The pre-weekly – lightning round!

lightning.jpgpmmp is the master of the weekly. This cannot be disputed despite rumors to the contrary. I am sure he is hunkered down over his sweaty keyboard right now gathering his thoughts and his recap of Pattaya. I mean if PG can come here and write about bkk then obviously we have to return the favor. Later I will write up my Pattaya stuff but I am still stunned at looking at literaly hundreds of naked beavers. Pattaya just has too many of them and I can’t seem to stop looking at them. There were girls with great bods, cute faces and amazing racks but I would not know since my eyes fall to the naked beaver and I can’t look away. It is punishing. Anyway. This post is not about Pattaya but about Bangkok. Deal.

Daywalker in town so needed to make the rounds to check on his harem. Here we go.

Some thoughts about Nana. Every time I make a comment about Nana people tend to construe my thoughts and make it seem like I am bitter. I am not. We did good in Nana and it set the stage for bigger and better things. We also fought hard for Nana and wanted it to do do better than it is doing but Nana is not managed well and I think it is so visible as of late. I can honestly say for the first time there are more crappy bars than there are good bars. This is not a good sign. I can also say that many of the bars on soi 4 tend to operate with a separate mindset. Meaning police and bar owners think of soi 4 as being a different entertainment entity than Nana – whereas it used to be all piled into the same zone. This is not good for Nana but great for soi 4. It also means that the hotels and businesses around soi 4 tend to not be too concerned about Nana anymore. So in my opinion Nana needs to stage a turnaround otherwise a future without Nana is very possible someday. If Nana were cleaned up, kicking and busy then I think the exact opposite could happen. Either way the place feels like a dump as of late.

  • Mercury: We stuck our heads in but frankly the talent looked weak, the music was painfully loud and the mamasan bugs the fucking shit out of me. So we circled and left.
  • Mandarin: We had one drink and it was okay. The girls were wearing underwear again and the talent was so-so but nothing worth sticking around for.
  • Carnival: Almost scary. Ugly girls and a pushy door mamasan. No thanks.
  • Hollywood Strip: Closed. Yes folks. Not open. What is that all about? The death of a place like Nana is always sped up if bars can’t stay open. I also noticed that construction on the old mango site, moment of silence, has also stalled. Coincidence?
  • Hollywood Carousel: Usually is doing pretty well but the lineup was weak and showtime was not on yet so we decided to save it for later but later never happened.
  • Erotica: Ever since Erotica John escaped from Thailand this place has sucked. Nothing has improved. Talent was weak, the aircons barely worked and the ugly girls surrounded us begging for drinks. Horrible comes to mind.
  • Rainbow 4: Was doing okay. Kicking tunes, new girls and the service is as good as always. I saw more than a few I would have taken to a small windowless room but I was on a blog mission.

Off to cowboy. Busy, vibrant, well lit and just better. I don’t think anyone can really argue that point anymore.

  • Black and White: It took 5 mins to even get noticed and I was sitting at the rail. 2 service girls chatting away at the bar with the bartender and one older service lady running around like mad. She finally came over and said she was sorry and explained that the place is not being managed well and the young girls won’t listen to her. I then tried to buy a drink for one of the coyote girls. Got half her digits last trip and needed the rest. She said she could not sit with me because the boss is making them sit with some towel heads who at the time had not bought any drinks. She was dismayed as to why she could not sit with me even if I bought her a drink but said she had no choice. Nice. What a bar. Black and White – despite the new lights sucks more than ever. I also agree that this coyote craze sweeping the go-gos is lame. The girls are not that much hotter and do not compare at all to real coyote action.
  • DeJaVu: On principle I think the group of towel head bars mostly suck due to the pushy mamasans and ridiculous prices but I think DJV is the best out of the bunch though. Good music, lots of nudity and some pretty cute girls. There were a few stunners the other night. Barfine is 700 though. Stupid.
  • Long Gun: It needs a freaking remodel. Enuff said. The lineup is not bad and they have less fatties than Rawhide at the moment. Lots of nudity and a few stunners but the attitude is so out of control. One girl refused a drink with no reason at all. Even the service girl I have known for 5 years was put off by it. Did meet a few cuties and bagged some digits. Result.

That’s it. Hence the name of the post.

