Re: Angel’s (“The Nana”) Disco (Paging Dr. Pornthip Kevorkian) and the Girl from Nonthaburi By Jack Dawson

Allow me to start on a low note and finish high.

Not trying to take rice out of anyone’s bowl, but can someone please put a fork in the Nana disco-it’s done. It’s just so sad to see the servers out front, dressed in non-partisan blue (non-partisan here anyway), weakly trying to hand out valueless fliers to people who don’t want them.

I know genocide and the Russian invasion of Georgia are/were bad, but what was done to this place smacks of a crime against whoremanity. Guess instituting and hiking a cover charge until NO ONE comes wasn’t a good business move after all. Who knew? Particularly poignant for Jack because there was a time when he didn’t venture out to the Golden, the Plaza or soi 7; IT was right down stairs. A dozen girls, no waiting and that made paying 150 baht for a beer cool. You could leave the umbrella at home too.

Speaking of HQ, the inn with the free rest rooms across the street from the Plaza, have you heard it’s for sale? I have, from a couple sources. Of course, this doesn’t make it true, but it’s interesting. Heard 600 million (baht) bandied about. My take is maybe the owners know something we don’t. My further take, as I’ve tried to practice during my ‒working retirement”, is to hit IT as hard as you’re able to. Like all good things (the 39 baht fish filet special at Mac’s for example), our soi 4 diversions may not last forever.

Speaking of Mac’s, as reported earlier, they opened a new one next to the 7 at the PTT station on the corner. I think it goes 24/7. Try to keep it a secret from the Plaza’s numbered ‒workers” as we all know how delicious, deadly and fattening that stuff is. Oh well, everything in moderation. Just bring ’em a diet with their fried chicken and cone dip.

It’s the McDonald’s opening and the rush to open bank ATM branches/currency exchanges (i.e., where Mongo’s–not Mango’s, Mongo’s–used to be in the Pacific Place building at the foot of the Nana BTS station) that give me hope that we may yet survive the AmerEurAsian subprime financial contagion. Good to see some businesses stepping up in the face of such bad economic conditions.

Speaking of business conditions, through the largess of my employer, Jack’s here on a one-year visa. I’m older now, maybe a little wiser, try to play by the rules (except at golf) and, thus, I go to Thai Immigration every 90 days to report my address.

The drag of the 90-day reporting date approaching is actually worse that the trip itself because there’s usually eye candy on Suan Phlu and it’s one of the only services you can get in Thailand for free (the other being plastic bags at Foodland). I always shower, comb my hair, wear an almost clean white dress shirt, speak some Thai and don’t crowd the staff. They treat me well.

Went today, a Monday, and it being the day after a weekend, I expected the usual crowd of tattooed, tank-topped Pattayans, dreadlocked Kao San Roaders and clean-shaven, bleary eyed English teachers. Instead, it was the emptiest I’ve ever seen. I was in and out in 20 minutes. It’s November now (the onset of high season?) and, you know, maybe there’s something to the tourist slowdown thing. As such, for those of us here, please see paragraph four above about hitting IT as hard as you can. We’re blessed.

What’s interesting about us is how we all do IT a little differently. You know, pound the pavement, ride the escalator to the Go Gos, arrive chauffeured at G Clubs, get soaped up on an air mattresses, allow ourselves to be ushered in to Lolita, call out to escorts, listen to German fight songs on soi 7, leeringly ride the BTS, become wired drinking $5 coffee while staring over the top’s of our newspapers at the Lang Suan Starbucks or just hang out near the women’s room at Ram U. We’re lions hunting our prey (and I mean that in a nice way).

The thing is, for the dysfunctional ones of us without girlfriends, me for example, you’re only as good as your last short time. You bask in the afterglow for a minute, pay the freight, say good night, good morning and ‒good dream”, eat some rice, sleep and after a day or so, you’re back in the jungle. A lot of the time, I’m a gerbil on a wheel.

But boy, finishing strong, maybe only three over par on the back nine, when IT’s good, is IT good.

In the interest of noting its still possible, despite what Dawson says, had the pleasure this past week of meeting one of Nonthaburi’s most lovely creatures ever hiding between the Vios and Hilux in the lot behind the wall. So pretty I thought she was a guy. It was late, 2 am, way past my bedtime, but sometimes the prey comes out at night to forage. Thing is, you just never know where IT’s gonna’ come from do you? Stopping now. I can see Dawson typing, ‒Yeah, I was 16 once too.”

