The Red Sash by Jack

I was in Shanghai on business last week and had a number of pals pointing me in the direction of the Red Rope Lounge. At first I was keen, but as the week wore on, caught up in the ennui of another biz event and savage heat/pollution that turned simple strolls into ordeals, my ardor waned. I often have SNAFUs with mainland gals in any case, due to my poor language skills and their seemingly innate conviction that, as my pal T put it, “we ‘foreign-devils’ all have a redwood between our legs.”

Fortunately, all the devotees of this place ganged up on me. An SMS from Gordo, head-instigator of the Red Rope Revolution, simply read: “Rope. Rope. Rope.” I had no choice.

I’ll tell you exactly where it is: on the second floor of the Shanghai Hotel, in Shanghai, claro si claro no? It looks like any other sauna, but the sign has Japanese explication as well. My pal Doctor Salsa, who led me to the place, speaks to the manager in Putonghua (Mandarin), explains what package the gwailo wants, manager asks me if I can speak Chinese. Alas, no. He then says something in English, but I interject in Japanese that I can function in that language.

The manager busts into a grin and explodes in a torrent of fluent Japanese, nothing of substance is established except that he’s sorry my friend can’t join in the fun, I reiterate the sentiment, and as The Good Doctor bids adieu, I’m ushered into the sauna/massage area.

Even though I live in Hong Kong, I’ve never done the sauna/massage thing there. Those places are local, likely cramped for space, expensive, and no doubt smoky as hell. This place: lots of space, clean. I should note here that at places of this nature, which means that from beginning to end there will be a routine, just as there is a course-of-action in a Thai soapy. It’s not same-same Thailand freelancer/go-go girl where you can experiment and adapt. This is a service-establishment. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

I strip off and stick all my clothes (plus camera and condoms) in a locker and get a numbered wristband. Then, wearing nothing except a towel and plastic slippers, in we go. Life is made for new experiences, I remind myself, as a bunch of naked Chinese and Japanese guys stare at a naked tattooed foreign devil.

Shower station #1: sit down on a low round fixed-marble stool and lather up, hose down with a handheld. Then some guy who seems to be my minder leads me to a table and delivers a full-body mild-abrasive scrub. It’s kind of nice, and removes the layers of Shanghai pollution and sweat on my skin, but in light of later events, it wasn’t necessary.

After the scrub it’s Shower #2, standing up this time at a different station. I’m squeaky clean.

They have shorts and a top that fit and I’m shown into the recliner-chair room and offered a free drink. Can’t communicate with the drink-server but the guy in the next chair translates, turns out to speak good English and I end up conversing with him quite a bit. Mr Liu, an ex-English teacher, now works for a chemical firm and is on his way to the Turkish embassy the next day for a visa, he’s off to Istanbul on biz. Says he likes the buzz of the biz world after working in the Chinese school system. Makes sense.

Here comes the pedicure guy. I like pedicures, saves me bending over with nail-clippers chopping away. Chinese pedicurists don’t clip: they have razor-sharp implements and literally shave your excess-toenailage off laterally. I’m always fascinated by that. It’s seamless: if you didn’t look, you wouldn’t notice. They also shave your heel calluses. The TV is playing some stupid soap opera but fortunately I have Mr Liu to converse with. I’m enjoying this.

Some ladies come in to chat up what I assume are previous customers. I’m wondering what follows next.

What follows is the pedicure guy setting up for a manicure, no dude, I can handle that. Let’s move on to the massage part.

I’m led down a long, well decorated corridor to the massage area and the lineup appears. We’re talking quality here, gents, on a random Wednesday evening in Shanghai. If you’ve never seen a lineup of quality Chinese working girls (mainland cities and Macau are good venues for this), and if you like Asian women and Chinese phenotypes, this is something you should see. I do love Southeast Asian women, especially Thai and Vietnamese, but this is not that. This is this. This is very, very nice.

