A guide to Bangkok Nightlife part 6 of Many! by mbkknowsp4p

editors intro: There has been some discussion on this series of posts and I wanted to clarify a few things. This guide is probably much more wide than it is deep. We wanted to do a broad overview of all the ways one might party in Bangkok and since it is a vast city with so many options it is tough to accurately cover the whole scene well. So the idea was to let the community help build the guide by commenting and providing feedback as much as possible. Then we would re-incorporate this material into the guide. Clearly this is a work in progress and begs for a more customized technical solution than just posts with comments but we wanted to start somewhere. A good example of community feedback might be this comment or this comment. Ultimately I believe a continuously updated community powered review site is the ticket since there is no way for one or two people to keep up on the scene in BKK – it is just too big plus our opinions are not always shared with others. I hope this guide will continue to evolve and we appreciate all the readers and commenters. Thanks!

On to part 6!

Take-Out Mens Clubs

Not sure how to categorize Pegasus – it really is one of a kind. Not quite massage parlor, not quite a G-club, it is located in the same building complex as Narcissus disco (Sukhumvit Soi 23 area). It offers ladies in a very up-scale lounge environment, with rooms available, but mostly for take-out to your own place. But be warned that Pegasus can be a very expensive night out, with membership available. Continue reading “A guide to Bangkok Nightlife part 6 of Many! by mbkknowsp4p”

The economics of Taxi Hell

Since I live on Suk Soi 4, I am not always in need of a taxi for most of the things I do. I like to walk and generally when grabbing a bite, heading to Bar 1 or heading for the Skytrain I bypass taxis and use my legs. I don’t mind walking for the most part unless it is really freaking hot but the problem I have is that my apartment building is next to a hotel. Wherever a hotel is located on a main road one will inevitably encounter those parasite taxi drivers that make Tuk Tuk drivers seem cool. I had a run in with one recently and after I was done arguing with him I was picked up by a another, very cool driver, who explained some of the taxi economics to me.

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Three Perfect Days in Pattaya – Part 3 by Arthur

Part 1 :: Part 2

Back to the Carousel

Yes, Dao was still dancing when I returned to Carousel. She was eager to collect the barfine and commit me. I think that’s a slightly bad sign in a bar’s operations. I prefer when it is discreetly added to the bill. Grabbing it early smacks of desperation to me. At one bar I frequent in Bangkok the cashier clips a visible chit to the top of the customer’s bill so everyone else can see that a barfine has been committed. Sometimes the girl in question wants to be sure all her friends (competitors) see the chit if the customer is rich or good looking (effectively the same thing) and / or it is slow.

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Worlds Apart

Western women, yesterday
Western women, yesterday

For reasons too depressing to reveal, I was playing host to some visitors to Bangkok recently. A coach party of Issan nymphomaniacs, lost en route to a Bangkok support centre? Sadly not. A gang of Japanese businessmen, so eager to find a bar guide that they’d happily supply me with more beer and women than even I could possibly consume? Again, no.

It seems my karma must have taken a hit recently. They were western girls – friends of a friend, who were in Bangkok for a few days, and in need of a guide. The horror.

Culture Shock

“We want to see a ping-pong show”, one of them told me. I groaned. Mindful of an unpleasant recent Patpong show-bar experience, I thought I’d play it safe and take them to the Long Gun on Soi Cowboy. Oddly enough, ping-pong balls are actually one of the few imaginable projectiles that are not part of the Long Gun’s inventive and imaginative gynaecological demonstrations.

The fat farangettes seemed comfortable enough with the shows, but had their first major hissy fit at the sight of a middle-aged guy (I’d guess late forties or early fifties) smooching with a twenty-something Thai girl. “That’s disgusting”, they frothed.

“Why is it disgusting? I hope I’m still sleeping with twenty-something Thai girls when I’m fifty. Better than sleeping with fifty-something Western women, any day. Now that would be disgusting”.

They couldn’t tell me exactly why I was wrong, but were sure that I definitely was.

Two Fat Ladies, Eighty-eight

Another bar, another bombshell. “Why have the girls all got number badges on?”, she asked.

I laughed. “Um, so that customers can make an order”, I grinned.

“Oh, so you can call them over for a lap-dance then?”

“Er, no. We don’t really have lap-dancing in Bangkok. Not that I know of, anyway. There’s no point”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, why would you pay for a lap-dance when you can have full sex for less than the cost of a single dance in the UK?”


Natural Selection

“This is disgusting. I wouldn’t sleep with any of these disgusting guys for any money”, she said.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure none of them will ask you to sleep with them”, I just about managed to stop myself from replying.

Never again…

Alan Greenspan spotted at Marine Disco – Pattaya Part 2

Before Day 2 can happen I have to finish Day 1.

