I will take a burger and the waitress please…

A very common issue but not always talked about problem in Thailand(this does not happen in many places) is wanting what u can’t normally have. What I mean by this is u can walk down Sukhumvit during the right hour of the day and u can find girls available for – well u know. U can be in a go go bar staring at a totally naked Thai bird but find yourself lusting after the fully clothed cutie who brings your drinks. Never fear – this is normal. One reader wrote in to discuss this issue for the all of us to learn from.

I arrive in Bangkok with the anticipation of all those beautiful Thai girls
in little outfits doing the Thai shuffle as the music blares out and I enjoy a
nice jack and coke. Night comes and this scene turns into reality but there
is  something different this time, something is amiss. I begin to look at the
waitress, she is not the hottest or has the best body from what I can see
but I want her. What is this new twist in my perverted mind? I shake it off and
go to the ***** for a relaxing rest and a bit of solace.

editor – bar names removed to protect – um. Some people. We know exactly where this is going. Carry on.

I enter *****, greet the cuties around the bar and plop down for a nice
Jack and Coke. Then that weird phenomenon hits me again, there is a little
cute bartender, I want her too. I look at her and my sexual senses become
aroused by her, the smile the laugh. OK keep it to yourself do not give in, i tell
myself. So…

editor – U r sunk. This syndrome is common and if u were suffering from it in places like America u would have a big problem. But given some time and effort u can satisfy this urge more often than not while in Thailand.

I decided to go upstairs to play some pool and figure out why I did not
barfine that hottie dancing on stage at the Go-Go, what made me zero in on the
waitress, why was I checking out the bartender at *****.

I start playing pool, order a few drinks and lose thought of the waitress  &
bartender. Life is back to normal, then my eyes wonder across to the rack-um

editor – Was that the rack of the girl or the pool rack or both?

Those sexual thoughts begin to emerge again, now I crave her.  I want
the rack-um girl.

editor – U want the girls who rack the pool? ahhh. Just come out and say it man.

This feeling is a consistent issue on my trip. I find myself buying drinks
for waitresses and although some tell me that they also dance on stage, I lose
interest of them when they hit the stage.

editor – Precisely. As soon as they take the stage the feeling that they are different is over. What u want is something most of the time u cannot have. U can always take the girl on the stage but that cashier, the bartender, the waitress – that is not normally available for take out which makes u want it. This is so normal. For example. I used to like a waitress u worked at a go go on Soi Cowboy. Used to buy her drinks and even thought about a barfine but never did. Weeks later I returned to said go go and the girl was now a dancer. Sure I talk with her and buy her drinks but the urge to barfine her is over. She is not different anymore but just like all the girls on the stage.

So what is it that drives me to think of sordid thoughts about waitresses
and female bartenders. Why am I fascinated by them? Well i never will solve
this query… but

editor – U know y u feel this way. In fact there are some people in Bangkok who only try for waitresses, cashiers and so on. All good but u must execute carefully since sometimes this will lead to the issue that u are no longer welcomed or get good service at particular places cause u have worked your way through all the service girls. Not usually the case at beer bars/go go bars but can be the case at more normal venues like Q bar.

I did meet a cute waitress on soi 5, and it was good it was all good!! Gosh
I miss Thailand’s waitresses.

editor – Yeah. U r ruined. Head to your local Hooters and drool. Try to get a number, ask her out and wait – dare I say. Let’s really shake it up. Ask what the barfine is?



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