I ask who speaks English, one curly-haired dame with star-spangle tattoos on her right breast peeking from a decolletage gown answers, no one else says a word. I ask her where she’s from but don’t understand her answer, ask the one next to her, another Chinese-province-name-I-don’t get.

A gal, amusingly numbered #69, appears in a low-cut gown. Amazing rack. A guy standing slightly behind and to the left of me zooms past and disappears with Miss 69: she’d obviously been brought out for him. I appreciate a man who knows what he likes.

“Nihongo de wa?” (“How about Japanese?”), I inquire. Dead silence. I repeat, this time in English.

Spangled, somewhat piqued, says: “Chinese girls speak Chinese.” I like her attitude and I wanna see that tattoo, so I say, OK, let’s go.

And she says NO.

Fair enough. So I turn to my left and stare straight into the eyes of #63, a lithe 171 cm stunner and say, OK let’s go, and she’s delighted. Bingo. She throws her long arms around me with…a wide smile as she…leads me to a spacious room with side-mirror and top-mirrors fronted by chromed parallel bars.

Uh-huh, parallel bars bolted to the ceiling. You can see where this is going. Or can you?

Out of all the Asian gals I’ve toyed with, in terms of pure looks, this one was Top Ten, easy. Wish I had a photo but I don’t know how you could sneak a camera in, and at a place like this, you’d have to become a regular before even suggesting a snapshot.

GORgeous. From somewhere up north. Classic 100% Chinese look-standard phenotypes. Maybe 19 or 20. Twitch-perfect.

All clothing is removed and I lie face-down as she applies some sort of unguent/lubricant but not same-same Thai soapy. She rubs her pert nubile breasts and luscious firm ass in sequence and I can distinctly feel every body part without looking-it’s body-to-body and I glance into the side-mirror from time to time. What a transcendent ass this woman has, not to mention the entire package. Whatever benevolent deity made this creature is either a horndog-male like myself, or a lesbian. Yum.

She towels off the whatever-stuff, squeegees on something else and THEN gives me a full-body mouth-suction massage. That’s as close as I can describe it: mouthfuls of my flesh slurped in as she moves her mouth rippling up my body. Constant stimulation.

It occurs to me that if I were absurdly wealthy I would just have a staff of women who’d do this on a regular basis. How would some stupid car or yacht or fancy watch compare with a sensation like this? And, what could top it?

How about THIS: she then takes a mouthful of hot water and, repeating the pattern, gargles the mouthful against my delighted flesh. Again, I can’t really describe what this feels like. She has to stop periodically to replenish the heat, as she ripples the heated gargling girl-mouth all over my back.

After that it’s a more standard tongue bath. I have yet to turn over, but she’s fabulous at this also. I can’t help wonder what’s next.

“Piga,” she says, or something that sounds like that. She has to demonstrate, but it’s basically elbows-down/butt-up. She cleanses my bung with some disinfectant wipe (I’ve only had two showers in the last hour after all) and then, what? Something’s happening…then she’s up and reaching for something, but there’s this unmistakable sensation.

You guessed it: Miss Liu Chun has inserted an ice cube in my ass. Let me think, a first for me?…that would be…affirmative.

But the Fire and Ice routine dictates that she promptly return with a mouthful of hot water for an intense rim-job. My sensory-descriptive processes have completely broken down by now-you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Ice cube #2, however, was a no-go. I guess that despite the added warmth, there’s a limit to how much ice can be crammed up my ass. She politely soothes me with more hot-water rimming.

Finally, it’s time to flip over. Carefully measuring my rather attentive penis, she indicates minor concern but no melodrama-this is good. Then she produces a red sash and carefully ties it to the parallel bars, measuring distances mentally. This is going to be interesting.

It starts with nipple-sucking (I love that part, smelling her hair, nuzzling her long neck), then a blowjob, then the ice, then the fire (the correct order IMHO, discuss among yourselves).

