Turning Japanese

Japanese cash You just can’t seem to get away from it any more. From the gogo girls of Bangkok’s various fleshpots to the coyote girls of Ratchada, they spurn us. Wherever cute, pouting ladies of negotiable affection are to be found, hordes of Japanese punters seem to descend sooner or later, over-paying and over-tipping to the point where the girls seem to have no interest in we lowly farangs – regardless of how much we’ve got in our pants. I mean, wallets.

Okay, it’s not quite an emergency situation yet – plenty to go around, and all that – but it’s interesting to look at how this happens. Most Thai girls I’ve spoken to have no particular interest in Japanese men – I suspect the ideal situation for most of them would be to have a regular Thai boyfriend with a farang sponsor in the background, but how many of them are candid enough to admit it? Still, the lure of five thousand baht for short-time converts just enough of the cuties to vex even the most patient of us.

I’ve got a few Japanese friends, who I’ve had some good laughs about this whole situation with. I gather that it’s largely the Japanese working ex-pats who want to flaunt their wealth who set the ludicrously high prices. Incidentally, they’ve ruined the scene here for regular Japanese tourists, who now have to pay the same prices – as do any other Asian-looking guys who the girls suspect of hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun. Americans/Europeans of Asian descent just confuse the hell out of them.

Nevertheless, the time has come for we paleskins to make a stand! Gentlemen, a revolution awaits! Tonight, we storm Soi Thaniya and pay ten thousand baht short-time! That’ll show ’em, huh?

Who’s with me? Anyone? Hello?

10 thoughts on “Turning Japanese

  1. Dave the rave says Japs have three inch thing lasts three minutes and pays three thousand bahts thats why thai girls prefer them. Not right! just see the porn movie featuring the thai star Nong Nat—- first a caucasian screw her…just normal….then a Jap starts pounding her like the piston of a 500 cc Yamaha bike….you need to see to believe what happens to her.I also happen to meet one Russian hooker whose experience of a Jap customer leaves her a battered pussy and a rest for a week.Its not the size, but the hardness and the pounding power of the Japs that the hookers like about the Japs… no wonder the whole world prefer Japanese machines.

  2. There are bars where the girls prefer Japanese customers, sure, but there are also bars where they do not. I’ve talked to bar girls who ‘no like Japanese’ and girls who just won’t go with them full stop (although I haven’t found one who will say no to drinks). The girls gravitate to where their preferred customers are, and vice versa, so a Caucasian wanders in somewhere with a high proportion of Japanese, black, middle eastern or female customers they aren’t likely to get lucky. Which is great if you want a hassle free perv 🙂

    I think language has a little to do with it – bad enough trying to communicate to a farang in broken Tinglish, but trying to negotiate a price for being hog tied, dressed in a pearl necklace and spanked with a red snapper to someone who only speaks broken Japlish is just impossible. So just ask for 10,000 baht, lie back and think of Issan.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, their willingness to pay more, is down to them realising that these Ladies (or Kaytoys, if that’s what takes your fancy) deserve to be paid more, or, more likely, people in the same business in Japan, get paid a lot more than we would pay the ones to be found in other counties.

  4. anon: Not “bitchin'”, just observing 🙂

    john: It’s the 5-5-5 rule these days. Dave needs to adjust for inflation. Re piston-pumping, I’ve watched a lot of Japanese grot flicks, and can’t say I’ve seen much evidence of that. Call me shallow, but I think the girls are in it for the baht more than the boom-boom.

    Pom: Agreed, but it works both ways – the Japanese flock to the bars with the girls they find most attractive. And unfortunately for my wallet, I seem to share their taste in women.

    NABRW.com: Fascinating. Maybe I can get a job in one of those bars. Haven’t experienced a Japanese chick yet, but it’s definitely on my “to do list”.

    SamC: It’s simple market forces – nothing to do with “deserving” more, honourable though that may seem. And I can assure you that Japan is far more expensive still – if wealthy Japanese guys have to pay Japanese prices, they’ll certainly demand Japanese girls for their money. Thais are the (relatively) cheap alternative, but the Thai girls will ask for as much as they think they can get. Perhaps the Japanese guys are less inclined to haggle (or walk away) than we are.

  5. Japanese chicks are certainly an experience, though a completely different ball-game. One thing that struck me after sampling Thai girls for the first time, is how much more “mature”, or worldly-wise, or whatever they are compared to Japanese girls; I guess this is because the Japanese are able to live in a pink, fluffy cocoon of Hello-Kittyness without too much effort, while the Thais are much closer to the metaphorical gutter.

  6. I had a Japanese girlfriend for 4 years whilst living in England and her take on Japanese men was very interesting. According to her, Jap men are very intimidated by females, especially females their own age. Hence, the need to pay for the company of younger girls. She also commented on the fact that, as far as she ( and her friends ) was concerned, they weren’t exactly very adept at pleasing a woman. Young girls being paid for pleasure are unlikely to complain about technique as long as they’re getting paid. It also saves the men from ‘losing face’ when it comes to their own shagging ability. I’ve lost count of the number of Japanese porn movies I’ve seen where the guys seem to spend ages either poking or stuffing things into pussies as if it were a dead hedgehog or some foreign object.
    That aside, I don’t think Thai girls have any preference of farang guys over Japanese or visa versa, as long as the price is right. I know some girls that like going with Japanese men cos it’s over quickly and the money’s good. I also know girls that like going with older guys over younger studs cos again, the money is better and they don’t get such a pounding.
    I met quite a few Japanese girls through my ex-girlfriend and they all had western boyfriends at one time or another. None of them wanted to go back to having a relationship with a Japanese man for 3 reasons. One, they are immature. Two, they don’t treat their women very well. And three, they have a tendency to think that having a young bit on the side is perfectly acceptable.

  7. Hmm. Definitely on my list of things to do. Tokyo’s pretty expensive though, and I haven’t met any Japanese freelancers in Bangkok (yet). I bet those Jap corporate ex-pats have a lot of bored housewives though. Hmm…

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