UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) by mbkknowsp4p

Abu Dhabi is by far the largest and richest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. However, Dubai is a much more international city, and is less strict about clothing standards, drinking and clubs. There is a scene in Abu Dhabi, but it is smaller and much more discrete than Dubai – it is slightly cheaper, but the quality and quantity of girls is not as good as Dubai. The other five emirates are much smaller and a few have strict Muslim laws (drinking is banned in Sharjah, for example).

editor – This is good stuff indeed but I am going to skip Sharjah for now being an alcoholic an all. Thanks for the tip.

In Abu Dhabi, 49ers bar/restaurant on the top floor of the Dana Hotel is the main pick-up spot. Coming from Bangkok, the quality of girls was poor (5-7s) but there were a few 8s from Africa. I saw one very tall, coffee-colored girl with blonde dyed hair who looked very interesting and different but never got the chance to talk to her as she was quickly taken out by some lucky guy. There are a lot of girls here, and they can be quite aggressive in approaching you. Prices range from 200Dirham (2000 baht roughly) for short time upwards to 500 dirham for long-time. Some girls from CIS (Russia, Ukraine mostly) will ask for more. There are a few other spots in Abu Dhabi, but I had not enough time to check them out. Some of the up-market discos in the 5 star hotels have some CIS girls, but the clubs are expensive to get into and the girls charge 1000Dhs (10,000 baht!). I went to the club at the Sheraton Resort, which even late at night was not too busy. It had about 20-30 CIS girls already taken by the time I got there.

Dubai is a much more lively and liberal place than Abu Dhabi, with dozens of bars, clubs and discos to chose from. The male to female ratio in this city is a staggering 4:1, so the girls are usually spoiled for choice, made worse by the large numbers of rich Arabs from Saudi, Kuwait and other places that come here to party and who pay top dollar.
editor – Not good at all. Sounds like the Rainbow 4 problem of the Japanese overpaying some girl from Buriram who liberally bathes in whitening lotion and claims she is from Chiang Rai.

You will see 4 main types of girl in Dubai:

1. Girls from CIS. The quality of these girls varies enormously, but overall is much better than you will see in places like CM2 in Bangkok. These girls tend to be quite hard and professional, having all sorts of conditions about what they will do, and will normally not provide a girl-friend experience. They also tend to charge more than others.
Still – you will see quite a few CIS girls who can only be described as 9 or even 10 in Dubai, and they may just be worth the high prices and attitude! Quite a few CIS states are Muslim, and these girls are in high demand.

editor – Nothing better than when those wholesome Muslim ladies keep their face covering on just to be kinky. Some people pay extra for that I hear. It’s like bar fining someone from the ISC in Bangkok and asking them to wear that naughty school girl outfit while u r – well u know – studying Thai.

2. Girls from PRC (China). I saw more good looking, tall, tanned Chinese girls in Dubai than I have seen in top clubs in China! But I also saw more 4-6s here than I have seen anywhere. Seem to be much more aggressive than other girls – can be hard to get rid of them once they attached themselves to you.

editor – I always had that problem in Beijing as well. These girls come the Remora region of China – not good at all. U have to wear your Remora repelling suits which u can find by grabbing your nearest Tuk Tuk driver in Bangkok and requesting him to bypass all the body-to-body massage places only to take u around the corner after driving for 2 hours to that handcrafted suit place that also serves a mean curry.

3. Girls from Africa, with girls from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya being tall, coffee-colored and occasionally simply stunning, and girls from Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa being much darker, shorter and larger – but still with the occasional 8 or 9. In my experience, the girls from Djibouti and Ethiopia are lovely and almost provide Thai-levels of service at reasonable prices.

4. European tourists – especially groups of girls from the UK on holiday. In some places, it seems like Dubai is becoming the new Majorca. If talking to drunken, foul-mouthed, pale-skinned, greasy-haired, awfully-clothed, big-boned girls with attitude but who might be free is your turn-on, then there are opportunities in Dubai! Try Rock Bottoms at Regent Palace Hotel, Waxy O’Connors at Ascot Hotel, Boston Bar at Jumeirah Rotana Hotel, Zinc at Crowne Plaza Hotel or Hard Rock Café in Jumeirah.

There are also Muslim girls from places like Jordan, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt – but they are usually unavailable for typical western male visitors and also price themselves very high for local Arab customers. Iranian girls are apparently the most in-demand with the highest prices of all. I even saw some rather large blondes from the USA and the UK working the scene, obviously doing well with the local Arab males. I have heard about Indians working here too (especially at a disco in Shangri-La hotel), but never saw them myself (or, if I did, did not realize they were Indian!). I have also even heard about local girls and girls from other GCC states (such as Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar)
being available under all the veils if they smile at you in the malls – but find this hard to believe and don’t have the guts to risk such encounters in such a strict country anyway.

What surprised me was that unlike Hong Kong or Singapore, there do not seem to be any Thai working girls in UAE. There are also a lot of Filipino girls working in UAE in shops, offices, hotels – but again not too many working the clubs and bars (unless I just did not get to the right ones!). I was approached by two Flips in a supermarket in Dubai
at 2pm though – and if I was not so busy would have jumped at the chance as they were both hot.

editor – I love this about SE Asia women. U always land the Flips, Thais and Indos in non-traditional ways. In KL one time I landed a hot Indo during a late night 7-11 run after hanging out at the Beach Club finding nothing I liked.


Comment – you will see a lot of girls in Dubai at the malls (Emirates Mall, City Centre Mall) even during the day who seem approachable. Around the Gold Souk in Diera are a lot of seedy-looking hotels and creepy guys offering all sorts of temptations! Without really much effort I talked to three different girls in three days in Emirates Mall
coffee shops, including a model who was at least a 9 from Germany. There are also street walkers in certain locations (just seem too hard-on-their-luck and possibly diseased for me to think about). Certain clubs cater to different types of men (as in Bangkok) and the following are friendly to western males:

Cyclone (close to the American Hospital) is a famous institution in Dubai. A large open-plan club with several bars and a dance floor, it is busy every night from early until very late. There are a huge number of girls here, with an invisible line right down the centre – CIS girls to the right, PRC girls to the left. I never did see anyone dancing on the floor, just guys circulating around and taking their pick. It is usually right down to business and then off to local hotels. The PRC girl section is much more aggressive. Overall quality is between 5-8. I did meet a 8.5 Russian after visiting on 2 nights and had a good time but not the level of intimate service you get used to in Bangkok. I paid 1000 Dhs for one night (10,000 baht!) which was huge, but the going rate for this quality of girl in Dubai and obviously she has plenty of customers willing to pay since she drove me back to my hotel in her new Jeep van, and told me about her vacations to Mauritius and the Seychelles!

editor – Curious here folks. Any symbolism to the line in regards to the way they use the line at Eden?

York International Hotel – has a large open plan club that is busy from about 9pm onwards. Not as good a quality as Cyclone generally, and a lot less CIS girls – with many here from Africa. I picked up a 8.5 girl from Djibouti who looked like a young Whitney Houston and had a great time at Thai levels of service all night for 500 Dhs. As a result, I like this place (!), but the quality pickings are slim – lots of 4-7 girls from Africa and PRC here. I was just lucky, as I gambled on picking this girl up as she was leaving and I was arriving on the assumption there would not be better inside, and I turned out right (for once).

editor – What a pig. U don’t even bother going in the club but grab one on the way out? Sounds like our buddy who frequents the short time hotels looking for girls after they have already done their deed and been paid. he he.

Other places that are supposed to be like York that I never got to sample include Goodfellas bar at the Regal Plaza Hotel, the Burbon Bar at Arif Castle Hotel, the Arbat Russian club on the top floor of the Carlton Tower Hotel, a bar in the President Hotel and another bar in the Imperial Suites. You read very different reports on these clubs – I
guess everyone has a unique experience, the girls cycle through continuously and timing is everything!

There are a large number of night clubs in Dubai. Rumours in Ramada Bur-Dubai, the Stars Stuido club in the Sheraton in Deira and the Premiere disco in the Hyatt Regency were all good, but got going very late and charged a lot just to get in. There were quite a few 8-9 mostly Russian/CIS girls in these places.

