The Altruistic Approach

I know people who live here in Bangkok who’ve never paid a bar-fine. They can’t comprehend why anyone would ever even want to. They’d far prefer to either hook up with a freelancer or try the more old-fashioned technique of pulling a “good girl” from a disco down at Ratchada, RCA or wherever. Or from the internet. Or on the skytrain. Or in a 7-11. Or from a coffee stand. I love this city.

I also love the gogo bars. This confuses some people. Gogo girls will generally want a little more cash than freelancers. Many see this as an unnecessary expense, when “street meat” can be acquired from The Miracle Mile for as little as ฿1000 all night. I see it as an investment.

Today’s the 4th day of 2007. On the evening of the 1st, a gogo girl of my acquaintance called me from her bar on Soi Cowboy asking if I would be visiting her bar that night. I told her I hadn’t planned to. No problem, she said, and paid her own barfine before coming over and staying long enough to get her wages docked for turning up late the following night. Total cost: ฿100 taxi money, which I practically had to force her to accept. Why? Because the first time I met her, I bought her a few lady-drinks and paid her what I thought she deserved. I’ve seen her maybe a dozen times since, and she’s refused to take my money almost every time.

On the night of the 2nd, a mere hour or so after my Cowboy girl left, I was on Sukhumvit soi 4 on my way to sample the Guinness at the new Irish bar, Hanrahan’s – incidentally, it’s very good. I literally bumped into a Nana Plaza gogo girl who I’d been with a few times before as she was buying a t-shirt from a street stall. I offered to pay for the t-shirt. A few hours later she was in my bed, making my toes curl. She left the following evening, refusing to take a single baht, and thanking me again for the t-shirt.

So yeah, as a one-off price, gogo girls are that little bit more expensive. But they’re often orders of magnitude more attractive than the easily available alternatives, and a one-off gesture can lead to weeks or months of frankly astonishingly good value. “Today free, you jai dee”, they tell me. Who am I to argue with them?

Last night I gave my aching body the night off. Tonight I might hit Patpong. Happy new year everybody.

5 thoughts on “The Altruistic Approach

  1. Me, I tip LAVISHLY. BEFORE any, uh, intimate body parts are conjoined. I THROW folding money EVERYWHERE. Then I TUCK my CREDIT CARD into the hopefully MOIST butt cleft of my pert oriental sheet-companion. Then I bail her second cousin out of jail and give mouth to mouth to her SICK BUFFALO. That way, she’s still CHEWING MY CHUNK at the airport and has to be PRISED off by security staff and LIVES IN THE AIRPORT TOILET until I return.

    (Never post while drunk; I know, I know …)

  2. In my experience it is not that difficult to entice the likes of service staff, bank tellers, shop assistants, etc. It takes a couple of dates and knick-knacks but they mollify very fast afterwards (curious if this is a Bangkok-only phenomenon, the provinces may be different); I almost missed a flight because of a cellphone salesgirl once 🙂 . However, it is reassuring to know that when the urge strikes on a day of drought, treasure troves are always a short walk and a fistful of baht away.

  3. In anticipation of my BKK sojourn, I’ve started taking Cialis pre-emptively, doubling the dose each day until I have to check my hard-on in the same line as all the ethnically diverse passengers with their wall-size plasma-screen TVs and car tires.

    (See? You just don’t get this comment quality at MangoSauce. This is premium material, and I’m GIVING it away, you fuckers!)

  4. Pants: Egads man! Pre-emptive Cialis?

    Don’t know if I’d risk major wood that with all the new security updates in play here. All this booga-booga keeps the punter numbers down though. Miracle Mile stroll is do-able now at all hours. Beer Lao on offer everywhere. Friendlies.

    Khun BBB has a mission. His views, like David’s, are uncluttered by commercial conflict and I find his advice is useful and time-saving. I’d like to read more posters from focussed visitors but BBBs off to a good start here with this start-up core.

    Does comment quality dampen readership numbers?

    Does brevity signify anything other than brevity? Is it immoral to use more than one screen name when introducing oneself to a new forum?

    Should we have a tag day for young CS? Naaaaw.

    Although I appreciate David’s forebearance in matters political, it’s safer in here, that’s for sure. His content reads well, to boot. Nice even diction.

    There is a sense of mission n’est-ce pas?

    BBB’s somewhat more defined focus has afforded us penetrating insights into the fun here. The information is spot-on and current. And he doesn’t seem to have an angle other than the one stated in his terms of reference.

    Mango Sauce as well.

    If your taste in ladies runs to mid to late athletically built funsters there seems to have been a recent migration of gals to Bangkok from Thailand’s vibrant mor lam sing industry to the bigger bars.

    Beach volleyball types. No tattoos.

    And a deal’s a deal.

    The Sons of Heaven can keep their ersatz “compensated dating” lookalikes. I’ll take my chances in the ring with the center of the women’s chair-ball team.


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