Any port in a storm by fender

I think I’ve got a decent gig: I got a job that pays me way, way more than I’m worth, that sends me out to Bangkok 2 or 3 times a year, for a week or 2 each time.  While I’m there, I have 2 or 3 meetings a week, which last about an hour or 2.  The rest of the time I have free.

For my trouble, I get put up at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, across the street from Cowboy and 90 seconds on a moto-taxi to Nana.  The hotel has its own entrance to the Asok skytrain/Sukhumvit MRT transfer station, so I can basically get to either MBK or Caesars without my feet touching the Bangkok sidewalk.  And, I get a per diem of $500 U.S.  Believe it or not, you can actually have a good time in Bangkok on $500 a day (after lodging).  And I do.  My mantra is ‒I’ve got more money than time”, so I have no problem overpaying for service and giving very generous tips.  After all, when I’m back in the States, the party’s over, and the most 1000 baht will get me is a 3 minute lap dance.  My apologies if any punters take offense at this.  If I ever make The Move, my perspective (and spending habits) will surely change.  But for now, I’m rolling with it.

When I’m in town, I’ll sample a variety of p4p.  I’ll do the go-gos of course, and the soapies.  I’ll do Eden and Angels and Akane and Teen.  I’ll spend an evening hopping down Soi 33, do after-hours Tunnel or Spicy or wherever.  The last few trips, I’ve started going to g-clubs.  My curiosity was raised thanks to BigBabyKenny’s posts and the spirited discussion he generates.  Now I’ve been to several, and I’m hooked.  I do think the girls are cuter than the Issan fare (I’ll never give up the soapies for the same reason), I like hanging out and drinking and eating and grinding and playing games, etc. etc.  I won’t do it every night I’m in town, but I’ll mix in a few visits on my trips, and I’m always up for a fact-finding expedition to a new place…

….but life intervenes, and there are 47 or 48 long, grueling weeks of the year that I don’t get to spend in Thailand.  Most of my existence is spent in sunny, dry (in more ways than one) southern California.

Most mongers who have ever spent any time in L.A. knows that there are hostess clubs downtown, most of which cater to Latino men and almost all of which offer up Latino women.  I’ve been to a couple of these places, about 5 years ago, and found the talent selection to be, um, unsatisfying.  Nothing there was going to cure my Yellow Fever, so I crossed ‒Go to an L.A. hostess club” off my list of things to do, and moved on.  Yesterday, though, I stumbled across a Thai hostess bar, right in the heart of Koreatown.  I spent 2 hours there, and, I must say, I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Now, there’s no comparison to Resort or Sky or Forte or any of the clubs I’ve been to in Thailand.

It’s a karaoke place that turns into a disco at 11:00.  Here’s what I didn’t find:

  • An overwhelming crowd of girls.
  • Drop dead gorgeous girls.
  • Coyote dancers.Hard liquor.

What I did find was six girls who would be 5-7s in Thailand, 6-8s in the U.S., and no other customers, giving me my pick (I was told that there are 15-20 working on weeknights).  They looked 25-30 y.o., and all had the Chiang Mai look: tall, light skinned, big eyes, small mouth, nice smile that turns up at the corners.  Short skirts, tall boots, tight tops, long hair, nice perfume.  I chose a girl who was 28.  She had a tiny bit of a roll around her tummy, but still had great legs and a nice ass and nice tits, great hair and a very, very pretty face.

We go to a booth that completely encloses us, so there’s lots of privacy.  No waitress ever comes by: when you run out of beer, the girl goes and gets the waitress to bring more.  It’s $25 per hour for the bar, and they expect you to tip the girl $50 per hour.  Beer costs $7 per bottle, and food was $10-15 per plate.  I was there for 2 hours, had 3 beers for me and 3 for her, and it cost me $200 all together.

Here’s what I got:  lots of physical affection and cuddling, right off the bat.  I got to speak some Thai, which is always sanuk.  We could have danced or karaoked, but didn’t.  I got some nice massaging on my back and legs, and after a little while she moved on to Willy One-Eye through my slacks.  After 2 hours, I was charging toward 3rd base: deep French kissing, my hands inside her top and under her bra, her panties off and my hands up her skirt, rubbing the outside of her puss and tickling the outside of her butthole, her hands down my pants.  When I tried to put my finger inside her, she said ‒next time”; I’m not sure if she meant it.  She also asked if I’d want to go to dinner with her outside the bar sometime.  I’m not sure if she meant that, either.  She gave me her number and I sent her a text today, and she sent back right away, so she’s not blowing me off.  Maybe I could have gotten further if I’d stayed longer, but I had to work the next day, so it was time to leave.

