City of Angels, Asian Style by DJ

Punters who frequent Bangkok’s western bar scene occasionally look to other locations for their bargames. Bangkok bar alternatives include Pattaya, Singapore (4 floors, Geylang, etc.), Phnom Penh, and Angeles City (AC) in the Philippines.

AC, the Pattaya of the Philippines, is located about 150 kms north of Manila. Located adjacent to the now-closed USAF Clark Air Base, it has had an active bar scene since the Vietnam War. 3 airlines currently have daily direct flights from Bkk to Manila, with RT fares ranging from 7500 to 13000 baht.

Currently, AC boasts about 150 bars ranging from sleazepits with about 10 girls each, to multimillion dollar complexes employing several hundred dancers, and sporting modern lighting and electronics. The 2 distinct western bar areas are quite concentrated and very close to each other (think NEP and Soi Cowboy).

At least 100 bars are located within easy walking distance of each other on Field Avenue, and cater primarily to western, Korean, and Japanese tourists. Another 40-50 bars are located a couple of KMs down the road in the Perimeter area, and are popular with expats due to their cheaper prices and ‘sleazier’ environment.

There are plenty of GF hotels in both areas, as well as many restaurants serving western food at reasonable prices, and a large, modern shopping mall. Other than these amenities, the area around the bars is dumpy with dirt and gravel roads, and beggars rivaling those in Phnom Penh.

The local currency is the Philipino Peso. I’ll convert costs to Thai Baht to provide a comparison to Thai prices.

Normal customer drinks (beer and local drinks) are about 65 baht, and lady drinks are about 100 baht. Ladies typically get commissions of about 40 baht on LDs. Barfines (known as EWRs, or early work release) range from about 770 to 1,000 baht. HOWEVER, this BF includes the fee for both the bar AND the lady all-night. Some customers will tip their date another 150-350 baht in the morning, but rarely more. The lady keeps about 50 percent of her BF, the other half going to the bar. She keeps all of any additional tip received in the morning.

Unlike many Thai BGs, most AC BGs expect to stay LT, though they will usually accept the customer’s offer for ST, if requested by the customer. Occasionally, an AC BGs might pull out an excuse to convert LT to ST, but she risks the wrath of her managers if the customer complains. Some of the sleazier and smaller bars offer on or off -premise STs for 450-770 baht, all-inclusive.

Following are a few comparisons of the AC barscene versus the Thai farang barscene. Keep in mind these comparisons are from my perspective, and others may have different preferences and observations. YMMV.

Appearance: The Filipina girls have more variety in their looks: Asian, Asian-Spanish Mix, and a few African mix also. Flip ladies generally are curvier, bustier, and darker than their Thai counterparts. A sufficient number have lite-skin Chinese looks, if that is a preference. Filipina ladies tend to dress more casually than Thai ladies. Also, fewer Filipina BGs have tattoos or smoke cigs, compared to their Thai BG sisters. Appearance preferences are very subjective, and therefore not very meaningful as a comparison.

Language: Filipina girls speak English much better than their Thai counterparts. Their ‘Taglish’ include a lot of cute phrases, the favorite being ‒See how you are”.

Lady Attitudes: As a general rule, I think Filipina BGs tend to treat their customers more respectfully than Thai BGs, and are not as focused on financial compensation. Most stay all night, unless the customer asks them to leave. Most importantly, with very few exceptions, they bring it in the room. As a rule, I find them to be energetic, and open to multiple ‘dances’. Some Thai BGs provide this level of bedroom service, but I find it to be a much lower percent than Filipina BGs.

Bars: Ladies dance in 2 piece suits. No nudity, though some girls will occasionally flash you. Much of the music is 70s and 80s rock tunes, due to the US military influence. One unique aspect that I like, is that the girls often have choreographed dance steps, and many seem to enjoy dancing with their friends. I also get the impression that the bar owners and managers exhibit much more control over the ladies than owners of Thai bars do. AC bar owners are generally very responsive to customer concerns, and the girls generally don’t try to get away with BS that Thai BGs often pull.

Hotels: You can get reasonably decent hotel rooms in AC for reasonable prices. An AC hotel, comparable to the Flipper or Eastiny Hotels in Pattaya, generally runs about 1,000 per night.

Freelancers Much better scene in Thailand. Stay away from them in AC, as there are drug and age issues. The Filipina police issue licences to the girls working in the bars, so there are no age concerns about girls working in the bars. My impression is that ‘Yaabaa’ use among AC BGs is less than that of Thai BGs.