I also visited an Indian Club right next to the Hard Rock Café one night rather late. I was looking for Amnesia which gets good reviews, but I think I ended up in Yarba or Al-Abaya club instead (I was a bit hazy by this time of night). It was a strange place, a restaurant converted to club late in the evening, with very few Western men in
there. It had about 30-40 CIS girls, half of whom were at least 8 and a few were 10 – -no other way to describe them! Amazing – but I was with my African girl so never found out the prices. But here I saw at least 2-3 of the best looking women I have seen this year anywhere.

editor – So this is like stepping out to get a good english curry but instead finding the place full of hot women but yet u bring your own TV dinner? Or something like that.

Bottom line – my time in Dubai made me curious to get to Eastern Africa and the Ukraine/Russia to see where all these girls come from!! There is a lively scene in Dubai, with a great deal of variety that you don’t get in Bangkok. And take plenty of cash, there is no escaping it – Dubai is expensive – especially for those of us used to Bangkok.

editor – My plan is to accept donations via paypal so that I can fly to Dubai, verify this information and systematically shag as many women as I can. Then I will write about it so all of u know where to go. Sounds like it will save everyone a lot of time and trouble. Doing it for the team…

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  1. Excellent review of the Dubai scene; just a few notes and updates.
    The Arif Castle changed its name to the Highlander Inn a few years ago. the Bourbon Street bar there primarily is dedicated to ladies from Africa. On the whole, the York beats it in numbers of ladies and quality. The Regal Plaza, which is just kitty-corner to the York, is a no-go zone. It’s totally empty until well after 9pm. The venue looks like a cafe with too many tables. Consequently, the average punter has to “disturb” a social a CIS gal is having with her friends to talk business. It seems to be a place where the CIS ladies hang out until they go on an out-call assignment. The Imperial Suites is located equidistance between the Highlander Inn and the York. It has one bar near the lobby that fronts the street where there is nothing noteworthy to report.It does, however, have a ground floor disco with accesss from the street. Like the York, it’s populated primarily by Chinese and CIS gals. Unlike the York, however, this is one step down in quality. This venue would benefit form a vet’s visit to put down some of the strays that waddle through this disco.
    The Hotel Astoria in Bur Dubai is a good daytime venue. Primarily, Chinese girls and a few CIS ladies visit the bar which is located just across from the reception desk. The punters can usually find some good value here during the early afternoon, since a lot of the girls didn’t bring home a paycheck the night before and are a little hungry. Discounted contributions to their cause are gratefully accepted.

  2. Hi all,

    I’ve been reading this blog for the last 2 days and it’s like a book I can’t put down, I can’t believe how much of BKK & Thai I’ve missed out on during my 2 visits, the last being Jan this year.

    I think I’ll print the whole site next time I’m visiting – great work!

    Anyway I’m based in Dubai the last 9 years & can say the CIS (& other) girls are great if you’re around long enough to get to know them, they are in the game for much the same reasons as the Thai girls, but most are her long term & there are so many are freelance that it’s easy to find a gf here, they all want to be loved in the end so now I’m juggling 3 gf at the same time. Not easy i can say.

    Macholover: there are no Thai girls working in Dubai because the government refuse to issue visas (except for massage parlors were the employores won’t let them out to party), if they were to it’ll make the place a whole lot better & bring some consumer satisfaction into the mix, as Macholover said they are very picky on who/what they will & will not do.

    Note to the newbie’s: The authorities play a 2 faced game here, prostitution is illegal and if they catch you with a girl in the car/taxi she will probably be arrested & thrown out of the country, while they let you go to spend you money in another bar. Also it’s against the law for ‘female guest’ to be in your hotel room so many of the upmarket hotels will not let you take the girl inside (the down-market ones may charge you so let the girl decide – she’ll know). However someone is issuing the the visas for the girls to come in, minimum age is supposed to be 30 years old, so go figure that out!

    Clubs update: Both Cyclone & Amnesty @ Hard Rock are closed indefinitely due to ‘fights / killings’ as I hear it – so the hotties from these 2 nice venues are on the move looking for new pastures green, one of the places benefiting is Goodfellas at the Regent Plaza Hotel, still not active until after 11pm though.

    For you that don’t know, only 3*** and above hotels are allowed to serve booze in Dubai – you won’t find many clubs / bars / booze outside the hotels & you can’t buy booze for home legally unless you have a license from the police (how I miss Thailand where you can walk down the street & get a drink anywhere). The norm ‘get enough home booze at Duty free on the way into Dubai’ if your in for a long stay email & I’ll let you know how to get extras.

    Having said all that I love Dubai – it’s great place to live if you’ve got enough $$$ to enjoy the nightlife & like BKK it’s every night of the week with a whole lot of places/nationalities to choose from, let face it, if you have 80% of the population away from home and lonely – you can’t fail to find someone available for a fun night out.

    That’s my input for today, I’m off to see what life has in store for me tonight.


  3. Delboy – thanks for the comment and for the update on the scene in Dubai. Appreciate the detail!

  4. Good info here. I go thru Dubai every 4 months from Iraq to the US for R&R. Any ideas where western women, say flight attendants frequent in Dubai?

  5. Hi Brian,

    Sorry I’ve been off the case, preparing for a UK trip now that the sun has come out over there.

    There are 2 main areas where the ‘dolly birds’ as we call them stay, There is the 4 low rise buildings in SZ road & the new complex near Centry Village & the Irish club, if you scout the bars around those two areas you’ll find them early evening – usually in groups of 4 or more!

    If you are really on the hunt, look out for the ladies nights, somewhere every night in Dubai – the dollies tend to follow the free drinks around so there is no fixed bar. So for early evening try Double Decker’s / Longs Bar / The Rotana in Satwa & The Irish village etc.

    Later on they tend to move to the clubs, try Zinc / Rock Bottom (free drinks for the girls every night except Thur. there) / Budabar / The Apartments & Triology. A word of warning, these girls are in hot demand & they know it, you’ll have a lot of competion, with about 5mins to try your luck before someone else does & you can easy end up trading a load of drinks for a nice kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

    Good luck out there, maybe I’ll catch you on the way through one day


  6. Good post. One that’s been missed though is Rattlesnake in the Metropolitan on SZ Road.

    Last time I was in there the quality was marginally better than the York. It’s just a little too far from Sharjah for me to frequent…although I may venture down that way this weekend.

    I was in the York last Friday and it was depressingly empty.

    The first floor bar of Seaview Hotel in Bur Dubai is also not a bad tart bar.

  7. Would anyone like to exchange info on the massage ads in the health and nutrition section? So far my experience was awful – solid 3s and 4s only.

    I don’t want to post the phone numbers here… so if anyone would like to exchange info on the good, the bad and the ugly email me at

    also, if anyone knows of a forum that discusses dubai scene, please post it here.

  8. Any latest news on Dubai massage experience with subcontinent women, Indian or Pakistani or Srilankan, please update?

  9. Many thanks for the Dubai update

    Any advice how to access blocked web sites when in Dubai.??

    I want to access Adultfinder

  10. The customs in Dubai are now using molecular sensitive equpment to check for drugs followed by blood tests. If you have had a smoke within three months you are looking at 2 years porridge……….

  11. I can confirm that there are no Thai working girls in Dubai due to the visa regulations mentioned above; (every time we fly back to Dubai after a trip to LOS, my thai wife get real aggro from the Immigration staff at BKK ‘cos she’s going to Dubai, even though she is travelling with her husband and baby and despite having a UAE Residence visa !)

    but there are hundreds of Thai working girls over in Bahrain. If you can fit in a trip to the wee island, you’ll find plenty of thai and filipina girls available.

    There are many more filipina girls working the dubai scene nowadays too. years ago, hardly any were P4P, now it seems that there are thousands of them, many of them controlled, curiously enough, by Russian mama-sans.
    the 2 best places for Flips, imho, are Maharlika club at the President Hotel, and The Marine club at the Seaview hotel.
    the problem with the former is that there are still many non-working girls going there, so be careful not to upset anyone. At the Seaview, they have a great rock-n-roll band with the sexiest lesbian bass guitarist in the world, Cherry. Everyone tries it but no-one succeeds. There are also scores of chinese and african girls at Seaview. Give a bit of banter to Big Malcolm on the door and he’ll usually let farangs in f.o.c.

