A First-Timer’s Look at Chiang Mai by Werewolf

Okay, let’s get the caveats out of the way up front. I still remember my first week in Bangkok . If I wrote a summary of that city after being there for four and a half days my thoughts would have been incomplete, incorrect and largely invalid. (oddly, I was keeping a diary of my holiday on-line, so I really can go back and see what I had to say).

A month ago, I had never been to the north of Thailand . Three weeks ago I had never been to Chiang Mai. That changed in June; I have now spent 4 weeks in Northern Thailand and 4 ½ days in the city of Chiang Mai .

People like me who visit Bangkok for the first time tend to stay in a few small areas like Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Based on information from the internet I’ve done much the same in Chiang Mai… I’ve stayed where the farangs stay and I’ve gone to the places where farang (tourists) go.

So – argue and criticize all you want to – this isn’t the ‒Users Guide to Chiang Mai” but the ‒First Timer’s Look at Chiang Mai”. It’s the impression of the uninformed. If you want to comment and say I’m wrong, that’s fine – but don’t just tell me I’m an idiot — tell me what I can do better on my NEXT trip to Chiang Mai.

Alright. Caveats finished. On with the blog.

Chiang Mai is in the mountains. The entire area is more beautiful than central Thailand (ie. Bangkok and surrounds). That’s a fact.

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Away from Pay-for-Play by Werewolf

I’ve never been shy about saying why I moved to Bangkok . I’m approaching 50 years old, divorced, overweight and unattractive. I moved to Bangkok purely for the opportunity to have regular sex with beautiful young girls on a regular basis in exchange for a very small amount of my cash.

It’s not that I was a loser back home — I have had a successful business career, and I have managed to hit above my weight with the girls all my life – but life had descended into a series of brief dating experiences with women who were (like me) getting older all the time. Following a divorce in 2002 and a breakup from my after-marriage girlfriend in 2004 I was unhappy most of the time, spending countless hours listening to mindless drivel from a parade of 30-something women back home in Sydney . I found the time with these women so excruciating that I rarely had the stomach to have sex with them.

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SJW does Bkk part 3

Spicy, and This is Not a Hooker

On the first night in town when I didn’t have to be anywhere the next morning I went out REALLY late. Had dinner at Vertigo in the Banyan Tree hotel, randomly met two guys who were COMPLETELY clueless about BKK, I was an old hand in comparison. They wanted to check out a couple of the places that Lonely Planet says are cool (Bed, CM, etc.) but it was already pretty late. We hit Bed, a place I’ve always found to be pretty shaky. Lots of attitude, really generic Djs playing a set that I could hear in a club in Albany. My two newbies made a game effort of it but didn’t even get a phone number, while I didn’t see anything interesting enough to roll the dice. We headed out of there a little before one and tried a couple other places in the neighborhood, with nothing all that great.

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SJW does Bkk part 2

Soi 33 Near Miss

The fourth of fifth night I went out for food and drinks with a local expat I met on my last trip. Good guy, Thai wife, three kids, ex US military. We met at another Japanese oriented place on Soi 33. Then we went to a bunch of other places in the same general area, but involving a couple of cab rides and one short BTS trip. We weren’t on Cowboy, I know that. After many, many drinks (all Johnny Walker Black or Chivas + soda, both crap whiskeys in my book, what’s up with that?) along with food and hostesses and whatever else, I mentioned that I’d never taken a working girl out of a bar. My only P4P experience was the massage places. I think I opined that I probably wouldn’t really dig getting a girl from a bar anyway, just not my style. This was taken as a challenge, as we shall see.

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SJW does Bkk part 1

After taking advantage of all of your sharp expat knowledge I thought I might fill you in on how your advice did for me. The highlights at least. I was in BKK for a little under two weeks in early March, it was my third trip to the Land of Smiles but the first one in which I could spend any serious amount of time having fun. As background, I’m in my late 30’s, get to the gym fairly often, work in finance (no, not for Bear Stearns, not even for a bank) in NYC so I have more than two dimes to rub together. I’m not particularly good looking, but I pull fairly hot girls stateside because of my big mouth and, let’s be honest, the fact that I can afford to show a girl a good time. This trip was about 35% work, 65% fun. I had to meet with a few money managers working on emerging markets investing in Thailand and Singapore, but my evenings were my own and a good number of the days as well. My hotel was not especially girl friendly. It’s a very fancy 5 star place catering to business travelers, diplomats, and even some families, so while P4P is about (especially with the Japanese) it is frowned upon.

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