Pre-Prohibition party, Wall Street is fucked & new a book…

Welcome to the financial apocalypse folks but more on that later. Some blog stats for you – 972 posts. 19224 comments, and 41+ contributors. Approaching 1000 posts and 20,000 comments. Should be fun.

Upcoming reader submissions:

WW, Ron, Pants Elk, and 2nd part of the Manila Trip Report. YP on his love for English women and BBB might touch his keyboard this week.

More party details soon folks but pencil in this Friday for the Top O the Month Mango Party. This will be your last night to drink in the bars until sometime late Sunday – if at all. I expect this prohibition to be strictly enforced since it is the Bangkok elections. Bars are suppose to stop serving Saturday at 6:00pm and may be able to re-serve at midnight on Sunday. No one has to close but there will be no booze served.

As to the party. Expect Happy Hour all night, air-conditioning and free music. The rest I am fuzzy on but never fear. We will think of something.

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Getting an HIV test in Sukhumvit

I hadn’t had an HIV test in close to fourteen months.

Last year I had a live-in girlfriend for nearly a year, and we had daily sex without a condom. I couldn’t swear that she didn’t sleep with other men, but how do you ever know for sure?

In the twelve months since she moved out, my sex life has been more varied, but I still didn’t think I had anything to worry about.

But, being prudent, its been on my mind recently that I should get tested again.

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How To Acquire (And Ingest) A Tasty, English Breakfast. In Bangkok. For Dummies. Etc.

Full English Breakfast

This is the good stuff.

I shall commence the tutelage of you ignorant fools by explaining in simple terms what I mean by English Breakfast. I recently posited that the correct ingredients are:

sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding and toast. Fried bread optional. Points deducted for the inclusion of any form of potato”.1

After a series of long and frequently heated discussions with fellow Brits, I have begrudgingly accepted that whilst a fried tomato is also required, potato-based additions, whilst remaining optional in status, should not result in the deduction of points. Fried bread was also overwhelmingly agreed to be optional. Bad luck, Pants Elk2. Black pudding, whilst mandatory for Northerns, may be considered optional by the weaker, more effeminate Southerners or other filthy foreign types.

Now read my words and weep in the realisation of your insignificance, as I dispense the devastating details of how even mere mortals such as yourselves may feast upon the entrails of pigs, in the same manner of style in which I choose to do so, which is obviously the only possible correct way of ever doing anything.
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How To Marry The Scag-Monkey Girlie-Man Of Your Dreams by Pants Elk

We’ve got this council flat in Staines. It’s a bit dark since they cut the electric off, what with the windows boarded up, but frankly the less I see of her the happier I am. She’s put on a lot of weight on account she can’t get the diet pills, she says. Diet pills my arse. And I’ve run out of Viagra, so what with her fat arse and my limp dick, it’s a good job we can’t see each other if you ask me. I can just hear her snoring. Sometimes I give her a kick, makes no fucking difference, and I wonder what the fuck I’ve done.

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The Real Deal On The US-THAI Treaty Of Amity

editor’s note: This blog has always been about sharing everything we know about Thailand – the bars, the nightlife and making our own way in business here. Well folks – to do just about anything as a foreigner in Thailand you better have a lawyer. Visa, work permits, marriage stuff and of course business endeavors. We have tried to cover business stuff as we go and I even tried to keep a section on it.

Recently we met an American lawyer in the Big Mango and we discussed some sort of regular column for the blog. I think it will be cool. This will be his first post and we are already discussing some ideas for other posts. We may do some sort of ask the lawyer column and highlight some real case work. I would like to welcome Ben to the blog! Thanks.

Ben is the Managing Director of Integrity Legal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Much confusion surrounds the US-Thai Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations, or simply the Treaty of Amity as most expats refer to it in Thailand. The confusion surrounding the treaty stems from its precarious status with regard to the WTO treaty signed by Thailand nearly fifteen years ago and the, currently mothballed, Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Thailand. Many people wonder if the Treaty is still in force and if it is, then how much protection does it really offer?

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