Wan Chai

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Continuing our adventures elsewhere, I found myself in Hong Kong recently with an evening to kill. Wan Chai, I had heard, was the local epicentre of naughty nightlife, so I figured it would be rude not to check it out.

First things first. Hong Kong is not cheap, and nor are Hong Kong girls. I knew nothing about Wan Chai before I turned up, and naively expected bars full of hot Hong Kong Chinese girls. There are none. There seems to be a 90/10 split between Filipinas and Thai girls. Not that they’re cheap either, compared with Bangkok.

I got the MTR (underground) to Wan Chai, and found myself on Lockhart Street – a busy urban street lined with what the locals refer to as girlie bars, but which bear more than a passing resemblance to Bangkok’s gogo bars.

Enter The Dragon

I took a wander, and found myself in Dragon Club, on Fenwick Street – just off the main strip. A stage full of chrome poles and bored-looking shuffling Filipina “dancers” in bikinis greeted me, and I could have been in any of Bangkok’s lesser gogo bars. Until I saw the drinks prices, that is. A bottle of San Miguel set me back HK$40 (฿173), or HK$44 (฿190) once they added the mandatory 10% service charge. Lady-drinks in this bar consisted of a shot-glass of cola, and sell for HK$110 (฿475) – that’s HK$121 (฿523) with the service charge. I’ve had cheaper shags.

I picked out the cutest girl, and beckoned her over to join me. She was about 30-ish, so older than me, and she’d get laughed out of the door if she applied for a dancing job at any of Nana Plaza‘s Rainbow bars, but seemed nice enough.

The vulture of a mamasan implored me to buy the girl a drink, which I agreed to in the interest of research. There was a pleasant surprise though – we sat in a booth, and as my girl gingerly sipped her tiny drink with one hand, she stuffed her other hand down my pants. “Sorry, I have a naughty hand”, she giggled.

“That’s quite alright”, I replied.

“I have a naughty mouth too”, she mischievously added. And with that, she set about impressing me with her pork-sword swallowing technique. Suddenly, the five hundred baht lady-drink looked like a pretty good deal after all.

Not for long. I thought she was coming up for air – in fact, she was coming up to finish her drink, flutter her eyelashes, and inform me that I’d have to buy her another drink if I wanted her to continue.

Ever tried to make a rational financial decision whilst receiving a blow job? I bought her another drink. This disappeared even more quickly than the first. “This is going to get expensive”, I said to myself.

“One more?”, she asked.

“Okay, if you finish me off this time”.

“Oh, you have to talk to mamasan”.


The mamasan informed me of my options. The girl just would not discuss it at all. Apparently I could take the girl out of the bar for two hours for HK$2,000 (฿8,639). I’ve had cheaper relationships.

I actually had no intention of taking any girls out whatsoever, but the mamasan started haggling anyway. She offered me one hour with the girl, firstly for HK$1,500 (฿6,479) and then, desperately, HK$1,000 (฿4,319).

“Can’t she just finish me off like this?”, I asked (and yes, BBB-jr was still sticking out of my pants during these delicate negotiations).

“Okay. HK$600”. That’s ฿2,592. I declined, drank up, and moved on.

Fake Tales of San Francisco

I eventually wandered into San Francisco #1, where beers were available for the bargain price of HK$20 (฿86), so still only HK$22 (฿95) after the service charge. That’s cheaper than most Bangkok gogos. Advantage Wan Chai.

Unfortunately, it’s advantage Bangkok all the way in every other respect. The girls were mostly Filipina, but I spotted an Issan girl (from Ubon Ratchathani, it turned out) amongst them, who was suitably amused when I introduced myself in Thai. She wanted to know why on earth I was wasting my money in Wan Chai when I lived in Bangkok.

I began to wonder the same thing myself. She wasn’t looking particularly appealing, and the Filipina girls weren’t much better. Lady drinks, I was enthusiastically informed, ranged from HK$110 (฿475) for a simple cola, to HK$220 (฿950) for a mixed drink, and onto HK$330 (฿1,425) for a tequila. Plus ten percent, naturally.

I hated to disappoint the Thai girl, her Filipina friend, and the mamasan, who’d all crowded round my small table to beg for tequila, but there was no way I was going to spend the best part of ฿5,000 on four drinks. That’s seven sessions at the Star of Light, for heaven’s sake.

