Suk Psycho does Phuket

For my first contribution to this blog I went on a mission to Phuket. We have been talking about Pattaya and all its secrets for a while, but don’t forget that Phuket also is a monger-friendly destination. There is not so much choice as in Pattaya but at least this is a true beach resort, and you can even send a postcard to your family without looking like a perv 🙂

I am not a Phuket specialist, but in my opinion 90% of the P4P there happens in Patong (for Farangs I mean) and 90% of the Patong P4P happens in or around Bangla Road. Let’s say from Taipan (on Rat U Thit road, opposite Bangla Road) to Banana Club (200 meters on the left after Bangla Road, on the beach road).

This is where I have focused my investigations, except from a quick (and rather disappointing) expedition to Christin Massage, further down on soi Rat U Thit). Yes I guess you can now call me Bangla-Psycho as well.

First a general observation about Patong Beach: The whole place is quickly growing. I had not been there for more than a year, maybe a year and a half, and there are more hotels, more shops, new venues, etc. Good thing for the tourism industry, but of course with growth and popularity come the annoying part: the Thai people not only lost their smile there, they also lost their coolness and their sense of respect (reminds me of places like Phangan or Samui), the Indian tailors are more aggressive than ever, not only they shoot at you to buy a suit while youíre going to the beach wearing only a short and a shirt, but they also grab your hand or your arm and try to literally pull you inside their shop.

Same for the massage girls: There are more and more massage places and the girls scream at you and grab your arm and prevent you to move along. And of course the ones who do that are not the prettiest ones. Talk about Zombie movies.

They’ve done a good job at JungCeylon though, as this is now a true upscale shopping and dining center with music, water shows, movie theaters and all the stuff.

The beach is still very nice, but if you want to swim you have to find your way between parasailing boats and jetskis. Why the hell do you want to swim here anyway?. Well, if I came only for swimming I would definitely head south of Patong, but it is actually in Patong that all the fun happens. At night at least.

Back to the night in Patong, then.

I guess everyone would agree that Patong is more about beer bars and clubs than Gogo bars. Most of the Gogo bars there simply suck and this is definitely not there that you will find the hottest girls. However there are one or two Gogos worth checking out. Anyway, the good thing with Patong is that it is so concentrated that you can check all places three times in less time than you would need to walk from Nana Plaza to Soi Cowboy :).

Let’s start the review, from North to South.

Taipan, aka the infamous FBI (Finest Bar In Thailand), is still one of the most famous after hours places in town, with the double advantage of being close to the action and free to go in. However, like most after hours places, the quality of the crowd inside strongly depends on how the action has been, earlier, in other places. During the low season, the place can be very empty. I only went once and not that late, but it was quite empty.

Next to Taipan is the Baya Beach Club, which I never really liked. I didn’t visit, therefore I can not comment. But it is still there, so I guess that the owner manages to do some good business.

And next to Baya Beach Club is the new (at least for me it was new) Rock City. I think there is a Rock City in Pattaya as well, no? Well, anyway, Rock City in Patong is a strange place. This looks like many Thai oriented clubs. A huge stage in the back, a few tables in the middle where you stand and drink, and an empty space in the front, where the bar and the entrance are. And of course a Thai live band that sings odiously wrong and odiously too loud. I didn’t stay there more than 20 seconds.

Now in to Bangla. At the beginning, everything happens on the right side of the road, going south.

First is, in my opinion the best (and only?) Gogo bar in Patong: Rock Hard a Gogo. I like this Gogo. I mean I like the look and the way it is arranged. It is probably the best Gogo in Thailand in that matter. Looks like a Club with 2 large stages, plenty of space to sit and drink, a pool area, good music, not-pushy mamasans, etc.

The only drawback being – The girls! I have never seen a stunner in there. Ok, they have a few that are doable, but even in high season, nothing close to Shark, Doll House or Rainbow in BKK, to name a few.

Next, in the first street on the right after Rock Hard, there is a new Gogo:  Roxy a Gogo. Nice place too, but the weird thing there is that they dedicated twice as much space for the pool tables (2 only, but big ones) as for the stage. There is only a small round stage (looks a bit like the small one in the Carousel in BKK) that doesn’t even turn around. You end up spending more time looking at snooker than at dancers I would say the same about Roxy as I said about Rock Hard. Nice place, but don’t forget to put pretty girls in.

Next in the same street is the Seduction disco that opened maybe 2 years ago. Didn’t check.