In sum, it’s not in the same universe as Thailand; the girls weren’t as young or pretty, the selection was worse and it was a lot more expensive.  But, I’m not in Thailand, I’m in the U.S., the girls were hot enough to get my engine running, and $200 isn’t a ton to spend for a lot of fun Stateside.  All in all, this was a damn good facsimile of a g-club/karaoke club.  I don’t know if each girl gives the same ‒mileage”, or if I was given the newbie treatment to get me to go back, but I’ll definitely go back.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that’s it’s good to be living here when it comes to this kind of stuff. Geez, after getting worked up like that I bet the used fast food wrapper lying on the floor of your car might have got some action on the ride home. 🙂

  2. As an LA native so I empathize with the “high and dry” surroundings. My suggestions; buy/ download some Thai Porn while you living in LA, and save $200.00 a week for a few years, then relocate to Thailand for good. A wise investment indeed.
    PS Also work on your boss and tell him how much more you could be ‘accomplishing’ for his business while your in Asia. You might even offer a small discount on the per diem for a permanent relocation.

  3. Dear TFS2M:

    I never used to believe the things I read on your blog…

    pmmp: the funny thing is I got more on-site action in there than I get in BKK g-clubs. Of course in BKK you just hit a soapie if it’s not too late, or a FL bar or any number of other places. I thought hard about dropping in to one of my favorite AAMPs for some tension relief after visiting this place. p4p is everywhere, it just costs a lot more out here (I just read the new book on the 1990s Dallas Cowboys, and those guys were basically living the BKK life in Texas; even the effin’ kicker)

    IP: I don’t think I have any more room on my hard drive for much more porn. I may have to invest in a new external drive soon. Now, I love me my porno, so your post raises an interesting question (for me at least): do you/would I still be downloading after moving to LOS? Porn has been my friend for decades. Can I really just let it go? I wonder. (given the influx of these insanely hot eastern European girls in recent years, I’d guess it would continue to have a time and place…)(…is there cheap p4p and easy sex in Romania?)

  4. I still can’t believe I wrote “slacks”. I’m actually not that old, but I am that Jewish. Well, as you wish, BBB:

    They’re linen (does that qualify as a Quality Fabric?), light brown herringbone pattern, pleated with cuffs. Off the rack from Nordstroms, but I fit nicely into 36″ waist, 30″ leg. I’m not sure how that translates to metric, apologies. Perfect for balmy summer evenings and fall heat spells like we’re currently experiencing. Flexible yet casual, sporty yet professional, they wear well with a sweater, oxford shirt and tie or even a tee shirt under a blazer. Wear them to the movies, to work or punting around town. The light linen weave allows you to better enjoy the on-site attentions of new friends you might meet than any pair of denim jeans. A staple of any wardrobe, I got them special delivery last December from Hanukkah Harry.

  5. Fender: No need for porn when you are the porn star here in the Land of the busted nut, right? Whereas Chatsworth is the porn capital of the world, this might be just the opposite. With your substantial smut collection, you just may be able to cover the cost of your next BKK flight. Also, we can have some more quality slacks made for you here and at a nice price too.
    FYI there are a few good Asian Massage places in Santa Monica if my memory serves me right.

  6. My motto is “I don’t need porn. I live in Pattaya.”

    But the teerak wanted a good way to spend the second of her two days off from the labors of chrome pole shuffling and she sent me out to Tukcom to find “farang” porn, which she’d never seen. No Japanese porn. No Thai. Had to be white girls.

    So I now own one DVD and teerak is unconscious on the bed after three go-rounds during the movie and a 4-course Thai meal afterward.

    Who said bar closures were bad things?

    Like directions to that Thai place in LA, by the way….

  7. I hear ya’, as an older guy living in LA it can be maddeningly “high and dry”, surrounded by all that hot flesh. Nothing beats BKK for guys like us 🙂

    If you have huge amounts of cash and Yellow Fever, there are some absolutely stunning high end Chinese and Korean escort/go-go type places you might want to look into. Asian prostitution is huge in LA but you can only access it if you have Asian friends, for the most part. Get yourself some good Asian friends who trust you and you might find yourself in an entirely new universe, back in good old LA.