I did buy a cola for the Thai girl, and had a quick chat with her about the industry. It was definitely a nice change to be able to chat with a bargirl in a language her boss and her colleagues couldn’t understand. She claimed that she receives no salary from the bar, and just makes her money on drinks (HK$40 to the girl, HK$70 to the bar) and bar-fines (the barfine around here includes payment for the girls services, just like at the Saphan Kwai gogos in Bangkok).

Long-time, I was told, would set me back HK$4,000. That’s a mind-boggling ฿17,277 – and remember, this is for an Issan girl who must have been pushing forty years old.

Same Same

I ventured into San Francisco #2, next door, and then onto Cock-Eye, or Pop-Eye, depending on which sign you read. They were pretty similar, although only the San Francisco bars offered HK$20 beers. HK$40 seemed to be the standard price. This was getting depressing.

I had one more bottle of San Miguel in Cavalier, where I found another ageing Thai girl, this time with ludicrous silicone breasts. We were shepherded into a private booth, where I was told the girl would give me a lap-dance if I bought her a (HK$110) drink. I did so, and in return she simply sat on my lap, staring into the middle distance. I enthusiastically groped her boobs for a while, but it was clear that even my sexual magnetism wasn’t going to extract any fun out of this situation.

The mamasan stuck her head around the curtain, and told me that for another HK$1,000, I could do anything I wanted with the girl, inside the booth. I declined, paid for the drinks, and left.

The Fenwick

Having already gone way over budget, I kicked myself when I finally found the Fenwick. A friend had recommended this place as a great freelancer hang-out joint. I got myself a pint (yes, a proper pint) of John Smith’s, and cruised around.

Think Thermae, but much darker and with Filipinas instead of Thais. They weren’t doing anything for me though – even though I wasn’t particularly looking for a girl, I saw nobody in here capable of changing my mind.

I should have at least found out the kind of money the girls were looking for – I’m sure it would have been far more reasonable than the girly bars, but I was getting sloppy after several beers on an empty stomach. I moved on, and somehow found myself back in Dragon Club – the first bar I’d visited.

Easy come, easy go

Since bedtime was drawing near, I figured I’d take up the offer of an in-bar oral “happy ending” from earlier. Plus a beer for me, and two more lady-drinks for the girl. She did put in a decent performance, and for Hong Kong residents it’s probably marginally cheaper than flying to Bangkok, but otherwise I see no reason to head out here.

It All Adds Up

Six bottles of San Miguel: HK$220 (฿950)
Eight lady-drinks: HK$968 (฿4,181)
One gobble: HK$600 (฿2,592)
Total: HK$1,788 (฿7,723)


So I guess this is the point where you Hong Kong expats and experts tell me what I should have done, and where I should have gone. Over to you…

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  1. Nice to know that in a world that is constantly changing there are some things that remain the same. Wan Chai, & Kowloon side for that matter, were frightfully expensive when I was a horny 21 y o back in 1986. The reality of sharing a room with my father & grandfather made it all academic anyway. The father, son & holy ghost tour. Had far more success with a Filipino I met in a nightclub. She seemed to believe me when I casually mentioned that I had just been transfered to the HK ANZ bank office. Only cost me a couple of drinks & some lost dignity on the dance floor.

    Do you get to claim your research expenses against tax?

    Negotiating with a mamasan during the course of a bj should be far easier than calming an enthusiastic practictioner after she has discovered you were pushing out some z's while she was doing her best.

  2. Dude

    HK is way more expensive – that's why the girls take the plane! Why trick for THB 1k in BKK when you can  get the equivalent of 6k in HK or SIN?

    Having said which you went to some crap joints. Fenwick, Laguna, New Makati etc are the places to go. But the HK expats are all off to BKK or MNL for the weekend so really…

  3. The massage parlors are intresting, cost is alot less also at the right time at night there are some freelancers on the street, look at sex141 to see the type of girls you missed!! 

  4. Thanks, guys. I perused sex141.com, and realised that I could have had a session with a hot Japanese chick for less than I spent.  I'm off to cry myself to sleep now. Thanks again.

  5. Went to HK in '96 when it was still a British protectorate. Didn't go to Wan Chai but hit a few bars and clubs in Kowloon. Same deal. About 4 times the cost of Thailand. Took a miss on the sex for sale. Had some good Peking duck and other chinese food though.
    The highlight for me on the island was the train ride to the top of Mount Victoria. Great view of the city. A boat tour around the harbour was kind of fun too.
    The difference in the cost of living really makes you appreciate Thailand when you get back home.

