Like a train wreck…

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. My parents lived almost in the middle of no where. We built our own house, some might call it a barn, we had no electricity and I was mostly home schooled. Amazing I made it out isn’t it? Our house was a 5 minute walk from the railroad tracks and one day we all heard a noise that could only be one thing – a train derailment. No one was hurt but about 20 cars had jumped the tracks and it took them weeks to sort it out and fix the tracks. I couldn’t look away. For hours per day I watched them clean it up, repair the tracks and test the new line. I did not do my homework for a week. One of my fondest memories.

With the blog continuing to grow, thanks to all of u, we constantly get links from other sites. I tend to read them all since it is a barometer of the sites success so to speak. It is a fun way of learning of other sites and to see what other people are saying. It can be very enlightening and like a train wreck – I can’t look away.

A common tactic for people is to write about their trips to Bangkok. Usually these are males who although probably indulged in all Thailand has to offer – do not want people to think that they did. They either have girlfriends at home, wives or are more morally upstanding citizens than epxats in Thailand are generally perceived to be. My first trip to Thailand I never left my hotel or a meeting room but yet when I returned home, due to that Thai stamp in my passport, I was a burgeoning pedophile. To be clear, the people branding me this knew about every Asian massage parlor in San Francisco that offered sexual services. To be frank – at the time I never knew such things existed.

So the common link tactic to our blog is what I call the – scapegoat link. Yes – we went to Thailand. It is a crazy place but we only saw the temples, ate street food and went to Paragon. However – if you want to know what some people do in Thailand – read this blog. Its okay, we are doing the average tourist a service by allowing them to hint to their buddies at home about the nights they had without coming out and saying it. No problems boys. We will take one for the team.

Here is an example of the scapegoat blog link tactic – nice one boys.

While the Cali Thais’ actions do not necessarily resemble anything they talk about, it gives another side of BKK that plays a small part of what it is like to live in Thailand.

Your welcome. Email me so I can give u my paypal details.

The other frequent tactic, I hate this one, is the build an ad-site in an instant using other people’s content. This ones disgust me. These sites have no real content other than to steal from other sites and make it look like they have all sorts of information but all they are doing is trying to build a landing site for google ads or their sister sites. This is where google and their blog site – blogspot, really suck. So on the one hand google will pulls ads from sites like ours but yet allow sites like the example below to exist and make money. Disgusting. google – please note the lower case g – sucks. For clarity this example is WordPress but stats show that blogspot is the leading site for splogging.

My favorite though is when I will stumble on a blog that is writing about us. This tickles me to no end – especially when it is coming from people not around Thailand or familiar with Thailand. Their view on things is very enlightening and is enjoyable for me to read since it can alter my perception of my own life and writing.

This is the first post:


Good. A week ago, I stumbled across this blog. And was immediately gripped. It’s the story of expats and bar owners in Thailand, with contributions from readers who live or are regular vacationers in Thailand. And spend a lot of time having and paying for sex.

Oh my mother would be proud. What can I do? Any more I liken myself to a younger, but better looking version, of Hugh Hefner. With the blog we are somehow becoming a change agent for how people think about life and sex. There you go. I legitimized myself. Okay folks – it is just entertainment. I don’t like what Tony Soprano is but I sure like watching him. Maybe that is what is going on here – we just call it as we see it.


I was pleased to see someone rational write about one of my favorite authors – Michel Houellebecq and his book Platform. An amazing read and certainly a thought provoking look at the core premise of paying for sex. Agree or disagree with it but nothing wrong in talking about it.

To my mind, one of the novel’s most interesting elements is its ambiguous stance toward the commodification of life’s pleasures and relationships. Michel’s defense of sex tourism is, indeed, based on the justness of the exchange: we want good sex (and authenticity, and power, and the exotic, and so on . . .); the people of Thailand want money. Fair exchange.

There has been some commenting on these posts – some of it by mango readers but I still find the whole thing interesting. Clearly they have moved off the subject now but that could be because they have made it through the non-smoking valley of death and don’t need the distraction of our ramblings to keep them focused. Either way I appreciated the nod to our writing and coverage of the local scene.