Will leave you with this – The top 10 babes from the Olympics. Is Alison Stokke freaking hot or what?

Now that you have seen her this article gets even more interesting.

I also think it is significant that, for most athletes, the village is thousands of miles from home. The old ‒what goes on tour stays on tour” mantra is still alive and kicking, not just in sport but beyond. There is something deep seated in humanity that leads us to play by different rules whenever we leave town, a phenomenon that has caused instances of terrible inhumanity. When it comes to sex, it simply means that those in relationships no longer recognise, or at least ignore, the boundaries of fidelity and honesty that underpin human monogamy. Philosophers call it moral relativism; the rest of us call it hypocrisy.

Ahhhh the out of state rule, out of country rule or out of area code rule. I use the I am off of my home soi rule. Seems simpler.

So MIchael Phelps must have line out his room… Respect.

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  1. “I am sure he is hunkered down over his sweaty keyboard right now gathering his thoughts and his recap of Pattaya. ”

    I believe “Hunkered down over his pool of vomit and piss while gathering his thoughts on just what exactly happened last night” would be a more apt description.

  2. Alison Stokke is damn fine. But i’d like to nominate a coupla other Olympic babes atop the podium…

    Zhao Ruirui from the Chinese volleyball team. Creamy skin, pussycat smile, vicious spikes…and 196 cm tall.

    Agnieszka Bednarek from the Polish volleyball team. Relatively short at a mere six feet or so, but what a honey. Check her out at:

    It’s all in Polish, but so what. Learn critical details about Agnieszka like:
    Wzrost 187 cm
    Waga 69 kg

    I’d waga that wzrost any time.


  3. “I am sure he is hunkered down over his sweaty keyboard right now…”

    …brings to mind the lovely phrase “hunched over a speeding fist”.

  4. Speaking of the babes of the Olympics…

    Hats off to The Sun, who attempted to lighten all our days on Saturday with a gallery of ‘the sexiest stunners who brought beauty to the track and field’ in Beijing.

    Included in the slideshow was one Haley Ishimatsu, an American diver born on September 10, 1992.

    As an aside, here’s a quick extract from The Sun’s thundering columnist John Gaunt’s piece published by the paper on Friday:

    ‘I really enjoyed Gary Glitter’s world tour of airports and the fact the foul pervert finally had to realise there was no place to run and no place to hide.’

    So there you have it. It’s not OK to perve at children, unless they’re really fit, innit. #

  5. Alison Stokke certainly passes muster, but that’s a crappy ethnocentric list. Mostly Americans and no Asian or black women at all.

  6. I see asian women all the time so I was more interested in the US tail – plus they wore the best outfits or had posed somewhere else as well.

  7. @ssBOB: I wouldn’t say that you are bitter with NanaPlaza but you always mention that it will come to an end because it is poorly managed. Well, if everything here that is poorly managed was coming to an end, we should really start to worry.

    In my opinion the only threat for the Plaza is that the Barfine volume goes down. So, let’s all make sure it doesn’t πŸ™‚

  8. Daywalker in town

    There’s never any doubt when he’s in town… he completely disappears from the comments section.

    Put him on the plane back to work and he lives with his fingers glued to the keyboard.

    As for Carousel, I love the atmosphere in there when it’s showtime, but the girls definitely aren’t Rainbow 4 material. One of my favorite quotes was from a grizzled longtime Bangkok expat who took me in Carousel, looked around and said, “they all look like they just got out of prison.”

    I’ve never barfined a dancer out of Carousel, but I’ve barfined two of the servers.

    I was also in Mandarin and Deja Vu this week and agree with your descriptions.

  9. Apologies to pmmp for leaving my underwear in his room in Pataya….

    Daywalker in da house……..


  10. I’ll take the line of women inside my jacuzzi suite over Michael Phelps’ line any day. No reporters and less worries of an expose. Daywalker’s underwear aside, luuuuuuv the 2-day Pattaya trips. Will be providing “some” details tomorrow…

  11. I know many will disagree, but on the Olympic babalicious thing, Blanca Vlasic kills me. She has that smoky East European ice queen look, not beautiful in any classical but really intriguing and memorable. At 6’4″ she an inch taller than me, and the anti-spinner, but I bet she’d dish out a serious workout if my aging heart good still take it.

