They are everywhere…

Massage parlors, soapy massage joints, or entertainment centers. Pick your name for them – they are just about everywhere. I was on a mad furniture hunt the other day and was coming back from Fashion Island – which is near Min Buri – and happened to cross over into civilization using Ram Intra Soi 85. A small out in the middle of nowhere soi and sure enough there they were. 2 of them. Sitting right across the street from each other. For sure these places were not built for Farang. I honestly have not been able to dig up any good history or origin information for the Thai soapy and Turkish bath. Anyone have any clues?

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MRT Madness and can I borrow a 100 baht?

Between blow by blow election coverage, consoling myself after the loss of the MCLame breakfast menu and prohibition – I just have not had time to do much but I did have some fun last week that I thought I would share. The election is over and we can all get back to our regularly scheduled habits. Asia Times has some coverage of it all today and it is pretty interesting. Hopefully things will stay calm but I really wonder if any of this will allow Thailand to actually move forward. High season is here but most people will tell you this is one of the worst months on record in a while. The multiple no drinking days pretty much kills the bar biz.

Seems friskodude is glued to our top notch election coverage but still no inclusion of our site on his Thailand blogroll. DTR is not there either though so we both must be doing something right. I will press on.

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My quest for pizza continues…

What can I say – there are only a few things I miss when it comes to being in Thailand. Real motorbikes, the gorgeous California coastline and some decent pizza. I was reminded of how bad the pizza situation is here when I saw one of the new Pizza Company ads for their latest concoction – the Italian/American pizza. It was a pizza littered with toppings, some strange sauce drizzled over the top but the sickest part of it was the crust stuffed with a stuffed cheese hotdog. Please Thailand – that is not pizza. I continue to dine around town hoping to find a decent slice.

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The Peep Inn 2 :: Short Time Hotel :: Bangkok

peepinn.JPGApart from Tokyo I don’t know of another country with so many hotels specifically setup for short-term accommodations. In Japan they are called love hotels and in Thailand they are called short-time hotels. Bangkok must have hundreds of them – the easiest way to tell is the curtains covering the parking spots. These hotels were primarily designed for the Thais to meet up with their Thai side-salads for an afternoon break so to speak. Of course now they are used by all sorts of people looking to meet up with the gik or take their recent barfine somewhere other than to their own pad. Many of you may be used to the PB or the Penthouse hotels off of Soi 11. There is also the Peep Inn on Sukhumvit Soi 33 – I think this is the first one. Anyway – got a call while I was out working the other day and decided we would meet at The Peep Inn, purely for research purposes.

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Asian Godfathers and America’s war on drugs

Well folks – just finished reading Asian Godfathers and I highly suggest reading it if you live in SE Asia or are curious as to what makes this area of the world tick. Healthy amount of juice on Thailand and a fairly up to date look at Thaskin and how he got to where he is – rich and banished to London. The book is cleverly written with a background to how godfathers are made, how they prosper, how they work with the government and then detailed sections/notes on certain characters and their backgrounds. All in all a detailed but fun read. I think what I was most surprised about it how places like Hong Kong and Singapore are technically just as messed up as Thailand.

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Soi Polo but it’s not on Polo fried chicken

Among all the partying one needs to eat. Bangkok is riddled with food but I am a bigger fan of street eats than I am of overpriced restaurants. I love fried chicken and whilst I was out and about I found the Soi Polo area that has a few fried chicken joints. I am not sure which one is the “one” yet but I did try one of them and thought it was pretty damn good – and cheap!

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