Expat hubbies urged to back Isan

Well folks clearly tourism has been stung if we are going to start using Farang/Bargirl relationships as the spokes models for Thailand. U can read all about it here:


I can see now some of the outtakes that TAT will leave on the cutting room floor:

Husband 1: I met her during the lesbian show at Suzie Wong’s and it seems she licked to lick pussy more than I did. I knew right away she was the one for me. We got married the next weekend right after I bought her from the bar. Best money I have ever spent.

Husband 2: At first it was tough. I mean she was only 18, did not speak a word of English and I was kind of baffled why she also perched herself on the toilet like a bird rather than sitting on it but over time things worked out okay.

Husband 3: I mean my wife is great and all but this living in Isan thing might be something I come to regret. There are no decent pubs around here, no go go bars and her freaking family is spending my pension faster than my first wife’s kids but what can I do?

Husband 4: Yeah life is pretty good once we got past all the visa shit but I still can’t get my banking account open in my name and the land is still in her sister’s name which seems kind of weird. But I still have some business “interests” near Pattaya so I get down there once a month to check in on things and see my other girls. Thailand is amazing.

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