My mother and the Indian newbie by On Nutter

Imagine the scene. You are sitting at an outside bar at Nana Plaza with your 72-year-old mother. Outside a nearby go-go bar, service staff in school uniforms take a fag break. Your mother turns to you with a quizzical expression and asks with the innocence of old age: ‒Why are those girls wearing school uniforms?”

It is at such moments that you question your sanity in inviting your mother to spend two months in Thailand and escape the British winter, but I believe I rose to the challenge. ‒They must be on a school trip, mum,” I told her. She nodded in agreement.

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Getting out of dodge :: Rayong

Due to the alcohol closures I decided to get out town for a few days. Plus I was sulking in my least commented post ever and I figured I needed a break from all that Bkk has to offer. You can only drink, pick-up and shag for so many hours a day. I needed to see the beach. For the record – no one goes to Pattaya for the beach. The beaches suck there and Jomtien is not much better. I have been to Hua Hin many times and get tired of the drive. So this time I chose Rayong since I have never been, the bus is super cheap and I heard there is even some nightlife there. 🙂

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