On a side note this current blow up of sub-prime and the global puncturing of the equities market really ticks me off. Why u might ask? It just highlights exactly the reason why I am getting tired of the US and the idealisms currently sought after by typical Americans. Excess. Wanting and desiring stuff that does not make life any better and buying these so called important things with borrowed money. It is disgusting really. Check this article for a sense of what I mean:

There is very little wiggle room. Mr. and Mrs. Montes also have two car loans, with payments totaling about $700 a month, and are borrowing more money to help put their elder daughter through college. They recently had to tell their younger daughter they couldn’t afford $70 a month for her to take piano lessons.

The couple now eat out once or twice a month, instead of once or twice a week before they bought the house. They have yet to visit a nearby jazz club they had hoped to frequent. The trips they used to take to Lake Tahoe now are out of the question.

So they need 2 new cars? They need that house? I just don’t get it. I do not feel sorry for these people for one second and I just cringe how the papers hold these people up as the victims. They knew what they were doing – they were overextending themselves and hoping they would fall on the right-side of the American pipe dream, the over appreciating housing market. I am not saying don’t buy houses but please – they clearly were over their heads with this and they still seem to think they got a bum deal. The sub-prime mess is bad but it stems from Americans wanting too much, too fast and without much pain. It just does not work that way.

A concise view of my opinions can be found here:

Okay. I am going to go back to my personal sufficiency economy theories. No more paying for it. I just happened to fall off the wagon in Penang but I am citing the out of country rule as a technicality.

Spicy – still the king…

24 thoughts on “Like a train wreck…”

  1. Since you’re not paying for it, can you please give my e-mail to all the girls you won’t be seeing any more?

    I am.

  2. Great post, thx. I can certainly relate to the overconsumption in the USA–even though I’m American, I suffer reverse culture shock whenever I travel there (which is only on biz nowadays). You’ve got these people who have SO MUCH: cars the size of houses, cupboards stuffed with packaged food, bookshelves of porn DVDs, medicine cabinets with eight kinds of anti-depressant medication…and they go on about how miserable they are. You can’t say “I’m sorry” or “I like sex” because people give you a look like you just said “Where’s my lawyer, bitch?!”

    As for the visit-to-Bangkok, well, after I’d lived there for awhile I just figured, people can think what they like. They will anyway. It helps that my lifestyle has never been exactly out of the “USA playbook” anyway! Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck, you know what I mean.


  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out. For the record, that post was inspired by following string of events:

    1.) I stumbled upon this blog and became an avid reader.

    2.) I then convince Bear to go to the Big Mango Bar to get food and beer.

    3.) After a few beers, we cruise Nana which was a bit dead being a Sunday.

    4.) More beers are consumed, and at one point I remember watching in amazement as possibly the hottest ass ever works magic in the fittest tailored school-girl uniform. (at Hollywood Dance Theque).

    4.) From out of nowhere the proprietor of Hollywood Carousel asks us if we want free lap dances.

    5.) Two seemingly endless and amazing free laps dance commences for the Cali Thais.

    6.) We are offered free drinks for the hard work of going on stage and being straddled and thrust upon by gorgeous girls.

    7.) More drinking.

    8.) We wind up at Nana Hotel and heavy drinking continues until the sun comes up.

    So, even though I don’t mind making my friends jealous by posting about the good life in SEA, it just seemed right to link to you instead of posting this particular night.

    Also, “not necessarily” are the key words regarding the Cali Thais’ actions and the references on the Big Mango.

    Keep it real, – J-Dub

  4. CT – We love guys. I just needed a good sample u know?

    Thanks for rundown!

    More heavy drinking…


  5. I just love your Blog and all the comments, etc. The only thing that worries me is that if the Blog (with its implicit notion that American women are becoming redundant), becomes too popular or too controversial (same thing really) every man in the US with an IQ over 85 will be coming to Thailand for a vacation twice a year. And what will that do to the prices?!?
    Talking of low IQ Americans coming to Thailand – I will be there at the end of the month, so I will pop in to say Hi. By the way, does anyone know about the P4P scene in the Ratchadapisek area?

