8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 3 of 3 by morefun

It was now 10:00pm on Tuesday night. I had worked all day and still had not eaten besides soup. I did not have to work until Thursday, but I was exhausted, drained and decided to go to sleep. I passed out immediately only to be woken 30 minutes later by the hotel staff delivering a fax I. After he left I tried to go back to sleep. However another perk of living in Asia returned: insomnia.

I decided to turn on the TV only to find out there was a COUP happening in THAILAND!! I was shocked and I called my friends watching the news intently. It was fascinating, but I tried to sleep again, to no avail. Every couple of hours I would sleep for a few minutes, then wake up.

Now it was 7:45 am. I opened up the shades and it was a beautiful Hong Kong Day. People were swimming, in the pool, jogging and really enjoying the day. Since I was up I thought I should do something, but what to do………..

So, I decided to goto THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!! And catch the final hours of
actions. I literally raised my hands and said ?I’m back, you sand
bagging son of a bitch (Wedding Crashers)”. It really was a beautiful
day so I took the 20 minute walk there. Thought about eating, but

I walked in ordered a beer then my girl #2 came running up to me. What
a good feeling. I downed the beer. She was hanging out with a couple
of girls and one hot Thai girl from the southern provinces. I had
another beer, and then without notice I leaned into the corner and
PROJECTILE VOMITED! Nobody really seemed to care, as it was all beer.
My girl #2 nursed me back to heath, and then got me another beer.
There was no stopping me at this point!! I was back!!

By 11:00 it was time to go. My girl #2 wanted to come home with me,
but I told her I would not pay a second time. She said she just wanted
to hang out. She brought another friend and I thought the double team
was on. When we got back the other girl found out that I had been with
girl #1 first, and was uncomfortable (stealing a guy I guess). She was
also mad at #2 for ‘taking’ me from #1. Who knows, she left and I
really didn’t care about her anyways.

When she left I was hanging out with #2. She wanted to have sex and I
told her I wouldn’t pay, and she was ok with that. We had sex, and all
that yada yada yada, you know how it goes by now. However I couldn’t
come. I guess my body stopped making semen at the thought I might die
of food poisoning. PROBABLY SAVED MY LIFE….

After a few hours she had to take a train to Shenzhen to for a visa
run. I really didn’t want her to go as I was drunk and didn’t know
what to do with the rest of my day. She felt bad and offered to call
#1 again. I passed. Then she offered to call the cutie from Southern
Thailand and I said ?ABSOLUTELY!!”. She called her got her to come
over, we will now call her #3. My #2 said she was acting as a momasan
now and she also had to go shopping in Shenzhen. I really did
appreciate the effort to get #3 over, as she was hot, and so I gave her
400 HKD for her efforts and felt good doing it. What the hell I was
back from the dead and on vacation.

#3 came over and I got hard immediately. She was gorgeous and sweet.
We talked for a bit and had some drinks. She was thin, but had large
real breasts and looked like Thai, Malaysian blend (not Isan). We had
awesome, Olympic style sex, all over the room, but still I could not
come. We took a break for awhile as I thought I was going to die
again…cold sweats, the whole nine yards. We started having sex again
and I was determined to come. So I just pounded away for a few and
finally came. What I relief, now I was fully back!!!

After that we went out for Thai food, (Small shop cross from Joe Banana
in Wan Chai) did I mention she was sweet? Then we hit the Wan Chai
bars. It was Wednesday and ladies night again. Good for me. We were
having a great time and met up with her friends at Neptune. She asked
me if I wanted to spend the night with her and I said ‘yes’. But, I
said that we already had sex and I wouldn’t pay again, but I would love
to hang out with her. She said ‘Yeah, well just hang out that would be
cool, I’d like that’.

So I turned my back to get another beer. When I came, my #3 was gone.
I guess business is business. Oh well back to the game. We drank at
Neptune for a while and then went back to THE BRIDGE. I love that
place (but it is only good late night).

By this time I was hanging out with #1, #2 and #3 had come back on the
scene. It was really nice. #2 and #3 wanted me to hang out with #1,
out of respect, so I did. However, every time a guy would talk to them
they would say they were with me and come back over. It was a great
scene. I saw a documentary on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC where this one male
monkey had 8 females, one alpha, and he constantly had to fend off
other monkeys. It kinda felt like that… or maybe it was the alcohol
and food poisoning.

It was late, I was bombed and it was time to go home. I didn’t want to
go home alone, so #1 and #3 came home with me. Now here comes the
double team. However, we were all exhausted and I had to work for a
bit the next day. We all passed out without even a kiss.

When I woke it was decision time. Do I wake them up and kick them out,
or let them stay. I locked everything important in the safe and
decided to let them. DO NOT EVER DO THIS!!!! They were so sweet, but
it was a bad decision.

After my meetings I called my friend and told him of my decision to let
them stay. I asked if he could send me new clothes if necessary. When
I got back to the hotel my heart was beating. I opened the door
looked around the corner and saw my two Thai girls sound asleep. What
a relief. I joined them in bed and slept for awhile.

When we woke we talked for a while. #1 was very aggressive and wanted
to have sex again (for money), but I wasn’t really into it and liked #3
better anyways. So #1 offered a double team. #3 wasn’t into it and #1
mocked her for being a shy working girl – interesting interaction. I
was actually into the double team, but pretended I was not to get a
better rate.

We dropped it for a while then #1 brought it back up again. She said
1500 HKD total for both. I laughed and said I had already been with
both. My position was that they were already there and would not have
to spend money or energy to find a new guy. We went back and forth and
settled on 1000 HKD (120 USD-total). I was fine with that as I really
wanted #3 and the double team.

The rules were that I had to CHANGE CONDOMS in between girls. Then #1
wispered that I had to fuck her first. She was so pushy, but
whatever. I can’t believe a phrase like that would bother me, but I
guess I have been in Asia for a long time now.

We started up with both of them giving me oral. What a great feeling
and great view (I took some pre-photos, but none during. #3 was
vehemently opposed to it and I didn’t have the energy to get into a
bidding war.)

So then, as requested, I fucked #1 first while playing with #3’s
pussy. I did several positions with #1 and then switched to #3. She
was not as good as the other night and said she was not comfortable
with #1 there. So, #1 went to the bathroom, who can understand all of
this, but I was happy to be with #3. We started fucking OLYMPIC STYLE
again, but I still could not come.

#1 came back in the room and said it was her turn again. Now #3 stayed
for a while then went to the bathroom also. We fucked for a while, but
still could not come. I then knocked on the door and summoned #3. She
came out and #1 went to the bathroom. What an ordeal. We fucked for a
while, but I still couldn’t come and it was enough already. I decided
to get the lotion, so I could take off the condom and squeeze one out
on her face or chest or anywhere… it really didn’t matter that point.

I knocked on the bathroom door and got the lotion. #1 had been through
this the other day. I went back and started stroking myself on #3 and
she would suck on my cock periodically. I heard the door open and #1
came back out.

She said ?I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED.” She started licking my balls, while I
was stroking and #3 was sucking my cock. She right that was what I
needed. I started to come on #3’s face and then I saw #1 move up to
get into the mix. I had just enough left to shift over and spray on
her chest and chin. What a great experience. I was exhausted and
completely satisfied.

It was a roller coaster ride but the low lows made everything sweeter
in the end. What an amazing 8 days in Hong Kong. I would recommend it
to anyone.

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