Bangkok Guide to picking up Thai Bi-Girls with your Thai Bi-Girlfriend by mbkknowsp4p

I have read with interest and amusement some of your recent posts on Big Mango blog about the difficulties in arranging a threesome each week with your bi girlfriend.

I can REALLY relate to this.

In past 9 months I’ve had two bi girlfriends, one 19yr old Uni student and another hottie from the islands. So – how do you arrange threesomes on a regular basis with your Thai bi girlfriend. For what it is worth, these have been my experiences:

– Their friends. Most truly bi girls have truly bi friends. After a while, once she is comfortable, she’ll be happy to invite them along. This is what I mostly did with my Uni girlfriend – a lovely procession of 19-20 year old bi Uni students…..while my current bi girlfriend has 4-5 friends from her home that she wants me to still meet. This is by far the best way to land that dream threesome where everything (and I mean everything) is going on. But….your girlfriend has to be really secure in her relationship before she will approach her friends – she is worried that (a) they might try to make a move on you (still not sure if they are more upset about losing a friend or losing you in this situation!) (b) they will have a poor experience which reflects badly on them (yes – they are thinking about ‘face’ even in this situation)

– Go-gos and freelancer clubs/bars (Nana, Cowboy, CM2, Qbar..) You can easily find a girl (this is Bangkok after all), but the chances are she is just going through the motions, and is not really into other girls. The other night my girlfriend and I watched the lesbian show at Suzie Wongs. We bar-fined one of the hottest girls from the show, who we had just seen sticking her tongue and fingers up another girls ass, took her back, had a good night of fun….BUT it was obvious to both of us that she was purely ‘professional’ and later she actually confided that she ‘really does not like girls very much’….!! You need to get to know the mama-sans and club owners to point you towards girls they know are really into other girls. I know a few in both Nana and Cowboy…..including a very lovely girl from Shark bar in Cowboy. And don’t be fooled by two girls making out on the dance floor of Qbar or CM2 – they are more than likely just straight good friends who know how to get guys attention. Taking bar girls does burn up the cash pretty fast too.

– Night clubs. Had luck one night at Bed Supperclub with my girl doing dirty-dancing that led on to a great night…but this is unusual in the regular hours clubs I think. Most ‘non-working’ girls would freak out to have your girl friend try to hit on them at a regular hours club. HOWEVER, it is a different story with the late night clubs (Tunnel, Boss, Spicey) where I think you have the BEST chance of picking up another girl willing to give a threesome a try…..this has happened to me on a couple of occasions lately. These clubs are full of a mix of freelancers, gogo and hostess girls partying after work and non-working girls trying out the really edgy scene in Bangkok. If your girl gives them the eye, starts talking to them, dancing with them, it can usually lead on to a very good night. The problem is that these encounters usually happen at about 4am, pretty much wiping out the next day, which can be rough for those of us with regular hour jobs!

I have not had any real success with other places – such as mens clubs, massage parlors, street encounters, although once my Uni girlfriend and I did pick up a girl who was the waitress at the restaurant where we had dinner who was flirting with us both all evening…

Thailand has a very strange attitude towards attractive bi-sexual women.

It seems you should fall into certain ‘categories’, and if you don’t they not only don’t know what to make of you, but don’t even seem to have a word in Thai to describe what you are. I have failed to really find the right Thai word for a bi-sexual girl who is pretty and who likes other pretty girls. Because in Thailand you should be one of the following:

– Straight (girl or boy)

– Lady-boy (pre or post-op)

– Gay (man who likes man)

– Lesbian (Tom or Dee. Tom being butch, Dee being feminine and pretty)

If you don’t fall into one of these groups, most Thais treat you like you are wierd. I know quite a few bi girls whi hate Toms but love other cute girls, and they will only reveal this fact once they learn that it will not cause you to break up with them, because they are so worried that it will make you think they are strange (Hah! If only they knew the truth – it is what I actually look for in a girl before I am interested! The irony!).

