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Max Power One of the fundamental differences between Bangkok and the West is that the underpants of power, with regards to sexual relationships, are firmly wrapped around the buttocks of the male of the species here in Amazing Thailand.

Whilst in the West, it’s the female’s prerogative to pick and choose from a gaggle of desperate suitors, here in Bangkok the shoe is on the other foot, and comfortably so. It’s probably a Hush Puppy, or perhaps a Sukhumvit tailored (cobbled?) custom fit. Whatever – it’s a comfortable shoe, despite being on the wrong foot. I need to steer clear of analogies, don’t I?

My point is perhaps better illustrated by the events of Sunday night. I had a burger and a beer (or three) in the Big Mango at Nana Plaza, whilst enjoying the free live entertainment (ie. Pmmp almost getting killed over a fish), but since I have a policy of treading carefully in bars I actually like spending time in, I’ve never barfined a girl from the Mango, and wasn’t going to start over the weekend. Jealousy issues, however unlikely in my case, can be a very real problem if you take more than one girl from the same bar.

Still, by deciding not to take any of what was available, I effectively turned down 15-20 girls.

Onwards, then, to Mandarin – possibly my favourite NEP bar at the moment. Some cute girls, but none really stood out. I drank up and left, thus turning down another 50 or so girls.

On to Fantasia, which I’m delighted to report sucks more than ever before. I’d heard that they’d made the bar no-smoking, but there was no sign of this. A quick drink later, I was out of there, having turned down another 30 or so ladies.

I’d turned down about one hundred girls now, in less than an hour.

I left the Plaza and checked out the Beergarden on Sukhumvit Soi 7. About a hundred pairs of eyes followed me as I walked a quick circuit of the bar. Some were on stalks. I was just vaguely looking for someone who stood out, but in a good way. Nobody did, so I left.

I’d turned down about 200 girls by now, and the night was but young. In the UK, I’d probably have actively pursued at least 100 of them if I’d met them in a bar, and probably would have at least considered another 50 or so of the others if they’d approached me. So I turned down 150 girls who I’d probably have agreed to sleep with a year ago, plus the 50 I wouldn’t. In about an hour. I called one of my speed-dials in the end, who easily beat all of them.

We take a lot for granted here.

Disclaimer: Yes, most of them would have expected payment. However, that payment would have been less than the cost of the drinks and dinner they’d have expected from me in the UK.

Flamebait: They’re all whores, from a certain point of view. Discuss.

9 thoughts on “The Power

  1. For what it’s worth, the holes in the seats actually make them more comfortable for sitting. Of course, I don’t think that was the original purpose.

  2. Spot on. When I first came to Bangkok Nana Disco was my eye-opener to underpants of power theory. In the States you walk into a disco and it’s all guys and you constantly get rejected. At Nana Disco, I am the hottest chick in the disco and do all the rejecting. Wonderful turn of events. BTW, Mandarin not only has holes in their seats but short time rooms on premises…for those not rejecting the poor gals that is.

  3. But back to those holes in the seats … how was that supposed to work, then? (For people who haven’t experienced them, they’re like flat padded saddle stools, no backs, long enough for two to sit astride, just, with a hole in the front end, a little like the face-hole in a massage table, only where your balls go if you sit at the front end) I mean, are they just innocently “futuristic” in design, or was there ever an executive relief function?

  4. They’re all whores, from a certain point of view. Discuss.

    If I get my end away, I honestly couldn’t give a fuck!

  5. all whores- yes.
    same cost for sex – no.
    BG’s require money, zero time
    UK birds don’t require money (it’s optional), but they do require time (about 6hrs at least of contact)

    if you don’t believe me on the UK girls, then try an experiment. pursue two different girls. spend a good deal of time with each of them them. does not have to be on ‘dates’. and talking on the phone will count as time. give one gifts, dinners, etc. things of monetary value. with the other, give her nothing except your time and attention. otherwise treat them both the same.

    then observe which one sleeps with you first.

    report back.

    the cost of sex with a non-BG is time.
    the cost of marriage with a non-BG is time and money.

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