The Nine Month Long Short Time by morefun

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We have another great one from the guy who can make u fear a McDonald’s bag, did more disgusting things in Hong Kong over 8 days than I did(I lived there 4 years) and tore up Singapore on his first outing. Enjoy.

I just got back to Bangkok last week after a stint in the US. I had a great time hitting the clubs and bars there. Now that I was back it was business as usual. I hung out with my friends at the bars and gogos and spent time with my Thai girlfriend. After a week I was really wound up. I was stressed with work things and was trying to get stuff done when my friend called me at 9:00. He said that he and his girlfriend were going to the go-go bars in Soi Cowboy to pickup girls. This is where Bangkok is great. I already had plans to go to RCA with my girlfriend. This is an area of 50 Thai clubs. It is a great area, but it is usually too packed (with beautiful normal Thai women) and I would be there with my girlfriend. So I made the executive decision, made an excuse with the girlfriend and met my friends out to a go-go in Soi Cowboy.

As soon as I walked in my friend and his Thai lady (gorgeous girl with huge breasts and a penchant for women) waved me over. As I walked over a beautiful girl hugged me. She looks more Polynesian than Thai and she is perfect. She hugs me and sits down on top on of me. My friend looks at me and says ?You are pathetic, already?” What he doesn’t know is that this is nine months in the making. So, let’s rewind……..

I entered Bangkok in April for the first time. I had been traveling through Vietnam before Thailand and I was very tired and worn out. I checked into my hotel and thought ?I would rather be in Vietnam right now.” I wanted to sleep, but I felt that I should walk around a bit before. I asked the concierge where to walk and he replied ?there is a red light district a block away.” I thought this was a good place to start.

I walked over immediately after I checked in so that I could get some sleep. I had exchanged my Vietnamese Dong (Yes, there currency is called Dong) for Thai Baht. This had covered my cab ride (metered cabs into the city are only 250 Bhat, or 7USD for a 45 min cab ride. I did not know this and got a car service at the airport that cost about 700Bhat. I once paid 100USD for a cab from the airport to Seoul. Don’t ever take a cab from the airport in Seoul you can get a bus for 8USD. I really messed up on that one). I planned to take out money from the ATM later.

I walked down the red light district, which it turns out was Soi Cowboy. It was about 5pm and still light out. There is a street market and many bars, but during the day it looks pretty tame (I’m saying that after being in Thailand for a year. At the time I thought it was crazy.) As I was walking down the street somebody grabbed my ass. I looked thinking my wallet was stolen and there was a little cutie in a short white dress staring at me. I went over and we sat down at an outside bar, with her friend. We ordered some beers and they were both taking turns grabbing my cock. It was a nice start to the trip.

A few minutes later the girl asked if I wanted to ‘bar fine’ her. I asked what that was.

She replied ?It’s the charge you have to pay the bar to take me home with you.”

I replied ?Oh, do you work here.”

Her ?Yes, but I haven’t started yet.”

Me ?How much is the bar fine”

Her ?500 Bhat (12USD)”

Me ?Well where would we go, can we go to a club?” (As you can see I am very green at this point. My friend bar fines girls takes them out and then something always happens and he seems to not have sex with them. Even though there is some mitigating situation we all feel he should be better at closing the short time.)

Her ?Anywhere you want, lets go to your hotel and we can go to a club later.”

Me ?I have to go back to my room and make a phone call to America (which I really had to do).” (That cost me $45 from the hotel for a 6 minute call. Now I have an unlocked phone and a sim card I got at MBK in Bangkok.)

Her ?Ok, let’s go back and we’ll go out later.”

So we go back to my hotel and I make my call to America. While I am talking she unzips my pants and starts blowing me while staring at me. This is when I realized ?I love Thailand.” By the time I was done with my phone call she was naked on the bed. I didn’t want to get scammed so I asked how much it would be. She asked how long I wanted and suggested we hang out for three days for 10,000 Baht. Now up to that point nobody had asked me to hang out for 3 days right off the bat.

I had no idea what things cost, but I knew to reduce it by at least 60%. She acted outraged at my bid and I acted outraged at her counter offer. We wound up settling on 7,000 Baht for 3 days (in hindsight- not bad). So we started fucking. She was great and as you can imagine I did not last long after that buildup. By the way it was a little embarrassing for me to walk back into the hotel, with a Thai girl on my arm, 30 minutes after I checked in. This hotel also charged me $1200 Baht for a guest. I was not happy about that. But there are worse things. So we showered and then fucked again. She was great. Did I mention she was 20?

After this I asked which club she wanted to go to. She said back to her go-go (which is fairly common as they spend so much time there, this is the place to hang out). We go back and the girl from paragraph 2 was there. I was introduced and then she grabbed my cock and kisses me. A little Soi Cowboy hello. Then they started talking about the lesbian show they did on stage. I wanted to take both of them home. My girl said the other girl couldn’t because she had to see her boyfriend. I was disappointed, but my girl too me to Zantika in Ekkamai and it was a great club. Its probably better that I did not return to the hotel another 30 minutes later with another Thai girl. The hotel was a little uptight. We had sex for the next couple of days then I traded her out for another cutie.

