The Taxi Driver

I’d been out in Nana Plaza the night before Valentine’s Day, but the bars were closing and it was time to move on. The friendly ladies of the Nana Hotel car park held no particular appeal, so I decided to call it a night, and jumped into a cab.

The male, mid-thirties, Thai taxi driver grinned at me in the mirror. “You have Thai wife? Girlfriend?”, he asked.

“No – I don’t want a girlfriend. I butterfly – having many girls is better”, I smiled.

He laughed. “Yes, I like to have many girls. I have five girls at the moment”, he boasted. “Do you like big boobs?”

“Don’t we all?”

“Look at those ones!” – he was pointing and shouting out of the window now, to a rather generously put-together young lady wandering down Soi 4.

I agreed with him that they were indeed impressive feats of either biology, engineering or both.

“So which of your five girls will you see for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?” – I wanted to know whether he’d try and fit them all in.

“Oh, I don’t want to see any of them. I’m going to Pattaya. Short time, short time, short time!”.

Quite the character.

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