  6. BBB,

    The freelancer discos in Wanchai are the Fenwick Club, Neptunes, Dreams, and Joe Bananas.  If you head over to Lan Kwai Fong, they hang out at the Irish pub there.  The freelancers will make a cut off any drinks you order for them.

    If you're lucky, handsome, or charming….the girls will go with you for free after the HK100 taxi fare in the morning.  Otherwise they will quote you anywhere between HK500 – HK2000.   The Thai girls I've met there are cut throat and all about money.   Most have already ran the Singapore circuit and although good looking, they are pushing 30 and work in HK/SIN because they will not get a second look when put up against any of the Rainbow girls.

    If you walk down Lockhart Rd towards Times Square in Causeway Bay, there is a Blue Sky Sauna where you can get a 90 minute massage and full service package for $800 HK.  There are tons of these joints over in Kowloon side as well, especially in the Tsim Tsa Tsui area.  For a quick and dirty deed, head over to Mongkok where they have Thai, Viet, Filipina, Russian, and Eastern Europeans for HK300+ for a one shot – wham, bam, thank you ma'am deal.

    The problem with the website that knight mentioned is that most of the girls only cater to local HK men.  If you don't speak Chinese or aren't knowledgable enough about the area to find these girls apartments then you are out of luck.  Also a lot of the pictures are heavily photoshopped.

    Hope this helps.   BTW, when were you in HK?  I was just there myself before heading over to BKK.  I ran into the Thai mamasan from the San Francisco bar at the 24 hour restaurant in the Tunnel between Suk Soi 5 and 7!   Boy was she surprised to see me!  Small world eh….

  7. First off, great post. Point duly noted, don't go to HK for (cheap)sex πŸ™‚ Although I myself have not personally tried HK as a mongering destination I can only deduce that the pricing wouldn't be to my advantage. Thanks for sharing.

    Some points and questions though,
    1.) You mentioned that the bars you went to had mostly Thais & Filipinas providing service. At those prices you can get a pretty decent supermodel from Poseidon.  And at such prices, I can only imagine what the HK gals would expect.

    2.) In accordance with the laws of Suppy & Demand, I can only hope a HK gal would cost less as they are more or easily available(less exotic than say a Jap or Thai). But then again, I also hear that HK has market for Russians so who knows, maybe they cost less than an arm as opposed to the  Russians in BKK which cost both arms & legs.

    As in most Asian countries, skin color also plays a major role in price factors. Again, thanks for the great (informative)posts. Keep'em comin'

  8. anon – Thanks for filling the gaps, agree with every point still a great city and I love the place but it will always be my no. 2 in Asia after BKK of course

  9. Hi BBB,
    I told you last time to try 141!!! these bars in wanchai are only for desesperated ones or really rich ones, or for overseas customers who let their suppliers in HK to pay the bill πŸ™
    furthermore, most of these girls in wanchai are not nice looking. Next time to go Macau, expenive too, but great service (ice & fire) and most beautifull girls from China. 

  10. crazy jack:

    1 – you can't expect or even compare thailand prices to rest of the world.  you can't get a 40Baht pad thai or fried rice in hong kong right?  so the mongering will be most costly as well…

    2 – as BBB could probably tell you, the places he went to in wanchai have no chinese there.  these are tourist destinations for farangs which is why the price is so high.  hk freelancers or 141 girls charge anywhere between HK300 – HK1000 with the majority coming in about HK600 or so.  and yes there is a market for russians/eastern europeans there as well, they are considered exotic and would be the most expensive girls in HK.

    knight – it would be the reverse for me, hk would be no. 1 and bkk no. 2.  hk is just so much more cosmopolitan and modern than bkk with english more widely spoken.  plus with all the ease in bkk, sometimes you get bored and need more of a challenge.

    quentin – yes macau is an option but only  if you know where to look.  after you add in the round trip hydrofoil ride, you're better off having just stayed in hong kong.  (unless u hit it big at the casinos!)

  11. Totally apposite thread I'm off to HK next week. Been to China many times and kind of half live in LOS but never been to HK. BBBs report was great. I loved it and will still visit Wan Chai but no lady drinks, jeeez I've been burned in BKK/ Pattaya on this one but the prices in Wan Chai man!!!!!!! Anyone got any favourite 141ers they can recommend? Long shot I know but hey what's a guy to do?
    Seeya in Big Mango BBB !!!!!