    Someone mentioned rattlesnake, yep that’s sometimes a good place although it’s popularity ebbs and flows over the years. It’s pretty busy at the moment, but still a bit like the bar scene from Star Wars.

    talking of which – dubai’s crowning glory, it’s centre piece – TGI-Thursdays at the Astoria. practically the only place to play during the day, it is THE place to hold a business meeting if your customer has got a sense of humour. It can be as busy in here as the York or elsewhere get at night, then you step into the street and it’s still daylight and 45’ outside.
    the only downside I find are the locals in dish-dashes getting loud and gobby as they down their illicit pints.

    just my 2 baht worth ….

  12. Amir, no way pal. it’s your culture/religion that stops you meeting girls in the ordinary (western) way so don’t ponce on here looking to take short cuts; you’re well out of order.
    just stick with camels/goats/your little brother until your mommy arranges for you to marry someone..who probably looks like a camel/goat/your little brother.

  13. Anyone know of any good places to hit during Ramadan? Aren’t most women not going out due to Ramadan?

  14. hi this is ramesh. i have been to thailand many times had good time.
    now planing to visit dubai can any one tell me how can i find indian girl overthere

  15. Rames you can find lot of beautiful and indian ladies in Dubai but this will charge you too much almost 1500 dhs for it.

  16. Hi guys! Your reports made me very curious, and end of january I’ll be in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for one week.
    But please tell me a secret: when all the 3-and-more-stars-hotels don’t allow the girls to come in, how is a deal possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. No need to look around .just buy the local News paper
    GulfNews Or Khaleej Time

    look in in the Beauty And fitnees in Gulf News (Dubai Classifieds Section)
    Intrest to Men in Dubai Classifieds Section in Khaleejtimes
    Call a couple of numbers

    and you got it it will cost you about 300 Dhs
    100 for the door guy and 100+ for the lady you choose

    Happy Huntimg
    Let Us Know your experience

  18. This has been the most information that I can find on Abu Dhabi after being here for 3 months. My question is on the CIS. I have found plenty of PRC, etc. but have not been able to locate the CIS which is what I am looking for.

  19. This information has been the far most accurate and the most stable information ever offered. good job with all the info keep it coming in. apart from feeling uberly noob here . your guide actually assissted me in my endevour

    good job .
    alpha male

  20. Can someone recommend CIS and PRC girls for out calls? I am hoping ot have them come to my hotel for the evening rather for me going to clubs. Any good experiences to share?

  21. Hey Derek, thanks for the reply, back in July. Also thanks for the headsup/warning about the chances of scoring with the “dolly birds” as you UK expats say. I assumed with their in and out lifestyle, they would be the most vulnerable to sucumb to the temptation of a one nighter, but alas, as you say, surely they are in high demand. I have always found it most convienient to just pay for it, deal done, because of the time limitations on me, as I only pass through Dubai, never spending more than 24 hrs. at a time. But I prefer to catch a woman who wants to shag for the sake of temptation, rather than doing it as a business deal, as I’m sure we all prefer, hence the query about western girls in Dubai. I really would enjoy meeting you though, and buying you a pint for the hospitality some day, I will be getting into Dubai next time on 30 April,and back thru on 21 May, so if you see this in time, or for that matter, any of you expats, drop me a message, I enjoy meeting new aquaintances. This forum gives good insight for me and the like-minded. True, I’m American, but hey, we’re all Brit on the inside! I’ll be checking in here more often so till later!

  22. brian – good to have u aboard but we need to clear something up.

    I am American – zero parts of me are British.

    Thanks. Glad we got that out of the way.

  23. Hello all,
    I have noticed that in the past few months the ‘girls’ have dissapeared from Dubai. I have read that the police caught many of the hookers but this is a disaster. Chinese are still there but the sweet CIS in the early 20s are gone… Cyclone closed and lots of hotels no longer allow you to take the girl to your room. Given the laws of the free market, since the supply went down and the demand is at least steady, the prices have gone up significantly with girls starting at 1500-2000 DHS for the night.

  24. OK Derek,
    Sorry about the misassupmption. I guess the term, “dolly birds” threw me off. It sounds so…British. I am actually Belgian by heritage on the paternal side, by the maternal side I assume I have British in me, judging by the name, but they were all poor and born in the bedroom, so there is no record of proof to trace heritage back on that side. I do work with some UK’s though, and aside from the dialect, we have a lot in common over here. I find it hard to believe that CIS women are disappearing from the scene,as stated above, probably just a temporary lull. I always enjoyed the PRC’s more anyway. The CIS girls are beautiful, no doubt, but such “ice queens” on first impression. Whatever, that’s just an observation from a pass thru, so it is hard to give any bearing on an opinion of someone like me, who only gets in and out on occasion. My personal preferences though, are #1 PRC, #2 African, #3, CIS. But, then again, that’s what I’m checking out this forum for, is to hear other points of view, and learn of new places to check out, so keep it up, I appreciate the $.02 worth! It is a shame about the Cyclone though. I only went there twice, but it was a good spot. You could stay on the one side, and get macked on by the PRC’s, or go over and “rest” on the CIS side, and check out the eye candy. The York is like “night of the living dead” where the zombies attack as soon as you stand still, and reach out to pull you in as you walk by.It is hard to find that diamond in the coal pile, when one latches herself on to you and won’t take no for an answer, unless you get downright rude, which I hate to do. Kind of novel though, after 4 months spent behind hesco’s and C.W.

  25. Wikipedia –

    “Smith is the most common family name in the United Kingdom”

    Smittys love for the UK is over-whelming. He even opened an ENGLISH pub?!


  26. Hi everybody,

    Can someone advice me about the hotels in dubai allowing ladies in the rooms?

    and more specefic would the York International Hotel allow that?


  27. Yes the York does allow that. The bar in the hotel is full of working girls from all over the world.
    Forget the name of the bar but it will cater to whatever your tastes are. Prices should be about 100$ us but they can be talked down.Not something I normally do myself.
    The bar opens at noon but you will have to wait till night for the bar to be fully stocked.

  28. thanks to all above , I’ll be in Dubai this week end and let you know how it goes.
    If a guy would like some afternoon fare …. any suggestions ??

  29. Hi YesMan,

    I’ve returned from Dubai and found that York Hotel strictly doesn’t allow ladies in the rooms 🙂

  30. Mohamed interesting. I should have metioned it but I was with a group staying at the York, And the hotel employees didnt know who we were but probley had been told by the manager to let us do what we want. I love my job.

  31. Kayirly tan,

    Thanks to all you people who spent time posting such a highly demanded information. I found all the information about Dubai I could have required.

    However could anyone, please, post any updates on hot spots and pricing in Abu Dhabi.

    I’m moving to Abu Dhabi next month and have absolutely no intensions on spending extra dollars on something I might not even like.

    European looking girls are the ones I’m after.

    Thanks again Folks!

  32. Can anybody give me an up-date with the hooker prices in York Club and Astesia Club.
    It used to be around 100USD for the night for asian and african chicks.

  33. Henrico
    Jun 6th, 2008 at 12:51 pm
    Can anybody give me an up-date with the hooker prices in York Club and Astesia Club.
    It used to be around 100USD for the night for asian and african chicks.

    York prices are Dhs 500 upwards.

    Not heard of Astesia – if you mean Amnesia club (next to Hard Rock) it closed about 6 months ago. Hard Rock closed last week (being demolished to be replced by a 100 storey tower).

    Astoria Hotel (TGI Thursdays) – same as York.

  34. Okay Steve. Thats about same price as in Singapore.
    150-200 SGD we pay in Orchard Tower.
    Anyway, I will be coming Dubai next month so see you in York. 500Dhs is for the long time a guess. Somebody told me its 300 for short time.

  35. Steve,
    Is there any other places aside from York and Astoria ?
    I guess Imperial Suites still open.
    There used to be a place called The Garage or something like that. Also there used to be a place with a lot of African girls but cant remember the name.

