What Would You Have Done? by Arthur

The Beer Garden (Biergarten) on Sukhumvit Soi 7 is one of my favourite places in Bangkok to meet ladies. I usually go in the afternoon as it opens at lunch time. Unlike Gulliver’s it has a decent selection of ladies all afternoon. Prices for food, drinks and ladies are reasonable and they don’t have
the attitude of many of the indies who work out of posher places like Gulliver’s or the hotel discos.I can’t remember exactly why but one night I decided to go there late – about midnight. I’d been told that the ladies who work at night are different from the afternoon crew and many are, at best, marginal. Yes, I saw some like that, but also some good ones. I found myself a seat next to three ladies to talk to who were great: fun, flirtatious and friendly.

We were getting along just fine when a lady came up behind me and dumped a glass of Sprite over my head. The then walked straight out of the bar without looking around. I had absolutely no idea who she was. My first reaction was to run after her, but then I thought, ‒Why?” I couldn’t see myself coming out well from a confrontation with a probably drunk or stoned woman in the middle of Soi 7. Anyway, that was probably what she was looking for. So I kept calm, stayed in my seat and said ‒mai pen rai” a lot.
The waitresses helped me clean up and I counted myself lucky as it wasn’t something stronger. The security guard was very embarrassed. He said he’d never seen her before but he’d kick her out if she tried to come back.
Of course my companions thought that I must have known her and the Sprite pouring was done for cause. But truly I had no idea. I only glimpsed her and was sure I didn’t know her. One lady asked me why I didn’t get angry and confront her. I said something about avoiding confrontations. I think I lost face with her, even though my reaction was more in line with traditional Thai conflict avoidance.

Then I thought – these ladies spend so much time around farangs and know that our fuses can be very short. Thus she expected me to act the same, get angry and have a big scene. Their
rules of behaviour are different for farangs. I went home alone after a decent pause, watching my back for a soda-bearing assailant until I was safely in a taxi.

Thinking about it, I can only conclude it was a random act of frustration from a woman without a customer. Either that or it was a case of mistaken identity. I guess I’ll never find out.

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  1. I could have run after her and asked her in my best British accent: “Excuse me! Why did you do that?”

    I could have got a glass of Coke and started a Thai-Farang soda war.

  2. Perhaps she was just practicing for the Songkran festival?

    Try not to dwell on it, this seems like an isolated incident. Now if it happens again I’d start getting worried.

  3. In the few trips that I have been to Thailand I have realised that Thai women (and their male impersonators!)tend to resort to petulant physical acts to demonstrate their unhappiness over rejection or at not getting what they want rather than taking the ‘Oh well, some you lose’ attitude that westerners take.Some examples,

    (1) In the very dark dance floor of a Bangkok bar in Patpong I got dancing with a pretty young ‘girl’. I had drunk a lot and I was tired and it was only when I offered to buy ‘her’ a drink and we sat down at a table that I realised that ‘she’ was in fact a lady boy. Anyway I made the excuse that I was going to the toilet and did not come back. Half an hour later on found me in another part of the bar talking to a genuine girl and intervened, said something aggressively in Thai perhaps along the lines off ‘he’s with me’ and she sensing trouble walked off. Anyway, I moved to another bar and he followed me and sat beside me even though I made a point of ignoring him (even turning my back on him at one stage)and talked to and played the bar game Connect 4 with the girls behind the bar. When I got up to leave to go home he said OK he realised that I did not want to go wih him but could I give him money for a taxi in order to get home as he did not have any and it was too late to find a customer. I carried on walking but could hear him following and calling after me. Knowing that he was in high heels I broke into a trot and then the next thing I knew was that a bottle had been thrown which missed and smashed on the ground beside me.

    (2)In Pattaya I spent the night with a freelancer. I took her number and said that I would phone her. I had no intention of doing so but I normally did this rather than just say to them bluntly goodbye and nice knowing you. All/most of the girls realise that when you don’t phone that you were only interested in the one night. Unfortunately, later on in the week I bumped into her again and she tagged along after me to a late night bar. I dislike confrontation and I know that I should have just said to her “look thanks a lot for the night we spend together for which I gave you the money you asked for but I want a different woman tonight”. In this bar I bought her a couple of drinks but constantly kept looking around at other girls and eventually she got the message and said “look darling, if you want other woman you should let me know. Its alright – All I ask is that you buy me two more drinks”. I promptly gave her 300 baht.

    About 10 minutes later a freelancer who didn’t realise that I was with this girl came over and grabbed hold of my hand and led me over to where she was sitting. She was young and attractive and I thought ‘problem solved’. I happen to wear glasses and after half an hour I was so absorbed in talking to and cuddling this second woman that I did not notice someone come up behind me, grab the glasses off my face and walk off with them. It was the first girl. I chased after her and got the glasses back but not before she had spitefully slammed them down on a table damaging them badly. I did not retaliate (like many men my proud boast is that I would never raise my hand to a woman no matter how maddenly infuriating they can be at times) but retrieved my glasses and moved as far as I could to the other side of the bar with the second girl whilst keeping a constant eye on the first girl in case she returned. The second girl was angry and asked me why the first girl had done this. When I explained she said incredulously “But she is not your girlfriend!”. Exactly!

  4. Mike: Thanks for the story. It’s definitely not uncommon, especially late at night.

    Don’t worry, I am not dwelling on it. The security guard at the Beer Garden remembers the Sprite and we laugh about it.

  5. I lived in Bangkok for a year and pulled many a lass out of the Beergarden Soi 7(I called it the BG7). I actually played a game I called the BG7 Game–the idea is to find company without actually going INTO the BG7. It’s really not that difficult to win the BG7G. But, you do need to be prepared to lose, which isn’t so bad.

    My feeling on this unprovoked outpouring? Your reaction (jai yen-yen, mai pen rai, no harm/no foul) was 100 correct. Congrats on keeping cool. Who knows what the motive was? She could have mistaken you for someone else, either through jealousy or a brain fogged by Lao whiskey or who-knows-what. One thing you should NEVER do is physically assault a Thai girl in public–the consequences can be detrimental. As any sane person would, I feel sympathy for you and I’m sorry that it happened. Chalk it up to experience, laugh at it. I’m proud of you for keeping that “cool heart” in tough going, and believe me, Thai people appreciate it even more.

    I liked the BG7 and found some fun gals in there. If I did find a keeper, I’d get her mobile number. As I lived nearby, I’d send a flirty SMS if I was interested. Sometimes they’d SMS me! In my year there, I never once ordered a pizza, but I ordered girls ALL the time. Most were of course Isaan and so were the security guards in my building, so they spoke Lao: the guards got to know my favorites and wouldn’t even bother to call, just send them up.

    Bangkok has its perks.


  6. Yes indeed. I love the BG. This was the only negative incident I’ve had in years of regular visits.

    Like you I don’t have to go there frequently as I can call some favourties. Around rent-time (starting about now, hmmm) they’re more likely to call me. One lady whom I affectionately call “Porn Star” is apt to call and just say “I want to f**k you”. Good fun. I love living here.

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