8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2a of 3 by morefun

So I decided to start my night out in Lai Kwai Fong (LKF). It is the ‘trendy’ part of town. It encompasses several narrow streets that run up and down steep hills. There are tons of bars/ pubs/ lounges here and the drinking spills out into the streets. Tonight is ladies night and some of the bars have free drinks for the ladies.

The first place that I went was Club 1997. This is in small lounge with a small dance floor and some cool lounge chairs, at street level. It was already about 1:00 am and I was not sure what time the bar would close. I decided I would go in and make my mark immediately. While I was ordering I saw a little Chinese cutie on the other side of the bar. She was with a friend and they did not look like working girls. I went over to them and starting talking to my girl. Her English was pretty good and she said she was a waitress at an Australian restaurant. Her friend was cute, but didn’t speak much English. I thought everyone in HK spoke English, but I guess not. They were drinking free Cosmos, which was good for me.

I talked to my girl for a while. She started holding my hand and
rubbing my back. I thought this was great. After a little while longer
we started kissing on the cheek and then started a full out ‘make out’
session broke out. I went to the bathroom and when I came back she was
holding my hand again. Then she took my hand and put it on her friends’
back. I was surprised by this and I didn’t do anything. A couple of
minutes later she did it again. I really took notice now and I could
not help to think about a double team. Just after that my girl went to
the bathroom. This seemed like a green light.

I tried to talk to the other girl, but she really spoke no English.
Then a hip-hop song came on and her ass started to grind into my
crotch. I took this as a good thing. I started to dance with her and
she started to grind on me. I kissed her head and then my girl came
back. She once again held my hand and put it on her friends back.
Yes!!! I’m in. She turned to talk to someone that was talking to her. I
once again pecked the second girl on the head.

Then, without notice, my girl grabbed the second girl and they stormed
out the door! I was a little shocked and I thought they went out to
talk. I waited a minute and then went outside. They were no where to be
seen. I was pissed off and went back in to finish my drink. I don’t
know how or if I misread the situation. Maybe I have been in Bangkok
for too long, but I thought that I was on track for a double team. I
was really pissed and frustrated. It was about 3:00am at this point and
I had invested a lot of time into those girls.

I left that bar and hit several other LKF bars. My effort was the
equivalent of Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, when he was trying to
crash weddings by himself. It was really pathetic. (I did find a place
called Insomnia with some working girls, but I was really pissy and
didn’t care to put in any effort).

I was still pissed off when I saw an all night Gyro place called
Ebenizers in LKF. I ordered a gyro and sat on the street corner. It was
really good and then I realized I had to get it back together, I was in
Hong Kong. It’s time to ?Lock it Up” (Wedding Crashers). I jumped in a
cab, gyro in hand and asked the cabbie to take me to the best place in
Wan Chai (Red Light District). He took me to Fenwick on Lockhart Road.

Just before I got out I dripped a huge amount of sauce on my shirt and
I guess I also had my money out at the time. When I passed over my
money it was covered in gyro sauce. The cabbie was pissed so I took the
money and rubbed the sauce off on my jeans.

So, now I have gyro sauce
on my shirt, pants, and I am piss drunk going into Fenwick.
I went into Fenwick and there many below average Filipino women and I
was not overly impressed. I went to the side and had to beat off the
uglies left and right. I spotted a cutie Thai girl and told her to come
over. She had been talking to an old ugly guy and did not want to talk
to me. She got right to business and said it would be 2000 HKD (250
USD) for short time. I told her ‘to get out here’ and she said she
always gets that much. She had been talking to the mamasan and some
other Thai ladies. I went over and talked to them. I know some Thai,
but I know the game even better. As I was having a good time talking to
them my girl came back and said she would go with me for 1200 HKD. Once
again I said no and she stormed off. Then she came back and said 1000
HKD. I said 500 HKD, then 700 HKD. The mamasan nodded her head and we
were off.

She was a pretty girl about 5’ and very thin and sexy and definitely a
working girl through and through.

We got back to my place and I took some photos. Then I took some naked
photos. Then I asked her if I could video tape her. She, very
indignantly said ‘No’, then said ‘how much’. Once again we negotiated.
The great thing is that I have this on video and she is naked while we
are negotiating. We settled on 700 HKD for sex and 500 HKD for the
video, maybe too much but who is counting.

Ok, so with the sex and amateur video begins. (BTW I bought a Nikon 6
mega pixel camera at MBK 4th floor for 10K Bhat). She started by
sucking my cock like a champion. After that I started fucking her while
I was on top. At that point my camera shut off. I guess this is what I
mean by amateur. I only had a 250 MB card in the camera. So, I stopped
having sex to transfer the video to my computer to free up space. While
I was doing this she started blowing me again. I was only able to film
for 12 minutes. However it took about 10 minutes to transfer the video.

Ok, so we finished transferring the video. I had been fucking her
doggie style while it was transferring and I continued to do this. I
knew I had about 12 minutes of working time. After 7 minutes the camera
shut off again. Now the battery died, ?Oh, come on!!”
Ok, I was able to mount it in the charger while it was filming. I also
took the time to download the last movie. Now back to the action.

She wanted to do 69, and I obliged. I was going down on her for a while
and she said she was going to come. Next thing I know she is squirting
all over me! I have been with a few girls who have done this, but not
on my face and not to this extent. She was very happy and thanked me.
With all things being equal I could have done without that, but in the
line of fire things happen.

I quickly shook that off because my camera had once again stopped
filming! I transferred my movie again and continued to have sex while
that was going on. At this point she really wanted me to come. When the
video was transferred I started filming again. I had already came twice
that morning with my scary Bangkok girl and I was very drunk, but I
said I would give it a try.

She went to the bathroom and cam back with lotion on her chest, and
hands. It was a ridiculous site and I guess a sign it was time to come.
She wanted to jerk me off and come on her chest. She started doing that
and it quickly led to a blowjob. I forgot to tell her that I was going
to come. I came in her mouth, then she pulled away, and I finished on
her chin and chest. She was mad for a second, but I reminded her that
she just came on me and all was forgiven. (FYI, if you are going to do
this invest in the 1 GB card and plug in the camera while you are
filming. My efforts were purely amateur).

I paid her and she called her friends. They were at a late-late night
place called The Bridge in Wan Chai. She asked if I wanted to go and I

This is a great place that is happening from 6am- 11am everyday. Her
friend was fun and we hung out for a while. The three of us went back
to my place and hung out. After a while my girl #1 wanted to go home to
go to sleep. Girl #2 and I still had some energy.

After #1 left, #2 danced for a while and I took more photos. She would
not let me take photos without clothes and I didn’t feel like paying
again. After about an hour we started kissing and the sex soon
followed. It was wild fucking. I was pretty drunk and I don’t have a
video to reflect on, so the details are a bit hazy. Anyways we fucked
for a long time and I could not come. She sucked me and was great, but
still I could not come. After a while we passed out and woke to #1

We fucked again and still I could not come. #1 came back over
and wanted to get something to eat. She was not happy #2 was still
there and gave me the cold shoulder, but I really didn’t care. They
wanted to get something to eat, but I felt horrible…

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  1. Took you a while to comment on this thread willem. The Mango BG investigation team is pretty busy at the moment – but a B20,000 retainer might get things moving.

    • Lomeo… your investigative skills are none too hot at the moment… or should I call you Poirot? 😉

      Willem – You have more chance of finding a signed copy of the Bible than finding a girl called Bing who once worked in Wanchi ‘area’!

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