Then, right on Bangla road, is the Tiger complex. Not much change. But still in my opinion the funniest place in Patong. You can spend a night there, drinking downstairs and then when your drunk, climbing upstairs to Tiger Disco (250 baht with 2 drinks), till you find someone to bring (take you) home. Even during low season both the bars and the disco offer a wide range of girls which allows you to almost always find a few that you like.

Moving on on soi Bangla, the next soi you meet is soi Sea Dragon, the only soi featuring a few Gogo Bars. The beer bars are in the middle of the soi and the Gogos on the sides. The Gogos have the same names as some in soi Cowboy (Play school, Suzy Wong), and maybe the same owners, but apart from the names and the owners, they have nothing in common with their BKK counterparts. They look like old and dirty versions of them actually. In a way, the whole soi reminds me of the worst part of Patong. Dirty beer bars, weird Gogos bars, and even the touts that want to drag you inside for a ping pong show or something like that. In my opinion Sea Dragon is the worst soi in Patong. As far as girls are concerned, this is also true.

And now comes soi Eric.

Soi Eric is now a funny place. The whole soi has been transformed so that each and every bar has the same look and feel in the soi, with purple neons and small spotlights. Kind of club atmosphere for beer bars. The result is pretty convincing (photo). They are so proud of what they did that they sell a Soi Eric t-shirt for 100 baht. The weird thing is that there is nothing on the black or white t-shirt, but Soi Eric written on it. WTF?

In comparison with soi Sea Dragon, soi Eric offers nice and clean beer bars and a very good atmosphere, like a huge party all over the place. Girls are not only prettier than in the previous soi, they also are more friendly, dance on the tables, etc. I would rate soi Eric second after Tiger complex.

The next soi, soi Crocodile, is also now referred as soi katoeys, because the main attraction is the bunch of katoeys who dance on a small stage at the entrance of the soi. And in my opinion, there is actually not much to see on soi Crocodile besides that. And there are so many tourists taking pictures of the katoeys, than you could end up with your picture on hundreds of websites “my holidays in Thailand”.

Soi Gonzo (who came up with such a name???) is a bit away of the action as there are some construction in front of the soi and one need to go thru a small alley to reach the soi. Therefore it is pretty quiet, especially now with the low season.

Soi Easy is not really a soi, but is worth mentioning because it hosts the new club in town: Hollywood (talk about being creative!). Well, just another club in my opinion. Was free, but also empty, when I checked it.

Then in an interesting way, the action moves to the left of soi Bangla with a few beer bars, whose only interest is that they are open from noon or something and are the only ones to offer afternoon action.
Once youíve reached the end of Bangla Road you make a left and walk for 200 meters. Here is the Banana Club. 400 baht with 2 drinks. I gave it a miss for this time 🙂

Let’s talk about price!

Suk Psycho does not only look and report. He actually tries. Here are the prices you can expect to pay.

Well, at least these are the prices I paid.

First a general observation: prices have moved up. They are now close to BKK prices. Actually this is not a big surprise as everything in Patong, from water bottle to accommodation, from food to transportation is at least as expensive as it is in BKK. Patong is not Pattaya in that matter.

In the Gogos, the bar fine is 600 baht. Short time is 2000 baht and LT 3 to 4000 baht. In the beer bars, barfine is between 300 and 500 baht. You will find several girls quoting 2000 baht ST. This can be reduced to 1500. Some quote 1500 and this can be reduced to 1000, but this is rare. One beer bar girl did not negotiate the price upfront. When finished I handed 1000 baht and she was happy with that. Go figure. LT is also in the 3 to 4000 range.

A common scam in the beer bars is to charge you for more than the actual barfine price: let’s say the barfine is 300. If you ask to the girl, she will say 500 and mention that to the cashier. She will then make an extra 200 for her. Patong is the only place where I saw this. Don’t ask for the barfine price. Always assume it is 300, but be prepared to pay more in some cases.

Christin Massage: This is the only Massage Parlour in Patong. Well, at least the only one I know. Went there once at 3pm and once at 7pm. Both times the guy in there showed me three sets of girls, all ugly, with prices from 1800 to 2800 baht, all included. The second time, when I mentioned that they were “not that hot” – he said that the best time to come is 6pm. I guess there is a small slot when you can find a few good looking girls in there, but I’m not sure.

