Third gender by On Nutter

Who really understands ladyboys? They are everywhere in Thailand and seem to be multiplying in Bangkok. They are perceived at best as a freak show and at worst as dangerous thieves. But what really lies behind the outrageous exhibitionism of Thailand’s third gender?

I had the chance to dig a little deeper when I was asked by Sukhumvit Eye, a new monthly magazine, to interview a ladyboy for a feature article. Perhaps because of the misgivings many farangs have about katoeys, I could not find a friend to accompany me on my mission as I headed to Guess Bar, the ladyboy beer bar that relocated recently to Sukhumvit Soi 4, near the Raja Hotel, following the demise of Sukhumvit 1 Plaza where it was previously housed.

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Forte rocking, Tapas is a goldmine and yes – the search is still on!

Hello folks. Got a few emails this past week asking if we were ever going to re open the blessed Big Mango. As soon as we sign a lease for a new spot we will announce it on the blog. Then people can try to find out where it is because we will probably keep that silent for a while. Possibly have a spot the new mango construction zone contest or something. Point is the search has been ongoing and we do not want to announce anything until things look solid. I do want to thank all of our loyal fans though for keeping the interest alive and for checking in from time to time. We appreciate it a ton.

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Enlightenment by On Nutter

It has taken me 10 years to reach the Buddhist state of Enlightenment. The moment of supreme clarity came as an Isaan princess played with my balls in a bath tub in the S. Botan massage parlour on Rama VI. And I owe it all to Cheapolay and ssB for bringing it to my attention.

As with all life-changing moments, it had been preceded by suffering. The previous night I had paid a 600-baht Nana Plaza barfine on top of several outrageously priced lady-drinks for a cutie who ticked all the boxes. The only problem was that as soon as we arrived at my apartment she told me it was the wrong time of the month. It would be an understatement to say I was angry.

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