Then, I’m not gonna diagram it, but you will have to imagine how a naked Chinese princess can hang suspended from the ceiling by nothing but a 20-centimeter red sash and blow you. There are two basic positions and both knots and balance are critical. It’s the most acrobatic sex I’ve ever had. The sight in the side-mirror is unforgettable. This is a service, don’t try this at home! (Doctor Flan, another pal who used to travel to Shanghai, says his friends used to refer to this practice as “Suck de Soleil” due to its circus-like nature).

She puts a rolled condom in her mouth and puts it on that way: fortunately, it fits well, another plus for the Red Rope-a-torium. She says, you get on top, but I’m very comfy and I say no no, YOU get on top, she complies with no drama. I like this gal.

It’s a great fuck, but after all that foreplay, I can’t say I lasted as long as I might have liked. However, staring into those perfect almond eyes as my orgasm thundered all over my corpus delicti…NO complaints. Unique.

Total was RMB70 for the scrub, RMB70 for the pedicure, and RMB750 for the rest, grand total of RMB890, about US$120.

Worth every last portrait of Mao I handed the clerk, who promptly put in the money-counting machine. This place does good business. They deserve it.

Jack the Bat
August 2, 2007

NOTES: although the term “rope” is used, it actually is a sash. If the women used a single rope they would fall and break their necks. However, “rope” allows for more puns like “getting roped in” and “rope burns.”

If you’ve seen any Hong Kong softcore films like SEX AND ZEN, you’ve seen these sashes deployed in sexual situations. I’m sure there are traditions that date back centuries. But, I don’t care. I’d like to fly back to Shanghai and have at #63 again.

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  1. This submission made for very uncomfortable reading. I had to shift around in my seat a few times before I got to the end…

  2. Nice entry. “Ms. Liu Chun”. Chun is actually a Korean surname, but big deal, nice story and this is why Asia is so awesome.

  3. Interesting commentary. A couple of comments:
    1) Shanghai used to be quite expensive for this type of service, but competition has blossomed and prices have come down. You get a lot more than you used to compared to even 5 years back.
    2) There seems to be REAL competition for these types of kinky places (favored by the Japanese and foreign tourists). Every venue wants to out do the other! And most are far better than what I have had in Thailand.
    3) I was recently introduced to a NEW place in Shanghai. Similar type to what you have described, but with some nuances:
    The girls will wear outfits (nurse, school girl etc.) AND
    they each come with a bag of tricks – meaning lots of electronic equipment and whips et al. So, your piece of ice would be blended with a love batton.

  4. I’ve heard the same Jack. I used to go to Happy Garden (opp. Malone’s) 5-6 years’ back. CNY1300 for average women, limited service, short changing you on the time, so I kinda stopped bothering.

    Now where are these new places? 🙂

  5. I am glad someone touched on the subject I wanted to bring up.

    At the end of the day – the Thai sex scene is quite – boring?

    Because there is so much of it there it little competition and little ingenuity. Why don’t go go bars put on a real strip show? That would turn me on.

    Why is Eden supposedly so amazing but yet so vanilla?

    Places like China have to compete a bit and offer something interesting. I wish it was the same in Thailand to be honest. It would be even more fun.

    Now don’t get me wrong – Thailand is pretty amazing but most of the sex – is well pretty standard. My guess is over time Thailand may have to figure out that the meat market approach to the scene might not last forever.

    We need more Tulips…

    I need to go to Shanghai…

  6. Bangkok’s got a few S&M places – not my personal kink, but hardly vanilla. It’s all show, of course – I asked a girl who’d just been soundly thrashed at Barbar whether she enjoyed it. She said something along the lines of “no, it hurts, but I need the money”.

    Thought you’d never been to Eden? I personally like it – easier than trying to convince a couple of regular bargirls to do the kind of stuff one can get up to in Eden. But yes, it could offer far more than it does, and it’s not a patch on Shanghai by the sound of things.

    Personally, I think this is a terrific business opportunity. The Mango Kinky Sex Club has a nice ring to it. How about it guys?