Naughty massages: I don’t know of any teen massages in Patong, however there are a few naughty massages (not designed for P4P but where P4P happens), mainly on Kepsab road and around. I paid 1500 baht for a massage + fool job there, which is rather a good price compare to the overall prices.

All in all I would say that there are some good experiences to be found in Phuket, but it is nothing to compare to BKK or Pattaya. It’s good to have a few girls you know in case you don’t find anything else. If you have a good experience on your first night, make sure you keep the opportunity to come back!

38 thoughts on “Suk Psycho does Phuket

  1. Good report. I’ve been to Patong for a P4P holiday a few times, usually in the low season, and always had a fun, relaxing 3 or 4 days. In the past it could be said that the Phuket girls were better quality (and higher prices) than Pattaya, but I’ve only found that to be true maybe once.

    I was truly bummed to hear that the Dragon go-go — which was the place where Hollywood is now — closed. That was a modern BKK/Pattaya sytle gogo with cheap tequila and a truly stunning lineup of girls. 30 on stage none under an 8 on The Ghostmeter.

    It was such a stark contrast to the 1980s style gogog on Sea Dragon. Those truly suck. That’s why they don’t get any good-looking girls in them. They’re gross.

    Dragon closed and some of the girls went to Roxy, but most just left the scene entirely to BKK or Pattaya (maybe).

    I’ve always enjoyed Tiger Disco and had a fun night in Taipan.

    Bascially, its possible to pull some good looking women there but, especially in low season, you have to work harder at it and pay more.

  2. It’s the generally ho-hum quality of the merch, coupled with not-bargain prices, that makes Patong a place to pass through. And the other downside is the farang contingent, who lose what sense of dress and propriety they might have had in the capital (0.000001%) and let it all hang out, sea-sidey-stylee. I don’t want to see suits, fercrissakes, but I don’t want to see maori-tattooed pizza-coloured blubber and forests of white hair bouncing over elasticated shiny-short waistbands, either.

    I was once driven (by a non-mongering friend) past a row of “karaoke” shacks on one of the main roads out of Phuket town (a long way from Patong), which he told me were whorehouses. That looked like a good proposition to me, one that I never managed to try. About thirty or so street-side palm-leaf and bamboo cabins, very prettily strung with lights, with a little yard in front where the girlies sat and smiled at me as we went past. A million miles from the lewd horrors of Patong, and I bet considerably cheaper, too.

  3. If you sent me a postcard from Phuket, I would know instantly you are a perv.

    I would also beg you for details like you posted (once you got back, that is).

    Thanks for the writeup…hope the sunburn is healing.

  4. To me Phuket has always been a “bring your own” place meaning “regular TG” not P4P and stay at one of the beaches away from Patong. Enjoy the beach, the food and sevice near where you are staying then take your “bring along” to Bangla road to let her see the freak show. Then leave early and enjoy your happy bring along the entire night before breakfast and a day trip. A nice few days

  5. 8 ball – if that is the case why even go then? go to some nice island or beach that is not ruined, overpriced and overrun. I think the only reason to go to phukett is you want the beaches and water combined with some form of P4P. Otherwise head to a cleaner and cheaper island in my opinion.

  6. I brought my own a couple of years ago and, wouldn’t you know it, I kept getting my head spun around by better-looking totty one the street. The next year I went solo.

    Forgot to mention….

    On the massage front, if you turn right off Bangla on beach road you’ll run into a few oily massage places. Most have mnnsters soliciting you, but there’s a couple discreet ones that have pretty young things out on the sidewalks, walking around asking if you want a massage. Find one of these and you can get everythign up to full service, albeit for 2,000 baht. (But hey, i was on holiday…)

  7. ssB – Simple answer as to the reason I “bring my own” to Phuket instead of to another island/beach is because Phuket is where many “good girls” want to go because they have never been anywhere and they have these images of Phuket as paradise. I am just happy to oblige their wishes. Plus it is a quick, convenient inexpensive flight which in most cases happens to be the first time they have been on an airplane. The whole package is a great pull for me.

    As for a reqular/steady GF then agree other places are better.