  12. Nampla69, If I were you I would stay with the KTV clubs in mainland China. The girls are far cheaper and prettier than those in HK. BKK is great but if one is looking for a change try mainland China. I do not mean up north in Shanghai or Beijing, but down south in Shenzhen or Dongguan. In fact, if you are young and attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes, like yours truly, you can usually get the girls for free. Great post BBB, but please before you go and spend a month's wages poll your readership for some money saving facts, and possibly better shags….

  13. I was in HK a half year ago or so.  Doing the visa run thing along with visiting a friend of mine (native HK guy).  He was absolutely crestfallen when he realized that I didn't have the necessary visa to visit mainland China for mongering.  He kept raving about Shenzhen and about how the girls there were hotter and cheaper.  That didn't stop us from visiting a few houses of ill-repute in Kow Loon and Mongkok, but overall I was disappointed with the pickings when compared with BKK.

  14. Coincidentally, I was just talking about Hong Kong with a friend the other night.  My friend lived in HK for quite a number of years.  He told me that in Shanghai a lady drink was 2,000 Baht in posh bars over five years ago!  In the HK equivalent of go-go bars you can pay as much as 4,000 HK Dollars, or a tidy 17,000 Baht for a lady of the night.  Perhaps Hong Kong hookers have a pussy that is lined with gold?

  15. Two tips for Hong Kong.

    One is to time your trip to be there on a Sunday. All the Indonesian and Philippino maids get the day off – and it is amazing how many of them are young and not at all bad looking. Many of these like to go to the clubs in Wanchai and really get loose. It is not unusual to be more or less attacked in the clubs at just 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not hard at all to lineup some freebies with enthusiastic girls who have had a very bad week at work! Lagunas tends to attract the Indo crowd, places like Neptune, Makati and Fenwick are more for the Flips. I have had better Sunday afternoons in Wanchai than Saturday nights almost anywhere else.

    The other tip is to take a short train ride or ferry ride to Shekou in Shenzen. This is packed with small bars, clubs and cheap places to stay, and full of mainland Chinese girls. Prices are MUCH more reasonable (but still not down to BKK levels), and you will see the occasional stunner. Some streets in Shekou are wall to wall clubs/bars – quite a lively and friendly scene.

  16. ah ok thanks.. yea i know, i would never dream of paying that but just wanted to satisfy my curiosity for what's available if i really wanted it…

  17. actually, i don't think there is a single girl i'd do the nasty with on that site…

    also, nice to see the arctic monkeys have made it into the BBB blog πŸ™‚

  18. BBB, Try in excess of 250,000 baht…….   πŸ™‚

    (It was meant to be a little humor. I'm sure your Goolge ads make you more than 7,723 baht a month.)

  19. Thanks guys this is turning into one of the best blogs on LOS going. Why? because no dumb ass flaming, no weirdo stalking just really funny and helpful comments. thanks guys now where is that Dundas Street in Mong Kok?……

  20. @anonzo: Me neither. Hey, I have taste. What can I say?

    @Ma: Gotcha. I removed the Google ads ages ago, but point taken πŸ™‚

    @Nampla69: Thanks, dude. I'm blushing.

  21. Last time I was there was in 2004.  I used to go there about twice a year. Best bet is to hook up with a Domestic Service girl (maid from the PI) for free.  Hooked up with one at The Bridge once, and on Sunday afternoons, hit the disco's there are non free lancer types that hang out there (Sunday is the maid's day off).

      At night the Disco's previously mentioned you can hook up with some Thai free lancers, later the better, after they have hooked a few Short times, you can get one all night for under $100 US, just speak some thai to them, be friendly, can work out ok.
      For a cheap shag, get on the Subway in Wanchai and go to an area called Mongkok.  Short time houses there for 350-500 HK.  They will have multi colored flourescent lights on the entry ways. Just walk around the few blocks there near the subway station and you will find them.  They have chinese, thai, phillipine, malay and Hong Kong girls that they call up.  You go in, tell them what you want, agree on the fee, they have small shag rooms, they will call a girl in and go for it. 


  22. I'm amazed no one from HK has commented on this so far. It's a shame that you concentrated on the girly bars. They really are rip off joints. Some of the Filipinas are young & cute but the Thais tend to be older ladies with purchased marriages to local guys behind them.