  36. I heard gils operate from apartments, Is there any home call system in Bur Dubai ?
    I have been to Sao Paulo sevral times, no problems there.
    As I am visiting Dubai from 14th June I need some help.

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    Give yourself a chance to examine it for yourself.


  38. Went to Astoria on the advice of this post. As mentioned, this hotel is great for the daytime hookup. Went to TGI Thursdays and the ratio was about 4 girls to every one guy. As I walked in, there was a very cute, petite Chinese girl who sorta accosted me and followed me to a table. As I was walking in, I did a quick check of the place to see what the pickings were like. Not bad. I sat at a table by myself towards the back just to scope the place out. This girl had followed me and wanted to join me. She was cute enough so I let her.

    Talked for about 10 minutes. I asked how much, she asked how much I wanted to spend. Agreed on 500 dhms. said she had a place to go and off we went. Drove to her place about 5 mins from the hotel. Small but tidy with two beds. Roomate had the other but was not there. Had about an hour of fun and I left. Very fun time, very enthusiastic. Small tits, big nipples. would let me kiss her but she didn’t offer tongue or anything…. Worth every dirham to me.


  39. As of three months ago, Cyclone was closed. The Chinese girls are worried and more paranoid about police sweeps. Hence, the prices have dropped significantly from 1000 Dhs.

    “Is there any other places aside from York and Astoria ?”
    There are many places the article mentions like the disco in the Hyatt for example. But they are not large like the York.

    I’ve recently seen Russians in some of the smaller hotel bars but they were all legal. Meaning at least 30 yrs old, unaccompanied female to Dubai. Definitely not the young and sweet crowd but still attractive and expensive.

  40. York is still on the go. Picked up a sweet cute PRC there last month, dyed blonde who took her time at the business. Staying in the Regal Plaza, had to pay 200 AED to get her into the room though.

    Suggest the downstairs bar in the York late afternoon onwards Friday and Saturday if you’re looking for some “early” action. Another sweet young PRC approached me and we walked to her place 5 minutes away – she was generous, hadn’t been shagged for three months as she had just got back from China the previous day. A lot of Africans, some PRC and what looked like a few Indian girls frequent here, just the occasional looker – OK if you can’t wait to get some dirty water off your stomach early!

    Also the Rattlesnake at the Metropolitan has tossed out all the PRC and Africans apparently, leaving only CIS.

    Also the Rydges Plaza at Satwa allows girls into the rooms if it’s at a reasonable hour. I had no trouble in getting my regular PRC past reception at 12 midnight last Thursday – she came to the hotel where I was waiting in the lobby and looked quite respectable in her little black dress. This is quite a busy hotel at the weekend with 6 restaurants and the Aussie bar, Legends, through the back on the ground floor. Not any working girls though.

  41. Panorama no problem in getting any of the howlers from downstairs bar into your room if staying there – never tried it myself on the one time I did stay, but looks as if it caters for short term shaggers as well.

  42. Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to know whether Four Points Sheraton in Bur Dubai allows to take girls to the room?

    Also I want to pickup girls only for sex. Which are the best clubs where I can easily pickup any type of girl?


  43. Hi Everybody
    I will be going to Dubai in a few months time, i just need to know if you can get viagra over the counter there?

  44. Re: Viagra Comment by DDVIEW

    Yes – Viagra is freely available at pharmacies. My personal preference is Cialis – you get more bang for the buck, if you know what I mean 😉


  45. MadJock Comment on Rattlesnake

    It has been cleaned up. Was there tonight and I’d say 65% CIS with remainder PRC and SE Asian.

    No Africans at all.


  46. Hi Grim
    thank you for replying, do i need a letter from a GP or can i just turn up at any pharmacy and ask for the viagra or cialis?

  47. Hi all
    Very interesting reading all this. Im a UK guy , go to Dubs and Abdab a few times every year, and i must admit, either ive totally lost it or i am extreemely unlucky.
    In a nutshell, for me and others out there like me….can one of you enlighten’d fellas just summarise for me …
    if i want poontang of differing varieties the best places….like nowadays, with all the changes going on in dubs…
    which is the best hotel to be shacked up in so you will have less hassell getting the girls back to ur room…

    Im in the process of booking my hotel for my next visist after ramadan so any help really appreciated…

    I used to hear the girls hang out in moscow hotel and chelsea tower hotel where i was gonna book…etc … is that true…
    cheers all

  48. I was last in Dubai late July/early Aug. Stayed at Rydges Plaza at Al Satwa roundabout – very handy for the fleshpots of Bur Dubai. They let girls back to ur room without any charge, although the girl has to hand over a copy of ID to reception. Minimum fuss or embarassment factor, no hassle the one time I got a PRC back last time out.

    York Club is still pretty good, relatively few Africans, a fair number of PRC’s. Rattlesnake is now pretty much as Grim describes, probably better quality overall compared to York. Try the Panorama Hotel, ground floor bar, plenty of pussy but lower quality, hotel couldn’t care less if your dragging one of the girls back to your room if staying there.

    Also Music Room at Majestic Hotel has a fair sprinkling of girls there, but it’s very tightly controlled – if they approach the customers, then the doorstaff chuck them out. Good place for live sounds as well.

    Hope that’s useful DK.


  49. Can anybody up-date me with the price for LT and ST for
    Africans, China, Russians and Philipina
    Where is all the african girls now ?
    Im now in Doha and can say that it very borring here but next week I will be visiting Dubai for a 2 month period so soon I will send some updates about my experiences.

  50. can anyone tell me where is the best place to go in Deira to pick up some nice girls and to have some fun?

  51. Hi
    i will be going to dubai in a few weeks time, and i just need to know from anyone who has just come back, on the availability of cialis pills over the pharmacies counter without a doctors note??? I would be greatfull, so i know to take the pills with me or to just get it there.
    Thanks you

  52. Can anyone please tell me if they Let you have female visitor in Your room at Regal Plaza Hotel? What’s the quality of the girls there?
    Thank you again

  53. There are few small hotels for quikies…10 to 20 min fun from 50AED onwards…near Sabkha station . just stand opposite corners…u will get approached by pimps…

    just pay 20 AED for pimp…the girls are PRC and indians bengalis…

  54. To the comment of …

    Jun 15th, 2008 at 11:17 am
    As of three months ago, Cyclone was closed.

    …uh, that place is closed since more than a year now.

    Ever since the York just rocks;-)

    You gotta have the best time of your life, outside of LOS, there.

    It’s even open now, but play no music nor band.

    Who cares;-)

  55. Can anyone advise me on whether The Monarch Hotel is a GF hotel?

    I am coming to Dubai for a month long stint next week and hoping to find some action close to the Monarch. I keep hearing about how great the The York is…would anyone know if this bar is close to the Monarch?

  56. Can anyone please tell me if they Let you have female visitor in Your room at Regal Plaza Hotel? What’s the quality of the girls there?
    Thank you again

  57. The Regal Plaza operates a zero-tolerance policy towards female visitors, and enforces the law to the letter. According to the hotel’s website, “Anyone bringing “a woman, or other person or animal onto the premises with intent to perform the act of sexual intimacy will be forcibly detained until found guilty by a court of law and their hands, teeth, and genital parts publicly removed. Enjoy your stay! Karaoke every Friday.”

  58. Dear Ramkee

    The Iroquois have a state-funded reservation in New Mexico, where you may find any number of attractive squaws! Flights to Abu Dhabi are available from most major US airports.


    Big Chief Pants Elk

  59. ya…indian girls available…but for quike..

    there are few low type hotels around “subkha” station near gold souq. opposite to subhka bustatnd..there are few one lane…there is a restaurant “delhi durbar” …oposite to this…few small lanes…inside a lane..hotel called “sky way hotel” ..very cheap hotel..u can go there..after “Eid”…and find indian(begalis) quike..from 50 AED onwared…and few chinese too…take care…if you want more..there are few pimps standing around this area…

  60. Pants Elk, thank you for advise,
    Who can tell me about Moscow hotel do they allow GF in your room?
    I really do appreciate this guys,

  61. In Moscow hotels, a girlfriend is provided by the state, and is stored in the closet next to the communal lavatory. Simply insert a token (available at the reception desk) into the lock at her ankle and escort her back to your room. Sexy-time is strictly limited to 53 minutes, and is shown by the clockwork mechanism on the snap-shut vagina-anus security device. Those wishing to receive a lady of their own choosing (from the line stretching around the block from the door) must pay extra for defrosting and be subject to a delousing-spray at the official delousing centre within not more than 12 minutes of ejaculation.