  8. Interesting post Suk – I’ve never been to Phuket (often thought about it then thought…. nah Phuket) and you are not really bigging it up here – maybe it is indeed for those (rare) times when only a bit of sand between your toes will do

  9. Sounds pretty expensive LT for beer bar girls! :-O I didnt even realise that I have been getting quite bargain then if beer bars in Pattaya quote 2000 for LT…

  10. @ Ghost: you know your way around Phuket, obviously. I found these oily places a couple years ago but didnt bother to check again. To many ugly girls to avoid to try and find a gem.
    @ PE: this is not BKK, for sure, that’s why I like it for a change.
    @ The AB: I guess you would react the same wherever the post card comes from 🙂 in Thailand I mean.
    @ 8ball: good girls go to Krabi
    @ DoctorBond: bad boys go to Phuket 😉 (on their way to Pattaya)
    @ KV: I almost never do LT. I asked for info but that’s it.

  11. My fondest remembrance of Patong is some beach front place charging 200 baht for fried rice.

    The Thai gal(s) I was with all said “paeng”!

    Respecting their opinion, I never went back.

  12. I spend about six New Years in row in Phuket, based in Patong or Kamalam and really enjoyed it every time.

    As SSB stated, a combo of beach chilling (in Kamala, Surin or wherever) and tip top nightlife.

    The prices mentioned seem too high. It’s been a couple of years since I was there, but honestly, 3-4000 for some of the beer bar munchkins just ain’t gonna happen.

    Baya Beach Club I always enjoyed, and a good place not mentioned is Safari (“safalleee”), which is out of town. Banana disco (and Tiger disco) I always found to be too full of self regarding young Eurotrash, not smiling, nursing drinks and speaking cheesy English.

  13. Patong has a place in my heart. It was the first place in Thailand I ever went.

    On my 2nd night there, me and 2 other mates barebacked a streetwhore who cried rape after and demanded 10,000baht after we’d liberally dowsed her in cum. We managed to get rid of her for 1385baht (including coins)

    I spent the 2weeks there trying to shmooze the babe receptionist at my hotel, and on my last night, due to being pissed as a motosai driver, I couldnt get a hard-one and left the deed un-done (despite using her quim as a nosebag for 45minutes)

    I returned next year for a football tournament there, and got her knickers down finally

    Also Patong beach is where I received my first blowie from an LB (4 of the fuckers) which was on my 21st birthday

    Happy times, happy times

  14. patong does have its finer points. while my experiences there have never rivaled those of the previous poster, i have managed to enjoy myself. a night out in patong routinely turns into a late night, turns into an early morning. safari stays open until dawn, as do a few other places around the top of the hill between patong and karon. it’s a fun place to go with local thais or friends, or people visiting from out of town who want to go on a bender. and yes, it’s quite possible to meet women there as well. sometimes they’re even NOT on yaabaa.

    bangla road is a shithole full of drunk, retarded tourists and asshole locals. sure. but it’s worth seeing at least once IMO. granted, i’ve never been to pattaya. i don’t want to go. i’ve had my share of the sun and sand and sleaze. well, i should clarify that. i’m comfortable with my own little neck of the woods and haven’t felt the need to expand my horizons just yet. most of the gogos and discos do suck but a few play decent music. banana is not one of them. the music is shite. unfortunately, most places you go, you will hear house of pain at least once. fuck me dead. why?!

    i went to rock city once at the old location to see the metallica cover band (who never took the stage for some reason) and shots of tequila were cheaper than beer. i ordered shots and drank them and went next door to the convenience store, bought beer and drank it oustide, then went back in. probably just desserts that i ended up waking up pissed at noon the next day to check out of my hotel. as was stated previously, good time, good… times???

  15. I hit Pattaya on my 1st trip to Thailand and Phuket on my 2nd…and 3rd…and 4th…and will be hitting it again next month. I always spend a week to ten days down there and then finish with 5-6 days in Bangkok. For me, the holiday has to include the ocean and nice beaches, so Phuket is perfect…lie on the beach during the day and then hit Bangla Road at night.

    When I was there in June this year, I was leaving 2000 LT and was told by the locals/regulars/mongers that was too much, that 1500 LT was the going rate (of course, I’m a big baller), so Suk, either you’re no Brad Pitt or else the ladies could just tell you were a big spender from the big city!

    Oh, and props on this weeks weekly!

  16. Once again YP harvests an armful of showy blooms from his garden of poesie and delights us anew with the exquisite delicacy of his sentiments. Truly a Byron for our age!

    (Oh, and YP, while you’re in Hemel, nip down to Homebase, get some roofing felt and clout nails and do up the shed like you promised your mum. Good lad!)