  8. Fender, you sure sound like a man who knows to dress for the occassion.
    Ive been longing for that ‘sporty yet proffessional’ look and have yet to pull it off.

    Should I wear my tweed blazer unbuttoned? Which side shall i part my brylcreemed hair? Gold chain on my spectacles or silver? Tan loafers with no socks?

    Respectfull yours

    Young Penfold

  9. 50baht says you smelt ur fingers after you tickled her quim and balloon knot. You did didnt you! Your dress shirts and formal slacks are a mere facade. Just a thug in a silk dressing gown

  10. Fender,

    Thanks for the shout out.

    It is nice to hear from somebody with a different perspective than the long time expat who lives in Bangkok and makes his money in Thailand.

    It is good to hear about someone’s positive experiences off The Reservation.

    It would be so cool if G-Clubs became a staple of most farang’s itinerary when they visit Thailand and the average farang became as knowledgeable and skillful navigating these places as they are at working the GoGo’s and Bierbars.

    Expats are always complaining about rising drink prices and declining customer service.

    I believe the cure is competition-not just more GoGo’s competing with each other but new different venues like G-Clubs that could give Nana and Cowboy serious competition for the vistor’s money.

    What do you think would happen if instead of 95% of the money being spent on Nana and Cowboy the percentage dropped to 50%?

    And the farang got used to the ambiance, girls, and attitudes prevalent at Thai G-Clubs?

    Maybe not so good for the owners of the Mango but good for us.

    In Los Angeles there is a network of hostess clubs in the San Gabriel Valley that dominate the K-Town places.

    You might have a problem getting in if you are not Asian.

    There is nothing going on in the clubs but they follow the common format where they have hostesses and you pay for them to sit with you.

    Most of the hostesses are FOB Asians who are here without proper immigration papers, are on the hunt for a girlfriend type relationship which involves providing some type of financial support, and most are pretty cute. They hostesses are mostly Chicoms, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean-not very many Thai’s.

    Some are Chip Ho’s as referred to in The Dummies Guide to Giving Girls Money when they can find a sponsor and many like to hang around the younger and/or flush poker players. You see them all the time in the L.A. casinos and if nobody told you where they worked a casual observer would just think it was another guy with a cute Asian GF.

    Your description of pricing is spot on-a couple of hundred dollars for 2 or 3 hours sitting, drinking, and playing games in a dingy run down environment.

    Can’t wait to hear what happens when you visit Starbucks Soi Lang Suan on a Sunday afternoon or check out the Ram Library.


  11. Well fuck me sideways. BBK knows everything about everything.

    What the hell is all this ‘off the RESERVATION’ shit he always harps on about? That is getting to be more boring that the poker references.


  12. Daywalker you can be such a twat.
    Just because your uneducated, poor and jealous, dont slag the man off. Hes trying to enrich our lives!
    Hater Hater Hater!

  13. Excellent post. I am an avid visitor to this site. I live my existence between BKK visits in Los Angeles as well. Nobody in my life knows what goes on in BKK. And I cant go often. So being in touch with this community (even as mostly a reader and extremely rare poster) is great.

    @Fender: Please can we get a name and location for this place in Koreatown. I have long dreamed there might be such a place. Just for a taste of what we are missing when not in BKK. By the way, was there any problem because you arent Asain? I am an early thirties, caucasian, jewish guy myself. Will I be out of place?

    @Daywalker & BBK: Like I said earlier, I never post. So all due respect to BBK whos stories have entertained me greatly. Daywalker is right that “Reservation” shit is lame.

  14. IP- Santa Monica has gone way downhill. There are a few AMPs left, but only 1 ever has any quality girls. 5 years ago, there was a place called Ginza that seemed to serve up a new Miss South Korea every fukkin’ week. Now all that action has moved to private apartments in the San Gabriel Valley. The setup is actually better, but it’s too far from where i live to go regularly.

    YP- I owe you 50bt. It’s been 5 days now and I haven’t washed my hand…

    Gordon- I’m sure these places are around; I just don’t know where. All my Asian friends are 2nd and 3rd gen, and are into white chicks! It sucks, ’cause I know these places are here, right under my nose, but I can’t tap into them. So Sisyphusian!

    BBK- To quote our esteemed lame duck, “I’m a free market guy”, and I totally agree with you on the economics, but I think the g-clubs have to be warmed up to. If it takes some effort, you might not be too happy in a g-club on a 1 or 2 week BKK holiday when the gogos and FL discos are so easy. It took me a few year’s worth of BKK visits before I started branching out. If I’d gone before I knew enough Thai language and culture to flirt and be sanuk, I might not have had as much fun right off the bat. That said, it’s there for the taking. Most g-clubs won’t turn a farang away. I guess people either find them or they don’t, and enjoy them or they don’t. Deep, huh?