  62. @ssB – for those with the foresight to buy an extra token, you simply insert the second token, retrieve your dismemebered member and proceed in all due haste to the nearest hospital for reattachment.

    Those without foresight (and their foreskin) are just shit out of luck. They too should proceed to the nearest hospital for treatment of their bloody stump.

  63. RD has obviously done his research. The DYNAMITE HOTEL FOR BUSINESS MOSCOW (one-half star) has an intriguing collection of severed manhoods, pickled in beetroot vinegar, on display in the lobby, together with a series of historic posters graphically showing the dangers of “overstaying your welcome”.

  64. IS there any small hotels for quikies…10 to 20 min in Dubai ? for small money like 50AED. Anyone know location in Dubai ?

    I was in York Club yesterday and the place was crowded with people. Maybe 100 girls chinese, etiopians, philipinas, russians and some eats africans. All asking 500 and up-wards. Guess you can get one of the ugly one for 300-400AED.
    Some of the indians guys in Your club told the pay 250 AED for ST one hour. So I guess its depend on how good you can bargin the price.

  65. IS there any small hotels for quikies…10 to 20 min in Dubai ? for small money like 50AED. Anyone know location in Dubai.

    Yesterday I was in the Rock Bottoms and York Club.
    Rock Bottoms was packed with russian girls and some iranians. Asking 500 for st and 1000 for lt. Then I went to York club and at about 1am went home with one african girl agreed on 400aed for lt.

  66. sheTB : Submarine Club

    L..: Russian Hookers can be found in most below bars / clubs. Last week I wass in Rock Bottoms and found about 30 nice russians in early 20y. Rattlesnakes is also good place with many russians. York Club have some russians but most old and ugly. Hyatt Regency but more expensive.
    York Hotel (upstairs bar)
    Imperial Suites Hotel (Stayin Alive)
    Panorama Hotel (Jockeys Bar)
    Regal Plaza Hotel (Rock Bottoms)
    Sea View Hotel (Filipino Bar)
    Astoria (TGIT)
    Hyatt Regency Deira.
    Hotels near Al Nasr Square
    Hotels near the Fish roundabout in Deira
    MarMar Hotel on Yousef Baker Road
    Radison SAS (Kubu International)
    Moscow Hotel (Red Square Club)
    Metropolitan Hotel (Rattlesnakes)
    Ramada Hotel (Rumours)
    Hyatt Regency (Premier Bar)

  67. Rocky,
    Thank you appreciate the info, do you know if Mosocow Hotel If GF (Do they allow to take women in to your room from the club downstairs)?
    Thank you again

  68. I thought PE covered the Moscow hotel well here:

    In Moscow hotels, a girlfriend is provided by the state, and is stored in the closet next to the communal lavatory. Simply insert a token (available at the reception desk) into the lock at her ankle and escort her back to your room. Sexy-time is strictly limited to 53 minutes, and is shown by the clockwork mechanism on the snap-shut vagina-anus security device. Those wishing to receive a lady of their own choosing (from the line stretching around the block from the door) must pay extra for defrosting and be subject to a delousing-spray at the official delousing centre within not more than 12 minutes of ejaculation.

    this thread has to the oldest post on the blog still getting up to date comments. Amazing.

  69. Hey SideshowBOB you think it’s f… funny you know , Now lets get down to reall bussiness let someone that know about this hotel talk and inform us

  70. l – no offense. As curator of this blog I was doing u a favor. Pushed this post into the top 15 of most commented posts on the blog. U should thank me.

    Hoping it will overtake BBB’s breakfast post someday.


  71. very useful tips about russian girls. Any recent information about Hyatt Regency Deira ? I heard rumours that bars are now empty and very few girls around. Any advice ?

  72. Shangri-La Hotel Dubai is expensive, but very friendly with girls coming up to your room. Less expensive but friendly as well is Traders Hotel, with nice and young girls in the ground floor bar.

  73. How about Moscow Hotel, Is it GF or not, quality of girls, price anyone can help me with this please as I will be there in mid november
    thank you

  74. Not sure about Moscow Hotel, it’s not one of the more well known places that people frequent for female company to be honest.

    Also, above, someone mentioned Imperial Suites and ‘Stayin’ Alive, think that might be a mix up. Imperial Suites in Rolla Street in Dubai club is ‘Zodiac’ last time I checked and Stayin’ Alive was a club in Heritage Hotel about 5 years+ ago. That hotel is now Regal Plaza, home of Goodfellas Sports Bar and the upstairs place is called Rockafellers and is not bad, just diganally across from York

  75. Hey DAZ thnx, I will be over there in November and I will be posting about this Hotel in details
    Thnx again buddy

  76. Dubai Broadway hotel, is very GF no questions ask,bar stars working early afternoon, Russian, Turkish, Armenian, 6 to 8,
    Rooms not bad, small but clean, room will run about 170$

  77. For afternoon delight in the creek area, check inside the lobbies and bars of the small hotels in the area and along rigga street.
    Any news about Hyatt Regency Deira ?

  78. I don’t know about the creek area, but I usually go to a flat in the Golden Sands area that has some gorgeous Chinese girls. 200 dirhams ST and the girls are (mostly) cheerful, eager to please and great in bed.

  79. Excellent, thanks. Will defo check that out and advise. Anyone got any contact info to help out? email or IM me.

  80. Anyone has recent information about Moscow hotel dubai? please let me know as I am planning on booking there (GF or Not) girls and what time does bar starts to work

  81. Any clue about Irani or Morocco girls in Abu Dhabi. This seems to have become all Dubai, but would appreciate info on Abu Dhabi.

  82. Guys, its fun n informative this site, have been a regular to dubai from the past 3-4 yrs , stayed in places like 4 Points, Ramada Continental,Ramada(Bur Dubai), Vendome Plaza,Admiral Plaza,Capitol …..All were good apart from Admiral who charges to take babe’s up.
    Its better to book in a 4* plus hotel so that u dont have to stop at the reception on ur way back and with a babe with u …………Me going again in Mid Nov and have booked for 2 nights in 4 Points, was not bad last time, no one stopped …………..but i miss CYCLONE.

  83. Does anyone have any information about Carlton Tower Hotel? What kind of girls can you find in its 3 restaurants? Is it GF? I want to reserve a hotel room there within the next 2 days. Any information is appreciated.

  84. Anyone know the whereabouts of a chinese girl known as Kelly who used to frequent the Ally Pally bar in Abu Dhabi.

  85. Hi All !!
    This blog is sooo good…and provide a lot of good tips about Dubai.
    I need some info about Deira area.
    I will be there just for a couple of days and so i will not have time to look around so i would like to have some good tips where to go without losing time 😉

    I have heard about Rigga road for afternoon delight….how does it work ? I have heard there are some bars there…so once you pick up a girl where will you take her ? My hotel have been booked by my company and i don’t think it’s GF.

    And what about night scene in Deira ? Any good place where to go ? And once again….what to do if the hotel where i stay is not gf ?

    Last time i was there just for one day and i say close to Al Muraqqabat road a “Filipino Night”….anyone have try that place ?

    Thanks guys !


  86. I see the guys have asked a lot about Moscow Hotel but I am about to book there with you guys help, Like is it GF GIRLS PRICES TIME THAT CLUB START WORKING QUALITY OF GIRLS

  87. Does Anyone knows Asian clubs/bars where i can find ladyboys and shemales?

    Great Website , keep it up guys

  88. How is York lately ? Is it a GF hotel or not ?
    Need to book my hotel very soon..wait for you answers :))

  89. can anyone help with the name of delaying orgasm pills?

    i heared about tramadol but since it works on nerve systems in brain

    no pharmacy in uae will sell it without presc.

    any clue?