  17. @ Knight Rider: I am not Brad Pitt. But I am not ugly either. The thing is I don’t listen to what people say about prices as this is bullshit more often than not. If you have something better, good for you. But if you want to make us believe that 1500 is the standard for LT and what? 500 the standard for ST??? Then yes this is bullshit.

  18. @ PE – first Boswell and now Byron? – Your alarming move towards the homoerotic appreciation of YP’s ravings is something that should be curtailed for your own good.
    I suggest you think more along the lines of Katie Price (aka Jordan) admittedly the gender is wrong (or is it??????) but this has the dual benefit of putting YP in a more appropriate ‘stable’ at the same time as allowing your thoughts to turn briefly to Katies most glorious assets – I am of course referring to her prodigous literary output

  19. I haven’t been there since 06, but lt/st was 1000/600 is something near there, sure girls would ask for 2k or 1.5k, only about 2 out of 50 didn’t change their price once the bin was being paid.

    Of course I always expected rampant inflation in Phuket, it’s crazy, the only problem I have with Patong now and knew for a long time coming is that Phuket/Patong is the new Bali for Australians since it was bombed.

    Aussies always had cheap as flights to Bali, and since the bombings, there wasn’t anything going except NZ (lol) for a while, until quite a few people cottoned onto Patong being the same thing but “on steroids”.

    I can’t walk into any shopping centre where I live (Darwin, Aust) without seeing at least 5 + “Beer Charng” singlets, or Thai tattoo’s in the middle of people’s shoulder blades, almost everyone I know has been to Patong, or had mates who’ve been to Patong and have it on their list, I guess it’s the same in Pattaya but swap it for Poms.

    I can’t go to Phuket anymore, my mate goes over for a few days every time we go to Thailand and he comes back saying it was shit hahahahah, there’s quite a few nice locals there, both Thai and foreign, but otherwise everything is of less quality for higher cost, I simply see no reason to go there anymore unless I feel like I’ve got too much money all of a sudden, but then that’s why G-Clubs exist hahahahahah.

    Kudos to those who still enjoy Patong anymore, high season has quite a few stunners making the trip down for “working holidays” but then again Pattaya has em all year round, from China to Singapore.

  20. @TLC – very perceptive. Ever since I saw that photograph of YP’s service door on Werewolf’s site, I’ve been troubled by unnatural longings. I’ve resorted to the scourge and the hair shirt, but still the vision of his soil chute mounting the NEP escalator haunts my every waking moment. I’m as straight as the next man (in this case, you) but the urge to park my stretch limo of love in his back passage becomes overpowering. I think blowing my brains out – or his – is the only solution.

  21. Phuket in 1989 was simply paradise. It can be fun now but has little to suggest a yearly visit as worthwhile. That is why this trip I am staying in Bangkok. Soi Lion is worth a couple of drinks. Some fun bars. Last August I was paying 1500 LT. Believe me or not I couldn’t care. Kangaroo Bar is nearly always a good spot as long as there are not too many young Aussie’s there. If they are there or anywhere else for that matter it is better to avoid them as they are prone to steroid rage. The only place I have seen punch ups in 7 trips to Thailand is Patong. Though have only been to Pattaya once.

  22. Your mum says she’s tired of hearing the same old lame excuses for not doing the shed roof. I’m getting tired of her whining about you just lying on the World Of Leather couch and filling tissues. Please resolve this issue between yourselves, or you can tell your mum I shan’t be calling her sweetpants again anytime soon.

  23. @ Wombat: yes, I know, each time I quote a price, you always pay less. You’re the one who pays 2000 LT at Cowboy’s gogos. And we are supposed to meet on Oct 1st so that you show me your negotiation skills. Is that still ok? I just can’t wait!

  24. Too Right Milo ! He needs to relax more, maybe immerse himself in lterature. Why, only the other night I relaxed in my bed chamber with a leather bound Trollope

  25. @ Milo – Its a kind of grandfatherly love type of thing. Since my grandad passed away, PE has slipped into the role (ooh er missus)

    Although my biological grandfather never insisted i shower with him bi-weekly, and we never had a thing called ‘blowjob Wednesdays. Can anyone shed any light on this ritual?

  26. Hygiene, m’lad! Timely evacuation of bodily fluids! I’s what the Empire was built on!
    (Incidentally, I’ll think you find a similar YP-quotient in many posters’ comments – it’s just that my own references are funnier and better-written, hence more memorable) (“OH FUCK OFF!”)

