8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 3 of 3 by morefun

It was now 10:00pm on Tuesday night. I had worked all day and still had not eaten besides soup. I did not have to work until Thursday, but I was exhausted, drained and decided to go to sleep. I passed out immediately only to be woken 30 minutes later by the hotel staff delivering a fax I. After he left I tried to go back to sleep. However another perk of living in Asia returned: insomnia.

I decided to turn on the TV only to find out there was a COUP happening in THAILAND!! I was shocked and I called my friends watching the news intently. It was fascinating, but I tried to sleep again, to no avail. Every couple of hours I would sleep for a few minutes, then wake up.

Now it was 7:45 am. I opened up the shades and it was a beautiful Hong Kong Day. People were swimming, in the pool, jogging and really enjoying the day. Since I was up I thought I should do something, but what to do………..

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8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2b of 3 by morefun

As soon as they left I ran to the bathroom to take a shit. It was pure squirt and I immediately thought about the semi-raw BBQ I had several days earlier. Now it is Friday night and my friend called me to go to dinner in Wan Chai. I was excited to go out, but I had to hit the toilet a couple times before I left. Before we headed out for dinner I went to the toilet a couple of times to pure liquid squirts. I felt horrible and I barely touched my food. I hit the toilet again before we left the restaurant.

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