Cherry Girls: Every AC bar seems to have its share of ‘virgins’, who you can BF, but consummate only with an expected LT relationship and significant financial contribution (maybe 20,000 to 30,000 baht). Picking the fruit seems to be popular with Korean and Japanese customers. CGs can be a fun date toward the end of your stay, if your junior partner is worn out and needing a night off. Most cherry girls sleep nude with you, and many provide HJs and BJs. Can also make an interesting double BF night with a regular BG and CG in tandem. You have a better chance of digging up Jimmy Hoffa than you do of finding a cherry girl in Pattaya.

Other Activities: Plenty of non-bar activity in Pattaya, nothing much to do in AC other than eat, drink, sleep ,and *$%#. Not a bad way to spend a holiday, though.

P4P value: Assume you buy 2 drinks plus 2 LDs, LT BF, and normal tip to lady:

AC: 130 + 200 + 1000 + 300 = 1630 baht.

Pattaya 240 + 260 + 600 + 1500 (maybe) = 2500 baht.

The more you drink, the farther apart these amounts are. Bkk prices generally higher than Pattaya. Pattaya Soi 6 ST prices are comparable to AC ST costs.

As in most P4P areas (Bkk, Pattaya, Phnom Penh), the fun level and attitude of bargames in Angeles City is declining from prior years. Some long-time visitors say the current Angeles City bars and girls remind them of Pattaya 10 years ago. Lucky ba$tards.

16 thoughts on “City of Angels, Asian Style by DJ

  1. I have to say that if you’re looking for a fun bargirl experience, AC is the place–much better than Thailand. But, what I find is that Philippine culture is thin compared to the Thai’s. I suppose I never really noticed how much a part Thai culture plays even in the bargirl scene of Bangkok. That’s something I miss in AC. Aside from that, though, it’s hard to beat the bargirl fun Angeles has to offer.

    I haven’t been there (AC) in about 2 years. Are there still some bars open 24-7? I remember one of the big ones used to stay open all the time.

  2. There was no mention of the violence and danger levels. I have always been put off going to AC because I have heard that most security people there carry guns and there are very aggressive beggars. Also it is dangerous walking the (streets or should that be dirt roads) late at night. People more often get robbed there.

    The place is a dust bowl and there is little to do there outside of P4P.

    There is relatively little information about AC compared to the large number of information sites, forums and other websites which are devoted to the Thailand P4P scene and are up to date – many of these Thai P4P websites, like this one, are updated daily. You could spend all day trying to get through the new information that has been put on Thai sites. I am reluctant to go to a new place on my own without plenty of up to date information.

    Also you pay in advance which means that the girls often have an incentive not to stay the whole night. There is none of the sex shows to entertain you like in Pattaya.

    On the positive side the girls are more into giving you GFE than in Pattaya, also, although I am not sure it is really a positive, is that the girls are mostly happy to have unprotected sex if you are happy taking the risks.

  3. James: Voodoo and the mega gogo Dollhouse are 2 bars currently open 24 hours. Nice to have the option of barfining again at 10 am.

    I agree Thai culture is much more interesting. However, the Philippines does have a long and interesting history, many unique festivals based on their Catholic heritage (Easter and All-Saints Day, to name a couple.

    MP: Agree beggars are very aggressive, and many security guards carry inimidating short-stock shotguns. I’m not robbing that place! However, violence directed toward foreigners in AC is almost unheard of, and nowhere near the number of deaths and serious injuries suffered by farangs in Pattaya (not counting the ‘jumpers’). As in any location, one should walk around with an air of confidence, and stay out of dark, isolated areas. Would you walk around the Klong Toei slums alone late at night?

    As stated in my article, little to do outside of P4P. There are nice golf courses, and day tours available to local volcanos. Not aware of any reclining buddhas though. Like Pattaya, no compelling reason to go there if they did not have the bars and ladies.

    Poskat mentioned a couple of informative websites, as well as and others.

    Paying in advance of services would seem to risk little incentive for the girl to perform. However, vitually all the ladies I have BF’d in AC have performed superbly; starfishes are very rare compared to their Thai BG counterparts. I think this is because AC bar owners hold their staff responsible for keeping the customer happy, as opposed to most Thai barowners who could care less what happens after they collect the BFs.

    Most AC bars will refund or offer replacement BFs if the customer has a valid reason (converting LT to ST, staying on the phone, etc.) for being unhappy with the girl. Try that with a Thai bar owner/manager!

    Agree GFE is more prevalent in AC than Pattaya; the downside of this is that the AC girls are more aggressive in pursuing LT relationships and financial support than their Thai sisters. (Did I really say that?)