Most people in Thailand assume that if they meet a pretty girl who likes other girls, then she must be a Dee, and therefore she would only like Toms (who are nmostly pretty nasty looking butch Thai girls). The lesbian clubs in Bangkok (such as Zeta in RCA and Shela in LangSuan) cater to the Tom and Dee crowd. If a good looking girl or group of girls goes into these places, they are constantly approached by butch looking Toms all evening. Ruins it for them if they just happen to be girls who like other pretty girls. And if they also confess to still liking men as well —- well that is just too plain confusing for most Thais to deal with! I know a few great looking girls who just refuse to go to these places anymore as they don’t fit the Thai stereotype – they are good looking bi-sexual girls who only want to party with other guys and good looking girls.

I also have the problem that Thai bi girls usually really really really want to have sex with foreign girls…..and they seem to pick on types that are not attractive to me and are not attracted to me. They go for ‘larger’ farang girls with very pale skin and light hair (everything different from Thai) which is not my type at all…..and these farang girls in Thailand may be interested in having a session with a great looking Thai girl, but not if the older farang boyfriend is part of the scene! Sidenote – I have had several really funny experiences watching my bi Thai girls hit on farang girls in clubs in Bangkok… first the farang girls don’t really know what to make of it….I can tell they have never thought to do this back in farangland….but after a while, they usually go for it….seems the charms of Thai girls are difficult to resist for anyone – even usually straight farang women!

Just seems to me that there is a huge gap in the night entertainment scene in Bangkok for a club that caters to guys with cute girls who like other pretty girls – farang or not.

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  1. I remember having some very pleasant threesomes with a white American Air Force girlfriend and Thai girls while my stay there. They Thai girls really seemed to like the light skin/light hair/blue eyes thing of my gf. On the same note, my gf at the time was really attracted to the dark complected Asian look. It was truly a awesome sight to see them wrapped around each other like vines….

    I miss those days…

  2. What – American service girls participating in Thai 3somes?

    No wonder Rumsfield couldn’t handle it anymore.

    I am proud as ever at this moment for being an American.

    I must say. My buddy in Japan and I have always agreed that the ultimate 3some would be an American girl with some Asian Hottie.

    Looks like u beat us to it.

    U da man.

    So jealous.

    God and half of Bangkok hopes u got pictures of this for archival purposes.

  3. i met a hot welsh girl who was on in bangers for a few days and said she always wanted to see some nightlife as she was here alone…….. being a gent i of course said yes

    halfway through the night she wanted to see a pingpong show and she had heard about ladyboys and she wanted to go…….

    i decided to take her to cascade in nana and after a few beers she told me she wanted to have a 3some with me, her and a katoey – she was even willing to pay the bar and for the services, on 1 condition that the katoey had to be pre-op so the ladyboy could fuck her too….. some crazy shit but not my tastes – she even asked 1 ladyboy if she was up for it and she was

    id of probably done it if katoey was post-op

    has any1 here tried that?

  4. Have a friend, yes a real friend not me, who before he moved back to the US fulfilled a 3-way fantasy of his with two Ladyboys. His fantasy was to take a cut and non-cut Lady, he would bang the cut LB in the tuckus while the non-cut LB banged the cut LB in the copy pussy.

    He went to Patpongs infamous King’s Castle 3 where it’s about 60% non-cut, 35% cut, and 5% Chelsea Fans. His fantasy request was filled no problem.

    As many of the LBs say “You never know if you never try”

  5. thats a pretty crazy fantasy

    i have had 2 give me a blowjob at the same time while they kiss and suck each others tits etc, and 4 at same time on the beach in phuket but they didnt touch each other or kiss, but never had FS with one

    without a doubt the best BJ you will ever have

  6. well well as I am a bi thai girl who fancy farang girl… my opinion.. as I don’t like thai tom dee.. but very into pretty girl.. most time I always like straight girl actually so I didn’t have much luck on this thing… well thx u for sharing experiences πŸ™‚

  7. geome – do tell. Share with us your tricks for getting non-bi girls into bed. U go for farang more than thai girls eh? Seems like getting non-bi girl into bed might be a bit difficult?

