Co-Habitation, Part Two

Tears on my towel, yesterday
Tears on my towel, yesterday

nb. This is Part Two of a two-part story.
Part One is here.

I wasn’t going to make a potentially life-changing decision without consulting my friends, obviously. I called, emailed and spoke to a few people, asking not only for their opinions, but for more practical advice – like how would I deal with her bar wanting money to smooth the passage of her leaving?

Most reacted with amusement. Then recoiled in shock when a punchline was not forthcoming. “You want to do what? Are you insane?” – etc.

Others were more useful. “Don’t pay the bar a satang”, said one. “That money’s supposed to ease her leaving, and ensure that she can go back if she needs to. But if she makes money for the bar, they’d take her back anyway. And if they don’t, another bar will”.

But the most important advice was with regard to the difficulties of ending such a relationship. If a girl has the keys to your apartment, dumping her can get to be extremely expensive – in both monetary and psychological terms. One friend had a girl come at him with a machete when he decided he wanted to break up. Another had to fake his emigration to Cambodia in order to stop her from constantly coming over to wail at him.

“Think about how you’re going to handle the break-up”, was the advice I received on Friday night. “And think about how she’s going to handle it. If she’s the type to get over-emotional and over-react to trivial things, then the break-up, when it comes – and it will – is going to be hell”.

He had a point. The girl and I hadn’t even had an argument yet. How would she react if it all went pear-shaped and I wanted her out? I needed to find out, but I wasn’t quite sure how.

Fate always provides. That very night, I brought her back to my place once again. I sat down to catch up with my e-mails, and read the new comments on this site while she showered. But when she returned, she spotted a scrap of paper on my desk.

It said “Nok. 08xxxxxxxx”. Oops.

Nok was a cute girl from a Silom massage shop who’d given me a thoroughly enjoyable foot massage a couple of months ago – before I even met my potential co-habitee.

She’d given me her number, but when I called there was no answer. I sent a text, and received no reply. That was the end of that – except I’d forgotten to throw away the piece of paper with her name and number on.

I explained all of this to my girl. She nodded, and softly padded away into the bedroom. I finished up on the computer, and shut it down for the night.

In the bedroom, she was crying into what had been a pink towel, but was quickly gaining a pattern of black smudges from the mixture of mascara and tears she was sobbing into it (pictured above).

I was genuinely concerned, and tried to comfort her, but it seemed that – whilst she believed that Nok was no longer a concern – she was still so jealous that I’d received another girl’s phone number before we’d even met that she was overcome with emotion.

This didn’t bode well for any future, more dramatic, clashes. I figured I’d sleep on it. Well, on her. And it.

I woke up the next morning afternoon and left her sleeping while I spent an hour or so on the site entertaining my hordette of fans. She eventually rose at around 4.30pm, and wordlessly locked herself in the bathroom where she showered and dressed.

“Say hi to Nok for me”, she snarled as she left for work. I protested my innocence again, but she wasn’t impressed. She hasn’t been back. I think that’s possibly what they call a close shave.

Bangkok Bad Boy is still living alone, and now has an extra pair of earrings for sale.

24 thoughts on “Co-Habitation, Part Two”

  1. Why in the world would you want to do such a foolish thing like moving in with a woman, a bargirl no less, when you have thousands of available babes at your doorstep ? Have you lost your sanity ? Are you love sick – get a dog !!! I’m jealous enough that you live in Thailand – don’t ruin it for me.

  2. Chances are that the f–king you were getting prior to the break up wasn’t close to the f–king you were going to get. Call her and ask her if she will entertain a good bye f–k. If she does, I would recommend saying, “Good bye, f–k”, and hanging up. And rest easy; your dick has no conscience, it will move on.

  3. Hmm…perhaps before taking the plunge, the odd long weekend away to test compatability might be wise next time.

  4. BB, I am disappointed in you. I just dialed the number (that you oh-so-foolishly gave out) – 08xxxxxxxx – and – guess what? No “Nok”. Not even a fucking ringing sound.
    Wriggle your way out of THIS one, “smart guy”!

  5. Consider yourself lucky BUT had she not seen the number then what? Despite all the advice you received you would have probably gone through with it, yes? Truth is, no matter what you read or hear from your friends when you fall for a girl nothing else matters. My guess is that cohabitation is inevitable for you. Unfortunately so is the nightmare of breaking up, statistically speaking that is, and breaking up with a Thai ex-bargirl is so so hard to do.

