mbkknowsp4p’s take on Member Clubs

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I have contributed a fair number of posts on member clubs (aka G-clubs or Gentlemen clubs as I call them) in the past to this website. As a member of both Forte and Sopranos, and a frequent visitor to Caribbean, Resort on Soi 13 Ratchada (very very good), Ritz on Soi 11 and Pent on Wireless Road, I still occasionally do the Nana and Cowboy scene (but hardly ever Patpong). As Smitty says -that is what makes Bangkok so great – it is not just one scene (like Pattaya is) but a real mix on any night of the week.

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How I am learning to play the member clubs – Part 1

Interesting times in Thailand as usual. Head on over to the latest article at the Asia Times for a view into the politics. First time I have seen so much public talk about the coming era of succession. Was talking recently to a large supplier (Thai company) of kitchen, beer and concession equipment about how bad Thailand is really doing. The media keeps pointing people to the stock market, the baht and public projects as signs of strength but this guy was telling me that his business and that of most of his Thai friend’s businesses have experienced record year over year declines. He was frank in explaining that it is the fault of the current political environment where lackluster tourism, foreign investor rules and so on have spooked people out of growing or starting their businesses in Thailand. I agree.

On to the member clubs!

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A guide to Bangkok Nightlife part 8 of Many! by mbkknowsp4p

editors note: Yes – I know these are not reviews but rather a list of bars and clubs. Some u may know about and others u may not. I learned of a few. If anyone wants to post a detailed review of any of these by all means please do and send it in. thx.

Hotel clubs/bars:

Park 87+ – Conrad Hotel

Spassos – Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel (usually full of working girls but also a lot of guys)

Concept CM2 – Basement of Novotel Hotel in Siam Square (packed with working girls, including a section devoted to ladies from Eastern Europe/Russia, but seems to be slowly being taken over by customers from India and the Middle East)

Met Bar – Metropolitan Hotel (very hi-so and sometimes they want members only)

Syn Bar – Nai Lert Hotel

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10 things I hate about Bangkok by On Nutter

FARANGS: Have you ever seen such a disreputable collection of beer-bellied, slack-arsed, sartorially challenged, binge-drinking, obnoxious losers? Farang men are even worse.

THE SISTERHOOD: For many years I was puzzled as to why Thai girls had so many sisters. Even more confusing was that there often seemed no family resemblance – one sister would have delicate Chinese looks and the other was as black as an Isaan rice farmer. Perhaps they had different fathers, I thought. Then it was explained to me that ‒my sister” often means ‒my very good friend”. Thai logic at its most confusing.

NON-SWEATING THAIS: Within one minute of leaving the safety of air-con, I am sweating like Nelson Mandela in a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Yet all around me Thais in overcoats are huddling together to keep warm. This isn’t fair.

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Evolution and looking for new pastures…

Well folks. Thanks again for reading, commenting and contributing. The traffic keeps going up on the site and we would like to thank you all from the bottom of our wireless mice. I am not sure why but my guess is the flyers I keep handing out while I am in foodland looking for fresh produce may be paying off. Only time will tell. I have to admit I have been spending a little too much time in front of the TV these past few days. I got episodes 13-21 of the final season of Sopranos from a friend and just had to barrel through them. The ending left me wanting for more. Maybe that is the idea. Some of the best TV ever made is still how I feel about the Sopranos. I just need to get going on Real World Bangkok next but more on that later.

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The Art of Lying

Asian girl lying Women lie, cheat and steal. This is not news. For Thai bargirls, telling tall tales seems almost to be the national sport. The problem is, they’re appallingly bad at it.

“I only go with you, tilac“, she purrs, as her cellphone continually beeps throughout the evening with various messages from Steve, Sven, Simon and Somchai.

Then there’s the girl who answers her cellphone in mid-thrust to tell her boyfriend that she’s staying in her room watching TV alone.

Another girl couldn’t call you the other evening because her cellphone battery died. Which means she was in bed with a guy who had the sense to persuade her to turn her phone off…

Happy Hour, and Amazing Thailand

It’s not just the girls though. I was wandering lower Sukhumvit recently when I almost literally bumped into one of those massage touts. You know the ones. The seedy-looking chaps who mumble “massage. sex massage” in what they imagine is a subtle manner at every farang who walks past, whilst displaying a little folding card with blurred photos of identical-looking Photoshopped Thai girls.

For some reason, and I’m still not sure why, I ended up chatting to him. I took the card off him and had a look. The card was for Cupidy Massage at Plaza Entertainment, but who knows where he’d have taken me if I’d agreed. What interested me was his unbridled enthusiasm.

“Yes! Yes! Massage!”, he beamed. “Have sexy lady take care you! Good boom-boom good for you! Happy hour!”

I laughed. “It’s always happy hour, isn’t it?”, I asked him.

“Yes, yes! Always happy hour!”, he beamed back, completely oblivious.

“Lady boom boom”, he said, “and…” – and then he stuck his thumb in his mouth. It took me a moment to realise he was illustrating oral sex. I wish he hadn’t.

“And what? Suck your hand?”, I asked.

“Yes! Lady suck your hand! Amazing Thailand!”

He really did say “Amazing Thailand”, and without a hint of irony. Amazing…

I only like man from East Ruislip!

But the ones that really make me laugh are the bargirls who try to make you feel special. “Oh, you English man! England number one!”, they’ll say. Or “I love fat bald pig-man, I no like sexy man!”


I guess there’s a grain of sense in the flattery aspect. Make a man feel good about himself, especially if he doesn’t have much to feel good about, and he’ll appreciate the girl simply for appreciating him. But the art has clearly been lost somewhere along the way.

That’s why I’m starting a lying school for bargirls. The lessons are free, and come with complimentary cellphone credit, Hello Kitty merchandise, som tam and sticky rice. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling them…

A guide to Bangkok Nightlife part 7 of Many! by mbkknowsp4p

EscortsNow this I just can’t understand – but there are escort agencies in Bangkok that will send a girl to your chosen destination. Serendipity is a great thing, but being surprised by the looks of your escort girl as she arrives is no fun at all (although a few agencies now have websites with pictures and assure punters that the girl sent is the girl in the picture). These services are very expensive relative to other options in Bangkok (typically charging 4000 bht or more an hour, with the girls often expecting tips on top of that).

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Loyalty to whom? by Arthur

editor’s note: I thought this was interesting enough to post just to see what people thought about it. Always love a controversial subject. To be clear – unless the boyfriend where to alert the bar owner of the situation beforehand then my guess is the bar owner would not even know a girl was getting sent money in the first place.

I was chatting to a farang bar owner in Pattaya last week. He’d had a situation where earlier this year a customer started dating one of his girls and was sending her money so she would not work in the bar.

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‘You pompooey, bald and old. You pay bar me?’ by On Nutter

If I were to see a portly Thai in England, I would not dream of running over, poking him or her in the stomach and saying: ‒You’re a fat bastard.”

So why is the reverse acceptable in the Land of Smiles?

It has to be said that I am not the man I once was. I look at my wedding photographs of 20 years ago and see a handsome man. Now I look in the mirror and see a fat, bald 50-year-old who drinks too much. The march of time is relentless and unforgiving.

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