    Fenwick is a personal bete noir of mine. It is popular but I find the management, door staff and waitresses dishonest to both the customers and girls looking for commission drinks.
    Laguna on a Sunday afternoon is truly wondrous (very easy to find a nutty sex starved Indo for little or no money), and Neptune is where the better looking whores tend to gravitate to. The Thais often fall into one of two categories; the hard nosed beautiful types who'll do 2-3 punters a night and demand (and get) 2-3000 per time, and the then there are the party girls who are great fun to hang out with and you'll get for a 1000 or so. Filipinas can often be persuaded to go for 5-700. There are a few Vietnamese knocking around, though sadly the Mongolian contingent appear to be no longer with us. A large number of Colombians & Venezualans have also been kicked out following a couple of 'coke & hookers in Wan Chai' stories in the local press. There are a few African girls around too.

    If you're looking for non-working Chinese girls then you were in the wrong place. The cool chicks hang out in the club/bars of Soho, Noho and Central, but best attempted if you're under 40 and good looking.

    Sex141 is a great alternative, and aboslutely fine for non locals. The girls actually often prefer foreigners and nearly all speak basic English.

  23. Oh, and I've had the exact same experience in the Dragon Club. It gets pretty expensive if you don't have a 'hair trigger'. It is one of the filthier girly bars though. Laguna is right next door by the way.

  24. Been to all the places mentioned in the previous posts over the 30 plus years that I have been going to HK.  Nothing has changed Wan Chai is still Wan Chai as it was when William Holden went there in the World of Suzie Wong.  Anyhow when I was young the Sunday "day off" Flips congregating in the parks was a great pick up spot.  Now that I am older (much) I found a new spot. The Prince Edward section where the uni girls and guys pool their HK$ and go and get "smashed" on big bottles of inexpensive beer.  Same price all customers,  very cheap beer, very cheap food and since I am always the only Farang guy in the place the uni girls one by one come over to me by the dozen to practice their English.  I score at will. No solicitation. No fee. but I always somehow give them something  usually way too much taxi fare because they are really "starving students"

    If I start to see lots of Farangs in the area then I'll probably be angry with myself for letting this secret out.

  25. @John Boy: Yup. Everyone told me before I went that I needed to be there for a Sunday. And that just wasn't possible.

    When I was younger, I wanted to sleep with women of every global nationality. Nowadays, I just want to sleep with women of every East-Asian nationality. I've done Thai (oh, have I done Thai…), Khmer, Vietnamese, Thai-Chinese, Khmer-Chinese, Vietnamese-Chinese and Vietnamese-Khmer-Chinese (don't ask). Only got sucked off by the Filipina, so that doesn't count. Still need to add Japanese, true Chinese, Filipina, Laotian, Malaysian, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian, er… Where's my atlas gone?

  26. I've also heard that Shenzen, China is a great place for girls as the female to male ratio is 8:1 and girls are from all different parts of China (or at least thats what the tour guide told me).  It's less than an hour train ride away from HK…right on the border. 

    I only managed to check out the daytime activities there as it was a guided tour so no P4p action for me to report on.  However, I did notice that females did outnumber the male population greatly and most employees in the stores and shops were females.  However English is barely spoken at all.

  27. Anon, Yes, you are correct, the girls out number the guys by a wide margin in China. Perhaps this is why I see so many 'butt ugly' guys walking around with some very lovely Chinese girls. Then on the other hand, from my opinion, China has some of the ugliest women I have ever laid eyes on!

    Yes, in southern China there is not much English spoken, much more in Shenzhen however than in Dongguan. But then again, as in any foreign country it is always wise to learn a little of the country's language. And Mandarin is not that much more difficult than Thai. BTW, who needs to talk when having sex, especially when her mouth is full…. πŸ™‚

  28. B3, you said ……………..She was about 30-ish, so older than me, HOW DARE YOU!!! being so, well, young!!! Go to your room and don't come out 'til you're well into your 40's!!!