Love your work on ‒thefarangspeaks2much.” Be proud. This brings us together more than anything else, don’t it?

Well, that’ my 800 words or so. Oh wait, that’s that other site.

23 thoughts on “Re: Angel’s (“The Nana”) Disco (Paging Dr. Pornthip Kevorkian) and the Girl from Nonthaburi By Jack Dawson”

  1. jd – let me be the first to comment.

    a post from u is almost too good to be true.

    let’s go back to your very first comment:

    What could you do?

    I mean it sums up your entire tone for the blog. Tell it like it is without being an ass, without picking a fight and with so much embedded humor at times I cannot contain myself.

    Love the advice. Hit it hard. So true. We forget that many times.

    Nana disco is done. What is so sad is that they ruined it. Used to be the best thing after hours in lower suk. Someone should be fired. The take must be way off – is that not enough to know they fucked up? I guess not. Stunning.

    Love the free rest rooms. Used them so many times I cannot remember. The only place I know in soi 4 that is always there when in need and u never get stopped. Awesome.

    For sale? I could believe it. Get out while it still looks like the getting is good. If NEP becomes a hotel – Nana hotel is toast.

    So many nuggets in this post.

    great stuff.

    Thanks for contributing.

  2. “you’re only as good as your last short time”

    I like that.

    Went to collect my new work permit two weeks ago the place had about 20% of the normal traffic. Worked for me.

  3. Jack,

    Nice to see someone who gets the point of the blog.

    You can add Gulliver’s to the list of places that are done.

    Does it take a genius to figure out that letting the place be over run by multiple gangs of scamming Africans who don’t buy anything and scare away the TG’s will cause all the paying farangs to take their business elsewhere.



  4. I have no idea what the post was about, but I enjoyed it immensely.

    JD has always been able to make me laugh one line at at time. It was fun smiling through several paragraphs.

    My favorite parts of this post? Probably:

    hit IT as hard as you’re able to. Like all good things (the 39 baht fish filet special at Mac’s for example), our soi 4 diversions may not last forever.

    What’s interesting about us is how we all do IT a little differently….I’m a gerbil on a wheel.

    As another ‘dysfunctional’ Bangkok resident, I spend my life on the wheel. In four years of living here I’ve been to Angel Disco only once (in 2005) but I have spent more time in the Nana Hotel parking lot than I care to admit to.

    So BigBabyKenny writes about poker. Jack’s Golf?! Hmmmm.

    Great post!

  5. Have to say that NEP has had one hell of a go, if it all goes down the tubes tomorrow, and it might, they had one hell of a ride and more honeys have worked that place than all of the troops in the Thai military. Sure have had my fair share of good times in that place.

  6. BBK – You are spot on about Gulliver’s. I’ve walked in and out of there quicker than a short time Japanese businessman. The African’s scare even the ugly freelancers.

  7. The back corner in Twilo (Patpong) is also loaded with these Nigerian fuckfaces, dressed in their big brothers hip-hop getup. They have an annoying habit of if your dancing with a girl, or even talking, to try and charge in the middle of you. Wankers. Nono, thats too soft. Cunts! is the word I was looking for

    What business do these turds have in BKK? Did they take a wrong turn on their 15mile walk to the well, and end up in the middle of Silom/Sukhumvit?

  8. “what business do these turds have in BKK”?

    C’mon… I know you are young.. but you’re not that daft!


  9. in mild defense of Gullivers they are trying to discourage the African crowd….sit outside and watch…it’s amazing…they will not let them walk in the front door…they make them walk over to a side door and purchase a coupon to get in…I could not believe none of them raised hell….they just walk over and buy it and go in the side door…….as a former regular it was shocking to see the change in the crowd there…..the manager said they have had a lot of problems and are trying to discourage them from coming but they keep coming!