    As you stated, forgoing condom use requires 2 consenting parties. It’s been known to happen in Pattaya and even in Bangkok. As in Thailand, I challenge anyone to find a working girl who will refuse sex without one. However, plenty of customers do refuse though.

    It’s good to keep in mind that many Filipina and Thai BGs have local boyfriends / Giks, who never cover up and probably carry all sorts of maladies. If you want to bareback here or there, keep in mind you might also be sharing fluids with the local maengda boys.

  4. good thread folks. For me I just found that apart from the scene in AC I got so bored. No real clubs, no decent freelancers and I disliked the local men involved with the scene more than I dislike the local Thai guys. From what I have heard the cheap speed use in AC is as much as in Bkk. They just have another name for it. However there were some good bars, some hot girls and it seems cheaper for the most part. For some reason the girls just don’t do it for me like the Thai girls. AC is a nice change of pace though and worth a look see.

    DJ – thanks for the post and the awesome follow up. You mention the mixes of girls in AC and I have always wondered why you don’t see any of the Thai mixed girls in the Thai scene. Given all the Isaan girls that have had babies with Farang guys I would have thought you would see these mixed kids in the scene. But I hardly ever have. Someone mentioned that tawandee massage has some mixed sideliners that go for big bucks. I may have to see that just to know what they look like.

    Some of the mixed girls in AC are quite hot. Also the thing I love about Thailand is the local food is great. Not so in AC.


  5. It’s really hard to deny the label of “sex tourist” if one makes the effort to visit AC, you just can’t have any other excuse for going there because there is nothing else 🙂

    One thing I did enjoy when I was there was hiring a small Cessna plane on Clark Air Base for a scenic flight around the volcano, this is something I highly recommend if you go to AC. (plus you get to bring home some photos so you can pretend you’re not a sex tourist 😉 )

  6. 3 or 4 years ago I met a mixed girl in soi 6 in Pattaya who had a Thai mother and a Swiss father.She was quite the looker, so I could hardly refuse when she asked me to go ST.

  7. DJ: Thanks for a really informative report. I went to Angeles for a fortnight two years ago and everything you said matched my experiences. I still recall how the girls said “See how you are” in that cute Hispanic accent.
    As for the security aspect, my travelling friend and I were concerned when we received a five-page email from our hotel providing advice on how to avoid being kidnapped by a bogus taxi-driver at Manila Airport. We found our designated cabbie but were even more alarmed at the first motorway toll booth when we saw two snipers on the roofs of the booths with their rifles trained on the queueing cars. When we got to the hotel, we were greeted by a security guard with a shotgun and a ferocious dog (the latter was presumably a back-up in case his gun jammed).
    When we recovered from the culture shock and dared to go out, we had a great time and found Angeles no more dangerous than Thailand. As in Thailand, you just have to keep your wits about you.
    We stayed in the Aussie-run Red Phoenix Hotel in the Perimeter area. I would really recommend it. Nice rooms, good security, small swimming pool and a restaurant that did awesome western food, particularly breakfasts with great steaks, patties and sausages made from imported Australian meat.
    Nearby we stumbled on Nifty’s Bar, a go-go bar that opened at noon. The first time we walked in, there were all these cute girls walking round in nurses’ uniforms with the tops pulled down. They weren’t shy and ST with one at your hotel was 500 baht…and ST was three hours.
    Air Asia keep talking about starting a budget service from Bangkok to Angeles. If that ever happens, I am sure the route would soon be very popular.

  8. ON: Might be a toss-up on which country’s security strategy provides better security.

    Thailand, where the security guards are almost always unarmed and asleep, despite the recent widely-publisized case of mental security guard bashing and killing other guards he found asleep; or

    Philippines, where most businesses are guarded by fully alert, under-trained thugs with wicked-looking weapons.

    Some nice hotels in the Perimeter Area, Hana Hotel is nice and reasonably priced. The Perimeter bars, such as Niftys and Rios, offer aggressive service and fun on-site.

    Air Asia announced a Bkk-Clark direct flight a couple of years ago, but Philippines Airline blocked govt. approval, and no further progress has been made. I agree this should be a popular route.

  9. “word on the street is the bbk to clark flights should start in March”

    Bad Baby Kenny surely not being shipped off to Angeles is he?

  10. This is off-topic. And so if it’s removed – fair enough.

    But has anyone any experience of Brazil? eg. Rio? Would be great to have a thread on that. Because is always a place I have wondered about women/P4P wise.

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