    As for the spots here in LA, like I said, I hate hate hate it that i can’t even find them, much less get in! Xenophobic bastards!

    Plush- I went to Cindy Club at 4273 Beverly Bl., intersection of Normandie. I think there are 2 dozen similar places within 2 blocks. No problem whatsoever getting in. Everything was super cool, no problem not being Asian. They’ll assume you’ve never been there, and tell you how it works. You won’t be out of place, because the booths have doors that close in on them, so once you’re in the booth nobody can see you and you can’t see anybody else. You’re right about folks here who haven’t been to LOS; nobody knows! A friend is going out there next month, and he asked me “is there a good strip club I can go to?” We’re not even speaking the same language!

  15. @Fender: Thanks….after doing some internet searches, I had come to the conclusion that Cindy’s would be the place.

    Appreciate the tip! If you ever need a buddy to go try Cindy’s again with and chat about missing BKK a little, Let me know.

    It’s going to take some real self control to not try Cindy’s tonight!

  16. Getting back to porn and away from Quality Fabric *Slacks* – I think I’m in a minority “here” in not liking porn at all. Never have. It’s like looking at somebody else’s bad holiday snaps. Wish you were here? Not really. Plus it’s got naked men in it, and call me gay but I’ve never enjoyed looking at other mens’ genitalia or hairy arseholes. Plus it’s all so fake – all that heavy-lidded grunting and moaning. Plus the vocabulary is a little too limited to maintain my interest – “ooh yes, baby, ooh baby, that’s good, do it baby …” Plus the production values are so insultingly crap. Plus when porn goes all “arty” and “erotic” it’s even more laughable than the stuff where you can see the tissues under the couch.

    Porn is fine if you like watching cocks, or women pretending to be lesbians. Discuss.

  17. LA’s cool.

    Great Mexican and In & Out Burger too.

    The women? That’s funny. 🙂 I like that.

  18. pants elk ;totally agree,why would you need to watch any porn while living here-like having a row boat in the sahara -well you get my drift .hands on is soooooo much more fun.even more so with two lovely lbfm s did that for the first time last week -two sisters no less and they got into each other too -even saw their id cards after-wow-you cannot compare that to watching a stupid porno.end discuss..

  19. A whole new category of potential postings opens up care of Fender.

    I am in exactly the same situation except I have to spend most of my time in Sydney.

    Anyone out there have tips for meeting Thai girls in Sydney? My current technique is to regularly go to local Thai restaurants in the ‘burbs where I spot some cuties….but it is hard work and those girls don’t get much time off.

    There seem to be quite a few Thais at Macquarie University, the food court at the shopping mall across the road is packed with Asian students during mid week and term time. I saw simply the best looking Asian girl in my life at that food court two months ago, but she was surrounded by male student friends. I presume there are similar places close to UTS, UNSW and UofS.

    Sydney does have a ‘Thai Town’ in and around Campbell Street and Capital Square close to China Town. Lots of Thai restaurants (including Isaan), supermarkets, groceries, Thai magazines and newspapers shops and so on – there are Karaoke places and a few bars too. Saturday nights in the Bangkok restaurant behind the Capital theatre becomes a big Thai student party with Thai bands. Late on some evenings places like Shark Bar, and some of the clubs along or close to George Street near the Cinemas have lots of Asians (with Friday nights especially fun).

    But….Thai girls in Sydney seem to come mostly from rich and conservative families and are here only temporarily as students. So I might as well be invisible to them as an older guy. I don’t think there are that many Thai immigrants in Australia as there might be in the USA.

    Sydney is full of Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Philippinos and Indonesians though. I don’t know what school they were from, but last year I happened to attend a function at a central city hotel the same night that a Sydney school had their ‘formal’ (or Prom) night. I have never seen so many hot Asian girls all dressed up (even hotter than the best Bangkok g-clubs)…more than 80% of all the kids in that school were Asian with every mix possible. Jeez.

  20. Mr Right —

    Is Pattaya “of the reservation”?

    We simply refer to it as “The Asylum.”

  21. Fender- sounds like you realized a fact of life that “a job no matter how good of a job. is just that—a job”

    Here’s to freedom

  22. “Off the rack from Nordstroms, but I fit nicely into 36″ waist, 30″ leg. I’m not sure how that translates to metric, apologies.”