  8. i got a sneaking suspicion that Geome is probably a bored bi-curious hairy arsed fat truck driver from preston on the wind up……..
    but if your not and your gagging for a 3some, bring some of your fellow bi-minded mates down to sukhumvit and we can rock n roll.
    granted iv got a face like a builders radio, a drink problem and bad breath but at least im crap in bed – call me x

  9. coming over for the bangkok 7s in october,staying in pattaya but busing it to bangers for the two days of the tournament,interested to hear about some good bars apart from nanna and coyboy.

  10. Hi, enjoyed reading all above . Strange i thought Bangkok would cater for bi woman with open arms , 3 somes ect .
    Now i am a tad concerned, as my g/friend and i plan a trip to Thailand may 08. for the first time . We thought this would be ideal place for her to gain further bi experiences!We got the allready
    Clearly from your exploits we got this very wrong .
    Regards Andy n H—–R

  11. Steve G I would have gone for that welsh girl’s offer.
    You could have done the welsh girl at least and let the ladyboy do the welsh girl.
    It was her fantasy after all.

    Did she go with one of them on her own anyway?

    Why can’t I meet these rude farang girls on my ventures there.

    Maybe I’m gonna get talking to some next time I am there and test the waters.
    Being in Thailand I think (or hope) you’d find their inhibitions are left at the airport in farngland. Maybe I am wrong I don’t know?

  12. Andy: I can’t think of a better place than bkk for you to complete your objectives. It’s quite easy to find a 3some and explore, it’s just not easy getting an “ultimate” experience but you will have a bunch of fun trying.

    This post has a bunch of good tips to help but it’s mostly about luck, timing and cashola. You could go into any given GoGo or Beer Bar with your gal and easily find a girl willing to go with you two. That girl could turn out to be the best or worst 3some you’ve ever had, it’s that hit or miss.

    The more questions though you ask up front and the more patience you have in finding the right one, the better experience you will have. Sit with the girl for a while and be very explicit, in a polite and fun way, with what you want. Also ask her if she has done this before and what she liked about the experiences. It will cost you a few drinks but will be fun and titillating at the same time and will weed out some “posers” that just want the cash. After all, a Farang and his Farang girlfriend are an easy mark. They will usually pay more and the TG can more easily manipulate the couple with the “I’m shy, etc.” bs. They will quite often say one thing in the bar and act completely different when you get back to the room. That’s why it’s important to try and suss out as much about what she will do now and has done in the past.

    Just be upfront from the beginning. Also, don’t get hung up on looks for the first one. Attitude is way more important.

    Another avenue to try is the Eden Club on Suk Soi 7/1. You will hear mixed reviews about the place (put Eden in the Search box above if you want to read some reviews) but they are there to fulfull sex fantasies.

    GoGo’s, Beer Bars, Eden, After Hours, Night Clubs, etc. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t think of a better place to try.

  13. In today’s internet age, another source of finding what you’re looking for is, of course, the internet. has a fairly significant number of profiles from Thai-Bi girls looking for partners.

    Another site is DateInAsia.

  14. Andy: PMMP’s comments above are spot on. I have hosted one very bi black model gf from farangland to Bangkok a few years back and we had a sensational time….

    My original post was just reflecting the somewhat unusual attitudes towards bi girls in Thailand, and my occasional frustrations at having girls who talk the talk in the clubs and go-gos but do not walk the walk when back in the bedroom when I am with a bi gf and we are both looking for ‘real deal’ 3some fun (and not fake performances). But this is Bangkok….which means one minute of frustration is easily overcome very quickly with hours of ecstasy.

    Eden is also a good possibility. I have visited there with three different bi gfs on several occasions. The Eden girls are up for anything, and really enjoy couples. What the Eden girls lack in looks they make up for with attitude and enthusiasm.

