This is a departure from my normal blog.

It is an exercise in imagination for me. I’m imagining two people, a Bangkok Bar Girl and her sponsor back in America, and I am wondering what each of them thinks about when they wake up in the morning. It’s got a bit of ‘stream of consciousness’ feel to it, and it’s designed to be a ligthearted look at two people.

It’s the first actual fiction I’ve ever put on one of my blogs. Dunno if you’ll like it or hate it.

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When Getting Laid is All That Matters by Werewolf

As a blogger, there’s something that started bothering me sometime in the past year, and now it’s positively starting to drive me crazy, like an itch in the middle of my back that I can’t reach and can’t make go away.

Part of writing a Bangkok blog is to write about the nightlife. Some would say that’s the only reason for writing a Bangkok blog, though I would disagree with them intensely. For me, it is about trying to make the experience of life in Bangkok come alive for others; to offer a glimpse into what it means to live here. I see politics, work, personal relationships, transportation, language and many other topics to be relevant topics for me as a blogger. But that’s a different discussion.

For today, I want to talk — not about Bangkok nightlife directly — but about the act of writing about Bangkok nightlife.

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The Beer Thread by Pants Elk

Drinking is an inevitable part of whoring, and beer is your basic entry-level drink. I eventually found my way to Beer Lao, after adopting Beer Sing(ha) because I thought the label looked high-quality, and then Tiger, which friends assured me was better than Sing (DISCUSS). Beer Lao remains a favourite. It’s a good, dry-ish drink which actually tastes of beer. Thais relegate it to the unfit-even-for-animals league on cultural grounds. How can anything made in Lao be any good? The label is butt-ugly, too. But give them a blind taste test and they’ll take it over Sing and Tiger every time.

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