    In metric, you’re a bit of a fat ass.

  23. Plush- did you go? I’m definitely up for a visit. The girl texted me tonite saying everything’s super slow b/c of the economy, so hopefully they’re all eager to please.

    DC- I’d be willing to bet that the same underground Asian-only clubs exist everywhere there are large numbers of Asian immigrants. If you find a way to tap into it in Sydney, please share, as I’m sure the same techniques will work in LA. I’ll do the same.

    Gavin- you must be Asian or live in Asia. Here in the states, I’m quite svelte.

  24. There is a shop in Melbourne (Australia) called ‘Racks of Slacks’. The content of which speaks for itself.

  25. @ Maury – I think you’re spot on. Most of the Thais I have met in the US are hi-so kids who are abroad going to school. I’m not exactly the target market for them these days. Also you’re spot on about the restaurants. There are a few really good Thai places in NYC Chinatown and a couple more in Brooklyn (but fewer than you would think to be honest) and just knowing sowadee and how to order you can meet some friends. I’m not completely clear on the labor arrangement but as I’ve gotten to know a few or the waitresses and the do get a little time off. I’ve taken a couple of them out for ‘fancy’ nights on the town, as they don’t seem to make a ton of money. I consider this payback for all of the really cool Thais who have shown me how to have fun in their country. The least I can do is take a girl out for a movie and a nice dinner and make her feel a little special on a night when she’s not slinging plates of noodles. Those girls are NOT hi-so.

    There is also a significant hostess/semi-gclub scene in NYC but it’s EXTREMELY difficult to access if you’re a cracker. Also, there are some sketchy people involved, and when I’m dealing with gangsters I like to at least speak the same first language.

    @ Fender – I think you’re right, there is a scene wherever there are large numbers of Asian immigrants. I think really the only way to get in is if you have an Asian friend who is on the make and interested. And usually they have to have decent language skills. I work with a fair number of second and third generation Koreans and Chinese, but most of them are as Americanized as my limey ass, and they’re no more tapped in than me. I think the smart move is to find someone relatively new to the country.

  26. @BBK: In terms of competition I generally agree but wonder if the service in the G-Clubs would simply take a nose dive as it has in many of the go-gos. The more competition there is the more the hottest girls will be in demand and that will lead to them wanting paid more for providing an ever deteriorating level of service.

    I think the supply of stunning looking women who also would work the G-Clubs is somewhat finite. By that I mean that there are a certain number of girls who would work in a G-Club at current salaries. As G-Clubs scooped up all of the available talent more competition would necessitate paying more in order to lure the next tranche of stunning ladies out of the offices and other “respectable” jobs into the G-Clubs. And since this is Thailand you can rest assured that the clubs will simply pass through the higher costs to the punters.

    If either the punters or the G-Clubs refuse to pay more then you have a finite market of stunning women. The greater the demand the more they will try to get away with.

    Your average go-go girl knows her value. She can measure it in number of customers and how much they are willing to pay. G-Club girls don’t seem that clued in quite yet. Since you pay the same price for her company whether she is a 7 or a 10 the only thing she can hope to do is make you one of her regulars so that her stream of income is steady. A go-go girl can keep upping her price so she has a better grasp of her value.

    Unfortunately, I think that increased competition would quantify the G-Club girl’s value and they would basically turn into exactly what you see in the go-gos.

    I think a large part of the problems in the p4p scene have to do with an uneducated consumer rather than a lack of competition. How would it shake up the industry if punters started demanding good service? As long as there is a never-ending stream of newbies who will accept any level of service or quality of girl there will never be an incentive to provide a top shelf experience.

  27. Zepplin.Slacks?????? How dare you sir. I am originally from England, and it is my custom to wear trousers. That is of course, unless my wife is wearing them.

  28. @ Fender: I like the matter-of-fact style of your post.
    Also I like that unlike BBK you understand that g-clubs and Gogos are not a competition but different kind of services for different needs.
    Congrats! 😉

  29. Billy Bangkok,

    Good points.

    I wasn’t thinking of G-Clubs full of farang that cater specifically to farang-more like one or two tables in every G-Club with farang in the usual sea of Thai customers.

    There are maybe 40 GoGo’s in Nana and Soi Cowboy.

    On a good night the bars might average 20 customers per bar during peak hours.