First stop after Living Dolls Showcase was Peppermint – mostly due to the proximity to Marine Disco since the plan was to ultimately wind up the night there. Peppermint can be hit or miss sometimes but generally it is pretty packed, lots of nudity and some fun music. I always think the topless bartenders are a nice touch. I like to sit towards the back of the joint since u get to see the corner stage that is usually nude and u can see the back elevated cage that is almost always nude. However if the place is busy it is tough to find a seat in that area. I was not seeing anyone I really wanted to cavort with but my party buddy fell for a hostess that he was having fun chatting too. She was a little older but very good looking and spoke pretty good english. I periodically checked in on Marine Disco but the Thai band was still on and the crowd had not started congregating. After a few more in Peppermint we decided to head to Happy A Go Go.

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The Ball Massage by ~h

Only in Thailand can you enter a storefront operation and look at a menu of services where one option is the 1.5-hour ball massage. Pay maybe $40 and have a truly religious experience. A ball massage might just be the ideal preventative health treatment as well providing relaxation, stimulation and system flushing. Now, a ball massage isn’t just some young lady juggling your balls for an hour or so. No, it is actually a full body Thai massage performed by a beautiful young lady who slowly works her way up to your Johnson after about forty minutes of body massage. Followed by a full pole reach-behind, which I go crazy for, and handling of your family jewels with the care of a naughty medical nurse.

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Empty Handed

Empty hands, yesterday
Empty hands, yesterday

Just to redress the balance, I’ll post a quick story on how – despite my best efforts – sometimes events can conspire against us. It doesn’t happen very often though…

The Party

I was at a party in a hotel suite in the wee small hours of the morning a few weeks ago, with a ton of booze, some pals and a gaggle of gogo girls, all from the same bar.

I’d been to said bar several times, and had drunk with a few of them – I just hadn’t barfined any of them before. So we all knew each other, more or less, the booze was flowing, the music was pumping, and the clothes were gradually being shed.

I’ve always been quite picky about girls. Back in the UK, that meant I didn’t get laid very often. Here in Thailand, it means I usually only get sleep with extremely attractive women. Anyway, I’ve always aimed high. So I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of rejection in years gone by. It just doesn’t happen round here very often.

I’d got my eye on the cutest of the five gogo girls. Even though she’d been practically begging me to barfine her last time I was in her bar, she just wasn’t interested. Her pals were less cute, but equally aloof. It seemed they were enjoying dancing around the suite in a state of undress far too much to contemplate stopping any time soon – not even to accompany me back to Bad Boy Towers. Me! The cheek of it.

Street Meat

Dejected and dismayed, I figured that rejection on five counts was quite sufficient for one night, and left the party. On my way to grab a taxi, I miraculously bumped into one of the hottest gogo girls in Bangkok – she’d been on my “to do” list for some time, but I’d always been “just visiting” when she’s been available in her bar.

“Hey, I go with you!”, she beamed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”, said I.

“No, I joking you. I have customer already. See you”.

Adding Insult to Injury

Enraged, I walked the length of the Miracle Mile in search of an acceptable bed-partner for the night. Nada. Nothing.

I took a cab home alone. The chubby security guard grinned at me as I walked in, and said “Ha ha, you no have lady tonight”.

I considered killing him, but decided against it.

Want to do business in Thailand – need an Idea?

I recently came across this company and wanted to at least share it with our readers:


This is NOT a paid advertisement nor was I contacted by the company but rather I came across the site and thought it might be of interest to people who are considering setting up shop in Thailand. Usually people end up working with brokers and buying an existing business. Or people come here and try to build a business from scratch – which is not easy but can be done. Ideacon is a new company focusing on helping people research ideas with a goal towards starting a new company based on a new idea. It is a new concept and there are no success stories but I think it something worth noting. I also think it is important to support business in this space to encourage the overall expat/entrepreneurial landscape. I have encouraged the owner of Ideacon to share any future success stories here and I invite anyone who has experience with Ideacon to share as well. Following is a letter from the founder of Ideacon.

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Three Perfect Days in Pattaya – Part 2 by Arthur

Three Perfect Days in Pattaya – Part 1

Walking Street at Night

I left the Windy Inn at 8pm just as the main gogo bars were opening. Some bars on Walking Street open earlier and the beer bars tend to be open all day but the most famous ones open at eight, have a happy hour to around 10pm and go on to 3am or later.

I wanted to check as many places as I could and not commit to a girl until I was reasonably sure I would not get buyer’s remorse as soon as I handed over the barfine. On busy nights in high season I think it is better to commit earlier as the best girls get barfined early. In low season on a weekday I thought I’d be safe saying ?I’ll be back”.

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Three Perfect Days in Pattaya – Part 1 by Arthur

There used to be a series of articles in United Airline’s in-flight magazine Hemispheres called ‒Three Perfect Days in …”. They detailed where a person of generous means but conventional tastes could enjoy famous cities and regions that just happened to be in UA’s route map. (Maybe they still have the series: I haven’t travelled on UA for a long time.)

Last month I decided I needed a break from Bangkok. Pattaya is the obvious if unimaginative choice. I found I could go from my apartment to my hotel in three and a half hours door-to-door for the princely sum of 179B.

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