  12. Nice write up.

    I remember soi 4. That was the street that used to have Sin Bar and some cute girls in the Nana lot, right?

    What’s intriguing for small thinkers like me is that Swan Coyote place. Been open how long and they NEVER stop working on it. Always banging, hammering or carrying in bricks or some such thing. Reminds me of that Tahitian place in “Goodfellows” which was a front to bring in hot booze, cigarettes and fur coats which they exited out the rear.

    Good ol’ Nana Plaza. I know what you mean. The real problem is that there are way too many LBs (can I say that?; is that PC?). Do those “alternative lifestyle” bars pencil out?; I just don’t get it. Then again, I took some accoutning, but I was a liberal arts major.

    On the positive side of the Nana ledger though, the fries at Hungry’s between the Cat House and RB III sure are good. Plus they have 12 people working there so it only takes 20 minutes to get them.

    What do you want for 40 baht, food AND service?


  13. I drooled about the South American weightlifters before, but I don’t mind re-drooling in the context of this thread. The girls from Colombia and Venezuela were blisteringly hot. The only problem being you had to sit through the usual scary parade of gonad-carrying cart-horses from the eastern european bloc. Usually, I’m up for the gymnasts and swimmers, but these girls (sultry, voluptuous, etc etc) made me appreciate the noble art of, er, lifting heavy shit on a pole, for the first time. I don’t have any hot links for them, though, so potential masturbators will have to rip into Google Images for a few minutes. Cheaper than a night in the g-clubs, though.

  14. @Pants: In real life, average Latinas (as encountered on the street) tend to have big behinds and small floaters, which is not so much the case with Eastern Europeans.

    But, I will have an race that will have me…

  15. suk – not really how I put it. We never said it could just suddenly stop but the laws of economics are in play. the master lease is up in 4 years. the guys who have the lease would love to buy the place but it will take some serious coin. The empty lot by soi 6 and nana bts set record land prices only months ago. For the master lease guys to buy the land they would need to raise bar rents. would u pay a lot more than u pay now for drinking in the plaza? I doubt it. So with empty bars and shit service it would be tough for any bar owner to raise prices and then tough for any lease holder to raise rents. With restaurants and pool bars going in that surely pull down less money than go-go bars – the writing is on the wall. Also local hotel owners are now calling for the end of nana because they think it is an eyesore. So my point is that if they fixed it up and had more business there would be a greater chance for survival. Instead they seem to be doing the opposite. Essentially trying to drain the turnip before it goes rotten.

    ww – so true. the comment stream helps u to pinpoint his presence.

    jd – so true. u see their new sign for the exchange booth? my guess is they dont make any money so he just keeps adding things hoping something will stick. no comment on the LB since it is not my personal taste but yeah nana has a lot of LB bars. Sin done. Can’t help u much with the parking lot. Out of principle I cannot eat a mail in NEP.

  16. @tosh: oh yes, Blanca Vlasic. Perfect catwalk material. 6’4″ of skin & bone, and a funny face that Vogue would love. I was leering at her wondering if perhaps I had become a tad too, ahem, specialist. Or my if my boredom with same same old was leading me down ever curiouser paths. Now I don’t feel so bad.

    @milo: agreed about Lolo (Jones or Ferrari).

    I’d also throw in a couple of those lovely teenage Jamaican sprinters or sweet & smiley Blessing Okagbare, who suprrised all by ‘bronzing’ in the long long jump.

  17. @Combover, SJW, I hear you. Blanca Vlasic and Blessing have it. I have a soft spot too for the goofy but sweet Melaine Walker. And where do I begin with the gymnasts? Nothing like a gymnast – even if she 20+ – to make you feel ‘specialist’…

  18. @ Combover + Milo – glad to hear there are other Blanca fans out there. Palefaces have to be extra, um, specialist to get me interested. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  19. “Also local hotel owners are now calling for the end of nana because they think it is an eyesore.”

    So how would the Nana Hotel maintain a high occupancy rate if NEP closed? Maybe through the ever-increasing number of middle eastern visitors?

    I would have no regrets with NEP closing as long as the Pattaya bar scene survives.

