Patpong – The good, the bad and the oh so ugly….

Not much I can do about it. I am in the Silom area all the time now so that means I am close to Patpong. If I want to grab a quick drink in between berating a contractor or a building manager, I usually run over to the Patpong area. It is close and for some reason I have been enjoying peeling back the covers a bit. I don’t like everything I see but sometimes it just feels different.

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Beware the Pattaya Mafia…

Catchy headline but will explain it in a minute. Needed to run down to Pattaya for business  – yes seriously. I know it sounds suspect but the great thing about being in the naughty nightlife business is one has to meet people who cater to the NNB. Woe is me. Anyway. We had a meeting, turned out to be a lame meeting – I will discuss this point in another post but as a reminder: if u are farang doing business in Thailand – please take your customers seriously or your potential customers seriously even if u don’t take yourself seriously. Meeting over we decided to check out a few joints before returning back to the big city. Without hotel rooms and a taxi lined up for the return journey we decided to just stay out and party with plans to return home just in time to get back to work. Painful but fun.

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