  10. On how to discourage unwanted customers, I heard a great story when I was at Uni in Southampton in the early 80s. At that time, the worst of the roughneck Southampton football supporters came from a part of town called Shirley Warren and drank in a pub called The Warren. That is, until it was closed because of all the trouble they caused. So without a local to drinkin , they would descend on town instead, including a winebar whose name escapes me. Anyway, the owner was at his wits dealing with all the abusive behaviour and occasional fighting and all the regular customers were drifting away. Then, in a blinding eureka stylee, he hit on the magic solution: from now on they would no longer serve beer in pint glasses – only in halves. Maybe it’s difficult for some of you to get your head around this, but in the UK 80’s drinking culture drinking from a half pint glass was more than a bit gay. And it worked, the Warren boys just couldn’t handle it and stopped coming!

  11. I cannot help but see a racial slur against the Congress of Underdeveloped National Territories of Africa ( C.U.N.T.s of Africa for short).Please stop.
    Also on another subject ,I am the former Minister of Finance in Nigeria and for a small fee can have unclaimed Millions deposited into your account if interested please contact me at once

  12. gullivers is screwed. they say business is down some 30-40% y over y. In my opinion once u let it get taken over by thugs it is hard to take it back.

    the man – true but mismanagement lead to the downfall. that is pretty sad.

  13. Happy memories of Angels. I miss Bangkok.

    5 years ago the place was packed every night. Freelancers, students making pocket money, leftovers after the Plaza closed. You could tell the fun girls – they liked to dance and enjoy the evening. Play a thai song and the place went crazy. And you could chat to a girl to see if there was enough chemistry to make waking up in the morning interesting!

    Then they started the Baht400 entry fee. Criminal. It was still busy for a while. But that and the early closing hurt.

    And the girls – all shapes and sizes, young and old; experienced and clueless. Some happy to bring their friends along.

    Some would be there every night – a hardcore crowd. Some just when the finances were slow.

    Whatever happened to them all – lovely tall Neung; Wan, who liked everything; Nid, a bit crazy; Mee; so sweet. Where do they all go now?

  14. The only thing I liked about Gullivers was the aircon which was, in fact, pretty badass. BBK big upped the place but I didn’t get it.

    Like the banner adds at the bottom of the page. ‘Breakfast is served’ and all. Very cool.

  15. Not too long ago here in Bangkok I happened to be in a tailor shop when five Arabs started walking in, the owner told them that he didn’t do business with them and to leave. The look on their faces was priceless, they turned and left. When I told the owner that in America they would own him and his store along with everything else he might have. He just said TIT, not America. Works for me!!!

  16. SJW,

    The post about Gullivers was written a couple of years ago.

    Things have changed since then.

    The Africans have taken over the back room. All the good looking casual freelancers that used to own that room are gone. The ones that are there are mostly fatties ala Bamboo Bar.

    The front room still has a hard core of the old time regular freelancers-the ones who went there every night, but in September, the Africans had begun to infiltrate into that room too. Most of the good looking casual freelancers have left the front room too.

    On certain nights, like when there is a big sports event, the current Gulliver’s is like the old Gulliver’s but everyday the place is pretty much gone.

    At one point, the management put up signs which required a minimum purchase and selectively enforced it against the Africans, but they abandoned the policy after awhile .

    It is sad really because in Thailand management has so much more freedom than in The World. They could just tell them African gangs they can’t come in. The Japanese Karaoke places do it all the time. I don’t think it is against the law in Thailand.

    I should update some of the old posts, particularly the one about the SWSM. Things have changed and it has gotten a lot better there since I posted about it.


  17. both gullivers and nana disco dead? where to go in lower sukhumvit (besides big mango that is)? the soi 7/1 bar is usually hopping but the talent is hit or miss.

  18. gs- they are just shells of their former self.

    nana disco killed itself.

    gullivers in my opinion got to pricey, shit service and let the nigerians take over.

  19. Gullivers is the biggest waste of time in Bangkok, nothing to make me go there ever again.. !

  20. Let’s play nicely boys. I don’t like criminals but I don’t like racial slurs either. Penfold – did you take a wrong turn on the 15 mile walk to find a dickshonarie? Maybe when you find one you could lend it to Radicaron, because most of the time his spelling would scare off the ugliest freelancer. Umboto, whoever you are, you’re a CUNT. I feel better now ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. If Gullivers in BKK is anything like the one in Pattaya then it deserves to go tits up. The food is crap, the management is even worse and the general ambience leaves a lot to be desired. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, the sports coverage on TV is OK I’m told. Mediocrity thrives in Pattaya – everywhere. Thai management is the culprit.If you want a business to go very wrong, get a Thai to run it. BBFN.

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