Mango Game Show – Part 2 – Is she a he? by pmmp

Mango Game Show – Part 1

It’s mayhem at Mango Studios (2nd floor area by the bathroom) as the contestants ready themselves for the first event. YP and the Gang have no troubles rousing up the studio audience as the atmosphere is buzzing. Duck’s family is down from Korat which left just two chairs for Joe’s entourage consisting of Big Baby Kenny with a uni girl he pulled from the Ramkhamhaeng University Library, in the Anatomy section. Let the games begin:

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Tagged your it – Part 2 by Young Penfold

Part 1 here.

If you are unsure with how tagged works, its piss easy. Easier then getting your cherries licked in the toilets at Cascade. You can upload and put your photos on there and your friends can write comments about them. Also on your profile people can leave comments, give you songs and stuff (sending songs and graphics are super gay – no way on earth should a male partake)

Every now and again Ill comment on a girls photo. Never really make a habit of it. Usually i put joke comments on there as Ive noticed, and Im gonna highlight here, theres so many guys leaving lame and disturbing comments that you gotta stand out from the crowd. Make it work for you.

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Tagged your it – Part 1 by Young Penfold

Lot of talk about g-clubs lately is the place to get some good ass for a change of scene. Wrong. I been a few times and was thoroughly under whelmed. Smitty did say though that when I got Im usually pissed as a Bangkok motocy driver which doesnt help. is where its at. I’ve been on there for a few weeks and had some quality pulls from there. Granted Im a seriously cool customer and can snap knicker elastic with a raise of the peoples eyebrow, but you mere mortals may also witness success too.

2 weeks ago since Ive signed up a hell of a lot has gone on, and this submission (and subsequent next posts) are in a lowsy non-chronological (I think thats the expression I wanted) order, but I shit you not, its all TRUE

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Visit To An Issan Bar Girl Factory by Pants Elk

Mukdahan is perhaps best known as a visa-run crossing point to Savannakhet, over the border in Lao PDR.  The town has many attractions of its own, however, and is well worth a more extended visit. The main tourist facility is Thailand’s only indoor bobsledding run, where the artificial snow machine (out of order on both my visits) drains the Mekhong of three thousand gallons of water a day. But of more interest to the Big Mango demographic is the Inter BG Bar Girl Factory a couple of kilometres north of the Friendship Bridge.

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