Young Penfold gives it a go!

Early half  of 2007 I was looking for a new apartment and a friend of mine recommended I have a look at his place on a subsoi of suk soi22. I jumped out of a taxi and walked to the reception area where a girl had her back to me filing some stuff away.

Call it cliche but it was almost as if she turned round in slow mo to some camp romance music from a chick flick. 5’6, big piercing brown eyes, huge pouting lips that are ideal for (ill leave that to your imagination) curly flowing funky haircut and 1 of the tightest bodies iv ever seen, especially in her skimpy and slightly relieving office gear. I was in love.

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Ancient profession by On Nutter

It is easy to get an inferiority complex reading this site. While everyone else seems to be arranging threesomes with bisexual Penthouse models, I increasingly find myself trawling the Miracle Mile for a homeless amputee willing to go short time for 1,000 baht. Life isn’t fair.

That set me thinking about whether I had ‒achieved” anything unique among Bangkok’s monger community. Finally, I came up with something that at least I have never read about here: I got laid in an Ayutthaya karaoke bar.

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