8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 1 of 3 by morefun

Ok, so I have to go to Hong Kong for business. I also had to do a visa run, but they don’t coordinate quite right. The fall out is that I will be there for eight days so that I can accomplish both. Hong Kong is a great place, but also a bit expensive. It was one of the first places I went to in Asia a year ago and I am excited to go back.

As with any trip I should discuss my last night in Bangkok and my state of mind going into Hong Kong. I had a lot to do in Bangkok before I left. One of the things I wanted to do before I left was Thai Barbeque (Mu Ga Tao). This is great. It is all you can eat BBQ that you grill at your table. You can have seafood, beef, pork anything really for about 80 Bhat. This is usually a three hour meal and this night was no exception. I tend to like my meat a little medium rare. Sometimes this is tough with Mu Ga Tao as it is dark outside and sometimes you cannot tell if the food is rare, medium or medium rare, but I still went for it anyways. The meal was three hours long and delicious.

After that I went to Big Mango Bar for some drinks then for after hours
I went to Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. I was supposed to go home early, but one
thing led to another and my friends showed no signs of going home. By
5:00 I had selected my girl for the night. She was a friend of friend
that I had met before. My one friend had already tried to pull off a
double team with his bar-girl girlfriend and a girl he had hooked up
with before. He thought he was on easy street because the two girls
had hooked up before. However, he still failed miserably. When he got
home he sent us a text that his girl was also on her period. What a

My other friend knew my girl and our group so he hung out for a while.
He was talking to a cutie he had been with a few times and was debating
on whether to go back for more. My girl is very seductive, sexy and
laden with assorted tattoos and will intimidate any other girl in the
group. She also scares me a little bit, but she is very sexy. She
reminds me of a praying mantis where she may eat the male as he
orgasms, but at that hour I thought I would give it a go.

We went back to my place and she didn’t disappoint. She had an amazing
body and was able to move it into the perfect positions. Even when she
was on bottom her ass would never hit the bed. When her clothes were
off there were even more tattoos, once again a little scary. She was
wild in bed and which was perfect because I was horny and leaving
Bangkok for three weeks. This was a very athletic session in bed and
as I came I almost collapsed on the bed. I went to shower and as I
came back to the room she was kneeling on the bed.

She greeted me by sucking my cock. This was indeed a good welcome.
After sucking my cock for a few minutes she spun around and put her ass
towards me for doggie style. I was still standing with her kneeling on
the bed. There was a big snake tattoo staring me in the face and I
could not resist. I fucked her for a while, then she went on top of
me. She was wild with her hair and body all over the place. I flipped
her around and started fucking her again. With the sun rising in the
background I came again. I then passed out into a lump on the bed. My
flight to Hong Kong was at 1:45pm.

At 11:50 and I was so relieved that I was still alive. I guess she was
not the praying mantis I thought. My elation quickly turned into a
panic when I realized I had less than two hours to get flight. This
was not good. I ran into the shower and finished packing. This was
the part I was not looking forward to. I had to wake up my scary girl
and I was not sure what her reaction would be. She asked if she could
stay. I thought about that for about half a second and then strongly
urged her to get out of bed. I made a mad rush for the taxi with no
thought of getting there on time. She responded pretty well to the
ordeal and even gave me the first taxi. I gave her an extra 1000 Baht
for abruptly waking her.

I thought I would miss my plane for sure. I got to the airport at
1:15. At that point I thought I would make the flight but would lose
my baggage. The flight was delayed and all was good.

I had booked at R/T flight on Air Emirates for 10K Baht. There was
also one on Dragon Air for 9.5k Baht. All of the other airlines were
over 20K Baht.

I slept the whole flight and got to Hong Kong feeling a little better.
You can get the train to Hong Kong. It is 100 HKD for one way and will
take you to Central Station. If you go to the money exchange counter
you can get a R/T for 150 HKD.

I got into Central station and then took a taxi to the Cosmopolitan
Hotel in Wan Chai (About $100 (Thurs-Sunday-$200(Monday-Wed) USD/ night
on hotels.com). The hotel was fine.

I was exhausted when I got there, but I walked around for a little bit
after I checked in. I got back to the hotel at 10:00pm and I was
really exhausted. I decided to sleep for a bit. I woke at midnight
feeling great and rearing to go. I did not have to do anything for
work until Monday so let the weekend reign!!!!!!!!!!!

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