  27. @Suk Psycho-Pardon my tardiness. I got distracted by a replay of Arsenal v Newcastle last night. Am actually arriving on 24/9 & departing 3/10. Any night at this stage will do though the 27th is probably not a good idea. AFL Grand Final & will likely be oliver twist by mid pm. To be fair there are times when I have overpaid.

  28. I had good luck at Rock City (apart from the Farang chicks ogling me as I’d left Teerak comatose in the hotel).

    The house band had decent musicians and, most amazingly, a Thai singer who could do justice to the 90s metal vocals – diction, power and range. Despite being short, he was working the stage and crowd well and was a hit in particular with the Thai girls. The Metalica tribute band also did a good job – farang house band guitarist turned guitar and lead vocals with a change of backing musicians.

    Tables if you want to be laid back, and a clear area up front if you are drunk enough to dance, or head bang in this century. Good sound system bordering on the too loud.

    I think I was there maybe 9-12 months ago.

  29. Finally someone wrote something about Patong, and I thought nobody except me ever went there… and was able to remember it 🙂

    I always paid paid 1500 for LT and I only did LT so far when staying in Patong. But I mostly take the girls after midnight… maybe they are cheaper by then? However, I never needed to negotiate this price. And usually I tell them before going to the hotel that I expect them to stay at least till noon, none ever disagreed.

    At least in high season you can also swim safely in Patong, they have these red-white boundaries set up in the water to mark the swimming areas. Only outside these boundaries you might get your skull cracked by some jetski.

    In general if you like both, beach and girls, then Patong is a very good mixture. I have never been to the new Rock City, but the old one has great live music.
    Lots of freelancers in the Tiger Disco and the FBI after it turns into a disco late after midnight.

    But on my last visit in March I was rather disappointed with the girl material. Bangkok has the best girls, at least for my taste. Period.

  30. @TLC. Funny!
    @YP – as long as he gives you a Werther’s Original – or a Murray Mint – afterwards, it’s just you’re old gramps showing he loves ye.

  31. Good overview – I’m a little shocked at the prices you were quoting though. I was there for Christmas 2007, and short time was 500-1000 and longtime 1000-1500

  32. Just returned from Phuket, i missed all these posts and views before hand ,but managed to get buy with out it, but i am so so happy to be back in Bangkok, the girls in Phuket are very, very average ,walked in and straight out of every gogo, Had a few results in a disco called Hollywood most of the girls from the bars end up there after work around 3am, but by then the beer goggles are on so had to be careful not to wake up with a ming bat !.
    Shocking drinking bills at the Tiger Bar area most beers are costing 100 baht ,the drink for the girl along with connect fucking 4 ,170 baht, result and the bitches won connect 4…

    Was Sick of being surrounded by flip flopped, vested ,sweating, white folk, having the time of their lives dancing on the stages swinging the sunburnt fat around the poles looking like a pig getting spitroasted over a flame.

    The little annoying Indian / Paki fellas prentending they are your mate to buy a shut suit.Tuk Tuk drivers wanting 300 baht for a 3 min trip.Everybody wanting you to eat at there food joint. I relise its a tourist area but fucking hell fire, it was constant all day/night every day, could handle all of that if the girls were hot but afraid not..

  33. Looks like Phuket has finally managed to pretty much price itself out of the market. I was there over Christmas and it was way down on previous years. I listened with amazement as one of the girls at Sharky’s Bar tried to convince a punter that 4000 baht really was the going rate. And as for Rock Hard – I have always liked the bar, if not the girls, they have a really bad “my shit don’t smell” attitude – but at ten in the evening, a couple of days before Christmas, there were less than a dozen dancers in the place, and to describe them as tired old donkeys would actually be generous. There were more waitresses in the place than dancers. Customers? One – me. I didn’t stay long.

    Wasn’t a total write-off though, I managed to find a couple of old friends in Soi Eric.

  34. I was at suzie wongs in Phuket (feb 2011) and picked an absolute hottie. They still had the lesbian shows like in bangkok too.

    There is also a Lolita’s blow job bar directly opposite where the blowy was better than any I have experienced at lolitias in bkk. She swallowed on her own accord.

    That was my first visit to Phuket after many visits to pattaya and bkk and I was surprisingly immpressed.

    I would also recommend letting one of the gogo girls to show u around. I got taken to some great after hours places.

    Maybe I was just lucky on my first visit, I’ll be back soon so let’s see if I’m as lucky this time!

    P.s sorry about poor spelling and grammar!

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