Day 2 – Party Time – beware the boyfriend!

Okay. I don’t think I can top the last post and despite what some are saying – it is true which is why I can hardly live with myself. Maybe therapy is in order? Oh well. Good copy. Good copy. After the “incident” I went back to my coffee shop Cafe Ole, to work on the blog and recompose myself. BTW – the wifi is free, the coffee is good and the service is great. They even watched my gear whilst I went to the restroom. A great find in KL. After blogging I went to the hotel for a powernap, a shower and to plot my evening. I figured for the night hunt I would go after something a little more my age.

SSS I was out the door. It is a wednesday night in KL which holds some potential since in places like HK, KL and Sing – wednesday is ladies night. I like ladies so this might work. Ladies night in places like KL and HK means that the ladies get in for free, the drinks are cheaper for ladies and the idea is the ladies will come and the guys will follow. Sounds good on paper but it does not always work that way.

First stop was Carnegies – this used to be a great spot in HK for ladies nights because the ladies drank cheap booze for free and that always ensured a good time since the local air chicks would hang out there as well but the same could not be said for Carnegies in KL. The only girls there were ones that I would never be caught dead sarging or had boyfriends already. Without even ordering a drink I went in search of greener pastures.

So I headed over to Beach Club corner as I call it. Just ask any taxi and they will know how to find it and subsequently overcharge u for the short journey. I was somewhat bummed out because for a weeknight most of the places were closed which either means business is bad or it is just the slow season. I am not sure which. This area is known for the Beach Club, Thai Club, Nouvo and so on. The only thing really hopping was Thai Club and Beach Club which are directly opposite each other. Given the crowds it would seem that these two were the better hunting grounds so I gave up on looking for the Hard Rock or trying any of the hotel clubs.

As brutally highlighted in my earlier post – we all have to make decisions and I decided that since it was ladies night and I could pull the “I am only in town for 1 night clause” – I would try to go after the non-working girls and see where it leads me. Aim high – pull low. Even in KL pinch hitters are all over the place so a total strike out should not be in the cards. More later on pinch hitters…

First stop was the Thai Club to pay the overpriced entry fee for my one lame drink. Downstairs was a band playing some hits and some Malay songs – basically a dud in my book but there the girls were coming in so I stayed close to the entrance. Plenty of moo herder(white guys going for white girls in Asia) action was to be had as well but that was just not my thing. I started to get a sense of the crowd and begun to notice a few gaggle of Chinese and Malay girls hanging together and drinking. I had lived in HK too long to be interested in Chinese but some of the Malay girls, especially the darker ones, started to stand out a little more. Before making any decisions I decided to go across the street to the Beach Club and pay my entrance fee there then I could bounce between joints as needed.

So I plopped over to the Beach Club and paid there stupid door fee and started doing the “loop”. I saw no Thai girls, overweight Philip girls, some Indonesian and lots of Chinese. Plus they were all smoking too damn much so I was just not getting the horn at all. I talked to a few of the Indos but none of them were especially appealing so I decided to head back over to the Thai Club.

Iin the downstairs club I was getting the eye from a group of Malay girls so I moved in closer to try amazing them with my stunning dance moves. Shock and awe as I call it. Seemed to work since they moved over closer to me. I played hard to get though and went upstairs to the other half of the club playing fairly danceable hip hop tunes. Actually I just needed to go to the bathroom but I figured it would work the same way. I come out of the bathroom and see both the girls hanging out there waiting for a friend who was also in the bathroom.

When I walked past, one of them said hello and wanted to know my name. Bingo. Door opened. I introduced and we quickly brought each other up to date. I was a stock broker checking out the hybrid coupon oppurtunities in Malaysia and she was a local educated in Perth looking for a job after finishing uni. Perfect match. I mean good enough given she had a nice rack. I don’t know what she went to school for since it did not seem important anyway.

We got another round of drinks together and sat near the bar to chat. English was good since she spent all four years of Uni in Perth but she wanted to live and work in Malaysia. I like girls who appreciate their homeland as well as the chance to study abroad. She said we should go dance and hang with the rest of her friends. Sounds good to me since it means we could chill a little and dance. All her friends were girls and none of them were stunners so I decided not to pull any switches and stick with my first pick.

Things were going good. Close contact on the dance floor and some glances. After a few more rounds she started making out with me on the dance floor. All systems point to go and then she asked were I was staying and I said where and warned her that it was a budget hotel but the bed worked. She laughed. Anyway I was starting to get the feeling that things were progressing well but then at the same time I was confused as to why it was going so quick given that this was not a working girl and was also an educated girl but girls get horny too so I decided not to dwell on it.

It was getting late and time to decide whether to ride this horse or change my bets. Given the dance floor action and the rack I decided to stay with program. I remember it being about 1:30 now and I was not really looking forward to starting over and I still was not seeing any hot pinch hitters either. She went to the bathroom and came back and said she wanted to talk. So we stepped off the dance floor and went outside where it was quiet enough to talk. She told me she had just broken up with a boyfriend and wanted to have some fun. Rebound girl. Perfect. I said I am the king of fun and not too worry since I needed to get on a plane to return to Hong Kong and get back to my trading desk. Right. So we go back to the dance floor and get back to business.

Well. Like I said sometimes we make a call to go right when we probably should have gone left. Here I go again. I get tapped on the shoulder and I look at the girl to see this oh shit look on her face. I did not have to turn around to know that it must be the not too far in the past ex-boyfriend behind me. And it was. A young but fairly tall Malay guy with about 3 other guys standing with him. I am a quick study to know that I am not in my home country, I am alone and I am sarging someone’s x or maybe not yet x. Fun fun. I look at her and ask for any sort of explanation. She says she is sorry. Great. I turn back around and face the boyfriend and say this must be your girlfriend and he says yes. I said she told me u had broken up. He said about 2 days ago. Nice. I told him she regretted to mention that.

At this point I wanted to smart off about how he must suck in bed, or your girl is a total ho – anything to make myself feel better but I knew that saying anything stupid might be a big mistake. So I looked at him and said I was just getting ready to leave and started walking out. I think they were hoping for a confrontation but I could tell that any sort of confrontation would not work out well for me. So I headed straight out of the club and headed for the Beach Club. I had my stamp already so I figured I could go right in without waiting in line and that the bozos would have to pay to get in. Once in I noticed they decided against getting into the Beach Club. Cheap bastards. To cheap to buy a ticket to come in and hassle me. Lucky me. At this point I was not really into anything. I felt stupid and confirmed that I was an idiot for wasting my night. I walked home, deflected all the advances from the ladyboys lurking in the shadows of the nice hotels and went to KFC to really wallow in my lameness.

KL sucks.

One thought on “Day 2 – Party Time – beware the boyfriend!”

  1. Funny. But you reacted well.

    Next time you are in KL, you may want to give Sa Vanh on Jalan Sultan Ismail (near Sheraton) a try. It’s a small restaurant/bar type of place, but the nights I was there it definitely had some talent on display. I was with someone in tow so I did not have a chance to make inquries, but the pretentiousness of the place led me to believe some affections can be obtained there by a nice matt saleh.

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