  7. Motto: “Putting the Mango in Places You Never Thought It Would Fit”?

  8. I don’t mean so much kinky or S & M but maybe a little more than lay on the bed and look at the ceiling.

    Something along the lines of tulip with nicer rooms and maybe some outfits is a step in the right direction?

    People are not exactly raving about Eden these days…

  9. I still think the whole soapy lilo experience is something Thailand does very well. You don’t get that in China, at least not as far as I’ve seen.

  10. Agreed – but then the bed routine after is so – well routine. I tried to convince a lilo girl one time to follow through during the Soapy since I was more than ready to go and it just seemed like it would be fun. She declined and was kind of put out that I would ask…

  11. Sh!t, I’m sitting here thinking of heading to Macau for the evening. This has not been a productive afternoon for me.

  12. Regarding Eden, there are 1,490 comments on this thread, most of which are overwhelmingly positive. I guess it depends on who you ask. I have no interest in the place, but never had a bad time there:

    Combover: The soapies I’ve tried have all gone straight from bath to bed. I heard Darling’s on suk soi 12 still do the soapy lilo part, but that most places no longer bother. I’m sure someone with more knowledge will chime in…

  13. I think the Pattaya soapies do, and also at Mona Lisa, which is the Bangkok soapie venue I’m most familiar with. It’s a little tatty but generally I’ve had good experiences there (including full service on the lilo, although I did regret that for being reckless enough not to bag up).

  14. I have just been hearing as of late it was not as good as it was. I am still waiting to go – see no need at this point.

    I think a lot of the places still do it but you have to ask – it is not the default anymore.

    The ones controlled by the lord group still do- love boat, victoria and so on.

  15. Combover
    I will find out the exact address for you. Was taken there quite late in the evening by a buddy….what an experience.
    The place is very discrete, and not as central as the Shanghai Hotel (near the Hilton I might add).
    These places do exist in Dongguan as well, I have another buddy who claims that the woman gets into a “swing” – literally and bounces off the ceiling. The Chinese are a bit more creative.
    If anyone has read the last page of the AWSJ today, it talks about how prices for sex have come down quite a bit in China…and interesting read.

  16. Hi, I’m the original poster, glad to see so much discussion on the post! Good intel as I live in HK…and thanks also Jack, cuz i glanced at the back page of the AWSJ, which I wouldn’t have otherwise!

    Any info on Dongguan would be appreciated, as I talked my way into a double-entry (ar ar ar) visa for the Shanghai trip and will probably take a weekend trip up there before it expires this autumn.

    Just post on the board, it’s all about info, and thanks again, gents. BTW my “Liu Chun” is my phonetic rendition of her name. My Putonghua, alas, is nonexistent and that’s what she told me, can’t tell you if it was Pinyin or Wade-Giles!


  17. I think we do have the proverbial pair of Jacks! Apologies for the confusion, I’ve used the nickname “Jack” in Thailand since ’93 and wrote under the name “Jack Black” for awhile until that actor became famous. Now I’ve changed to “Jack the Bat”…Smitty knows me, I’m the tall American Jack, for lack of a better descrip. I guess i could use “Jack B” for clarification.

    As this thread has generated some interesting comments, I’ll add an instant-message dialogue between myself and Gordo, who was one of the instigators. hope it’s amusing…some non-specific verbiage has been edited out, but it’s live as it happened otherwise:
    Gordo: Rope Rope Rope!
    G: You also can do all kinds of things with the phrase “rope burn,” whereas “sash burn,” no.
    Jack the Bat: well i can’t believe they do that, hang from the ceiling
    G: yep
    JtB: even tho i knew it was gonna happen, it’s still nuts
    G: you can’t describe it until you’ve seen it/had it done to you.
    JtB: no, it’s unique
    G: when I first heard about it, I thought, yeah, right.
    JtB: given all the SEX AND ZEN movies i’ve seen, i had an additional thrill!
    JtB: they use red sashes in those, often in humorous situations
    G: I’m just amazed they don’t offer this at Kings Sauna in HK or one of those places
    JtB: if i lived here or even traveled here more often i wd make this a regular stop
    JtB: i bet if u found a good sauna in Macau u wd at least find good service if not massive ropage
    G: and yet I’ve never heard of ropage there
    JtB: yeah, same here…this place must be unique
    JtB: but i mean, u get yr balance wrong, u cd break yr neck!
    G: remember, I stayed in that exact hotel 22 years ago.
    JtB: oh yeah