    That makes 800 customers on Nana and Soi Cowboy on a Saturday at 10 PM.

    If 300 of them went to a G-Club instead it would decimate the GoGo business but the existing G-Clubs could swallow that number of farang without noticing.

    The Sky by itself has about 200 customers on a Saturday night. Add in The Pent, The St. Moritz, The Resort, Sopranos, Sherbert, etc. etc. and you can see there is enough G-Girl capacity to absorb a good portion of the farang money without being unduly effected.

    I also wasn’t thinking of all farang only the more presentable ones—the ones who wear slacks made of quality fabrics, a shirt with buttons, and footwear that doesn’t key you into how hairy their feet are or display their yellowing toenails, and toe jam.

    This many presentable farang sprinkled among so many G-Clubs wouldn’t have a noticeable effect on the Thai G-Club Scene but once GoGo bars realized where their customers were disappearing to it might have a positive effect on them.

    They would have to step up their game to survive.



    I have never seen or heard of a G-Club turning a farang away—unless he didn’t meet the dress code.

    There is a sign at the entrance to The Sky of an old fat farang wearing shorts, tank top, and sandals with the big red slash through it. I think this means slacks, shoes, and a sleeved shirt are required—the same as many clubs in The World.


  30. Maury: Having lived in Sydney for more than a decade, I can say that the Thai population doesn’t rival the Japanese, Chinese or Korean, but there are still plenty around.

    You may want to focus on Newtown & the CBD.

    If you want P4P Thais (from your comment I’m not sure that you do) try the Classified Section of the Telegraph.

    Also, check out this site that is run by a couple of guys I know. If you want some good tips on finding hot Thai hookers, post a topic or send a message to the Administrator and you’ll probably get overrun with good info:

    The Forum:

    Reviews of working hookers in Sydney (Asian):

    There’s probably a dozen Thai girls reviewed, some with photos posted. There are several dozen Asian girls — maybe more than a hundred. The guys who run the site have sex with the girls then post a review so you know what to expect. If you monger in Sydney, it’s a site you really do need to bookmark!

    Here’s two example reviews of Thai girls working in Sydney. You’ll see that they are specific with location, phone numbers, prices and service offered:

    Kyoto Escorts 206 Commonwealth St
    Surry Hills
    9280 1950
    Vicky, Thai, Kyoto. 23.2.08 Very attractive face, big dolly eyes, make-up immaculate, tanned Size 10-12, tall and real healthy athletic body, had a great time together, another one to add to my “Kyoto Keepers” list, in the room she is a delight with light kissing, dolly eyes staring at you, clear skin, lovely big suckable rack which may have been enhanced, what sold me in intro was the J-lo type brown butt in a g-string and can she ever swing it in cowgirl, her first time in the mirror-room and she was getting off on it’s voyeuristic possibilities, cbj fairly good but ass bouncing sex is her thing, good noises, nice friendly fun girl, only downside English not too good but she’s keen to learn. Yum!

    Penny’s 77a (upstairs) Enmore Road
    $100/30 mins
    Crystal is back 3.3.08 Thai, Pennys, his girl is one of the obvious flagships there.. 22yo, stunning body. Despite her model looks she is surprisingly down to earth girl and likes quite a torrid time in cot. Cbj very good and loves daty, Very cute rig closely trimmed. Tried some 69 and she likes a good spank too. Once the sex started I was surprised she had some rough rider tendencies showing at times, which I didn’t push as I was a bit depleted. But just playing with her young body was enuff of a thrill at the time. Thought I was dreaming. We went pretty hard and she took all I had left in me. Tried standing doggie, cowgirl, mish, doggie and flailed her tight little brown bottom to the finish line. Amazing view, her face looked so hot … it was all over then. I dunno if she goes like this all the time but she said she loves good hard sex and has no problem working 5 days a week there. Whew ! Youth… Definitely on of the hottest looking Thai girls I have seen in a while. Lovely, flirty personality as well.

    It’ll sound lame, but if you’re looking for good old fashioned dating, as opposed to hookers, you may think about RSVP… should have a selection of non-HI SO Thai girls looking for a man in Sydney.

  31. Fender, I live in OC and have a good time with the Vietnamese scene! Also Craigs’ list can be fun, but as you know, very spendy!($250 to $400 ST) I too only get to go 3 or 4 times a year and find my thirst for Thai absolutely unquenched while state side. I say we open our own G-club and ago go bars here? Call me dude!

