Paradise and Hell by Werewolf

I once heard a description of Heaven and Hell. In the description, Heaven was described as being like a big banquet with all the best food and drink available, where you could sit and enjoy eating and drinking to your heart’s content. Hell was described as being the same as heaven, except that you were hungry and you couldn’t eat; all you could do was watch all the people in heaven enjoying themselves.

I would like to suggest that this is an apt description of Bangkok if you live here as a faithful husband.

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A different slant on the ladyboy question by Werewolf

I’ve heard the question many times: Why does Thailand have so many ladyboys?

Known locally as “ladyboys” the Thai word is krathoey and it covers a range of people who started life as male children and somewhere along the way landed somewhere on the continuum between simply dressing in women’s frocks, to adding tits and losing their cocks.

While I can’t quote any actual statistics, I think everyone who has ever visited the Land of Smiles will agree that Thailand has far more than it’s fair share of “third gender” smiles.

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Sherbert by Werewolf

editor’s note: Yes – I know. Sherbert is not in the guide. All in good time people.

Anyone who regularly reads the blog probably knows that I became a member of Pent Club several months ago. Member clubs are also sometimes called g-clubs, which is short for gentlemen’s clubs.

My saleslady (or mamasan) at Pent was a lady named Joy. She disappeared from Pent just before Christmas.

The Pent is owned by a company that operates a group of g-clubs that includes Forte, Piano and Sherbert among others. In early January Joy called me and said that she would be working at Sherbert starting the 1st of February. She called me a few times this past week to invite me out on Friday night. I told her I would try to make it, but I didn’t.

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Pablo on Udon

editor’s note: This was a comment on this post but we moved it to a featured post since it is very informative. Hopefully Heckler will follow it up with a proper trip report. Thanks for the info Pablo.

smitty, you seem interested in Udon.

The go-go in the middle of the city is called Wolverine. Free entry, 250Bt beers. One dancer at a time. Watched four girls during my one beer. Three were ugly and chunky. One girl was okay and kinda slim, maybe 51 kgs. There were two other thai customers at 10pm on a friday night. My Thai friend and I left after one beer because he knew of another gogo. This place ranks with the worst gogo at Patpong. I will never return.

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The V-Club by Werewolf

editor’s note: We have not added V-Club to the guide yet but I plan on getting to these places soon and getting them put in. Just FYI. Thx.

On the Big Mango Blog recently, a reader posted a comment that talked about a different member club called the V-Club. I decided to go see what it was like.

From the description (“It’s a small place with only coyote girls”) I expected to struggle to find it. But the owner seems to have spent 50% of his initial capital investment on the exterior neon sign which can be seen from Korat. Coupled with the fact that the Mem Hip has an equally huge neon sign, you simply can’t miss it.

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