Perils of the Skytrain…

Before I get to the main part of this post I just wanted to mention that million baht dinner that happened last night in Bangkok – that totally blows away all forms of the sufficiency economy theories. However I was thinking of a better way to put that money to use. Let’s say we spend at least 100,000 baht on some cool digs for the weekend. Another 100,000 baht to make sure we have food and a well stocked bar. Might be easier to rent a big car to shuttle us and the girls around. 50,000 should take care of that – remember we will need the transpo 24/7 for the weekend. Okay so that leaves us about 750,000 baht left for chicks. Let’s assume that per girl we will spend 5000 baht a day. That includes the bar fine, some Lady drinks and well long time. That would leave u with 150 girls paid for and raring to go. Just sounds more fun to me than some pretty food on a pretty table. Alright. Why is it u always meet weirdos on the Skytrain?

I was taking a break from Silom and needed to clear my head. Lolitas in Patpong is still not open yet and I needed to run some errands around Nana. So when I boarded the train at Saladaeng I was bumped into by a normal looking white guy that I had assumed was a tourist. He had the requisite fanny pack, a severely overstuffed backpack, hiking boots, shorts and a camera. Seemed logical to me. He basically sideswiped me with the backpack and then turned around to apologize to me. Many times on the train I wear my sunglasses and have my iPod on. Its just transportation to me and I only pay attention if some cute girl is trying to talk to me and he did not fit the bill.

He asked me how I liked visiting Thailand. I said great thanks. Hoping that was the end of it but no – he kept going. His next comment alerted me to his unstability – “Where is your suit?” he asked.

I said I don’t wear suits unless I go to wedding or funerals. He laughed and said well u will never get girls in Thailand then. As I suspected – all angry foreigners usually have had an issue with the women. Makes sense given that is why most of us are here although some of us choose to deny it. I was hoping at this point he would go away since I did not respond but no. He moved closer to me and said, “I hate this fucking place and all the women suck and only want your money and u can never find a nice girl.” Great. Looney time.

I responded that if u don’t like this place then u should go back where u come from since it would make my life easier. Less competition I said but I do okay in the “women” department anyway. The next phrase basically summed it up when he said that maybe because I am younger. I am sure he does not know I am 35 since I try to do my best not to look my age. Whatever. I wanted to say if u stopped dressing like Croc hunter(god rest his soul) and got rid of your dickdo(when your gut sticks out farther than your dick do – meaning u are a fat ass) but I just did not want to egg him on anymore. Thank god I had to transfer at the next stop and managed to lose him in the crowds.

I was taking the walk of shame to Lolitas while I started thinking about why some people get so messed up in Thailand when it comes to the women. I have seen many a friend and FOBs start to lose their perspective when it comes to dealing with girls in Thailand. Let’s face it. It is very easy and addictive to visit the girly bars in Thailand and hook up. U can meet some nice girls, some caring girls who u may even fall in love with but don’t fool yourself. Where did u meet her? In the bar. She was working and although u might be able to take her out of it all and live a normal life – that is NOT how u will meet other non-working girls in Thailand.

U may go to a club and meet a girl and start hooking up. Later u may find out she was a part-timer or even works at a massage parlor but the relationship started out more normal – in theory. Just a connection while u were out. Problem with this is that it may give u the feeling or the confidence that u can pull normal Thai girls but let’s be honest – she is still a working girl but reports to a different venue than say a gogo bar. My point with this is not to say don’t meet, date or have fun with girls like this – quite the contrary. I say go for it but know what u are dealing with. I say this for one reason and one only. Some people start to think that they can or should be able to pull normal girls much in the same manner and start to get a little bummed out when they figure out they can’t.

When I say normal girls I mean a girl who never freelances, has never been in a gogo bar, worked at a massage parlor or anywhere else that might compromise who she is. Know that a normal Thai girl will do everything she can to make sure she is never in a position that someone who knows her may think she is a working girl. They are quite careful about that given how many working girls are in Thailand.

So take a Farang who lives here, looks decent, speaks some Thai and is trying to make a life in Thailand. He has been to the girly areas and partakes and is used to getting some at will. Now take that same guy who is trying to pull normal girls and starts to get a little frustrated with how long it might take, how little sex he may be getting and u have a brewing ground for disgruntled men. They want the same experiences they have with the working girls but they want a non-working girl. Well folks. For the most part it will never happen which is why the 2 worlds are so different and have co-existed for so long in Thailand.

Just FYI. I am not saying one is better than the other. Not at all. I think we all are trying to play both side of the fence when and if we can but I know the worlds are different. Sure – someone out there has a story to rebut this(send them in) but I think the 80/20 rule applies here and some people can and do get messed up trying to sort it all out. I know my place and gods knows I have tried both sides of the fence but tough to wean yourself off the party girls. My trial and tribulations trying to organize my weekly 3some should give u an idea of where I am at. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Perils of the Skytrain…”

  1. Excellent piece. Yes, we want to have our cake and eat it. We want a nice, respectable girlfriend, but we don’t want to have to live through months of celibacy in order to get one.

    I had a brief relationship with a “beer girl” from a Thai beer garden – after a month or so I was permitted to kiss her on the mouth, and she stayed overnight at my place. Fully clothed. I ran out of patience.

    A friend had a long-term relationship with a “pretty girl” (an events model), and got nothing at all for the first six months.

    So when you’re used to being able to live out your fantasies with the bargirls within moments of meeting them, it can be quite the reality check to find yourself with a good, conservative Thai girl. And frankly, I think most of us would find it impossible to commit to something like that without visiting working girls on the side.

    We very easily get used to being able to get laid whenever we want, with whoever we want, and that’s a hard lifestyle to leave behind!

  2. Yes. Exactly the experiences I have had. One friend was dating a nurse. Gorgeous, a little older and made good money. I remember his stories. No kissing for the first few months. Some fondling of the breasts after like 4 months but was reminded that this was not leading to sex. Knowing he was never going to last she even told him to see “other” girls during this time so that he would not go crazy. So Thailand.

  3. Nutters frequent all form of public transport…If you want to avoid them get on the Bus/Skytrain with me,you can be sure they will make a beeline for me thus leaving you alone.

    Re the “walk of shame” You can always go down Soi Six straight past Dynasty grande and come out by the Crown ,right into Lolitas

  4. Funny, I’ve never met a kook on the skytrain.

    Gee, maybe it’s ME that you’ve been running into!!?

  5. P: yeah. I know the shortcuts but sometimes that is not the direction I need to “head” or whre I am “coming” from so in those cases I do the walk.

    werewolf: Maybe it is or maybe u freak even the kooks out and therefore are left alone. both interesting theories.

    I am starting lolita watch patpong. If i knew the grand opening day I would start a countdown…

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