Nok Opayop on Phuket and Krabi

editor’s note: This was a comment from this post.

I was in Patong a few days ago and had a good time, and although I found the hoards of massage girls in the streets very annoying one of them amused me as I passed by; ‒massage sir?” …”mai ao krab”…..”blowjob sir?” ….. You should have seen the look on the faces of the passing package tourists.

The Indian tailors with ludicrous Australian and cockney accents (like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins) are apparently Burmese of Nepali origin. Not that that makes them any less irritating but it does mean that some decent ‒Indian” food is available quite cheaply.

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Suk Psycho does Phuket

For my first contribution to this blog I went on a mission to Phuket. We have been talking about Pattaya and all its secrets for a while, but don’t forget that Phuket also is a monger-friendly destination. There is not so much choice as in Pattaya but at least this is a true beach resort, and you can even send a postcard to your family without looking like a perv 🙂

I am not a Phuket specialist, but in my opinion 90% of the P4P there happens in Patong (for Farangs I mean) and 90% of the Patong P4P happens in or around Bangla Road. Let’s say from Taipan (on Rat U Thit road, opposite Bangla Road) to Banana Club (200 meters on the left after Bangla Road, on the beach road).

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The pre-weekly – lightning round!

lightning.jpgpmmp is the master of the weekly. This cannot be disputed despite rumors to the contrary. I am sure he is hunkered down over his sweaty keyboard right now gathering his thoughts and his recap of Pattaya. I mean if PG can come here and write about bkk then obviously we have to return the favor. Later I will write up my Pattaya stuff but I am still stunned at looking at literaly hundreds of naked beavers. Pattaya just has too many of them and I can’t seem to stop looking at them. There were girls with great bods, cute faces and amazing racks but I would not know since my eyes fall to the naked beaver and I can’t look away. It is punishing. Anyway. This post is not about Pattaya but about Bangkok. Deal.

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