  90. the Golden Sands area that has some gorgeous Chinese girls
    where would this be? please revert early as i am staying at the golden sands presently and eager to meet them

  91. Hi, just found the site and there is a lot of good information here. I am curious if there are any good hotels with girls in the Marina? I am staying at the Hilton later this month and looking for some fun. Any help?

  92. Arabman, do you mean “Deira residence by meridian” by residence Deira? If so, I thought Deira residence by meridian does not have any restaurants or bars.

  93. Hi Gents,

    Many Thanks to All for above information. All info is very useful. I’ve been leaving in Dubai for several years and now visiting on regular basis. I know the place quite well but never had a chance to find any Indian or Iranian/Local girls. Could someone please advice on any Local/Iranian/Indian girls in any areas in Dubai… Money is not an issue…

    Also does any one know if Royal Ascot in Bur Dubai is GF?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  94. Great info, but Abu Dhabi seems to be skipped from the action. Does anybody know of good places to get Irani or Egyptian girls? Where do you meet Chinese and Russian girls. It seems the action has been brought down post Ramadan. Is it me or others notice the same as well? It would be great to get some insight into Abu Dhabi as well.

  95. Since I’ve been appreciating the above material, I’ll share my few own experiences on this topic.

    In january 2008, I’ve been testing the GFability of the Taj Palace (5 star hotel in Deira, close to Rigga street) : my russian friend of the night (about 30y) – met in the Sheraton Deira club – has taken a taxi 5 minutes after my own leaving from the club (with my room and phone number).
    Dress code was relatively consensual… I guess that’s also important for our emirates hosts and also in a five star hotel, isn’t it ?

    Well, waiting in my room I received a phone call from the ladie…blocked in the lobby. I had to meet her and explained gently that she was a friend visiting me… at 2.00 in the night of course !
    Then she had to give a copy of her passport and that was.
    No special charge… except the little emotional one to “explain” to the hotel guys.
    Cost: 1000 Dirhams for LT + 50 Dirhams for the taxi. We are gentleman isn’t it ?

    Back to the Sheraton Deira club (30 meters left of the main hotel entrance): about 40 girls every evening from nearly all nationalities, not especially the nicest one I should say.

    Some other places: Emirates tower, the view bar, top of the building.
    Here are also some british hookers from time to time. Be careful, also business woman… but from my point of view, very easy to play the “who’s who” game.

    The Madinat Jumeirah offers also similar pleasures.
    Grand Hyatt also.
    Prices are market prices…depending on where you intend to purchase, Bloomingdale or Lidl…even for the same sweets.

    I’ve also heard that Ramada hotel offers some choice. Don’t know personally.

    Ramadan time isn’t a sweet season.
    When you think that for a cigarette in the street you’re invited to the next police station and that you have to give a 250 bucks gift…better avoid the clubs.
    Most of the clubs are closed during that time, I don’t have tips for that. But those living permanently in Dubaï has the right phone numbers stored in their mobile…
    I know that some private parties are sometimes organized…

  96. I am coming to Abu Dhabi and wanted to knw about the action there. Any facts and figures on the capital.

  97. Fatherload
    I don’t know about the creek area, but I usually go to a flat in the Golden Sands area that has some gorgeous Chinese girls. 200 dirhams ST and the girls are (mostly) cheerful, eager to please and great in bed.

    Can you drop me a line with the adress or tel number for flat you mentioned. Cheers.

  98. Hi all,
    Need some info about “Golden Sands” in Dubai:
    – where can you find the above mentioned chinese?
    – Is that possible to take “visitis” in your appartmenetrooms?



    Try booking The Panorama Hotel Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai. OK for a 2 – 3 star. It has The Jockeys Bar on the ground floor where you are guaranteeed a ride. Quality is reasonable, mainly Africans and some PRC’s. But it’s near The York Hotel and club, Rumours at The Ramada Continetal is just across the street. I’ll be staying there later in January for three nights and intend to shag my socks off. Hotel let girls upstairs, no questions asked – just your everyday knocking shop really. Hope this helps and give her one for me !

  100. I have stayed there but they doesnt let more than one lady. I want 2 ladies same time for threesum.

    How about Ramada Continetal how much is the hotel price and do it have disco ?

    where can find indian or lebanese lady any idea ? You dont know any place where the lady have their own place ?

  101. Great blog to go read, superb guys!! I used to frequently visit Haward Johnson – Abu Dhabi for chinese massage and BJs… gals were amazing with large nipples to enjoy after massage… really cheap (AED 60 for 1/2 hr plus AED50 for BJ) but SO SAD that they closed down the massage parlour just about a month back 🙁 Now i have no place to have fun for that money in Abu Dhabi.

    Can anyone around here knows such a place for fun in Abu Dhabi?? WOuld greatly appreciate the response

  102. Who here cab help me out; Is Hotel Ramada (Bur Dubai) GF? What nationalities of WG they have hanging in bar
    I planning on booking room there but I’m not sure on whether or not is GF and What nationalities of WG they have there,

  103. hot99, I’ve been in Browadway hotel, is very GF and has bar downstair, it’s is in diera no problem getting girl in to your room at all,

  104. check out pub at the basement of sandshotel, allypally and 49ers pub at Dana Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

  105. Hi All

    Just spent 10 days in Dubai staying last 3 nights at Panorama, Bur Dubai.
    Jockeys bar on ground floor is relaxed in late afternoon and early evening – you get a chance to size up some of the mainly Chinese, African and CIS pussy on offer. One or two lookers. Prices are probably 500 Dhs or so. But if it’s 3am then you can pick up for 200/300 Dhs. Also outside the Panorama along the front access street, there are quite a few Africans plying their trade – don’t know how much though.
    It costs 100Dhs to hotel reception to get a girl upstairs, after midnight – although one of the 3 nights I had picked up a blonde Chinese at the York Club and it didn’t cost anything at reception – however this was only 11.30pm.
    All in all, a good base for a mongering expedition with quite a few pussy outlets on the doorstep.

  106. Still waiting for someone to tell me any place for cheap massage/sex in ABU DHABI. Please post here for exchange of some of the best cell numbers of cheap/expensive massage/european girls if you are in Dubai.

  107. Hi Newbe

    I had two blonde Chinese while at the Panorama. Neither had a “funny tit” – just a wet pussy each. However, I’ll probably now concentrate on blonde Chinese until I come across it/her !

  108. lol, i know my mate had one from york, and she had a boob job done, but not very well, which put him off her the whole night. I was just making sure if it was the same girl.

  109. finally me here to help all people in abu dhabi,dubai & al ain.

    ladies from pakistan,india,china,russsain,irani,african and korean available inculding lebanese ladies.

  110. Hi,

    soon i will be visiting abu dhabi and anyone can give me idea where can i get the ladyboys or shemales.

  111. Arriving Dubai next weekend need info on African girls would be nice and helpful iam staying in the Intercontinental any news on this hotel letting in GF.

  112. Brief update on Dubai’s scene.
    All comments and tips on venues in earlier more recent posts still valid.
    Astoria’s girls quality rather low but occasional OK ones that normally give friendly andvery good service for AED 500 ST (Had 5 pleasant, unhurried hours on recent early afteroon experience).

    One place not mentioned that’s worth a visit is the “Jules” bar at the Meridien Village, a good complex of bars and restaurants located at the back of the Meridien Dubai, opposite Terminal 1.
    Last Saturday 20-25 nice to outstanding girls there. Chinese – blondes included, no funny tit to report-yet! + CIS – a few real gorgeous ones by anyone’s taste)

    Expect relatively higher prices. (though comparable with Rattlesnake for high quality).
    Not too experienced friend I was with got pitches at 1000-1200 for 2 hours. I was in good company and so didn’t enquire. Shall do soonest and will then post a more accurate evaluation.

    Girls there can be choosy because of demand and (bad) habits
    So commom sense: dress well, be fun and nice with them and be prepared to pay the price if you do want the best – good times certainly can be had. I’ve met some cool women there and definitely apt at GFE in return for right attitude on my part.

    And now Gents for the good news:
    The financial crisis hit here too and hardest on the ex-free spenders from the banking, finance, insurance, real estate and other silly entertainment expenses account holders – so serious customer numbers and of course prices are now coming down, What goes around…
    So, do negotiate – nicely (and not at 8 or 9:00 pm!) and my best wishes for satisfying outcomes to all.

