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editor’s note: This was a comment on this post but we moved it to a featured post since it is very informative. Hopefully Heckler will follow it up with a proper trip report. Thanks for the info Pablo.

smitty, you seem interested in Udon.

The go-go in the middle of the city is called Wolverine. Free entry, 250Bt beers. One dancer at a time. Watched four girls during my one beer. Three were ugly and chunky. One girl was okay and kinda slim, maybe 51 kgs. There were two other thai customers at 10pm on a friday night. My Thai friend and I left after one beer because he knew of another gogo. This place ranks with the worst gogo at Patpong. I will never return.

On the main road to Koen Kaen past Rajapat University is the Full Moon Pub. Has a decent live band that plays Thai and popular international music.

Usually about a dozen girls are available as hostesses. These girls also rotate as coyote dancers. A few were cute. All were slim and Univ age. A customer has to buy drinks to chat with a girl. Sorry, don’t remember drink prices. Some of the girls are interested in tuition assistence. 3k ST comes to mind. Every girl seated with a customer didn’t dance.

I’ve never seen this place crowded. But it had a fun atmosphere because the girls are friendly. All were dressed like coyotes wearing short shorts. Closes at 2 AM.

Spoke with the owner in Sept. She wants to sell the business for a couple million and move to Australia with her BF. She rents the building.

There are four discos in town.

Climax in the Hightech plaza plays pop, rnb, and rock. Five coyotes dance about an hour after the band, about 12:30 to 1:30. Somewhat a decent club with the usual too loud music. Drinks aren’t expensive. Many girls there without Thai dudes in small groups. They checkout the farangs but are to shy to speak with any because their English is usually nill. I’ve never seen a coyote lingering and chatting with customers.

The Mambo disco in the large hotel across town plays rock and Thai pop rock. I remember six very attractive coyotes rotating on the bar and stage. Did I mention they were hotties.

This place was always crowded any night of the week. Many good looking girls.

My Thai friend Noi told me there are FLs available. I was curious and wanted to checkout the talent so I asked him to find me some. There were no girls that appeared to be dressed or behaved different then the rest. So I couldn’t differentiate who was and wasn’t working.

Noi asked a waiter a question and the waiter disappears into the crowd. Three minutes later, two Uni-aged girls show up and speak to Noi. He chats with them a bit then looks at me. I try to chat with them in my limited Thai and they were friendly but didn’t speak English. Both girls were taller than average Issan girls, about 5′4″ and 5′5″. Dressed in fitted jeans and fashionable shirts. Attractive bodys I would rate as 7s. One was dark and kinda pretty while the other was light skin and sorta Issan pretty.

Both girls stated they attended the city University and were about to graduate.

After extracting the important info or 3k ST, I smiled and said no thank you as I was only curious to see whats available. They both smiled spun around and disappeared.

This place has a good club atmosphere. I got the impression everyone just wants to drink and party to extreme.

The Yellow Bird in the back of the Charoen Hotel plays mostly Thai pop rock music. Fun crowd with no FLs. It looked as if every girl was with a Thai guy. The band played popular Thai songs that the crowd sang along.

Hence, a decent fun crowd.

This hotel has a karaoke in the back building with some decent looking girls lingering outside the main door. I strolled through around 9 PM and didn’t see anything I would consider a hottie or an 8.

I stayed in this hotel a few nights last year and was plesently surprised to see three young girls, 18 to 20 yr old, in the lobby lounge on friday and saturday nights around 11 PM. I asked the doorman about the girls and he told me they were FLs available for customers in the hotel. One girl was standing and good looking with a solid 8 body. Another had a pretty face but was young physically. She was to skinny and undeveloped for my taste.

In a few years she should fillout to be a nice 9.

The doorman mentioned the girls were from the karaoke in the Charoensri Grand Hotel. I’ve strolled though the karaoke entrance and remember seeing some nice looking youngish girls sitting waiting to greet customers.

The D2 disco directly accross from the Charoensri Grand Hotel opened about two months ago and is the hottest place in Udon at the moment. Last year it was called the New York New York and lasted about one year.
I’ve never been to D2 and can only relay friends opinions. But they go there many times a week.

Just south of D2 and to the rear of the street front shops is a lane with small bars. I wouldn’t call any of these places pubs or beer gardens. As mentioned already, Mr. Tong’s bar has coyotes and the best looking girls of this lane. One year ago, ST was 3000bt. I didn’t indulge because the talent didn’t measure up. I chatted with one girl who had a body I would have liked to know better but she had a terrible attitude. Think of the average veteran Pattaya bear garden girl with the body of a R4 hottie.