  29. Great, informative posts all-around, guys.  3B, don't feel bad, everyone has to do Wan Chai at least once.  And once is enough. 
    But you know you've arrived as a whore-mongering player in HK, when you're sitting with your buddies watching TV and spot an actress in a TV show or commerical you want to drill.  A phone call is made to a broker, the actress is ID'd, the cost given.  No shit, this is not urban myth.  My pal paid USD5K for a night with a TV star.
    They're not all for rent, of course, but plenty are, and costs depend on their stature in show business.
    I always liked partying in Lan Kwai Fong.  Picking up non-pros was never that hard.
    No need to wait till Sunday to meet the Flip/Indo domestics.  Approach them on the sidewalks while they walk the dogs/push the strollers outside the apartment complexes.  They're so repressed, they're ready to pop.  It's possible to get them to sneak out at night for a meat meet.
    In mainland China, I like Kunming or Hainan for the value.
    But hey, just met a Japanese girl in New Orleans who is rocking my world, so you just never know.

  30. BBB: I am sad I did not know you were passing through. I actually think HK is one of the best places to go out as a youngish guy in the world (Manila is similar in terms of ease for pulling but not quite the same for anything else). I have had a number of freebies from Wan Chai bars, Sundays are great. One freebie was even Thai. All have been great fun. even when paying HK$1000 is max for hot cute girls and many if not free will go for $500. English is spoken by the girls so you can actually have a good laugh with them. Your big mistake was going to the girlie bars…. need to stick to Neptune, Fenwicks or any number of the other bars mentioned here. The best girls are the domestics… you get some cute girls but they are not bored of sex and westerners like some of the pros. Anyway if u are passing through again let me know!

  31. @chicagobob: What can I say? I'm getting older every day, if that's any consolation. Unfortunately, all this sex keeps me looking even younger…

    @soi4rulz: I have heard of similar women being available (by advance order) at Poseidon in Bangkok. Problem is that I don't know who any of the Thai celebs are. Wandering around Emporium with Thai girls can be amusing, when they get all reverentially awestruck upon spotting someone off the TV, and I'm completely nonplussed – "Who?"…

    @dessertmax: Sorry, my schedule is usually more than a little chaotic. I've heard that it's easy to hook up with girls for cheap or free if you're in HK long-term, and have no problem believing it. Unfortunately, I only had one night, and wanted to do a "compare and contrast" with the gogos. Next time…

  32. I love your detailed personal review of Wan Chai, I would love a similar review of Rio if you or any of your readers have been.

  33. I'm down here in the general area. If 3B has a slush fund for those types of international re-con adventures, I'd gladly take one for the team. The report would be on your desk by next Monday….

  34. the availability of HK celebs reminded me that no one here mentioned HK escort agencies.  it's been a while but i remember some pretty amazing
    photos on some of the websites.  and while some could be bait and switch certainly not all.  i remember they even had a photo of that eastern european prnstar sophie sweet.   wtf?
    anyway, if i recall the rates were not far off the 141 incall ones. 

    of course none of this can compete with drunk uni students who want to practice their english.  or horny housemaids on a sunday parade. too funny.

    as for the wan chai thing. one thing ive noticed about thai girls that leave LOS to work elsewhere is that they don't necessarily always know the price differentials.  i've seen thais working independently  in AUS/NZ who are charging only slightly more than the equivalent of what they'd get back in LOS.  crazy.  but then there are ones who go to work for a brothel, start pulling the local rates, get wise to the scheme.  none of the other girls can compete with them.  and these tend to be older 30ish thai girls.  it's all about business and they have the best training in the world.  nothing like a BKK trained energiser bunny. 

    punters love to argue about this but i think this proves no matter you pay you're getting more or less the same service.  girls don't adjust their service based on price (although they might adjust it on other factors), they adjust their price and services offered based on the market.

  35. I once saw a HK escort agency website that had a heap of photos of some real stunners.  Too many for all of them to be bait switch.  Interestingly, they had a few Eurosluts, one of them a 'movie star' you might know: Sophie Sweet though they had given her some generic nom de tart. 

  36. OK been there now!
    37 Dundas Street MongKok. Woow! and
    Fenwicks Wan Chai……… do not ever buy a lady drink here 140 HK $, bide your time and strike double wild gold, but dress really nicely and you may get taken to artists colony up the slopes. Wild!!! Look for the girls in silver masks, one of whom is Thai. But it is seriously expensive if you are not chok dee maak!

  37. BBB
    Great post, sadly it really is the truth. wanchai girly bars are ripoffs. I have been living in Hong Kong for about 7 years now and usually the best thing is to get a drink with your buddies in TST or Lan Kwai Fong and book a girl from 141.com saves tons of cash

  38. @BBB your missing out on the Malay front
    i lived in Penang for a few months and had an awesome malay girlfriend – i stand by my statement that malay women are best in the world, there just isnt te vast quantity as thais though
    nailes an indonesian nymph in penang aswell, she was wild

    50baht for any1 who can claim to nailing an ethiopian

  39. Penang can't even hold a jock strap compared to LOS, Jakarta is much better than Penang and Jakarta doesn't even compare well.

