Dubai – it is slightly cheaper, but the quality and quantity of girls is not as good as Dubai. The other five emirates are much smaller and a few have strict Muslim laws (drinking is banned in Sharjah, for example).

editor – This is good stuff indeed but I am going to skip Sharjah for now being an alcoholic an all. Thanks for the tip.

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I can’t stop myself…

Yes. Had a free night with no school the next day so I decided to get out of dodge. Went to the Ekkimai bus station and forked over 120 baht for a ticket to Pattaya. I think the BART fare from Mission Street to Berkley costs more than that? Arrived and forked over another 300 baht for a room. Chowed some Deluxe Nachos and 2 Margaritas while I planned my attack.

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Day 9-10 by ~h

I kind of got lost there for a few days as #111 and I reignited our whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Day 9 we spent the entire day together taking it very easy. We went to the Buddhist temple. #111 commandeered a bus and had him drive us to the temple, wait several hours for us, drive us to another Buddhist site and back to the craziness of Pattaya. I had caught a slight cold the pervious night; with all the air-conditioning and auto exhaust my sinuses were taking a serious battering. So on the way home we decided to take the evening off and meet early the next morning as I had invited #111 to join me in Chaing Mai for an elephant trek and shopping tour. She was very obliging although I know she had to tap dance around her work situation.

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