8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2b of 3 by morefun

As soon as they left I ran to the bathroom to take a shit. It was pure squirt and I immediately thought about the semi-raw BBQ I had several days earlier. Now it is Friday night and my friend called me to go to dinner in Wan Chai. I was excited to go out, but I had to hit the toilet a couple times before I left. Before we headed out for dinner I went to the toilet a couple of times to pure liquid squirts. I felt horrible and I barely touched my food. I hit the toilet again before we left the restaurant.

On our way to the first bar my friend pointed out Fenwick. I knew the
name of the place as I was there last night. I was really drunk and
when I was there the night before I did not realize that I was there
last year while I was in Hong Kong. My experience at that point was
much better. Here is the side bar from last year: When I was there
last year I had just gotten to Asia. I went in on a Tuesday early
night. I saw this Filipina cutie and her ugly friend. They wanted me
to buy them a drink and I did. They both ordered a
tequila-rock-n-roll. It was a shot of tequila with a side car. My
girl hated the shot and their drinks were $15 USD each!! After a bit
they asked for another, and I said yes. This time the ugly girl did
her shot and then tapped my shoulder. I turned, but I saw the waitress
take the pretty girls shot and replace it with an empty shot glass. I
called them on it, but they denied it. I was pissed and I paid my
bill. $60 USD ladies drinks and $10 USD for the two beers I had. What
a waste and I vowed never to go back. I guess I did go back, much more
experienced and had a good time. You really do have to be careful

We went out to Wan Chai pub- Dusk Till Dawn- all farang men and women-
(2 trips to the toilet), then went to a LKF pub Bar George- farang men
and working girls- (2 more trips to toilet). We then went to a club in
LKF (upstairs, good). I don’t remember the name because I felt
horrible. Every 20 minutes I was in the crapper with pure liquid
shits. I made it out until 3am but I felt horrible the whole time and
didn’t talk to any women.

When I got home I was writhing in pain. I tried to sleep, but I
literally was up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom. My girls from
the night before were calling, but I thought I might die. I was
hurting all day, every 20 minutes I was in the shitter. By 9:00 pm I
thought I should go to the pharmacy to get Ciprofloxacin (good for
stomach bacterial infections) before they closed. I was dying, but I
made the trip. I went to a Western Pharmacy, but you need a script.
So I was off to a good old Chinese pharmacy. They will give you
anything. I got Ciprofloxacin, an anti-diarrhea and some Tylenol.

I limped back to the hotel, and still had not eaten that day. I wanted
to be up for Sunday afternoon. There is a bar in Wan Chai called
Laguna that caters to all of the housemaids that go there on their day
off to get fucked. It sounds perfect, it was supposed to be a great
day, and I am always looking for the perfect Sunday party. I tried to
sleep, but was up all night in the bathroom.

I didn’t sleep at all and in the morning I didn’t think I could go to
Laguna. However, at noon I thought I might get something to eat. I
made it to the lobby and my stomach was killing me. I had to run back
up to the room. I was so depressed and in pain.

As I was writhing in pain I reflected on my life. I had been sick
three times in Asia. Once when I get bit by a mosquito and was
infected by Dengue Virus. I was so sick that I checked myself into
Bumrungrad Hospital (great hospital on Sumkovit Soi 3). The second
time was another food issue in which I felt horrible, and this time.
Each time is worse than any illness I have had back home. I started to
think maybe I should move back home, maybe I am not equipped to be
here. At this point the vomiting started. Luckily there was nothing
in my stomach and I just dry heaved for the next few hours.

I cancelled my appointments for Monday and combined them with my
Tuesday load. I felt a little better on Monday and started to eat
again. On Tuesday I felt better. I was taking the Ciprofloxacin 2x
day and the anti diarrhea 4x day. I had a full day of work on Tuesday
and actually managed to eat a bowl of soup. By 10:00pm on Tuesday I
decided to go to bed. I had not had alcohol for 4 days and had barely
eaten. I had two days left in Hong Kong and at this point I just
wanted to collapse.

Hopefully my mood will improve for my last two days….stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2b of 3 by morefun

  1. Mate, I thoroughly sympathise with your bowel troubles. Once upon a time, my aunt took me on a holiday to Kota Kinabalu. Stayed at the resort there, and ventured out to eat seafood at night. Made the big mistake of eating razor clams (ONLY TO BE EATEN AT GOOD REPUTABLE INSTITUTIONS) and frogs legs. That night, the following day and the day after was like reading straight from your passage, sans les sex.

    The article is a delight. I simply cannot believe that I live in Hong Kong and am missing out on so much debaucherie. Tis not right.

    One point though, I dont think I could ever bring myself to do a DH, no racism intended, just a stigmatism that I cant really shake off. Laguna a definite no no for me then.

  2. Yes – my friends and I voted to add it to the list for the new wonders of the world sites. At the very least it should be a local heritage site.

    Laguna is the bomb!

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