    JtB: amateur sex-acrobatics! NUTZOID!!
    G: when I did the double there, they told me how one guy shot into his own mouth
    JtB: ah ha ha!
    JtB: i can’t imagine two of ’em
    JtB: of course, i’d give it a try!
    G: It’s not more than the sum of its parts. but it is rather amazing
    JtB: they both hang simultaneous?
    G: no, they take turns
    JtB: that wd make sense
    JtB: i mean, i wd hate to see one of those gals slip…this one last night, oh my was she stunning
    JtB: i’m used to being surprised by how beautiful mainland gals can be, but i was shocked
    G: although certainly it’s a factor of price and maybe language, I’m surprised China is not more of a sex tourism destination unto itself.

  18. Enough already. All you guys whining about mundane sex in Thailand. Try it down here where you get NO SEX unless you like copulating with whales. Only 12 more days. Sigh.

    Nice article though.

  19. Japanese explore Shanghai after dark
    By Masuo Kamiyama
    May 28, 2007

    “Right now, Shanghai is the hottest spot in Asia — believe it. It’s got those famous karaoke clubs with hostesses, massage parlors and erotic baths. It’s evolved beyond anything we Japanese can imagine.”

    So says the pseudonymous “Goya-sensei”, who in Shukan Taishu offers to serve as guide to his understudy, reporter “Pokoni,” for an in-depth orientation into the sensual delights of China’s largest city.

    After a comfortable 3-hour flight from Tokyo, our reporter friend was met by Prof. Goya outside the customs area at Pudong International Airport. En route to the city, the sensei advises him that while sex-related services are officially verboten in China, the authorities generally take a hands-off approach to hands-on lechery.

    “But sensei,” he protests. “Aren’t Japanese occasionally caught up in busts? I mean, I read stories in the news from time to time…”

    “Yeah, well, those do happen, but they’re just done to keep up appearances,” he explains. “The crackdowns generally occur just before Chinese Lunar New Year or the October 1 National Day. The rest of the time, as long as you confine your cavorting to conventional activities, you won’t have any problems.”

    Goya-sensei then brandished a free newspaper crammed full of ads clearly aimed at visiting Japanese males.

    After an inexpensive, but somewhat disappointing 300-yuan (4,800 yen) quickie at a Korean-style massage in the city’s Hongqiao district, the two then proceeded to a deluxe sauna in the neighboring Gubei district.

    The shop shared the building with a Japanese-style restaurant.

    Charges for a bath and foot massage, followed by a 60-minute “special massage,” come to 620 Chinese yuan (about 9,900 Japanese yen), or even better, a deluxe 90-minute course that includes two girls simultaneously that costs 1,000 yuan (about 16,000 yen).

    After enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, our reporter was escorted to a private room upstairs, where he had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a slender celestial beauty, 22 years old, who stood 160cm tall. Her name was Xiaohua — Little Flower.

    About 70 percent of her shop’s clientele are Japanese, she tells him, speaking remarkably serviceable Japanese.

    “Japanese are big-hearted, so I like them,” she smiles fetchingly to Shukan Taishu’s reporter. “Okay, please turn over and lie face down.”

    Ingesting a mouthful of water, Xiaohua then proceeded to lick her customer from shoulder blades to feet, in every pore and orifice. And we do mean every. Which prompted Pokoni to moan, “Ooohhh sugoi” (this is fantastic)!

    “We call this water-and-tongue treatment ‘binghuo’ (ice fire) in Chinese,” she confides to him.

