Singapore Part 2 / Party Time by morefun

The next day I was hurting, but I wanted to see Singapore. I went to Sentosa Island which is where they are going to put the second casino in Singapore. The first one will go on the east coast near the water. In Sentosa there is a beach called Siloso that is pretty good if you are in the mood for a beach. It is clean, but much more family oriented, nothing like Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui.

I took the mass transit back to the hotel. As a side note the mass transit system is very easy to use and affordable. The taxis drivers are also reasonable and honest.

After that I setup my game plan for the night. Everyone told me that
Thursday was a terrible night to go out, in Singapore, but I was not
deterred. I started off at Brix which is the basement of the Grand
Hyatt. It is supposed to be filled with women and all of the books
said it was good. However, on Thursday night there were about five
people there. The cover is S25, but they let me take a look before I
paid. Looked nice, but Thursday is not the night to go so I left
without having a drink. I hear that Wednesday and Friday are great,
filled with normal Singaporean women and some working girls. But,
definitely a good place to hook up.

After that I went to the Bar None in the basement of the Marriott.
This was the same result, but this time they rejected the girl in front
of me because they suspected she was a working girl. I took a look in
and it was also dead. This is on Orchard Road next to the Grand
Hyatt. Grand Hyatt is a better selection than the Marriot on Wednesday
and Friday and I would go there if you are looking for a ‘higher’
class, slightly older scene (The women are still young though, which
is nice).

At this point I thought ?I’m not going to re-invent the wheel”, so it’s
off to the Four Floors of Whores!! Yes, it is actually referred to as
this by everyone. This is in a shopping mall in Orchard Towers on
Orchard Road. There actually four floors of bars filled with gogo’s,
beer bars, pool bars and anything else you could ask for. I think that
Thursday is the perfect night to go here as most other places are
dead. I checked out a lot of the beer bars and gogo’s to mixed
results. Some were empty and some there is high pressure to by lady
drinks. This is usually not a problem in Bangkok as the drinks are
inexpensive, but are expensive in Singapore. I would try to avoid
paying a cover charge before you take a peek. There are many bars –
too many to mention. The one I liked the most was called Impanema on
the second floor.

Impanema is probably the largest bar there. They have a band playing
and it was filled when many places were empty. It is also packed with
women and free lance women, packed. They come from Thailand, Vietnam,
Philippines and probably many more. It has a good vibe without
pressure. I was making my first lap when I saw this gorgeous
Vietnamese girl. She had big breasts, blond hair and a tight orange
dress. I almost dropped my drink as I walked past her. I went to the
bar and she followed me soon after. She told me she really liked me,
and then gently grabbed my cock.

I knew I was dealing with a different type of girl from the previous
night. I asked her what she did and she said that lived with her mom,
in Vietnam, and helped her clean the house. She was 20 years old, and
I could picture her on her knees, but not cleaning. I asked her what
she did for money and said that she travels to Hong Kong and Singapore
to work for a couple of weeks, then went back home.

We got right to business she said she wanted to go home to fuck me. I
asked how much and she said S200 for short time. Once again I almost
dropped my drink. This is about USD120 or B4700. I told her it was
much higher than Thailand, and she explained that her overhead was
higher in Singapore. It all made sense. She took one step back and
said ?Don’t you think I’m worth it?” I told her it was still too much
and after our negotiations she went down to S150. (Just like all
things this is still a business deal and there is no harm in
negotiating) I was still hesitant, but she was so fucking hot that I
had to go for it.

I took her back and she did not disappoint. She had huge beautiful
fake breasts, no fat, completely shaved and a great mouth which she
wrapped around my cock. She sucked my cock for a while and I was
trying not to come. After a while I pulled away from her so I could
collect myself.

She ripped off the rest of her clothes, jumped on the bed with her ass
in the air and a tattoo of a snake on her left ass cheek. She was so
fucking hot! This also gave me time to collect myself and put on a
condom. Putting on the condom was great so that I could fuck her for a
while and really enjoy the experience.

I fucked her doggie style and then flipped her around and fuck her some
more. At this point I pulled and said ?I don’t know if I can come.”
She then pulled off my condom and rubbed my cock over her whole face
before blowing me. I was dying. She sucked my cock for about 5
seconds, pulled it out and said ?I want you to come in my mouth”.

I was out of my mind at this point. I lasted about ten more seconds
and then shot a huge load, all in her mouth. She swallowed it all like
a champ and then stared at me. I looked down on her spread eagle,
completely spent.