    Last time I visited, an Eden girl told me about her last couple just the previous night. They were from Canada, and it was the girls birthday. They took two girls from Eden. At one stage, the guy was plugging one of the Eden girls ‘hershey highway’ style, the Canadian girl had a strap-on and was doing the same to him and the other Eden girl had a strap-on and was doing the same to the Canadian girl. At which point the Canadian girl shouted out “choo-choo” and they all cracked up laughing. Those Eden girls have seen (and done) just about everything!

    anonimus: Actually don’t see many bi girls on the Internet sites at all from Thailand….trust me I have spent a long time looking on several sites and one of my bi gfs has also had her own posts on the sites to draw interest but very slim pickings so far….

    What Thailand really needs is an style site (not adultfriendfinder – that site and ones associated with it are rip offs).

  15. I can relate to everything here. My girlfriend has finally decided to try sex with a lady after much discussion on the subject. As the original poster says, many Thai bisexual women are afraid to talk about it because they don’t fit into one of these categories. I have known for a long time though that my girlfriend was attracted to women from some of the things she says, the way she looks at other women and her fascination with lesbian porn and women’s bodies. Our situation is unique though in that I feel no need to be involved in a threesome, I am just excited at the thought of my girlfriend having sex with another woman. After deciding this is what we both wanted, we tried to find a few girls online with no luck at all. Every girl we met was either extremely serious about sex and wanted it to be in a serious relationship, or they loved to talk about it and make plans but never wanted to actually meet. She did go to Bangkok on a “date” to the movies with one girl who seemed to really like her. A few days later though she claimed she couldn’t have sex without love and never heard from her again. One thing I have discovered throughout all this is lesbian thai women seem to have even more sexual problems and hangups than straight women do. The bisexual women seemed okay, but very flakey. We both figured it was going to be easy to find someone as my girlfriend is very beautiful, but it has been anything but. My girlfriend is repulsed by toms and is not looking for love or a serious relationship from another girl, she just wants to have some fun with a lady for her first time. Where do we go from here? Any suggestions would be great.

  16. Thomas: Your gf can try visiting Zeta on RCA, but it might be intimidating and she’d have to go on her own or with another girl as guys are not allowed in.

    She might also check out the weekly party hosted by Lesla on Saturday nights at Chit Chat pub, Soi 85, 4 Choke Chai 4 off from Lad Prao Rd (near Lad Prao hospital and Kasetsart Uni). Again, girls only….but can be packed.

    Have you both tried going to late night clubs like Tunnel, Spicy, Spice or a few others referenced on this site? If you go, she can spot girls she likes and simply make a move….the worst that can happen is they say no – nothing ventured nothing gained.

  17. Thanks, Mochalover. Right now I am in California so I cannot be there with her to work on this, thus the attempt at meeting someone online. However I will be there next month and we’ll maybe try some of the clubs you mentioned. We did check out the Lesla website, but it was mostly hardcore lesbians who seem offended at the thought that some women are attracted to men as well, or women who are ultra-serious about sex who have to be in a full blown relationship. Tunnel, Spicy and Spice sound interesting. Are those kind of anything goes clubs or lesbian clubs? Thanks again for the info.

  18. I sent my ex-gf to the lesbian clubs a few times to scout for 3 some girls but she didn’t have much luck with that crowd.

    What worked better was to go to mixed clubs, make friends with potential 3 some girls, befriend them a little and then pop the question.

    I think lots of guys send their girlfriends to Zeta etc and they’re kind of wise to that over there.

    Finding girls for threesomes online is really difficult, they’re either so ugly they’ll do anything to get laid or just want to chat on MSN and fantasize about it but don’t show when push comes to shove.

  19. Thomas: Tunnel (Lang Suan Soi 5), Spicy (Ron Muan Soi 1), and Spice (Suk Soi 11) are all After Hours clubs. They get going around 2am and go til around 6am (if they don’t get closed earlier for whatever reason). All three of these clubs are mixed clubs and cater to most tastes. However, mostly Freelancer women looking to get some business.

    They normally get their business from guys but as ML points out they might be into 3somes as well. If you go there with your girlfriend looking to bring a third into your party there’s a good chance you will find something. It may take you a little while and you may have to “interview” a few first but it is very possible. I suggest going on weekday nights though as it’s just too crowded and there are too many guys on the weekends.