    Then Xiaohua got aboard the legendary “red swing” — using a red cloth strung through two poles running along the ceiling to suspend herself upside down in midair — in an acrobatic finale that Pokoni describes as a red-winged angel performing an antigravity blowjob!!

    “Uhhhh, Xiaohua, I can’t hold it any longer!” he groans ecstatically.

    “Ahhhhh! Haaa!! Dao le! (there it comes),” she gurgles.

    After moving to the recovery room, Pokoni indulged in some complementary won-ton and exchanged banter with the sensei, who informs his understudy he had potently pleasured his own partner using a pearl-implanted penis probe.

    “Sensei, what can I tell you? This was incredible!” he remarks.

    “Yep,” he chuckles, “The Shanghainese really know their business. Some even attended college in Japan. And some shop owners are even Japanese.

    “Since the competition is so intense, I think things will get better and better, with China learning from Japan as a role model. This country will become a ‘Pink business advanced nation,'” he predicts.

  20. this sounds very similar to the bat cave just off ton re lu please describe excatly where it is i am there.

    I pay an average of 500rmb for a working girl but in judys u will pay about 800rmb for a flipper but well worth it i think.

    flippers are dirty

  21. not sure where the Shanghai Hotel is, i was being taxied around and don’t know the city. but it’s well known.

    there are other Red Sash places in China, finding them is a challenge, and needless to say the girls have to be trained and have to practice. tying a red sash to ceiling-fixtures and hanging naked from it while performing sexual acts is not a usual practice.


  22. Easy to find. Locate Equatorial Hotel, which is right next to the high-level expressway at Jing’An Temple. Behind and to the right of that is the Shanghai Hotel (behind and to the left is the Hilton).

    It’s still the case that none of the girls has any English, but it has been really good, on every visit. Sometimes you have to ask for the red sash performance, but the kit is always in their little ‘bag’; I guess it’s pretty hard work and they may try to avoid doing it all the time. Re the little bag, I managed to talk #76 into letting me have a rummage around and there were a couple of interesting items – of which we had a little go with her in a mesh body stocking, with appropriate apertures naturally.

    I am negotiating a season ticket !

    Afterwards you can wander over to the Brazil BBQ opp. Jing’An temple to replace the protein lost. 10x better than any hotel steak-bar, and a fraction of the cost.

  23. Ok, heading to Shanghai hotel tonight! Thanks for Werewolfs Lair I found this. Although, I would love to hear from other similar places.

    How I say “red sash” in Chinese when I want to see this thing?

    I speak no Chinese except basic greeting. I hope to get serviced anyway.

    And there was last year on the comments here talk about other places too, maybe with little less price than this 900 RMB???

    After all 900 RMB for one girl is bit much but…once in a lifetime right?

    The one comment showed 1000RMB for two girls etc.

  24. I would say RMB900 is more than fair. It’s not even that expensive for Shanghai, given that there’s significant minority of people there with way more money than most of us can ever dream about.

  25. So I finally made it, and the sequence of events was generally pretty much as described, though the line up of girls was less than outstanding. A few were quite, but a lot of chubbies. Only one or two eights, and they were hiding away from the foreign devil behind the fat girls.

    I finally chose a pretty, breasty girl who was a little thick around the middle. Tongue massage was great. Hated the on-all-fours part. I felt leg an old dog with his knackers hanging down being given a suppository. I wasn’t offered the red sash, and didn’t know how to ask for it, so just had the standard BJ & shag (which I had to ask for). About ten minutes from the end of the session, I was getting a wind down massage and spotted the red sash poking out of her bag, at which pointed she happily demonstrated the art. Very good, but my time was up. Oh, and the girl was a real spitter, breaking off during sex to hawk up in the bin.

    Also, they skipped The Lounge part, which meant no drinks, noodles, cigarettes and Olympics on the TV.

    Prices were as described. RMB750 plus 70 for the back rub and 20 for the locker room boy. There is a sign in the lift lobby which gives all pricing clearly in English.

    So overall, 5/10, but with potential for much higher given an evening with a better selection of girls and better understanding of how the place works.

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