    I’ll leave you with this…imagine a few months of hellish break up with death threats, suicide attempts, stalking, apartment clearing, etc. Then you see her working again at the same GoGo you took her from once again fishing for new customers every night. She sees you and is still in love with you and remembers all the great times, and now she’s back to being a bargirl. Stinging stuff. Best of luck in the future. Just try to make sure it’s for real and that you’ve been seeing her for a long time before taking the plunge. – Ann Landers

  6. Combover: That would have come next. Hopefully it’d have gone smoother than last time. I wasn’t about to move her in the next day, but I was mentally well on my way down that path. She’s cute, what can I say?

    pmmp: I’d have engineered a disagreement to see how she dealt with it. Fate decreed that I didn’t have to. Sound advice though.

  7. Bargirl Cohabitation Prenups are downloadable from – in a cute pictographic form (sanuk!) even the most intellectually challenged BG can understand and have fun signing with the kissy smileyface emoticon of her choice. Then you just lodge a copy together with her number badge with someone who’s bought a lawyer’s diploma from the KSR. Easy.

  8. Calvin is right. If you want like, buy a dog. Just feed the dog, and it will love you forever. If you want something good looking to bang, it is the BG. With leasing a BG, the upfront costs of the lease seem imposing, but it is the down stream operation and maintenance costs that really get you once anything longer term is contemplated.

  9. Pruie, Are you a Fu*&#ing robit… Shut the F%$k up!

    BBB, I didn’t get that number of Nok’s, it was x’d out.. Please send it to my personal email address…

  10. @Pants: I actually tried that website. Stranger things have happened

    @PB: Good points. Can’t stand dogs though.

    @dingdongrb – this isn’t Mango Sauce. Let’s be civil, eh? That’s a firm “no” on the phone number though – I tore it up to try and placate the young lovely. Didn’t work.

  11. Is this a sign that the Bad Boy is loosing his touch??? I hope not . Well if you need an apprentice you should advertise , im sure there would be no shortage of candidates….

  12. Ha, hey you win some and lose some. I’m doing pretty well overall, and probably escaped a very foolish situation.

    I think the lesson is that it doesn’t matter how much you try to remain detached – sometimes a girl will reel you in.

    You just have to think about what it is that you really want – a life of hedonism or a nice stable relationship. I’m going to stick to the former, I’m much better at it…

  13. Is there not always a middle path to be divined, BBB ?

    A life of stable hedonism with the odd relationship passing for “really” might work just as well 😉

  14. Phew, was starting to worry I’d have to find another source for grotty stories to tide me over between visits!

  15. I wonder why you would even play with the thought of having a girlfriend, since you always claim to have enough satisfaction from banging all those bargirls. Maybe there is some part of you that needs more than sex, like someone who honestly loves or cares for you.

  16. Or maybe a monthly fee works out lower than a nightly one. Notice how you’re the only one who’s saying this stuff, and you’re the only one who’s never been to Thailand?

  17. it’s just that I didn’t think banging the same girl for a month was part of your lifestyle these days

  18. Although this is a very old post but I still wish to ask a question regarding the picture above………..I understand you said that she was showering when you were checking you mail. She came out of the shower saw the piece of paper and then afterwards went into the room and cried her heart out in your towel and left the mark of her MASCARA after her SHOWER……….I have been with enough females to understand that when you take a shower you are supposed to clean everything artificial on your face!!!!!!

    People, trust me I am very horny and very bored back in Bangladesh to pass comment on such an old post……..I simply hate you all Punters living in BKK and muff diving almost everynight where I am stuck her in Dhaka with my wife and all the remaining fuglies in town……Have fun


  19. Ha.

    When a bargirl showers, she usually takes great pains to avoid getting her face and (more importantly) her hair wet 🙂

    1. bbb – I think it all depends on the circumstances. If the goal is a shag and back out then yes – they wash just the essentials but if they are cunted and land in the showers I find they tend to really scrub up.

  20. Even to this day I’m always caught a little by surprise when, in the morning, the little minx de jour comes back into the bedroom after a shower with her hair shampooed and conditioned with the Pantene I left there and scrubbed up with my Biore facial scrub. She smells so sweet I just have to get her all sweaty again…

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