A guide to Bangkok Nightlife part 9 (Late Night Places/After Hours) by mbkknowsp4p

Editor’s note: After hours is a moving target. I have added/edited this post to reflect the latest that I know of and I am sure the comments will provide additions/corrections as well. The notes are in italics.

I have always felt that after hours nightlife in Bangkok desperately needs an alert service. Like a service we had in the Bay Area of California. You could subscribe to a service that would send you a text message in the morning with a surf report. It would tell you where to surf, what to watch out for and any weather events. We need something similar for after-hours nightlife in Bangkok. Say you get a text around 1 AM telling you what places are open, where it is happening, male to female ratios and any police scoops. Would be brilliant.

Late Night places

For some time now, bars and clubs in Bangkok are supposed to close at 1:00am. This rule is interpreted in different ways by different police stations across the city. You can never really be sure when the bar or club you are in will close – but usually it will be anywhere between 1:00am and 3:00am. Nana Plaza go-go’s are currently closing at 2:00am, whereas Cowboy go-go’s go on to 2:30am. Many clubs around Patpong go on until 3:00am. This rule was introduced to try to curb the enthusiasm for booze by young Thais. But the only parts of the city where the police close down the bars and clubs are exactly the parts where no young Thais go – such as Nana, Cowboy and Patpong. Somewhat bizarrely, the very areas where young Thais go (such as Ratchada Soi 4-6-8 area) usually party on all night.

Editor’s note: Discussed this some time ago here. So silly really. They kill tourism but the Thais are drinking more than ever. Makes total sense.

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Vans, porn karaoke, sausage mcmuffins and Pattaya – Part 2

Part 1

I am not sure what the crew did while I was out but we reconnected on Walking Street and decided we needed to eat. It was trying to rain so we ducked into the FLB bar since I knew they had food. Turns out they don’t have food but they let people order from the Italian place next door. I am spacing on the name of it but I am hoping someone will chime in on the comments to fill people in but the pizzas and calzone we had were awesome.

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Shepherding a FOB

AK to the HK called the other day and said his buddy from NY was coming to town and needed some guidance. Who am I to turn away a FOB? We set up a meeting time and planned to make plans at the Mango. He was somewhat overwhelmed with the weather, the chaos and wondering where to go and what to do. I tried to make it easy on him by cutting out the crap and getting down to business. I am sure he is still reeling from it all. 😉

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Build or Buy?

From time to time when we have discussions with people about wanting to move to Thailand the conversation inevitably revolves around going into business. Then the big question comes up – does one build a business or buy a business? Having done both we have a few things to say about this that may help people out a bit or at the very least give prospective entrepreneurs something to think about it.

Here goes it…

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Vans, porn karaoke, sausage mcmuffins and Pattaya…

On the road again – just can’t wait to get on the road again. Not really but it was pmmp’s birthday and we needed to get our game on the road. Had to be done. I got the van and pmmp got the rooms. We were going to stay at the Penthouse in Pattaya and we were going to tear it up. I packed 2 buckets of booze covered them in ice, made some mp3 discs for the road and pleaded with the crew to be at the mango by 3. What follows is the account, as told by me, recalling as many details as I can remember given we started drinking by 5 pm. Pattaya is in full dregs of low season and you could just smell it in the air but it made for plenty of pickings though. I will disclose that I fell off the wagon again but that I am citing “out of my home city” as a technicality. Similar to my behavior in Penang where I used the “out of country” rule.

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10 things I hate about Bangkok – Part 3 by On Nutter

Part 1 :: Part 2

THAI COUPLES: I can still remember the sense of shock I felt at seeing a Thai couple walking hand in hand for the first time. It was my third visit to Thailand and I had never witnessed this phenomenon before. On reflection, there is absolutely no reason why people of the same race, nationality, age, weight and level of attractiveness should not get together, but it just seemed incongruous. On the other hand, my friend Big Mike (a 59-year-old American who weighs 120 kilograms) and his girlfriend (a 20-year-old Cambodian who tips the scales at 42 kilograms) seem a perfectly matched couple.

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The Newbie’s Itinerary

Bangkok gogo girls

Things to do in Bangkok, yesterday

I’m often asked by newbies or first-timers what the absolute must-see attractions are in Bangkok. And, inevitably, my response is “it depends what you want to do”.

Some people will have more obviously different needs than others. A typical “ooh, dreadlocks!”, “ooh, henna tattoos!”, “ooh, banana pancakes!” backpack-laden Andrea-Dworkin-a-like is unlikely to appreciate the lesbian show at Suzie Wong, just as a typical “ooh, lager!”, “ooh, a fight!”, “ooh, donner kebab, extra chilli, no salad, cheers mate!” neanderthal type is unlikely to appreciate fine dining at Vertigo, at the Banyan Tree in Sathorn (which, incidentally, is expensive but very nice).

In short, whilst Bangkok has something to offer almost everyone, it also has an equally versatile capacity to irritate.