A chat session with another Issan queen had me thinking of why I tired of Pattaya.

I strolled past every bar and thought a Pattaya tourist regular would be at home in this lane. Yes, there were a few middle aged white devils chatting with Issan’s finest. Thankfully, I didn’t see any LBs.

There are a number of beer gardens outside the city but I’ve heard the few FLs are pricey. 5000 pricey.

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  1. That’s what I call a good post! Thank you Pablo!
    But 3K for ST?? Are you being serious? You probably mean LT, don’t you? That would even be more expensive than at the Rainbows, how come?

  2. m – I was questioning the prices as well. I would say though that I would probably pay more for a FL uni girl, who really was a FL uni girl, if she was pretty good looking. She may not be a pro but the freshness, change of pace and hopefully the fun of it all would be worth the extra coin. Kind of like a sideliner at a massage joint costing more than the girls behind the glass. There is some sense to it.

  3. @smitty – a couple of the girls working at cupidy told me that most of the sideliners work there everyday. not sure if that is true of all massage joints or just there though.

  4. Agreed smitty but look, we are talking about ST and Udon Thani…
    And I honestly cannot figure out how I could fully enjoy the uni girl’s freshness on a ST, I’d just pass on that one!

    @anon: I would be very surprised if only a few of the MP’s sideliners actually were genuine students…

  5. I was surprised to hear the 3000bt short time also. Usually, everything is cheaper than Bkk. Example, the Udon MPs of which I forgot to nention. More in a bit.

    I think it comes down to basic economics – supply and demand. Few gogo’s that go and a handful of punters paying the asking price. I wouldn’t be surprised if rates didn’t increase a bit since last year.

    I’m like everyone else on this board with more experience in Bkk. I’m always comparing value and price to Bkk. Hence my reluctance to indulge with Udon FLs.

    There are cheaper options available in Udon. Anyone hear of Soi jet?

    The girls working the fish bowls in this neighborhood are from Laos. I won’t be specific but its a bit lower than Thai girls.

    A driver took me on a cruise one night. This is definitly a Thai area. He also mentioned that this area gets shut down by the Tamruat periodically.

    The few Thai girls I saw here reminded me of girls next to Lumpini park at night.

    mart – I’ve been with a few cuties from Cupidy who showed me their Uni IDs. I asked to see it to insure they were of legal age.

  6. OK you got me on the MP’s uni girls, I stand corrected!

    “The girls working the fish bowls in this neighborhood are from Laos. I won’t be specific but its a bit lower than Thai girls.”
    I didn’t know Lao girls were that small.

  7. in general I think you just have to be aware of the situation and the girls to make these decisions. When I go to a few of the fish bowls I like – I tend to develop a relationship with the papasan. Overtime they will tell u who is new in the fishbowl, how often a sideliner comes and so on. I won’t just take the basic response to she is new or she is not. Generally a papasan u get to know won’t steer u wrong because he wants your repeat business and tips.

    as for udon – in general I would expect it all to be cheaper. One would hope anyway. However I would be prepared to pay more than the going rates for a fresh experience. That is just the way I am.

  8. Eerrm, a typo too, should have read “I didn’t know Lao girls were such molls”… C’mon Pablo, I was kidding, wasn’t worth answering!

  9. Great report Pablo. Despite, the smaller supply of ladies and higher fees, I still fancy a return to Udon.

    “The go-go in the middle of the city is called Wolverine.”

    Yep. Wolverine is the name of the depressing Udon gogo I went to several years ago. Where did they come up with that name? Hard to believe it is still operating so poorly without going out of business or changing.

    Yellow Bird must have been the name of disco in the Charoen Hotel I ventured inside for only a short time.

  10. Yellow Bird has been there for sure since 1972. It was the hang out for a lot of the pilots during the war. I thought by now the hotel would have collapsed from age, they didn’t build them so well back then.

  11. I was in Udon at Christmas/new year and went to the Yellow Bird most nights, it was rocking and a great place to meet and pull a hottie or two. I didn’t see any FLs and yeah the girlies are a bit shy at first (most Thai girls not on the game are IMHO).
    It certainly helps if you know a bit of Thai in Udon and I found the easiest way to meet and score was to simply stand still and wait for an approach!

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  13. Hey Smitty, the first lady suffering from a bad case of fascination of the horrible said she worked at the airport. I also managed to get lucky with a nurse from the private hospital and an absolute gem who sings in a band and could well be the next Mrs Smiler.

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