  6. Thanks for the mention; now commonwealth & commonwealth feels legitimized. Noko Marie just put up a second post about the Houellebecq book which, I think, relates to some of your points about consumerism in the west. Although I can’t really speak for her.
    And I’m still an avid reader; if I come up with anything interesting to say I will.
    Captain C.

  7. Tim – The Ratchadapisek area is huge and very diverse. There are several major centres of night life, but the only P4P scene that I am aware of are the massage parlors (MPs). This is the road with the enormous MPs that mostly cater to coachloads of male Asian tourists. Places like Caesers, Amsterdam, Poseidon, etc. I heard once that one of these places (possibly Poseidon) has close to 5000 girls on their books.

    There are great shopping centres for regular girl pickups (especially Esplanade), nightclubs without any P4P (check out Inch, for example) and the huge clubbing area that is open most of the night around Sois 4, 6 and 8.

    There are also a few g-clubs, and I can tell you that Resort (Soi 13) is very good indeed.

  8. Tim,
    No need to worry about Thailand and BKK becoming over run with American men with IQs over 85.
    As Economical as a Thai vacation is once you get there, it still costs a pretty penny to actually get from the US to Thailand.
    And since all Americans are up to the Asses in Sub-Prime mortgages and large monthly SUV payments, all they can afford are the SAFE “Canned” vacations to Cancun, and the Dominican Republic.

  9. Tim – come on over. There is still more room for wayward americans like us…

    cc – u have made my day! Good stuff. I will check the new content and we appreciate the readers…

    G – so freaking true.

  10. That femgirl blog is just fantastic! It has to be a piss-take, or a fake, right? The faux naivety, yet omehow straight to the nub of things, doesn’t sit quite right

  11. So right, Glenn!! After coming to Thailand from Toronto every winter for my vacation for the last 10 years, the distance and the air fares have forced me to change my winter escape destination to the Caribbean. Only a 5 hour flight and over a 100 tropical islands to choose from. And lots of beautiful brownies, of course.

  12. Femgirl blog is a hoax. First, even if some valley girl from California says “like” every other word when she speaks, people don’t write like that. It’s been added for dramatic effect. Second, in the first post she says she has just arrived, the writer has way to much info and knows too much lingo to have just arrived here. Third, her blog title says “Just another girl trying to do good work in Sin City” yet her first post says she just traveling around Asia. Doesn’t jibe. Finally, she keeps talking about her other bog yet she doesn’t link to it on this one, there is no way to get to this “other” blog. Finally, finally she “stumbled” across these blogs i.e BBB and mango, yet when you do searches that someone might typically do if they were trying to research this tpoic you will not get links to these blogs. I find it hard to believe she could “stumble” across both of these. No way.

    Who writing this? Come on tell us…come on now…

  13. Two more things: She says “whats up with all these Japanese places” a subtle hint to the Japanese post from this blog?? and Second, “Taxi drivers sure are helpful here” another subtle hint at the post about shitty taxi drivers…everyone knows they are not helpful…someone is eff’ing us here. I smell HOAX!

  14. bkk22 – I can assure u it is not by our doing if it is a hoax – too busy to bother with that shit but hard to say. It may just be a stupid as it comes across.

  15. @smitty: I wasn’t implying it was you, i guess i didn’t make it clear, but rather someone that is a regular reader.

  16. I think it’s fake, but I still love to the idea there is a girl fuming about things. The life a girl has in the USA of the opposite sex treating her like a rock star is exactly why we are in BKK.

    The line about Hello Kitty is pretty much guarantees it’s bogus considering the real Thai news story about the Hello Kitty police armbands as punishment.

  17. @Femgirl talking about fs2m-Lingo…..

    I’m gonna PU a TG to do ST, normally I only PU BG’s and FL’s but they are not ATP right now….for BJ’s so we fall back to HJ’s @home….or we must PU a LB but that is ND for a HG like me.

    ASAP we check the CPU for usage as IMO this blog is using more and more GB’s on BS  LOL

    Keep up the good work.

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