Bangkok’s Mundane Life and the Dewey Decimal System by Werewolf

When you live here in Bangkok, life isn’t just bars, restaurants and girls — it also includes more mundane aspects of life such as grocery shopping, going to the gym and getting your hair cut. Occasionally it’s good to get a bit of advice on the best places for dealing with mundane tasks. For example, thanks to a recommendation from Dean Barrrett, I often do my grocery shopping at the Villa Market near Soi 33, which I never would have found on my own.

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Cheap Charlie by Werewolf

Over the past several months I have begun to realize that my character has changed, and I’ve become something that I never was before: a ‘cheap charlie’.

‒Cheap Charlie” is a well-used local term in Thailand, but it doesn’t take much imagination to figure it out even if you’ve never heard it before. It means that someone is stingy… tight with a buck.

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Win Motorcy by Werewolf

A friend of mine has decided to give up on Thailand and return home to the United States. While he lived in Thailand he was deeply involved in Men’s ice hockey, and on Saturday night he was given a brief farewell by the guys in the league. As a going-away gift he got an orange vest like the ones that the motorcycle taxi drivers wear. It had his name in English on the back, and in Thai script on the front. His playing number was in English and Thai script, and it had an American flag.

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Satisfaction on Soi 8 (Via Vai Restaurant) by Werewolf

editor’s note: I used to live on Soi 8 and after stopping in for bread at the 7/11, yeah right, I would take a pizza to go from Via Vai. I have had sit down dinner there a few times and I think this is one of the undiscovered Italian joints for Bangkok. Great quality, decent prices and very good service. Lots of pasta choices, brick-oven style pizzas and tasty salads. I will be checking the buffet this weekend. Thanks for the write-up WW.

There are so many great restaurants to be discovered in Bangkok, that I rarely ask for or offer recommendations, figuring that we’ll all find the food we like on our own. But today I found myself one of only three customers in a restaurant that was offering a great buffet at a good price, and thought I should share the info with others. This is purely selfish… I can’t imagine the owner can continue this offer if he doesn’t have plenty of customers coming in.

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How She(Miss Udon) Sees Us by Werewolf

The Stickman site has an interview this week with ‒Miss Udon”. In it she makes the following comments about the Big Mango second anniversary party, which she attended:

‒I saw a guy who used to work in an English school where I studied, actually where I still study at. But he no longer teaches there. I was quite surprised to see someone like that because that school pays a high salary so he should be professional and he shouldn’t go there and hang out with girls like that. For me, I think that with him being a teacher he should be more respectable than that.

He never taught me but I saw him working at my school. For English skills, it’s ok, but now, when it comes to respect, I don’t have that for him. It is harder than before to respect someone who is not what we really thought they were.”

This reminds me of the old Groucho Marx joke: I would never want to join a club that would have me as a member.

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10 things I hate about Bangkok – Part 4 by On Nutter

Editor’s note. Just when I thought On Nutter was could not “hate” Bangkok anymore – he sends in part 4. I am dying here.

Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

THE PISS ARTISTS: Happily, they are a dying breed, but all farangs will have come across them in go-go bar toilets. A Thai male lies in wait for the unwary pisser, armed with hot towels and debatable massage skills. It happened to me in Rainbow 1 in Nana Plaza recently. As I aimed my appendage at the sanitaryware, two hands started massaging my shoulders very roughly, causing me to piss over my trousers and shoes.

There was a world map on the wall in front of me and, for the first time in my life, I noticed how massive Greenland is (836,109 square miles populated by only 56,361 people unless someone has died or been born since I checked Wikipedia. It is also the world’s largest island as Australia is also a continent and doesn’t count).

‒Christ, Greenland is massive,” I told my masseur.

‒Velly cold,” he replied. ‒Where you flom?”

I pointed at Britain.

‒Velly far. 12 hours in airplane. Solly about Plincess Diana (it was the anniversary of her death).”

That last comment alone was worth my lavish Bt20 tip.

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