  113. Bahrain: The bad news. The beardists and mentalist legislation that was mooted over a year ago has come to pass and has had, and will have a worse effect on the P4P scene in The MEof which Bahrain was the best. No more music or Alchohol in one and two star hotels is the new law. So the Seashell has closed effectivelythey had over 50 chinese and Thai girls either resident or FL. The Al Bustan hotel which had the big Irish Bar/Pub called JJs for expats has been closed…..No great loss but the ajoining Queens Bar which had 20 resident Thai girls and the Zebra bar has closed down. The next to go will be the three and four star bars such as the Infamous Tylos hotel and The Diggers Bar at the Delmon hotel 9over 70 thai and chinese girls. This will leave booze and music only at 5 star hotels which are not FL friendly. Also the the new rules stipulate the hotel can only have music and booze if there is no mosque in the vicinity! As you can imagine mosques are as common in Bahrain as spirit houses are in Thaialnd……….So it looks likes the end of an Era. The one ray of hope is that an influential lobby group (excuse the pun) of hoteliers are appealing the decision so there may be a halt to the 3 and 4 star closures till the Bahrainis see the folly of their mentalist leaders who have pushed this legislation through parliamet via and unholy alliance of Sunni moslem brother hood sunnis and Shia extremists. Oh and they are banning bacon too!

  114. Was in Dubai last month, 20 May enroute to BKK. Stayed in the York international (not girl friendly)
    Heres the run-down:
    Rooms: Nice and reasonable.
    Service: The two concierge are very helpful.
    Now the action, hit the in house disco. Nice, dark, and seedy our type of place. lots of ladies, most E. African and PRC. Same rules of the game, take your time. I had my mind set on some Eritrian action, as I was on the way to the LOS no desire for some Asian talent. Drank a few beers, made my play on a nice Eritrian lady. She sits with me and starts giving me the GFE. I got my arm around the gal, drinking my beer, and this Arab bouncer comes to me and tells me not to touch the lady. WTF. Oh well, for those who think Thai’s are backwards, spend sometime in the Middle East.
    Anyways I had set my price earlier at 500 AED, which is roughly 136 USD, or 4679 Baht. I am tired and I have an early flight to BKK in the AM so it is time for business.
    I open negotiations with an offer of 500 AED. She counters with an offer of her and her GF for 600 AED. Well if you insist on taking a pay cut so I can bang 2 ladies, I guess.
    Like I said the York isn’t GF friendly, so we take a cab to their place. It is a high-rise slum that i am beginning to wonder if this was a great idea. I show them my wallet and tell them that all I have is the 600 AED and some condoms. If they want to rob me I can just fork it over now and save myself a knifing. they laugh and insist I go on up.
    We go to the room and start them activities. they pull the bait-and switch on me and instead of two at a time, I get them back-to-back. Oh well it is their tip their messing with. Not great lays but not bad either. Certainly makes me appreciate the “little people” more.
    I had paid a LT but they had no AC and it was about 40 outside so I split back to the room.
    Drawbacks: Even though I delayed my selection as soon as I picked, a better lady appeared, oh well. The bait-and -switch was BS but I didn’t tip so quid pro qou. The huge shrine to Jesus next to the bed I was fucking in was a bit intimidating. Not crazy about getting my ass rimmed while the son of God looks at me! Creepy.
    All in all good action, good primer to get my head ready for the “game” in BKK.

  115. Will be in Dubai in 10 days. Want a massage but do not want to pay out the nose. Would like a Thai soapy massage but would settle for a good sensual masage. Can anyone direct me to a place or residence of business.

  116. will be in dubai in a week..i know its ramadan but where cn i meet some decent arabic women for just some company…..

  117. Anyone know where to find shemales or ladyboys in Dubai..i heard they are at the mall during the day..this question has been asked many times but noone has answered..thanks

  118. Hi All, soon Going to Dubai, looking for some fun with CIS girls. can any one advice which hotel allows girls to the rooms and where can I meet them?
    please reply urgent.

  119. Please be careful in Dubai. I went thru there at least 20 times and had a great time. Once on my way back thru to iraq i had some prescrition medicine and ended up for 9 mnths in prison. No one can help you. Dubai seems like a good party spot but be careful as their judicial sytem is a sham and they really do love to get a expat in their jails. Some who live there might say diffrent but beleive me I know.

  120. Hi guys,
    i am going to dubai in a month, i just want to know what the going rate is for a girl in york hotel? Has it come down from a few years ago, when things where good.

  121. hiiiii im from abu dhabi and if any wan intresting in chaines leadys i now some of them and ukrania and africa leady but i want arabic leady morocoo or lebnanes or seria jast arabic plz help me –jast in abu dhabi my mil is bye

  122. Just returned to Dubai from Pattaya/ BKK. Wow. First trip to Walking Street…

    Anyone interested in a bit of Diera information mail me. A friend of a friend hooked me up with a group of gals. Very nice.

  123. Excellent report, I would be interested more in the African than asian girls or eastern european. But would really like to get my hands on some arab girls too.
    Will visit sometime probably as a stop off on my way to Bangkok

    What the report does not include is info on accomodation, girl friendly hotels etc

  124. In the name of research I visited some of the places mentioned in the article/comments just last week.

    You can safely ignore Astoria and Panorama (daytime or nighttime, they have some truly atrocious women; in Panorama you might occasionally find one or two good looking Vietnamese, however). Metropolitan is a hit and miss, Music Room has only 2-3 downcast looking working girls on most nights, so I would only recommend the York (ignore the bar downstairs and just go upstairs to the York club; by the sheer size of it, as large as Insomnia and Ipanema in Singapore together, you should be able to find something to suit your taste) and Ratsky (the one in Karama, ignore R2 and R3; but go there on a weeknight).

    Prices, 400 for an African and 600 for a Filipina – they will ask much higher prices but these are reasonable rates most will agree with (LT).

    Hyatt in Deira also has a huge disco with hundreds of girls but they aren’t significantly better looking than York girls (although better dressed) and usually will not budge from 1000+.

    Depending on night and luck, you might encounter someone you like in any hotel bar (any of the Four Points, even in the Dusit Thani); most hotels in this city seem to have working girls lurking somewhere.

  125. Can anyone help me find some African or Sub-continental stuff here in Abu Dhabi, Bankok style massage services would be interesting.

  126. Very informative article, can somebody kindly provide Arabs and Moroccan points to visit there for fun?

  127. Hey great stuff thanx. Any thought on daytime fun, I will be in dubai from 5am to 4pm on the 30th of August………………. thanx –

  128. I got of a fabulous massage at Traders Hotel. the girl was excellent. You just have to mention tip and she will do the rest.

  129. Will be traveling to Dxb in a week.

    My hotel is located in Burr Dubay area.

    Need info on massage parlors with happy endings.


  130. Hi, Can anyone tell where to find filipinas, nice and reasonable, I treid yourk but only few and most of them are not even 4+.

  131. Any updates on where to hook up with girls in Dubai? I know some of the places, mentioned above, have closed down.

    Thanks in advance.

  132. holly shit!
    @smitty; nice to see you around again, how’s the family? and yes I think this thread is well on the BBB lore, and ahh that other BB? dude…lol! “100% non brit.” that’s funny, mate..!
    Q= WTF is a “CIS” girl?

    remember kids nocal brownies are your friend…peace

  133. Great thread!! Great info. Im headed over monday for one night for visa run. So a short break from Kuwait. I normally head to Karama Hotel as there is a good selection of Filipinas. I will however have a looksee at the Presidential in Karama. Its been asked several times but no answers so I ask. Any info on the ladyboys? I know there is escort sites but for those prices I csn go to LOS for less on a quik 3-4 day trip. Thanks all.

  134. To answer the questions on massage parlour there are many with happy ending.Some give good massage before some are just ordinary massage skills.Most of the massage centre in Karama area will give you happy ending.I can not give names here but when you go there ask if they can do special.You have to pay extra 100 dhs as tip,some places they will try to get more out of you but dont go there next time. 100 is the price.