  20. Thanks PMMP. I’m actually not even trying for a threesome, I just want to either see or hear about my girlfriend having sex with another lady. Its been incredibly difficult and frustrating thusfar. To make matters even more difficult, I am in California now and won’t be in Thailand until next month. I was kind of hoping she could hook up with someone and then tell me about it but it doesn’t look like its going to happen.

  21. Thomas: YW. She can still accomplish this at the After Hours clubs but if she’s shy then it may not be a viable option. I’ve seen farang women at these places hooking up with Thai working girls, big FarangKwai (kwai means buffalo if you didn’t already know) ladies as well, but certainly it wouldn’t be limited to farang. Cash is king but she may not have to pay, depends. Out of the three, and if she is beautiful as you say, the Tunnel may be the best option. Many bi girls looking to party.

    Another option is the Dio club talked about at . Some working girls from Soi Cowboy go here after work. I’ve seen “girlfriends” there partying. However, they also have young thai guys that can be barfined so you may not want to send her there πŸ™‚

    Most GoGo’s won’t allow females to come in alone but if she can round up a farang to take her then a GoGo girl might be another way to go.

  22. > Most GoGo’s won’t allow females to come in alone but if she can
    > round up a farang to take her then a GoGo girl might be another
    > way to go.

    Ok ok… I’ll volunteer :p

  23. I was going to offer my services as well but taking a girl to an After Hours club to meet another girl would have surely brought out my evil side. Evilpmmp might have tried to convince the girl that it would be helpful if he chaparon/guide/encourage/bless the event, and might even call in a few ladies that would certainly be up for some experimenting.

    I couldn’t do that to Thomas but I’m sure Orion has no such intentions. πŸ˜‰

  24. It goes without saying that my assistance in this matter would be a purely selfless and honorable act of kindness and self sacrifice πŸ˜‰

  25. Thomas: If you are serious about all of this we can take this offline somehow and I can put your gf in contact with a network of Bangkok bi girls I know who are all cute, low-pressure and good fun and let them figure things out.

  26. Mochalover yes I am serious about that and that would be great thanks so much. do you have my email address?

    pmmp: I never realized people around here could be so charitable. btw are you really as bad as Gary Glitter? LOL. sorry that one had me rolling…

  27. Thomas: No – don’t have your email address.

    BBB: Nice try…..but find one and you actually usually have found several

  28. Mochalover: I’m assuming (hoping) its safe to leave my email here. (Thomas, just to be sure it’s safe I edited out your email and sent it along on the side-pmmp)

  29. Note: if Thomas stops commenting here it will be because he is now spending his days and nights clearing the spam out of his in-box πŸ™‚

  30. If you don’t mind paying, you should have no trouble at the Gogo’s that go out of their way to employ bi and lesbian girls. Just wander into Suzy Wong’s or Sheba’s on Soi Cowboy. I’ve seen plenty of farang women and couples hook up in Suzy Wongs. Just make sure she picks the girl who keeps looking at her tits and feeling her up rather than the girl shyly sipping her coke.

    Sip Saen (sp?) (Note from pmmp: this is the same club as I referred to as Dio above) on Petuburi (near Asoke) at around 2:30am would be another non-gogo option, as it fills up with Cowboy girls after the gogos close, with a particularly high concentration from Suzys, Shebas and Playskool since the staff as from Suzys and the owner is the same. Place pumping both times I’ve been, although Thai style dancing at your table.

    I may be able to arrange an insider to escort farang women to Suzys and Shebas and point out the real ‘lady who like girls’, but if they are sanuk, have white skin and big tits they might not get as far as the bar…

  31. Cabby: I don’t mind paying and I have actually gone that route before (on my own). The problem is, very VERY few of those women are actually into women and strictly do it for the money. I can’t tell you how many times my dream threesome from a go go turned into either an uncomfortable situation or two girls simply going through the motions.