  20. The cameraman doing the beach volley ball, Gold for u mate, he zoomed in on so much ass he had the crowd cheering!

  21. dj – nana hotel? let’s be honest – a part from the folks who frequent it no one in lower suk in the hotel biz considers it of any importance. Occupancy rates are already low, the place is a dump and the rest of the proper businesses detest the late night nana parking lot scene. Sure – from what I know nana hotel is the only one bitching but the only one. The new hotels going up on soi don’t care and the marriott plus the landmark are already pushing for the nana to go. None of them give a shit about nana hotel.

  22. When the NEP gets razed to the ground for yet another four-star hotel, all the people who now say they couldn’t give a shit what happens will be fondly reminiscing about the good old days. Sure, it’s inevitable, but whatever your complaints about the Nana scene, whatever replaces it will be sexless, expensive, cleaner, corporate, as much fun as a tax form, and you’ll wish you still had the NEP to complain about. Yes, it’s sleazy, corrupt, venal … and like a jolt of electricity if your notion of entertainment freedom is your choice of ticket at the Megaplex.
    A lot depends on attitude. If you live around the corner, familiarity can breed contempt. But the NEP was never there to serve locals; it’s a tourist attraction. I don’t think I’ll ever use the place again, but I’ve had more great times courtesy the NEP and the Nana car park than I can remember, and whatever the stage of its decline from some subjective notion of a Golden Age, it’s still hot fun for somebody. A whole load more fun than another hotel.

  23. pe – to be clear though i am not calling for NEP’s head. Quite the contrary I am simply stating that if they don’t make it better it will go away. I love the place – hell I built a bar though but the place is slowly rotting away and no one seems to care. Well the powers that be, not the punters or the bar owners, will help the place along if the folks running it cannot reverse the trend. Nana hotel is a little remora fish on the back of the plaza. The other hotels don’t really care if NEP or the hotel go away. Sad but true.

  24. Nothing to pull us apart there, BOB, but the notion of “them” making it “better” … this is *Thailand*!

  25. pe – well if someone does not make it better it will go but I am sure the punters will bitch at bar owners later rather than bitching now.

  26. I think its going is inevitable. I’m surprised it has lasted this long. Bitching one way or the other won’t change a damn thing; what “matters” here is real estate and market forces. So a heads-up to lurkers out there who have not yet made the plunge – go for the deep end now, and bring breathing gear! We all make our own Golden Age anyway …

  27. pe – correct but I always find it funny that every time this subject comes up people get all bewildered wondering how could NEP ever go away. won’t Nana hotel save it? What will the bars do? and so and so on. It is simple economics at the end of the day – nothing more but one can see the difference between NEP and Cowboy and the results are telling. That has to be blamed on NEP management and owners. If NEP were doing better I think it would stand a better chance of survival.

    oh well. carry on. nothing to see here folks.

  28. … and Thais are famous for their ability to accept blame and responsibilty. Second only to this clear-sightedness is their willingness to make good on their inadequacies.

    (some irony may be present – if in doubt consult your pharmacist)

  29. SSB – Never intended to imply the Nana Hotel could save NEP; only that they and some other hotels (Dynasty, Grand President, Majestic Suites, etc) would see many of their regular customers look for lodging closer to Soi Cowboy, or just bypass Bkk and to to Pattaya.

    I’m not current on Nana Hotel occupancy rates ss I now rarely recommend them to friends coming to visit, but, as recent as a year ago, they were frequently fully booked, even in the slow season.

    Agree with PE that NEP is geared for tourists.

  30. dj – u are correct about the hotels but they are not doing anything about it. A lot of the complaints from the bigger hotels is the late night street activity, the ladyboys and the general low-life nature of the place late at night. the landmark specifically is doing a lot of things behind the scenes to deal with it. they are the big landowner all around the plaza and even control some of the leases to some current bars on soi 4. they HATE nep.

    i was hearing nana is running 60%. unheard of numbers if compared to the past.

  31. It’s ironic that those in power that wanted to “clean up” the place and image, started enforcing closing times that put all that crap out onto the street instead of keeping it inside places like Therm’s etc…

    I don’t think those business, luxury tourist class hotels around Soi 4 would want NEP to go if all that stuff wasn’t out on the street after 1 AM. It was better when it was all somewhat hidden and not in your face if you weren’t looking for it.

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