Day 14 by ~h

The next morning I feel like shit. I’ve been pissing out of my asshole for the last fourteen hours and I haven’t eaten a thing. I’m weak and I know I will be sleeping alone this evening for lack of ?powa”. So I head out in search of some simple fried rice and soup. Pass through Nana area and cross Sukhumvit Road and wonder the Soi’s. I’m having a hard time finding a restaurant that just serves simple dishes. As I pass all the street vendors loaded with chicken livers, skinned hogs and a variety of freeze dried roach’s, frogs and crickets – my stomach gurgles. I just want something simple. I head down a side street and end up on a small street that contains many long distant call offices, travel agents, Barber shops and restaurants. It appears to be the African/Middle Eastern section of town. I look at a menu from a restaurant that is across the way from a barbershop. The menu has vegetarian fried rice and wonton soup. Perfect, I set my self up outside looking into the barber shop filled with eight cuties in tight fitting blue matching uniforms working away like bee’s.

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I will take a burger and the waitress please…

A very common issue but not always talked about problem in Thailand(this does not happen in many places) is wanting what u can’t normally have. What I mean by this is u can walk down Sukhumvit during the right hour of the day and u can find girls available for – well u know. U can be in a go go bar staring at a totally naked Thai bird but find yourself lusting after the fully clothed cutie who brings your drinks. Never fear – this is normal. One reader wrote in to discuss this issue for the all of us to learn from.

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LoveLine meets the Twilight Zone!

Dr. Drew and this guy Adam used to have this Radio call in program for teens and young adults to ask pretty much everything about love, sex, drugs and the pair would respond with very frank and usually quite funny answers. I loved it and was always amazed with how stupid some of the questions were but enjoyed the answers none the less. Ever read Savage Love? Another column filled with off the wall questions and even better answers. All this has me inspired and using the U of Mango platform I will publicly respond to some of the questions we get at the blog using my keen sense of moral high ground, the lack of being breast feed as a baby while taking into account the rules of the Twilight Zone.

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