  32. t – there is a difference though between u pulling a couple of girls and u and ur girl going shopping for a girl. Big difference. The p4p way is the quickest route to seeing this all become a reality in my opinion. I am having about a 80% success rate. Plus sometimes the girls will stay in touch and they start getting together apart from the p4p scene. It is a nice way to kick it off though.

  33. Mochalover:
    My wife and I will be in Bangkok towards the end of November and one of our aims whilst we are there is to hook her up with a Thai bi for her to be with.
    Is there something that can be done here?

  34. Maulana: If you are here for a short visit, I’d recommend taking your wife with you to some of the best go-go’s in Bangkok – such as Mandarin in Nana Plaza or Shark in Soi Cowboy (both of which I know for a fact have genuine bi girls working). As a couple, you will get any girl who is into girls flirting with you both…..but you need to ‘interview’ them at the bar before you take out to make sure they are not fake and are genuine about liking women. If your wife is attractive farang lady you should have no problem – many Thai girls (even some that are not really bi) are keen on experimenting with a farang woman. If she is really hot, you will be beating off Thai girls 24/7 everywhere you go….I spent a wild week here in Bangkok about 4 years ago with a stunning black model and she was being approached by Thai girls all the time, even in the middle of the day in a department store.

  35. can you tell me a bit about spicey club (not to be confused with spice club soi 11). i believe it’s near MBK, is that right? can you give me the address. many thanks. arthur

  36. arthur: Spicey is at Ruang Muan Soi 1, and yes not far from MBK (but too far to walk it).

  37. Is Spicey an all-girl club? what are the best clubs for a couple to go shopping for a girl?

  38. There are no all girl clubs that I know of in Thailand – but a few bars. Spicy is just a big after hours club. I say go to any of the freelancer type places – spicy, tunnel, spice, and so on. It takes work though to find the girls who truly like girls.

  39. Smitty: There are a few all-girl clubs. Zeta on RCA, Shela on Lang Suan, Lesla party on Saturday nights out Lad Prao way, and some other clubs run occasional all-girl evenings such as Jazzit/Dude on RCA (TomD nights). But all are hard core Tom-Dee (lesbian) crowds from what I hear, where bi girls would have a hard time.

  40. I guess what I meant is they are not really clubs but small bars and they tend to attract the toms like u say – so I don’t think this is the scene for girls who want to mess around or for 3some pickups.

    Tom wants an easy kill here is my guess and it typically is not. πŸ™‚

  41. Smitty: Hmmmm…..Zeta is a pretty full on club…you can get more than 100 girls in there easy on weekend nights….and the Lesla party has been known to turn away girls when they get more than 500 in there….and with that many girls surely they can’t all be hard-core TomDee? What we need is an undercover agent. By which I mean a girl prepared to report for the blog (and not you trying to sneak in wearing a dress).

  42. Mochalover: Yes somebody undercover reporting on this is a brilliant idea. Me and my girlfriend both plan on scouting out the entire scene when I am there next month. One thing is for certain though: FORGET trying to find anyone online it is a complete waste of time. Nothing but flakes, liars and occasionally men posing as bi girls.

    Smitty: Yes we actually are looking for an easy kill for my gf’s first time. We are both a little apprehensive about going to an a-go-go because of the many fake bi-girl experiences I have had there, but it seems like it may be our only choice early on.

  43. Gentleman!

    I may have the undercover girl we need for the job.
    This particular girl and I have been getting it on over the last month and she is a little firecracker. She is very smart and well educated and what turns me on the most is that she is aching for girly action.
    We have even talked seriously about the possibility and sustainability of having a threeway kind of relationship. Obviously for any male this would have to be the ultimate.
    We picked a bar girl up from somewhere in Soi 33 the other night and as a precursor of hopefully things to come it was not too bad.
    The girl wasn’t into girls but obliged all the same and carried her duties out with aplomb. Having said that my girl (the undercover agent we shall call and name later) went crazy on her and she just had to receive from both of us.
    I am now becoming obsessed with the idea of having being in a three-way casual relationship with two bi-girls who use me for my tackle.
    Imagine gentlemen, taking a trip away on one of the Islands and watching your little femmes frollicking in the water as you look up from your book and smile; and perhaps they might decide to have a little nap together in the afternoon. Perhaps you might be invited too,perhaps not. But it doesn’t matter because you will be that evening and anyway, you might just want to finish that book or take a walk around in peace. Perfect!
    I am talking about taking the whole threesome thing to a new level and I don’t claim to be the first to have ventured here but with the help of agent ‘Apple’ I aim to create a scenario that could perhaps offer a solution to the obvious tedium of traditional relationships.
    Lofty? Perhaps. Workable? Maybe. Guy being the third wheel? Who gives a fuck! Fun? Fucking eh!!!