Since I tend to avoid the Khao San Road types if I can help it, I’ll tailor these suggestions to those visitors who aren’t averse to hitting the bars – feel free to offer up a couple of things to do that don’t involve chrome poles or mattresses.

Remember, these are recommendations to a tourist who’s going to be here for a week or two, and doesn’t know his way around. He probably don’t speak Thai either, so I’m sticking to places in the farang ghettos, where the staff are more likely to speak English. In no particular order:

  1. Nana Disco, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (BTS: Nana): At first glance, it’s as if you’re in a cheesy disco back home, albeit one stuffed wall-to-wall with hot girls in skimpy clothes. And then you come to the glorious realisation that all you really need to do is say “how much?”, and any one (or more) of them is yours for the night.
  2. Rainbow 4, Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (BTS: Nana): Quite simply the most impressive gogo bar in Bangkok. Not necessarily the best, and it’s worth noting that there are no shows and no nudity. That said, nowhere else has quite the same jaw-dropping number of gogo girls.
  3. The Eden Club, Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 (BTS: Nana): I suspect this is going to be a contentious one, but given that a threesome is consistently placed #1 on every list of men’s sexual fantasies, it’s only right to list the easiest place in which to experience one.
  4. Baccara, Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Soi 21-23 (BTS: Asoke): In my opinion (and it’s only an opinion), this is Bangkok’s finest gogo bar. Take a seat upstairs, and watch some of the cutest girls on Soi Cowboy gyrate in (and out of) school uniforms.
  5. Suzie Wong, Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Soi 21-23 (BTS: Asoke): Get there for the nightly show. Four or five girls. Tongues. No clothes. ‘Nuff said. Show usually starts sometime after 10.30pm, but be prepared to wait longer on some nights than others.
  6. Angelwitch, Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (BTS: Nana): Whilst old-timers and expats may complain that the shows are a little tame, and that it can get a little dull after you’ve seen the same shows time and time again, I’d suggest that a first trip to Angelwitch is an entertaining must-see for newbies.
  7. Tulip Sukhumvit Rd, nr corner Soi 38 (BTS: Thong Lo): Best oil massage experience in Thailand.
  8. Lolita’s, off Sukhumvit Soi 8 (BTS: Nana): Because it’s a BJ bar. And you probably haven’t been to one of those before.
  9. Gulliver’s, Sukhumvit Soi 5 (BTS: Nana): A relatively chilled-out bar with decent food, reasonably-priced beer and a bevvy of freelancers. Whilst I’ve never had a problem with any girls from here, it’s worth mentioning that if a freelancer misbehaves, there is no bar to complain to. Worst case scenario, she relieves you of your wallet and valuables while you sleep. No comeback. Like I said, it’s never happened to me, but worth bearing in mind. That said, if you’re the type who fancies the idea of “renting a girlfriend” for your whole stay (which I also wouldn’t recommend, but hey), this isn’t a bad place to make that deal.
  10. Annie’s (or any other soapie), Sukhumvit Soi 4/elsewhere (BTS Nana/elsewhere): If you’ve got any energy left, try a soapie. They don’t have these in Basingstoke. Annie’s is conveniently placed on Sukhumvit, reasonably cheap but unspectacular, and targets Western tourists (so the staff will speak English). Other options are Darling’s, on Sukhumvit soi 12 (BTS: Nana), and for the big-hitters, Poseidon – out on Ratchada, but easily accessible by MRT (Huay Kwang station) and is (by reputation – alarmingly, I haven’t yet been myself) the best soapie massage parlour in Thailand. Expect to pay ฿1,500-2000 at Annie’s or Darling’s, and anything from ฿2,000 to ฿18,000 at Poseidon (that top price range is for Penthouse magazine models. Really).

Like a train wreck…

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. My parents lived almost in the middle of no where. We built our own house, some might call it a barn, we had no electricity and I was mostly home schooled. Amazing I made it out isn’t it? Our house was a 5 minute walk from the railroad tracks and one day we all heard a noise that could only be one thing – a train derailment. No one was hurt but about 20 cars had jumped the tracks and it took them weeks to sort it out and fix the tracks. I couldn’t look away. For hours per day I watched them clean it up, repair the tracks and test the new line. I did not do my homework for a week. One of my fondest memories.

With the blog continuing to grow, thanks to all of u, we constantly get links from other sites. I tend to read them all since it is a barometer of the sites success so to speak. It is a fun way of learning of other sites and to see what other people are saying. It can be very enlightening and like a train wreck – I can’t look away.

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Penang nightlife – or lack thereof…

Well folks. Last post from rainy Penang. I am so glad to be coming back to BKK!

Post 1 :: Post 2

After my Post 2 escapades I figured there was no use trying to top that so I just hung out – reading, writing and exploring a little bit. I guess if you have never been to Malaysia one could do okay in Penang for a few days but after living in Bangkok it is really tough to enjoy this place. I did my best but Bangkok rules.

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