Still Dating a Virgin/ Holiday in Singapore by morefun

It is now Monday and I am spending the afternoon with my ‘virgin’. I was going to Singapore on Tuesday morning for holiday/ work (in that order). At her request we went swimming in my building’s pool. Afterwards I set her up in the shower when she asked ?Do you want to shower with me?” I said YES and we showered, cleaning each other. Since I have still not kissed her, and she is a virgin, we showered with our bathing suits on. After my past rejections with her the mood did not seem right to seal our first kiss, so I waited.

Later we fell asleep on the couch and I awoke to her kissing my upper
lip saying ?Will you teach me?” I looked at the clock and it was
already 11:30pm and I was supposed to meet friends at Bed at 11:00. I
told her I would, but I had to meet my friends out. I really still
don’t know how to handle that relationship and still have not kissed

So I went to Bed Supper Club, which was great and then went to some
late night places. As always happens in Bangkok one thing led to
another and I had to get on my flight without sleep.

Even though I was tired I want to explore Singapore and get myself
setup. I went walking around Orchard Road shopping district. Then I
purchased a sim card from Sing Tel for S8 (S 1= 23 Baht= 0.63USD).
They are great for international rates. You can call Thailand for 22
cents/minutes and can call the US for 20 cents/minute. Just dial 019
first to get the best rate. You can buy the card at any 7/11.

I had dinner at the Marriott street level restaurant on Orchard Road.
Good for people watching. I decided that it was best to stay in for
the night (In reality I went back to my room at 8:00pm and passed out
with my clothes on until 10:00am). That was ok, because Wednesday is
ladies night in Singapore. This means that ladies get free cover and
drink at most places.

I started off at the Clarke Quay River which I thought would be good
but was dead. Then I went to the Dbl O near by. It has a bar and a
club inside. It was S25 (one drink included) cover for men while women
have free drinks and no cover. There were a tremendous amount of
hot-nonworking Asian women. Not many farang men were there. I was
surprised when I ordered my second absolute and soda to find out that
the drinks were only S3. Really a good deal considering a 12oz Tiger
beer costs S4 at 7/11.

I stayed there for a couple drinks and I talked to some women (mostly
20?-25 y/o), but it seemed like more work than I wanted to put forth.
Next I went to Zouk, which encompasses 3 clubs. Same S25 cover and
deal for women. Drinks after that were about S8, still not bad. I
liked it better here, and still almost all Singaporean. I talked to
several women here and there were two 20 year old Singaporeans that
seemed like a lot of fun. They had to leave because they had school in
the morning, once again non-working girls. After being in Bangkok for
so long I forget that most women have normal jobs, school etc. I felt
like bar hopping and they told me to go to Insomnia.

Insomnia was much smaller than the other two clubs and the physical
space is nothing special, but is open until 5:00. They had a band
playing and when I got there and people were on the dance floor and
sitting at the tables. It was filled with hot Asian women and farang
men. Definitely a pickup place.

I really only planned to stay here for a little bit as I wanted to see
more of the Singapore scene. I talked/ danced with a pretty Filipino
girl. She said that she was ‘working’ in Singapore. So I was ready
for the next line of questions when she said that she was a sales
director at a company and handed me her card. It was a nice surprise,
but the downside was that she had to work at 7:00am and had to leave.

As soon as she left I noticed a beautiful Vietnamese lady (20 y/o)
dancing next to me. I got my start in Vietnam and I love the women
there. She was beautiful, tiny and sweet. She said she was here on
holiday and was leaving the next day. After a little bit she said she
liked me and I asked her to come back to my place. I really had
planned to bar hop more, but I didn’t want to pass her up.

We got back to my place and soon after began to kiss and undress. When
I took off her short skirt I noticed a huge scar on her left thigh.
After traveling through Asia I assumed correctly that it was from a
moto-bike accident. She told me how a car struck her and shattered her
leg. I felt bad for about ten seconds, and then we got back into it.

We started having sex and she was very enthusiastic. I tried at one
point to put her legs over her head, but she stopped me said ‘no’ and
pointed to the scar on her left thigh. Once again I felt bad, so from
that point on I kept her left leg stationary while I tried to put just
her right leg behind her head.

We had sex for a while, but being drunk with a condom I was having
trouble coming. So we switched to oral. She didn’t want me to come in
her mouth and I obliged by shooting a huge load on her face and neck.
She really wasn’t thrilled about that either, but was happy that I
came. I was already passed out by the time she had washed her face.

In the morning she had to leave at 9:30am. She didn’t ask me for
money, but I gave her S50 anyways. Unfortunately there was no morning
session which leaves me rearing to go for today/ tonight.

One thought on “Still Dating a Virgin/ Holiday in Singapore by morefun

  1. I know exactly how you feel!!!!! I came to Singapore for work but it were more of a holiday. I met a Vietnam girl one Saturday night at one night stand club at Clarke Quay River.(What a place). The problem in my situation is that I felt in love with this girl, I mean really!!! She is so small and beutiffull with a pair of legs to die for.

    I love Vietnam girls they are so perfect in each way, not like european women that is full of sh…. She is currently in Malaysia, but I will fly back to Singapore in two weeks and then we will fly together to Vietnam. Yes I am leaving my work, car, house for her. We are getting married in February 2008, what a life.

    Best of luck form

    Singapore lover

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