Where’s the rubber? by Werewolf

My ex-girlfriend is in town. She’s a working girl, and she’s here with a customer, but he’s here on business, so she has a lot of free time. I gave her a key to my room (she used to live here) and instead of hanging around the hotel room alone all day, she comes over to clean and cook for me while I’m at work, and we have the occasional boom-boom.

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Sherbet G-club and other tales by mbkknowsp4p

Checked out G-club Sherbet (Ekamai) last night. Same system as other G-clubs, and most similar to Resort G-club (Ratachada Soi 13). Mostly young Thai male customers, the girls told us they get very few farang visitors and we saw a few ex-Sopranos girls who told us they moved here to party with younger Thai men.

Not as great a band or party atmosphere as Sopranos, but a good G-club all the same.

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Dtuu yens, Peep Inn, pumpkin pie and Bar Bits

Busy busy folks. Yes – never fear we keep pounding the pavement in search of the new and improved Mango. Rest assured we have not given up. Had the turkey buffet at Bourbon Street yesterday with Jake Needham. I gorged. I stuck to the basics. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yards of gravy. Then I did it again. I let it settle. Chatted some more and then went in for one more round. Then finished it up with some amazing bread pudding smothered in rum sauce and loads of pumpkin pie drowned in whipping cream. Sure – it ain’t like my mom and dad make but mom and dad aren’t here. Love the rents. The food was good and for a buffet, although not cheap, one can get their fill. I did. I am hurting. The Bourbon Street has also added another big room to their dining room and added more hotel rooms. Sounds like they are doing well. Congrats Doug. Thanks for a little slice of Americana on turkey day. Don’t tell my folks I cheated on them.

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Pointers in Picking the Perfect Pole Hugger for Perpetuity by go go groupie

A well-known woman of the cloth once said that ?the hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread”. Although it’s unlikely she had the lonely farang expat in mind, sating one’s hunger for love can be a well nigh impossible task for some in the City of Angels (assuming, of course, you succumb to such a weakness). At first, it seems a cruel irony – a land with so many beautiful young women and inept, insensitive local men lead one to the natural conclusion that it should be easy pickings for the relatively well-groomed/mannered farang, however, as discussed ad nauseum on this board and elsewhere, examples of people making a meaningful, lasting connection (assuming that’s what you want) are few and far between.

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S. Botan – Cheapolay throws us a bone…

I did it for the team. Moments after Cheapolay posted this comment I was on the Skytrain and headed for the National Stadium stop. Sure there are tons of massage places I have never been to, but to hear about one I have never heard of in a place I figured had very few Farang and gifted to me by someone with a handle like Cheapolay enticed me to check it out as soon as I could. This is not to say I am cheap or looking for the cheapest experience but something about it just sounded interesting. Here is my tale.

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Soi 7/1: Magic Table and Thermae by Werewolf

The top of the table is a mirror, the girls are dancing in white shirts, short red-plaid schoolgirl skirts, and no underwear. It’s easy to see that each is fully shaved. There are a half-dozen girls dancing, and another eight or ten girls hanging around the bar.

This is Magic Table on Soi 7/1 and it’s a lot of fun.

It was my first time in the Club, and really, it was my first time on this soi at night. I was surprised at how busy the soi was generally (although I guess the high season is now upon us) and at the quality of the girls at Magic Table. No old girls… no ugly girls… they ranged from average to pretty.

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City of Angels, Asian Style by DJ

Punters who frequent Bangkok’s western bar scene occasionally look to other locations for their bargames. Bangkok bar alternatives include Pattaya, Singapore (4 floors, Geylang, etc.), Phnom Penh, and Angeles City (AC) in the Philippines.

AC, the Pattaya of the Philippines, is located about 150 kms north of Manila. Located adjacent to the now-closed USAF Clark Air Base, it has had an active bar scene since the Vietnam War. 3 airlines currently have daily direct flights from Bkk to Manila, with RT fares ranging from 7500 to 13000 baht.

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Soi Sex by On Nutter

soi6.jpgSoi 6 in Pattaya has more tattoos than a Hell’s Angels’ convention. It is not the place to find a sweet Thai flower. But if you want to get laid at budget-beating prices, look no further than the sleaziest street in Thailand’s sleaziest resort.

Two years ago, I knew nothing about its reputation when I walked down its entire 200 metres looking for a guesthouse a friend had recommended. Scores of hard-bitten hookers wailed at me from in front of black-glassed bars, some simulating blow-jobs. It was like being taken back to how I imagine Pattaya was 35 years ago when American servicemen dropped into town on R&R breaks from Vietnam. I was scared.

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Phnom Penh – Day 1

I booked a ticket using Air Asia online which on first glance looks pretty cheap but once you start adding all the fees up, fuel surcharge, taxes and so on – the actual price is about twice what is quoted online. Oh well. Including the landing fee of 20 USD make things look a little less like a discount trip but better than taking the bus. On a sidenote my guess is the US dollar peg in Cambodia must be killing them right since effectively with the ongoing slide of the dollar the Cambodians are getting less then they intended. Everywhere you go when it comes to Government stuff the prices are fixed to the US dollar. This can’t be good for them.

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