  44. m – send her in. get some data.

    what u discuss is currently what I am living. However it has been difficult to find the permanent 3rd party since all sorts of issues come up.

    can u see the girls alone or only together?
    is one girl higher up than the other girl?
    believe – they both ask this right away.
    should the girls live together?
    i decided right away that I would live alone and they come see me.

    these are all tough issues and things get more complicated then 3 people having fun in the bed. So we continually look for our 3rd wheel and in the meantime pick up from time to time for the 3some action but I think the permanent 3 person scenario, although possible, is not easy.

    as for the frolicking – the beach and the pool are both fun.

  45. Yes Smitty I can imagine those kind of issues arising. However, do you think it would be different if the bi relationship was the dominant one? Would it be different if I, for example, were happy to be the third wheel so to speak, allowing them time to really get into their bi relationship but still getting enough action to keep me happy and leave the headaches to them.
    All theory now I know, but a worthy experiment to be sure.

    I’ll let you know how agent Apple goes on this coming Saturday.

    You lucky bastard Smitty!!!

  46. I normally embarrass myself quite enough in front of one woman.
    The prospect of more than one witness to this intimidates me πŸ™‚

    (This line has worked for me in the past . . . . the distant past.)

  47. There is an alternative and thats attend a swinging party.These must stay below the radar as it’s against Thai Culture.

    You will find single girls who come alone who are Bi and you will find couples with a Bi girlfriend

  48. Thai women rock! I am African-American Army girl and my girlfriend is Laotian but lived in Thailand for years. I am strictly gay but she isn’t which makes for strong so I am always watching out. I do the man thing for her by using strapon to keep her true. We have brought other girls in for threesomes including a beautiful Korean but most of our fun has been with caucasian. Hopefully next year we will visit Thailand and Laos and I am really looking forward to some fun. Anybody know of places in Laos, mainly Vientenne, to meet for threesomes (all female)?

  49. Dear Mochalover,
    Thanks a lot for the informations you are giving in this topic…
    We are a french/english couple and we are coming to Bkk for a week in March to have as much fun as possible.
    My lady is very good looking with blue eyes and light skin and blond hair.
    We have had one or two threesome in France with another woman, and my wife is now quite into it…
    Basically, we are looking for an upscale place where we could find one or two real bi-girls.(Dee) ( I don’t mind paying for it.)
    Would you help me?
    Thanks in advance.

  50. Hi,
    we are a french couple, black girl, white man, close-knit, freed, will be in bkk late Apr-early May 2008 and wish to meet a man or a couple to guide us in new hot experiences. man likes to see his wife with an other man and she also “shares” his guy ! She is looking for westerner type and could be opened to first time with nice girl.
    We would like comfortable and friendly meetings and avoid sinister ambiances although we are open and curious to discover all kind of things…
    if someone reading this can help us and make our trip hot and happy, contact us for first discussions by msn…etc

    Hoping we are not off-board here !

    see u

  51. Hay Camille and Bernie! I’m a buff twenty-year old stud with an intimate knowledge of the BKK scene and would love to be your guide!! We could drop Bernie off at Boy Street in Silom and then go and pick up some bi-curious uni girl at RCA, and take her back to my prestigious executive suite at the Dysentry Inn, where I could watch you eat each other out for a few hours while I filmed you (with my other hand), and then we could go and pick up Bernie from Boy Street – no, scratch that, he’s happy there, let’s Camille and the bi-curious uni girl stay at my place and explore the furthest reaches of ecstasy until I pass out with my engorged member firmly ensconsed in either of your chocolate love tunnels.

