Bangkok Guide to picking up Thai Bi-Girls with your Thai Bi-Girlfriend by mbkknowsp4p

I have read with interest and amusement some of your recent posts on Big Mango blog about the difficulties in arranging a threesome each week with your bi girlfriend.

I can REALLY relate to this.

In past 9 months I’ve had two bi girlfriends, one 19yr old Uni student and another hottie from the islands. So – how do you arrange threesomes on a regular basis with your Thai bi girlfriend. For what it is worth, these have been my experiences:

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The daily struggles…

It’s not an easy life this bar thing but sometimes there a few shining moments when u least expect them. Fixing the water with McGyver may be memorable but not exactly fun – I still owe u all that post, but amid the craziness of Bangkok, the normal biz operations and the fabric of characters that make up the day to day – things continue to remain interesting. Last night happened to give birth to another scene worth mentioning.

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Expat hubbies urged to back Isan

Well folks clearly tourism has been stung if we are going to start using Farang/Bargirl relationships as the spokes models for Thailand. U can read all about it here:

I can see now some of the outtakes that TAT will leave on the cutting room floor:

Husband 1: I met her during the lesbian show at Suzie Wong’s and it seems she licked to lick pussy more than I did. I knew right away she was the one for me. We got married the next weekend right after I bought her from the bar. Best money I have ever spent.

Husband 2: At first it was tough. I mean she was only 18, did not speak a word of English and I was kind of baffled why she also perched herself on the toilet like a bird rather than sitting on it but over time things worked out okay.

Husband 3: I mean my wife is great and all but this living in Isan thing might be something I come to regret. There are no decent pubs around here, no go go bars and her freaking family is spending my pension faster than my first wife’s kids but what can I do?

Husband 4: Yeah life is pretty good once we got past all the visa shit but I still can’t get my banking account open in my name and the land is still in her sister’s name which seems kind of weird. But I still have some business “interests” near Pattaya so I get down there once a month to check in on things and see my other girls. Thailand is amazing.

Is there really any difference? by Arthur

I’ve had a chance to date a few Thai ladies who’ve never worked in a bar and have jobs way outside the nightlife industry. I call them ‒civilians” as a shorthand term. As expected I have had good and bad times as with anyone else. This is a story that is funny in retrospect but was annoying at the time.

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What Would You Have Done? by Arthur

The Beer Garden (Biergarten) on Sukhumvit Soi 7 is one of my favourite places in Bangkok to meet ladies. I usually go in the afternoon as it opens at lunch time. Unlike Gulliver’s it has a decent selection of ladies all afternoon. Prices for food, drinks and ladies are reasonable and they don’t have
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That Dress

Chotiros Suriyawong in That Dress This has been a big issue in the local news recently, and is not at all a cheap excuse to use this frankly wonderful photograph.

Obscure Thai actress, Chotiros Suriyawong (pictured), wore the dress to the Subhanahongsa Awards – Thailand’s equivalent to the Oscars – in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). She’s also a liberal arts student at Thammasat University, Bangkok. Form an orderly queue outside the campus, guys.

Of course, this being Thailand, the reaction has been predictably insane. “I don’t want my actresses to dress that way,” said Somsak Techaratanaprasert – president of the Sahamongkol film production house. “We are not a porn production house, and it goes against Thai culture.” Presumably this is the same culture that has play-for-pay girls (and ladyboys) dancing stark naked for leery punters (Thai and farang) every night, across the country.

Somsak has ordered her role in Sahamongkol’s latest movie to be edited out. University officials (the awards where the dress was worn were held 162 miles away from the university) have stopped short of suspending or dismissing our heroine, but have instead ordered her to perform 15 days of community service, reading to the blind. Of course, the blind are the one section of the local community unable to truly appreciate her presence. Amazing Thailand.

Technically Outclassed I know… by Arthur

I am old fashioned. I have a simple mobile phone that makes phone calls and does text messaging. I have a camera that takes photographs. I have a PC that surfs the net, edits pictures and so on. They suit my needs and I am happy.

A couple of things happened recently that made me realize I’m falling behind. The first related to music. I barfined a girl from a gogo on Soi Cowboy and took her back to my apartment. She likes Thai pop music so I showed her my collection on the PC. She pulled out her Nokia combination phone – music player – camera – makeup case and asked me if I could give her the latest Clash album that I had on the PC.

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The Taxi Driver

I’d been out in Nana Plaza the night before Valentine’s Day, but the bars were closing and it was time to move on. The friendly ladies of the Nana Hotel car park held no particular appeal, so I decided to call it a night, and jumped into a cab.

The male, mid-thirties, Thai taxi driver grinned at me in the mirror. “You have Thai wife? Girlfriend?”, he asked.

“No – I don’t want a girlfriend. I butterfly – having many girls is better”, I smiled.

He laughed. “Yes, I like to have many girls. I have five girls at the moment”, he boasted. “Do you like big boobs?”

“Don’t we all?”

“Look at those ones!” – he was pointing and shouting out of the window now, to a rather generously put-together young lady wandering down Soi 4.

I agreed with him that they were indeed impressive feats of either biology, engineering or both.

“So which of your five girls will you see for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?” – I wanted to know whether he’d try and fit them all in.

“Oh, I don’t want to see any of them. I’m going to Pattaya. Short time, short time, short time!”.

Quite the character.

The Nine Month Long Short Time by morefun

editor’s note – Reader contributions continue to grow on the blog and thanks to all who email stuff in. For the record we will publish anything u want to send us – all anonymously of course. I know we got some good writers out there or at least some crazy stories. Send them in. email.

We have another great one from the guy who can make u fear a McDonald’s bag, did more disgusting things in Hong Kong over 8 days than I did(I lived there 4 years) and tore up Singapore on his first outing. Enjoy.

I just got back to Bangkok last week after a stint in the US. I had a great time hitting the clubs and bars there. Now that I was back it was business as usual. I hung out with my friends at the bars and gogos and spent time with my Thai girlfriend. After a week I was really wound up. I was stressed with work things and was trying to get stuff done when my friend called me at 9:00. He said that he and his girlfriend were going to the go-go bars in Soi Cowboy to pickup girls. This is where Bangkok is great. I already had plans to go to RCA with my girlfriend. This is an area of 50 Thai clubs. It is a great area, but it is usually too packed (with beautiful normal Thai women) and I would be there with my girlfriend. So I made the executive decision, made an excuse with the girlfriend and met my friends out to a go-go in Soi Cowboy.

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Perils of the Skytrain…

Before I get to the main part of this post I just wanted to mention that million baht dinner that happened last night in Bangkok – that totally blows away all forms of the sufficiency economy theories. However I was thinking of a better way to put that money to use. Let’s say we spend at least 100,000 baht on some cool digs for the weekend. Another 100,000 baht to make sure we have food and a well stocked bar. Might be easier to rent a big car to shuttle us and the girls around. 50,000 should take care of that – remember we will need the transpo 24/7 for the weekend. Okay so that leaves us about 750,000 baht left for chicks. Let’s assume that per girl we will spend 5000 baht a day. That includes the bar fine, some Lady drinks and well long time. That would leave u with 150 girls paid for and raring to go. Just sounds more fun to me than some pretty food on a pretty table. Alright. Why is it u always meet weirdos on the Skytrain?

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