Nok Opayop on Phuket and Krabi

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I was in Patong a few days ago and had a good time, and although I found the hoards of massage girls in the streets very annoying one of them amused me as I passed by; ‒massage sir?” …”mai ao krab”…..”blowjob sir?” ….. You should have seen the look on the faces of the passing package tourists.

The Indian tailors with ludicrous Australian and cockney accents (like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins) are apparently Burmese of Nepali origin. Not that that makes them any less irritating but it does mean that some decent ‒Indian” food is available quite cheaply.

I found the girls to be the usual mixture of goblins, chubby farmers daughters, cuties and a few stunners with a mixture of attitudes. I found that if I walked some way into the sois they were happier to see me than those close to the street (and happier to play around). I found soi Eric to be the most fun but alas many of the poles in all the sois were occupied by drunken farangs including one granny farang from Australia of about 70 – she said it would be 5000 baht long time but strangely she was the only female I met who didn’t call me handsome man! Could it be I am not really a handsome man????? Shit.

2000 baht for long time to a cute and very entertaining beer bar girl from soi Eric had her banging all night and phoning me up for the next few days for a second meeting. This tells me that 2000 was too much. Also I got charged 500 baht for the bar fine so it sounds like they did me there. I found the lady drinks in Patong pretty pricey and the bar bills stacked up quite impressively and quickly.

There are a number of pool bars around town and one quite large one with air con on Bangla road, right next to Rock Hard gogo although I found the girls to be a fairly dull lot.

At 6 (or was it 7) pm Bangla road is closed off and becomes a walking street heaving with people – tourists, touts, sellers of all sorts of crap and loads of freelancers hanging around waiting to meet customers. These girls start to arrive at around 9-10pm.

The report here didn’t mention opening times. I was quite surprised to see that most of the beer bars did not open until 9pm and didn’t really get going until 10. Mostly they shut at 3am but one night I was there the police turned out the lights at 2.

On my last night there I ran into 2 girls in Taipan, which was fairly busy at 2am but not full, who were happy to come back to my hotel for the price of a bowl of noodles (I did buy them one each – 50 baht per bowl), so that bar rates highly in my book.

Air con rooms were easy to find for 600 per night but I will avoid the Andaman Resortel in Soi Sansabai. Despite having fairly good rooms the air-con sucks – I went through 3 rooms where it didn’t work at all until I got one that did – when I woke up the whole place was flooded by the leaking unit.

A few notes on Krabi:

Last night I went into a hotel karaoke bar – the Thai Hotel I think. No English spoken but happy to speak to a farang with reasonable Thai. Girls singing in skimpy outfits and sitting with customers. After visiting the place a few times over the last 10 days I took a girl out for a night out. It costs 2000 baht to bar fine them!!! And I am told that it is only for a night out to the disco. As it was quite late they took it down to 1200 baht – I paid it to see what would happen. The girl’s sister turned up in a nice car and took us to a nightclub called O2 – Thai style club with band. The girl’s sister was really hot but no chance of getting her number as the one from the hotel was all over me. When mother phoned (it was mother they had her on speaker phone) we had to go home at about 2am. I was dropped off at my hotel and kissed on the cheek and that was it. They are taking me to Ao Nang beach this afternoon – don’t suppose I’ll get a shag but it’s different.

Krabi also has a load of red light karaoke bars (hovels) where girls are bar fined and paid for less than the 2000 at the hotel. Hmmmm, look out for me tonight at the red light hovels.

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