Flash forward 3 months. I was back in Bangkok and back at the same go-go (Shark Bar) with a friend. He had been in Bangkok for a year and was my social barometer. He told me that he had an ex-girlfriend at the go-go bars that had won ‘go-go girl of the month’ by collecting 50 bar fines in one month. That is amazing. He was proud that he never had to bar fine her or pay for her. I am not in that league. I told him that my first girl was from Shark Bar and recollected how sweet she, and a bit of a novice. At that moment my first time girl walked up. My friend whispered to me ?That’s the girl that had 50 barfines in one month.” I guess that was the end of my Bangkok innocence. She was a sweetheart none the less.

Flash forward 3 more months. I go back to Shark Bar with the same friend. I see the girl from paragraph 2. She kissed me and I was immediately hard. I asked her if she wanted a drink and she declined. I told her I wanted to go home with her, but she was a little standoffish and mellow. I wasn’t even sure if it was the same girl as the last time she was a maniac. I went to the unisex bathroom, and while pissing I exposed myself to the go-go girl washing her hands. She smiled and gave me a wink. This is basically how you court in Bangkok.

I went outside with my friend and there was paragraph 2 girl. She looked bigger than I remembered. I asked her to lift up her shirt, which she did. I turned to my friend and asked ?Is she pregnant?” He wasn’t sure and I wasn’t sure. I was shocked and confused. Now my bathroom girl came out and hugged me. My friend asked her what she was doing. She said that we knew each other (from me exposing myself in the bathroom). In Thai he said ?That is bullshit you don’t know him”. To this she started crying and screaming. I asked my friend again if my girl was pregnant. The bathroom girl started hitting my friend. Yes, it was a scene. We decided to get out of there. My girl said ?Next time will you be with me”. I said ?Yes”.

Flash forward four months to yesterday (February). My girl (paragraph 2) was very slim and no signs of the weight I saw before. I thought that I was wrong about the pregnancy thing. She was grabbing my cock, kissing my neck asking me to take her home. I replied that I had just gotten there and wanted to hang out with my friends. Within 20 minutes I had negotiated a short time rate of 1500 Baht and we would go to a nearby hotel. She talked about long time and going to clubs. My friend that I was with is the one I mentioned that bar fines girls and then doesn’t close the deal. I figured I wanted to lock this in with a short time. He once again said ?You are pathetic, you just got here.” That is where he was wrong I had waited patiently for nine months

We went to a short time hotel (Asoke-300 Baht). We walked in and started kissing. I asked her if there was music. She undressed on her way to the TV. With her ass in the air she was changing the channels. I grabbed a condom and entered her from behind while she was bent over. She was incredible and so tight. I once again wanted to seal the deal. I fucked her like this for a little bit. She had stopped the TV on a news channel of flooding in Indonesia. This was not erotic, but fucking her doggie style was enough. Then she stopped me and said that she had to shower first, before we went further. I was fine with this. She also wanted me to shower as is customary. My friend calls it the ?Magical Thai Shower”, because afterwards anything goes, but without the shower-nothing goes. I had just taken a shower 30 minutes ago, but when in Rome. We resumed the doggie style near the TV and then moved to the bed. I was about to come, but I stopped as I wanted to enjoy the moment. She said ?You can come; I’ll keep fucking you all night.” This was all I needed. Nine months of enthusiasm came out of me.

I pulled off the condom and laid on the bed. Her hand went right to my cock again. Within 5 minutes she was blowing me. Within 7 minutes I was fucking her again. It took a while this time, but I blew another load while she was on top of me. It was the perfect short time.

You are probably asking about the second time I had seen her and her weight gain. She did have some stretch marks, but she was tiny. I asked her when she had the baby. She said three months earlier, which was about 2 weeks after I saw her the second time. She was still tiny. I guess I don’t know what a Thai girl looks like when she is pregnant. I know what a white girl looks like and it is horrific, but she still looked great. I asked where the baby was and her parents were taking care of it. I asked about the father and she said it was a white guy, but the relationship was finished. After all a year is a long time to stay in relationship in Thailand. All of this is par for the course. I would have liked to stay and talk, but my friend and his girl were at Suzy Wong (go-go in Soi Cowboy) and had sent me a text to come over.

I walked into the go-go and my friend waved me over. I looked over at his girlfriend. Her jeans were on the floor and her tiny black panties were on. She was hooking the clip on her bar, concealing her natural D cups (huge for a Thai girl), as she waved to me. I asked my friend, ?What Happened?”

He replied ?She got completely naked, ate out the girl on stage and made her cum while everybody watched.” I was still trying to get my bearings after hearing this. I can’t believe my story paled in comparison, but it did. Welcome to Bangkok.

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