    Please contact me via email through smitty or pmmp. Satisfaction (my own, anyway) guaranteed!

  52. Oh shit. I just re-read the bit about “sinister ambiances” … my bad. Merde, alors, parce-que les ambiances sinisitres sont vraiment mon truc a moi. Si vous avez une changement d’avis sur ce point, contactez-moi!

  53. Careful Pants…. if you pull this lot off, next you’ll be growing dreads and losing your fake sunglasses.

    There is, and only can be, one Smitty!


  54. My Thai gf is bi and has also had problems finding other real bi girls. She really likes farang girls (of course) or tall, light skinned Asians – but not Issaan type. She has paid for girls but is looking for something more real now.

    Anyway, are there any ladies out there looking for a bi-girl to spend time with during their visit to BKK? And no,she does not want to meet guys and I will not be involved.


  55. als – would love to help u bud but I see it getting messy. Your girl can meet my girl in my girl’s room. Of course I will be hiding in the closet. No sick video shit but after an hour of watching them 69 I will have to get in there.

    sorry bud.

  56. Me (32) and my wife (31) will be in Bkk 15 Jan-20 Jan 2012. Is there any bi-thai girl wanna join ? TQ πŸ™‚

  57. Yeah, Eden Club is a safe bet for the newcomer (parden the pun) to the Cty of Angels. The girls may not be coyote dancer quality but they really are bi and you get the room (mirrors on ceiling)/girls/outfits/cialis for an affordable price. Can’t recall off the top of my head. Eden’s kind of an institution in BKK. I’ve always had a decent experience there. Also a little overwhelming on a 1st visit unless your a seasoned pervert. @Spats and @Pmmp would feel right at home there.

  58. I’m not sure is this is the right place to ask BUT i’m gonna ask anyway πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been intived so many times to lesbian bar/event, however me being me (married but available only to girls) bit afraid.. I’m not really into Tomboy, i like a nice girly thai girls.. Any suggestion where is the best place to visit? I will be in Bangkok in 2 weeks time for meetings, i would be nice to have a NICE companion while i’m there..

  59. I’m an American living and working in Bangkok. I have a very beautiful and sexy Thai Gf who has clearly shown an interest in trying another woman. She is a traditional Thai lady though and is very shy to approach another woman. We both are unfamiliar with this scene so hence, we don’t know where we could go to meet another woman for her first time 3some. Can anyone help with some ideas. My gf has expressed her interest that the woman she wants to try with has decent sized boobs as hers are the typical asian size (small) Hehe… Also, if possible, she would like to try with a Non-asian woman although another thai woman is acceptable. My problem is that being my GF is so shy to and a traditional thai lady I need to find a woman who is assertive and willing to make the first move. Discretion is a must. Any advice would be hepful so I can fulfill my gf’s fantasy and we both can enhance our sex life.

  60. Hi everyone me (26) and my gf (22) are planning on going to Thailand for the winter (end of Nov to the end of Feb) for some threesome action. We have had several experiences in the UK some better than others but I can definitely say it the ultimate way to spice up your sex life! Having never been to Thailand can anyone tell me where the best area to stay if you’re looking for threesomes? I have heard Pattaya is a very good place to start?? Cheers David.

    1. Hi David,

      I am ‘guessing’ that it’s easy to find a girl for a bit of 3-way action. I don’t think you have to focus in on specialist places. Just ask any Mamasan in the gogo’s.

      I remember my ex once saying we could go look at some girls for a threesome. I stipulated though, I that I get to choose them both. She had no sense of humor!

  61. We live in Chiang Mai and my Thai wife is bi. The Thai swinger scene has some nice bi Thai wives (bi-singles are frowned upon by the Thais). Of course, you need to speak Thai to get in. We have given up trying to meet single bi females here. We are always happy to meet couples with bi ladies though that happens maybe only once every couple of weeks.

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