  40. Penang has SOME stunners but few and far betwwen, my GF worked in the gym i worked in at gurney plaza, she was a Personal trainer and was unreal – for sheer volume LoS cannot be beaten but i stand by that malay girls (minus headgear) are best
    do they have go-go scene in jakarta? 

  41. I live in HK and frequent many of the haunts you mentioned. One thing must be made clear…stay out of the (supposed) gogo clubs in the Wanch. They are a seething pit where no action takes place, the mamasan are Chinese dragon ladies (cunts, to be frank) and they will soak every last dollar out of you then kick you to the curb.

    If you are looking to pick-up decent talent, I suggest you go the bar route and the FL’s..my top spots would be:

    1. Fenwicks – it can be pricey, so caveat emptor. And, please, do not buy any of the tarts a tequila rock-n-roll, that will set you back HK $200 (Bhat 800). Buy them a lesser drink and be clear its only one or two. This place does have the best talent in the city. Filipinos, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese…and the truly bizzare big-titties Colombians.

    2. Neptune II – Best value for money and a lot of fun. Mostly Flips and Thai, but as is the norm in HK, pricey lady drinks.

    3. Amazonia – Great live band..free lance talent..and not too pricey.

    But…the real undiscovered gem in HK are the High-rise love Hotels. They are everywhere…and they are great. HK $300-$400 for full service…usually with a sweet lady from Mainland China. Try 388 Hennessey Rd…just a suggestion.

    Welcome to HK, but Bkk has it beat.

  42. If the opportunity presents itself…and you have the time, bypass HK for greener pastures. Those greener pastures would be:

    Zhuihai – great collection of bars with tarts galore and as inexpensive as Bkk (or even less)

    Shekou – They have a few bar streets close to the harbor that are tart-astic. Great attitudes, pretty and good value for money

    Shenzhen – Getting more pricey as the Honkeys are going there on the weekends for fun.

    Only downside is not a lot of English is spoken, so a few phrases are key…

    Tai Gui Le…too expensive

    Dou Shao Qian…how much

  43. China Visa?

    Anyone here familiar with the Visa process for China? Would like to hear how that works. I would prefer to visit the China embass in Bangkok and get a 3-month (or so) tourist visa; American passport.



  44. DBoy-

    Chinese visa should be easy. I believe you can get a one-month visa on a US passport pretty hassle free. Just send it in to the Chinese embassy in Bkk.

    The Chinese govt doesnt give out 3-month visas anymore. You can get a one-month multiple entry, a 6-month multiple entry and a one-year multiple entry. The one-year is hard to attain unless you can prove you do a lot of business in China. Try for the 6-month multiple entry and this can be done directly with the Chinese embassy.

  45. looking for philippina know as isabella/bing does anyone know of her and where she might be if you have pictures please send them on

  46. looking for philippina know as isabella/bing does anyone know of her and where she might be if you have pictures please send them on View all comments by willem

    1. willem – at which point will you realize that no one here knows of some bint called Bing the Philippines. Even though there are most probably tens of thousands called Bing.

      Have you tried directory inquiries?

  47. willem – she is in my bed doing absolutely filthy things to me – the little slut πŸ™‚ Every time I stick my thumb into her ass she sequels at the top of her voice. Can i send pictures? No, that got an Aussie guy into trouble last week so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

  48. Oh come on guys have a heart here! Can’t you see this is a desperate lovelorn bloke seeking to rediscover his very reason to draw breath? It’s so lomantic na…

  49. @nR, always the gentleman, but when Lomeo is finnished with her I’m going seconds…mmm, on second thoughts, I’ll take that back πŸ˜‰

  50. Great newbie mongering report on visiting the wanch for the first time and being drawn into the girly bars like it was Bangkok. Will be visiting for the first time myself in a couple of weeks so just researching. The comments in this post were very informative, not sure how much of it is out of date if Lagunas or Fenwicks are still rocking? Will be there for a Sunday so looking forward to experiencing the maid parade. Off to Macua too for a couple of nights then spending the last couple of nights back in Hong Kong Kowloon side. Will give full reports on my blog

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