    The best Filipinas are in Ratsky,karama hotel. they will cost you dhs 400 for ST, you can take 2 for 600, it is fun.Ask them which hotel you should go if you do not have a place,they will tell you.

    The dubai scene has changed recently and shifting to new places.The names above in the blog are old places,some of them like Rattlesnake is closed now.The best places to pickup high quality east european girls is Raddison Blue, kubu bar in the lobby,there is entry fee to keep troublemakers away. You will find somebody you like between 700-1000 for ST on weekdays.There are Turkish and some tall goodlooking chinese are also part of the mix.Then there is York, Deira Sheraton disco where reasonable quality available.I have heard Atlantis ,Buddha bar has upmarket girls. But if you want to just see most expensive, exclusive girls go to Cin cin at Fairmont.Most of the famous pubs will have few of them hanging around discreetly.Regal, Regent,Imperial suite,Panorama have lots of them.

  135. Massage in Dubai. How do you recognise the places? Or are they all in Hotels? The Thai massage parlours in Bahrain are gay or no guaranteed happy ending. Fucking frustrating waste of time. But in Manama, at least three hotels have Ethiopian Girls giving happy endings. The Delmon, The Awahl, and The Adhari,

  136. Most of these massage places are like shops very visible with blinking neon signs ” open” They are all over in Karama or Burdubai on the back street.For example area apposite Burjuman, behind Regent Hotel there are parallel streets to Trade centre road.You will find many there as you walk.There is little Italy restaurant,turn left in parking lot,at the corner you will see one,entrance from inside the building.Some of the Hotels have it but there is no guarantee that you get happy ending. Also upmarket Thai massage centers they are not allowed to give special service. Also there are few behind Movenpick Hotel and Apartment.Once you get in pay normal rate at counter,once you go in tip 100 dhs to the girl you will sure get happy ending.Good luck

  137. Hiii Neuschwanstein

    You said you have some good info on deira girls …..really appreciate if you can share the info

  138. Hey desertfox,

    I will be traveling to Dubayy in 2 weeks. I will be staying in Park Regis Hotel which according to yahoo maps is very close to regent hotel..

    I will be definitely visiting the massage place behind the hotel.

    Honestly, I have heard that dubayy laws are very strict and I don’t want to get in trouble by asking massage ladies for special treatment and then I realize they are probably not the happy ending types!!

    Also, I don’t want to pay extra 100bucks for special treatment and then receive a mediocre massage.

    So desertfox I was wondering if you can tell me specific place where I can definitely get a happy ending and what exactly am I suppose to say?!?!

    U can send me a personal email me on

    Cheers Mate

  139. Hi

    Excellent forum.
    Can anybody have experience and tell where the beautiful Indian Girls can be pocketed.

  140. From what I have heard..there are many gorgeous ethnic girls available in Dubai..

    I had asked a similar question earlier but didn’t get any replies..

    If you find it here..

    If I find something..I will keep u updated..


    P.S: Whats funny big G?

    1. James. – There are many… many nice girls in Dubai. All creeds and colours. It’s all down to personal taste of course. I’ve yet to see a gorgeous Indian girl mind you.

      But here is the thing…. if we thought that Dubai was the place for gorgeous girls, well… we’d all be living there instead of Thailand!

      If you need a list of places, which have certain nationalities then I am sure my old mate PRP can chime in. He has taken me to many bars in Dubai, but I have to admit, after drinking as much as I did, I only remember the bar where PRP and I confronted some poor bloke who was chatting to our mate. We thought he was having a go at our pal. Poor bastard was just being nice when PRP and I tapped him on the shoulder… Oh the memories!

  141. I agree that the good quality Indian girls are difficult to find in Dubai mongering scene. I also understand the dig by G. But you have to remember that not long ago Miss world and Miss Universe were Indian girls. but somehow for some reason you will not easily find a Indian or Pakistani girl in Dubai. The best ones are in Mumbai and in Delhi and they take anywhere between 300 to 400 usd for an hour which is too expensive for Dubai standard. Hence maybe they stopped travelling. I remember long ago we met an Indian girl who was staying in Ramada,Bur dubai. She was gorgeous.Such quality not available now a days.Go to craiglist, you will find some Indian models advertising. I have no feed back because me or my friends never tried them.If you are good looking and young visit Keva in Lodge at Al Nasser Club after 12 midnight on Thu to Sat night. Lots of goodlooking trendy Indian girls come there. Maybe you hit upon them and dont spend any money!!!!!

    My friend JC ( Josh Carter) is not seen for long time in the forum. I gave many useful tips on Dubai massages but now a days my mails are bouncing.Has anybody seen him?

  142. @JC I got happy ending massage offered to me, and accepted, at Bangkok Massage Center in the Dubai Marina area, in October. Just went in and got naked. Small cubicle with mat on the floor, amazingly similar to Thai ‘spas’ I have been to.

    Lady’s name was Film, slim and young, that is, middle 20’s probably. The oil massage was 200dhs for an hour and I probably overpaid for happy ending at 200. If you get Film and she wears jeans have her take them off before the massage. She rode my leg nicely while doing the hj, no one ever did that for me before. Bet that would be great in panty, or less. She said she had in Dubai for about three months.

    The massage was good, not great, but good. I would go back for the massage.

    Outcall is apparently also available. Check their website, they have more than one location.

  143. Fellas,

    I’ve read all of the posts. Very important info, and thanks.

    I may be hitting up Dubai for the last time soon. I’ve been taken for my hard earned money but all and all its the memories that I still can’t be disappointed with.

    I am lookin to seal the deal this time around. Call me crazy but I’ve made up my mind. Any favorite places that you can update me with? Last good post was in November. Any great services that you had, maybe contacts, that you can send my way?

  144. Great blog and a fasinating insite into Dubai and to some extent the capital Abu Dhabi

    I am in Abu Dhabi in a couple of weeks, and although evenings maybe busy, should have time for some afternoon early evening P4P relaxation

    Can anyone advise the hotels, bars I should visit to find what is required


  145. Hello, Can anyone please help me for following questions, thanks a lot. in advance..

    > Where can I pick a good girl in day time (12 pm to 9pm), any bar open to pick a girl during day time ?
    > From where, from which club / pub I can pick indian girl. Better if you can tell me the name of club where I can pick Indian girl.

    thank you very much.

    1. Rishi… if you’re looking to pick up a ‘good girl’ – then I’d suggest you don’t hit the bars. Who has ever picked up a ‘good girl’ in a bar?

      As for wanting an Indian girl – if she is indeed ‘good’ – then she’d not be in one of those establishments.

      1. Thanks Graham for your quick reply and support.

        Good girl mean good looking and supporting for ST and LT. I am not looking for any relationship. I hope you understand what I mean. 🙂

  146. I have a very special girl that i met here at dubai .. If you are looking for a bar and you like to see a filipina . then you must try. This. Ofcourse its clean . absolutly safe… I have a details

    She is at jules bar le meridian hotel. . . very good in sex ofcourse its sup to you’re ways . . .
    Its not like negotiable . but in the same way this girl is hot and burning for sex…

    1. – ‘typeone’.. I have only approved this comment of yours – to tell you this is not a site sell yourself on.

      This comment is written by a Filipina Manager. Their ‘Manager’ (pimp) makes them hit the websites and social networks each day to promote themselves. If they get no takers in the day – they’re then sent out to the bars at night to ply their trade.

      These pimps are despicable. They get the girls over under false pretences, charge them 30k AED for the 1st month which is impossible for the girl to make. The debt just gets bigger then. If the girl doesn’t make money some nights.. she doesn’t get fed!

      They are threatened with jail and being deported by the pimp – which is of course horse-shit as the pimp is the one who get in the most trouble. For some reason these girls are scared of the pimp and believes every thing they say. (the pimps are women).

      The Managers are always living in fear that their little apartments which have 12+ girls living inside will get visited by the cops.

      – well they should be worried… I know where some of them are – and pretty soon, the Emiratee cops will too.

  147. Question for you guys, I have some friends heading over to Dubai this weekend with some guests. They plan on staying at the JA Ocean View. Any knowledge on it being guest friendly?


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