  32. billy – I think the difference is the service is better and if there is a problem with it or a girl you can complain and usually see results. try that in a gogo bar.

    The other difference is also the quality of the punters you meet – both farang and thais is higher. I am typing this post using my GPRS connection from the deck of a pad on a private island off the coast of phuket. thanks to gclubs.


    suk – we have been saying for a long time they are different and offer something different. not a competition at all but there are nights people like me choose the go-go or choose the gclub.

  33. Ron- I love Viet girls! Last time I was in Singapore, I noticed there were a lot more of them at places that used to be Pinay (who are not high on my list), and they were gorgeous! What is the Viet scene in OC, though? Are you talking about more than massage parlors/Craig’s list/TER incall? Are there clubs or bars that have good selection? Also, I’m totally up for opening a gogo bar here. I can think of no better way to go to jail!

    SP- Thanks, glad you liked it. I honestly have a lot of admiration for BBK, not to mention ssB and pmmp and BBB and WW and anyone else who can crank out a lot of material on a regular basis. Writing is hard work, to me at least.

    PE- Indeed. Weight loss is just one more reason to move to the Far East…

  34. @BBK

    “What do you think would happen if instead of 95% of the money being spent on Nana and Cowboy the percentage dropped to 50%?”

    Simple, they’d just raise the prices 100% to make up the difference. Pure and simple Thai logic…

  35. Werewolf:
    “Also, check out this site that is run by a couple of guys I know.”
    Have these guys got Adelaide connections??

  36. Sorry, BBK, but this is a real pet peeve of mine:

    That makes 800 customers on Nana and Soi Cowboy on a Saturday at 10 PM.

    If 300 of them went to a G-Club instead it would decimate the GoGo business

    To “decimate” is to reduce by a tenth. You would “decimate” the gogos if only 80 left, not 300.

  37. fender… wheels up for me in 1 day.. off the PI first but will be in BKK soon after.

    I have some connections to AAMPs here in the states most are in SGV so like fender the drive sucks from westside. But its all in full shag at the same price and sometimes lower of what fender paid for a groping.

    We are going to have 2 start a LA-BKK contingent, seems there are quite a few of us here in LA.

  38. Pattaya Ghost – aren’t you mistaking the original meaning of a word for it’s current meaning?

  39. GL- Happy trails. How long are you gone?

    Clearly the SGV AAMPs are there for a nut-bust, just like a soapie or barfine in BKK. This hostess club was just a different experience. The SAT analogy would be:

    If BKK soapie = SGV AAPM,
    then BKK g-club = ______?

    To me, there hadn’t really been an answer to that, but now there is. Like the g-club, it’s more expensive and not sex. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lot of fun.

    Also, I’ve yet to come across a Thai girl in any AAMP or AMP in SoCal, FWIW, and I can’t speak a word of Korean!

    Anyway, we should definitely have an expedition when you’re back in town.

  40. @Fender: Sign me up for the expedition!

    I didnt make it to Cindy over the weekend. Tentatively planning for tonight. Do you think a mon night is good?

    Also, is there safe parking nearby Cindy Club? Shady neighborhood?

    @Goodlife: A LA-BKK contingent is a superb idea!

    Lets do it, then plan a pilgrimage to The Big Mango. We would definately have to bring some Krispy Kremes for SSB to make some burgers, but do you think we can get some IN-N-OUT Double Doubles through customs for everyone?

  41. Pattaya Ghost,

    I checked the dictionary. The word is used correctly.

    From Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary:

    “To destroy a considerable part of; as, to decimate an army in battle; to decimate a people by disease.”

    That is what I meant and I chose the correct word to convey my meaning.


  42. @Fender: Oh yeah, I also wanted to ask if the texting has continued? Finding out if the girls are truly available for off premisies meetings would be awesome.

    What if they had a bar fine system? How great would that be!

  43. PL: I was thinking about going tonight myself, but I may have to wait until later in the week. I don’t know why Monday would be any better or worse than Sunday.

    I did get a few texts over the weekend. I’m pretty sure at this point I could score an off-site.

    What if they had a bar fine system? What if they had a bar fine system??? In what situation WOULDN’T that be great? Maybe we could get Chan Dara to do one while we’re at it, or how about Singapore Air?

  44. Thanks WW for the Sydney tips. I’ll certainly give Newtown a try. Have played around on RSVP, Adultmatchmaker, Lavalife, Match and a few others but nothing interesting to report yet! Problem is I have been spoilt rotten by Bangkok, and nothing compares.