When I woke up, for my meetings, I kept thinking about her. I wished I
could have had a morning session with her as I was going out of my mind
all day at my meetings.

Friday night is a good night to go out. I started off at a pub/bar
section of Orchard Road called Emerald Hill. This is good for the
Happy Hour crowd. There are about 10 bars here where you can get bar
food and beer in a relaxed atmosphere. I went to Ice Cold Beer, and
there are many similar bars/pubs here.

After this it was time for the clubs again. I went back to Clarke
Quay. Everybody told me it would be good on Fridays, and it was.
There are tons of places here ranging from beer bars to huge clubs like
Ministry of Sound. I would say there are 100 bars/clubs in this area.
There are many maps to help you find your place. I went to Attica/
Attica Too. This is a hip/sleek club with a normal section and a VIP
section. It costs a little more to get into the VIP section, but it is
worth it. The first floor is pretty mellow and the VIP section on the
second floor is very cool with a great dance floor. It doesn’t really
get going until after midnight, and I wouldn’t go there before then.

There were more farang here than at the other clubs on Wednesday, but
it was still predominantly Singaporean. There were no working girls to
speak of. I had to be up early and it seemed like too much work to
hook up, so I called it a night. It was a good place to hang/dance and
you can definitely hook up with a normal sing girl if you put in some
effort, but a phone number is more reasonable.

I had to work all day Saturday. I met my friends out in The Chymes
after dinner. This is outdoor bar/shopping district with some bars
inside. This is pretty relaxed and not as crazy as Clarke Quay. We
drank outside at the Irish Bar on the ground floor within the complex.
I don’t remember the name, but you can ask (Something like Murphy’s).
This was relaxed and good for a primer, but I wouldn’t base my night on
it. This is the complex where Insomnia (Wednesday) is. I didn’t
realize it until my friend told me. I guess I was pretty drunk on
Wednesday. We took a peek into Insomnia and it was dead. I guess that
it gets going later.

After drinks we went to Ministry of Sound, in Clarke Quay. This is a
monster club with four sections. It has hip/hop, house, pop and
retro. We stayed in the House section and the music was awesome.
Really a cool place if you like the big clubs. There were many hot
Singaporean women and very little farang. I tried to pick up and I
struck out brutally. But I went down swinging! At 4:00 I left with
every intention of going back to Insomia. We passed my hotel on the
way home and I realized I was incredibly drunk and called it a night.

When you leave Bangkok you remember how much you miss it. I had
already setup my welcome home festivities with the ladies back home and
I wanted to be in prime condition for my return………………..

Here are my evaluations list of Bar/Clubs etc.

Try to pickup a copy of :
I-S Magazine and Where (Singapore) when you arrive
Orchard Road is a good area to stay

Wednesday- Ladies night- you can’t miss this night

Grand Hyatt- Brix (basement)
10-12 Scott road just off Orchard Road
Many asian women some working many not working that like farang men
Good on Wednesday or Friday avoid on Thursday
Good place to pickup

Marriott- Bar None (basement)
320 Orchard Road
Dinner at street level is good
Bar in Basement. Similar to Grand Hyatt and right next door. I would go to the Hyatt instead if possible

Double O-
01-24 Robinson/ Walk Near Clark Quay
Bar/ lounge downstairs with a club upstairs
Cheap drinks (really cheap)
Younger crowd, but ok not great- open late

17 Jiak Kim Street
This a major complex and a lot of fun.
There are three clubs in here.
Mostly Singaporean and very beautiful- open late

Ice Cold Beer
Emerald Hill off of Orchard Road
Good bar scene. There are about ten bars/ pubs here and it is good to start off the night in relaxed pub atmosphere.
Not glamorous, but fun.

Ministry of Sound
Clarke Quay- Block C
Major club with UK DJ’s and many types of music
Fun and good music
Mostly Singaporean

Attica and Attica Too
Clarke Quay
Multi level club
Gets good after midnight, fun place to hang out or dance
Pay extra for the VIP section called Attica Too- Its worth it

In the Chymes
Small bar with a band
Lots of Singaporean women, that want to hook up with farang men. Some working, some not
Open until 5:00. Great on Wednesday, try to later on the other nights, avoid on Thursday

Orchard Towers
400 Orchard Road
The Four Floors of Whores
Just what it sounds like
I liked Impanema the best for lots of women, with a band and good atmosphere.

Fun, relaxed, outdoor/inddor bar/restaurant complex
Many places to drink outside.
Try the Irish bar on the Ground Flood
Insomia is in this complex which is good on Wednesday (early or late) or Friday (later)

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