    Not a fan of P4P outside of Asia. I have tried, but find the experience mechanical and restrictive, and not anywhere near Asian GFE you get in BKK. I’d rather save my $200-$300 a time spending for a week in LOS.

    In Sydney, I’m also concerned about Thai girls being forced to work in brothels/as escorts against their will – something you read a lot about. But a couple of the places covered by your mates at Hookerlooker seem OK.

  45. @Fender: At Cindy now. Pretty slow, I am the only one here. Posting from my iPhone. Hope it picks up here. So far only one girl that seems to be available for a “booth”. I wonder what time things pick up! I know its early. Anyways, I will let everyone know how things go. So far, it makes me think LA sucks as always!

  46. Nice, real time reporting! I got there at 9:30 on a Sunday, FWIW. It certainly wasn’t hopping. I didn’t know that some girls don’t do the booth; I just picked one and she went with me. That does suck if the selection is pared down like that.

    Are you just hanging out and waiting to see who shows up, or did you take the one girl?

  47. @fender: in just 5 min, 4 girls have arrived. I am still the only one here. Wish I spoke some Thai, because they are all chatting. Hopefully not about the solo Farang!

  48. Hopefully they ARE chatting about the solo farang!

    Can you do the Mango chat room from the iphone?

  49. @plushlife: Great on location reporting. Could win you a FS2M Emmy Award. Some survival Thai to break the ice:

    Sawadee khrap – hello
    Sabai dee mai? – how are you?
    Sabai dee – I’m fine
    Taow-rai? – How much?
    Wannee, khun su-ai mark – Today, you look very beautiful.
    Khun jai dee – You have a good heart
    Pom chawp khun mak mak – I like you very much
    Phom mai mao, phom sabai dee – I’m not drunk, I’m just happy.
    Kor lekthorasap noi si? – May I have your phone number?
    Yin dee tee dai ruu jaak khrap – Nice to meet you

    Best of luck! 🙂

  50. @Fender: I will try the chat room but not sure it will work. By the way, there are 9 girls now….and I am the only customer!

  51. @pmmp: awesome….way to keep the brothers “of the reservation” in the loop! TFS2M is the best support group ever! And there are 10 girls here now.

  52. Too funny: earlier tonight I texted the girl asking her how many TGs she thought would be there tonight. She just sent back: “10 girls already i dont know yet how many more girl coming. Wanna come over?”

    Wish I could…

  53. @Fender: Gee….that narrows it down (not). This is great, they are feeding home cooked food as we speak!

  54. Also try these catchy Thai phrases………..

    To-Lae = you pulling my leg you scamp?
    Ai-Sat = sexy girl
    Pai Yet Mae = Would you like a drink?
    Buat Kee = Im horny
    Men Hee = I say, your vaginal cleanliness is second to none

    Best of luck GUYS!

  55. Good stuff YP. But these phrases are in the Bangkok “hi-so” dialect that the Issan girls usually don’t grasp. Best to try these out with regular, non-p4p girls you meet around town, like your hotel receptionist, tour guide, salesgirl or bank teller. If you’re ever in one of those family-owned restaurants where the daughters wait the tables while the parents and sons cook or bus, try flirting with the waitress with these (obviously, save “men hee” for when you’re in the sack; that one’s more pillow-talk, but the rest are innocuous); you may get the double bonus of a regular girl doing you for free, and her family may be so impressed that you never haye to buy a meal in BKK again!

    When she introduces you to her mom or dad, a polite and respectful thing to say is “Ai na dad, loohk sow kun heeat, krup.” (Always remember the “krup”. You can blow your whole approach if you don’t add the polite article, and all the flowery cooing and sweet-nothings will go for naught.)

  56. Holy Crap that was funny…

    So Plush… how did it end up? any thai tail?

    I have meet a few thai girls out here, they were cute but older than the BKK girls i’ve met. Some are true full on GFE even went out with them a few times… kinda like a fill in when i am missing LoS.

    ok when i am back we will do some recon together.. i think i know some guys that can get us in the UTR’s


  57. Seriously, you guys need to stop whingeing (…it’s a word!) I live in Dublin (Ireland) and there’s no P4P scene, unless you include the crack whores that roam the streets of Tallaghtfornia in the early hours. You lot don’t know you’re born..!

    I live in hope though, i’m saving my ass off to travel around SE Asia for a year, beginning 2010. Although knowing my luck the world will end 31/12/09.

    Hope that’s cheered you all up??

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